Duck Dynasty: Full Episode - The Grass and The Furious (Season 2, Episode 1) | A&E
Duck Dynasty on A&E
It’s all hands on deck when an old high school nemesis challenges the Duckmen to a good old fashion race… at the local lawn mower competition in Season 2, Episode 1, "The Grass and The Furious". #DuckDynasty
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"Duck Dynasty" profiles the close-knit clan behind a multi-million dollar sporting empire. The Robertsons face everything from beavers to business deals in their own special way-with a twist of downhome practicality and a sharp sense of humor.
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  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko

    Totes not scripted😂

  • Scope Analogy
    Scope Analogy

    I smell a dirty grandpa

  • John Cash
    John Cash

    si got me dead when he still thought they all came just to cut the grass

  • Matthew Haddadin
    Matthew Haddadin

    My favorite showww is back !!!!

  • Adan Arguelles
    Adan Arguelles

    Fake like Trump

  • ITD_Ace

    5:48 dang right on tv are you kidding me?

  • CND soda
    CND soda

    Si's mower looks similar to the one Forrest gump drove

  • big_ boi_ tim
    big_ boi_ tim

    I dont know whos more happy phil or the dogs

  • oh

    These guys came to my school once

  • Sisley Wessel
    Sisley Wessel

    phil reminds me of my grandpa*


    SO fake

  • Mateo Leoz
    Mateo Leoz

    They are fake they have a script they were Jocks back in the day!

    • Mateo Leoz
      Mateo Leoz

      @Kristy Idk nevermind they seem to be good people

    • Kristy Idk
      Kristy Idk

      Mateo Leoz what do you mean

  • FinnAsiUm *
    FinnAsiUm *

    What kinda race is this an y way

  • Uncrazamatic

    12:43 look at em jump🤣🤣🤣Si just being Si👍

  • spotty beatz
    spotty beatz


  • Jeffery Bauduin
    Jeffery Bauduin

    God the little girl in the middle looks like she’s gonna hide under a bridge 😂

  • Joy G2018
    Joy G2018

    Willie watching them race on those lawnmowers looking at them like a deer in headlights saying to himself "what in the world have I gotten myself into?"

  • Melinda Kendall
    Melinda Kendall

    i am sure our 1872 cub cadet hydro would win if we got the chains of

  • Seth Cauble
    Seth Cauble

    Are you ready to assume the role of CEO if something were to happen?

  • Paul G
    Paul G


    • jesse parker
      jesse parker


  • Cameron Warren
    Cameron Warren

    4444th century

  • Thorgious

    ............I know where a comet needs to hit now.....

  • Bucketman

    Anyone else just as disappointed with this as after the first few seasons of DD?

  • Savanna Blankenship
    Savanna Blankenship

    3:04 I like how Si was about to finish Willie’s sentence.

  • Blake bubble
    Blake bubble

    Still hope fore America

  • Harry Royall
    Harry Royall

    Good stuff 👍

  • Benjamin Van Vechten
    Benjamin Van Vechten

    8:55 gets me every time

  • DashCamEyes

    Ask Honda to borrow the Si mower.

  • Van Moorhead
    Van Moorhead

    Stop what your doing cause I’m about to ruin

  • hagus the mad
    hagus the mad

    of course the ugliest girl is the best shot

  • Brad Binion
    Brad Binion

    It ain't a lawn mower if you take the lawn mowing apparatus off of it

  • Cj Davis
    Cj Davis

    Who else had all Spanish adds

  • Da Boys
    Da Boys

    5:49 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😏😏

  • Jonathon Taylor
    Jonathon Taylor

    I'm a huge fan of duck dynasty it's a awesome show.

  • jpicard81

    7:25 hits me in the gut every time

  • Dylan Linger
    Dylan Linger

    I’m just waiting for a 7 year old to go ‘ok boomer’

  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris

    Godwin was always my favorite 🤣🤣🤣. 'My hands smell like taco meat' 😂😂😂. The best line in this shoe ever. It's from the episode where Jace and them sink Phil's boat because they forgot the plug

  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris

    You can tell the McMillan guy is their cousin . Looks exactly like them lol

  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris

    It's crazy this episode came over almost 8 years ago. Seems like last week I was watching this show when the episodes were just coming out. The last decade went way too fast

  • Tom Reid
    Tom Reid

    Bunch of phonies

  • Billy

    Why did they stop making this show? It was interesting to have a totally different type of show on tv.

    • Elrae 1520
      Elrae 1520

      Billy political incorrectness to say the least 😂

  • Michael Sullivan31
    Michael Sullivan31

    I miss this show so much. Such good people to watch and very inspirational and helps me remember how important family and friends are

  • Nathan Hewson
    Nathan Hewson

    I miss duck dynasty

  • gamerbear22 the best
    gamerbear22 the best

    I met Phil duck boat builder in clinton iowa he is going to visit Phil and stay at his house

    • aviato287 x
      aviato287 x


  • celticfire64

    Jace...what are you worried about..... Phil....I could frickin die........Jace...that's arite.....

  • Eli Black
    Eli Black

    Anybody else notice Vince's pink crocs

  • Donny Rickles Jr.
    Donny Rickles Jr.

    Hey A&E, how about DUMP DYNASTY Thanks, What's left of civilized, evolved humanity

    • jerry giovengo
      jerry giovengo

      Go watch the Kardashians.

    • ShiningLeopard27

      Donny Rickles Jr. do you understand how some cultures, are different from other cultures?

  • Savage Stephen
    Savage Stephen

    See you guys in 10 years

  • Jimothy

    Look at it this way; Willie is in charge of a multi million dollar business, and Phil MacMillan drives a lawnmower around town.

  • Freck

    keep it up papa Phil!!! remind me of my grandpa but still at it! love u guys, everyone!

  • J.C

    I think my gpa just dropped

  • Aileen Keeble
    Aileen Keeble

    The little girl is like 7 years old and has braces

    • Conner Broeker
      Conner Broeker

      And? That's not uncommon

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson

    To any foreigners watching: this is not an accurate representation of America, I promise.

    • Van Damage
      Van Damage

      Sadly, correct.. most of the sheeple are consumers, obsessed with being told what to buy next.

    • Cody Whittenton
      Cody Whittenton

      Unfortunately it’s not

    • Kody Doucet
      Kody Doucet

      😂 I wish America was like this. The USA would once again be great

    • Cody .Ramer
      Cody .Ramer

      thats like saying spongebob is not an accurate representation of the ocean. its a tv show dude.

  • Tabatha Norton
    Tabatha Norton

    i drive a lownmower faster than that

    • Jason Graves
      Jason Graves

      Ikr. I did too when i was like 8 . I guess Kentuckians beat Louisianaians in mower racing 😁

  • Elijah Springer
    Elijah Springer

    Yee yee

  • Alec Deleon
    Alec Deleon

    Did they lose the copyright to their intro song lol

  • ed boda
    ed boda

    their go karts with dumb seats

  • Cameron Nalley
    Cameron Nalley

    Thought Willie used Dixie choppers 🤭🤭lmaooo

  • Lbmsta

    Why did it show the two dogs humming 😂😂😂

  • Riley Rumpza
    Riley Rumpza

    5:48 the dogs start getting it on

  • Godzilla Destroys Cities
    Godzilla Destroys Cities

    Looking back on this show, it reminds me of a more wholesome version of Viva la Bam.

  • Tapo EMT
    Tapo EMT

    The show is NOT back. A&E is cashing in on youtube. Making new money off of old episodes.

  • LongDuk Dong
    LongDuk Dong

    Missed the American family on TV. Need them back on please 👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Hyper_Blake

    Remember this show??

  • Hudson Hosford
    Hudson Hosford

    5:48 my dogs at a family reunion

  • Chase Vogel
    Chase Vogel


    • Donny Rickles Jr.
      Donny Rickles Jr.

      That's not true, Santa Claus and Bigfoot seen it in person they told me it was real like butter.

  • Chase Vogel
    Chase Vogel


  • Chase Vogel
    Chase Vogel


    • психонавт 000
      психонавт 000

      Like your bands

  • Chase Vogel
    Chase Vogel


  • Chase Vogel
    Chase Vogel


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