Driving Through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes! - Challenge
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Driving Through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes! - Challenge with Preston 👊
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  • Preston

    The most impossible shape is a gray subscribe button. Can you make one?

    • XOXO Noor
      XOXO Noor


    • Natalia Novikova
      Natalia Novikova


    • Dinasti Neal
      Dinasti Neal


    • Tobias Hinojosa Lopez
      Tobias Hinojosa Lopez

      @Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me I have since 2017

    • Karla Alvarez
      Karla Alvarez

      Hi Preston

  • Bety Vasy
    Bety Vasy

    how come preston gets all the easy ones? it's not fair preston would of lost if he didn't have the one he had

  • Philip Wilhelmsson
    Philip Wilhelmsson

    Hej Bosse och med att det var min kompis och det är det för att få tag på i Sverige har vi inga pengar kvar och jag är rätt så bra på att de har inte varit så.

  • Markus Geldenhuys
    Markus Geldenhuys

    Your the best youtuber preson

  • LIN Jiawen
    LIN Jiawen


  • Lance Dala
    Lance Dala

    Prison your fani

  • Scout Lugus
    Scout Lugus

    This is cray-cray!!

  • georgechrissajov So
    georgechrissajov So

    is from plats vs zombie

  • Yerbua Setay
    Yerbua Setay


  • Zain Muh
    Zain Muh

    I love you

  • Cassi Petersen
    Cassi Petersen


  • Cummings Family Videos
    Cummings Family Videos

    John on the outside: Dang it! John on the inside: 🎶When you try your best but you don’t succeed🎶

  • Kleigh Esmilla—YT
    Kleigh Esmilla—YT

    4:45 I laughed so hard

  • Valerie Sansone
    Valerie Sansone

    I love you I love you

  • Valerie Sansone
    Valerie Sansone

    You are the best and you have a best videos

  • Valerie Sansone
    Valerie Sansone

    Squirrel squirrel I love swirl I Love you you have the best videos I love squirrels too and I love you kind of favorite animals

  • Yshan Dinhe
    Yshan Dinhe

    Sounds scary to me. My mom will not let me

  • David MotorTrend
    David MotorTrend

    I laughed for a least an hour

  • David MotorTrend
    David MotorTrend

    I subbed yayay

  • Estefanía & Carmen
    Estefanía & Carmen

    John 's shapes are harder than Preston's shapes

  • Maricel Toyay
    Maricel Toyay

    mEH : i bElIvE iN JOhN * le sub *

  • Lord God
    Lord God


  • J Dee
    J Dee

    I have been a fan on 2018

  • Ken Alvarez
    Ken Alvarez

    pereston:im trying to be smartttt and im rocking the ice creem fire merch

  • J Dee
    J Dee

    Hi I’m a big fan

  • divya kr
    divya kr


  • Triston Walker
    Triston Walker

    You are my favorite youtuber ever

  • Gacha Creamz
    Gacha Creamz

    At level 8 when I saw the shape I literally said "Oooh, That a thick boi right there" 🤣 Edit: Yet a second I forgot what level the thick boi was on ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

  • Sun Step
    Sun Step

    Preston is cheating for chore 👎🏻

  • Paige’s Fun World
    Paige’s Fun World

    I’m a figure skater

  • Leesh abdulla
    Leesh abdulla

    Hahaha preston went straight to the box like a snake hahahaa

  • Victor Rivas
    Victor Rivas

    I AM laughing so so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gladys Vasser
    Gladys Vasser

    Your the best at every thing

  • Clara Dominguez
    Clara Dominguez

    I know how to skate

  • Matt & Lauren Boone
    Matt & Lauren Boone

    Yay Preston won and John lost

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson

    Not fair for John

  • Landis and Isaiah 1 up
    Landis and Isaiah 1 up

    I love you

  • Jared Barker
    Jared Barker

    Can you add me on fortnite my name is Jaydenb1019

  • Payden Bueckert
    Payden Bueckert

    P dog will win

  • Nathaniel Lisborg
    Nathaniel Lisborg

    I have your dragon in dragon city

  • Tristen Archary
    Tristen Archary

    So many donuts John

  • Jack Solomon
    Jack Solomon

    go back to school

  • Chad Collins
    Chad Collins

    i like you wife

  • Jayden Luce
    Jayden Luce

    Its Joharney made me laugh so hard

  • Anna Zhang
    Anna Zhang

    How do you get barrier blocks? I heard you have to type in a command

  • Sarah Dia
    Sarah Dia


  • The Gaming Destroyer
    The Gaming Destroyer

    18:30 this just turns out to be a McDonald’s ad haha

  • Lukas Steele
    Lukas Steele

    It should be tradition

  • Allison Butts
    Allison Butts

    Preston is shorter than my 16 year old sister she is 6 feet

  • Ifeoma Abdullahi
    Ifeoma Abdullahi

    preston i wish you can travil to lagos

  • Jayden- 789
    Jayden- 789


  • Ezra Theilacker
    Ezra Theilacker

    So I was going to press the sub button but I already did

  • OV Super Hero Mac
    OV Super Hero Mac

    8:41 this dude knows taste Note: I love Krispy Kreme

  • シMythiicc


  • Joshua Cartlidge
    Joshua Cartlidge

    If I ever tried to do this I would I would be hurting for weeks because I hit every one of them

  • Bible girl
    Bible girl

    The ok sign actually means wicked

  • Bible girl
    Bible girl

    No pride pride means proud

  • Mary Page
    Mary Page

    fly 17:46

  • Yesh Djemil
    Yesh Djemil


  • Declan


  • Declan


  • Declan


  • Shaundre Releford
    Shaundre Releford

    On level 3 I heard Preston hit the cordbaod

  • Damera L
    Damera L

    Hi I'm beat fan I love make a big big house I'm 6 years old

  • Krystal Quinones
    Krystal Quinones

    Am not sure

  • Megan Cerentano
    Megan Cerentano

    Wow amazing!!!!!

  • Mick Lim
    Mick Lim

    I see you in tick-tock a lot

  • Rellien Rellien
    Rellien Rellien


  • alone wolker
    alone wolker

    it is so funny 😂😂😂

  • Ruth Price
    Ruth Price

    Jon is terrible at I’m possible shapes so do another one Preston

    • Ifeoma Abdullahi
      Ifeoma Abdullahi

      ye right

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