Dumb Arguments
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  • Raphael Loh
    Raphael Loh

    I've noticed that people have been starting arguments with me, saying I was wrong or they disagree with me, and then go on to explain why I'm right or why they agree with me...


    Lemme just say MEN dont argue with women if you argue with your girlfriend you are weak. If your girl starts lashing out at you you dont get angry but you also dont get all soft and say "sorry" or "your right". Just be calm and dont yell work it out but dont let her think that you give in to her. That info right there will get you good head and more ass

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith

    1:20 last jedi haters be like

  • KogasBabyGirl

    I feel this! I have had so many dumb arguments with my SO. To the point I just like i just agree cause if he doesn't end up liking what i have to say to where I asm siding with him on the matter then a argument can go on for up to a hour. With him hunting me down room to room to argue...

  • Did you see my bag?
    Did you see my bag?

    His poor Latin pronunciation gives me the chuckles.

  • Makuuwiru Arts
    Makuuwiru Arts

    me with mom just now. I got another chance to take an exam in my dream school, since I failed their "once in a lifetime admission test", i applied for their talent determination test lmfao i told my mom i cant find any reviewers because it was a talent test. it's not a written exam lol, and i told her that all i found was a blog who graduated from the talent test, and some stupid things that say the talent test was a way to transfer in and shift to their courses in campus but then she argued lol that i didn't look for reviewers, and immediately called me stupid and cocky for telling her that i could not literally find any reviewer smh lmfao toxic parents are much worse in dumb arguments than lovers

  • JT Jackson
    JT Jackson

    My friend started arguing with me about a movie right after I clicked on this vid😂😂 then I said to them what is the point of this conversation and they said idk likw wtf😂

  • gabboi

    Can someone put his ex in r/nicegirls? Thank u

  • LocalWeeb

    I don't know why but I got my first dumb argument with my first girlfriend and I kinda enjoyed it since we were arguing which anime was the best this season hehe

  • BuffPuff

    That Smash one was so relatable lol

  • Andrew Konhauser
    Andrew Konhauser

    Ah yes it’s like trying to convince an intellectual 33 year old man that the earth isn’t 9 thousand years old I understand i had a conversation and I was young and didn’t know I was an idiot when I was a Christian but yeah then it’s annoying thinking that just some people are dumb

  • Andrew Konhauser
    Andrew Konhauser

    Yes like religion or just when it’s Star Wars

  • Skypelight_ Ghoul
    Skypelight_ Ghoul

    I was thinking the exact same thing when u were explaining the book I was like so another version of The Promised Neverland ☺😱

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose

    You basically just described me and my siblings relationship with each other.........

  • ydhrhdhhdhd gdhehrbdhdf
    ydhrhdhhdhd gdhehrbdhdf

    Hasty Generalization =flat earth mentality 🌍🌏🌎 OMG a round earth

  • Kat Truong
    Kat Truong

    That ex was crazy and a narcissist for real. I do wanna point out that even though it's for something stupid, you never said sorry though (maybe that woulda diffused the situation maybe not but who knows)

  • Crescent Rose
    Crescent Rose

    Dumb arguments? My arguments are not dumb! Where’s your proof!?

  • stafa stacks
    stafa stacks

    I had to be rushed to the hospital because of radiation poisoning after watching this.

  • Taija Hanson
    Taija Hanson

    Karen 😒🙄😂

  • The Furriner794
    The Furriner794

    There is one argument going on in the land of the internet: "Bearded Expense vs. Big-Joey Slap-Nuts". Of course, it's a stupid argument. Bearded is downright better.

  • Potato Beans
    Potato Beans

    That argument was so damn manipulative

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
    TheDimondBow// TLB

    1:21 oof

  • XxCarlosxX

    Dom are u Chinese?

  • Jay Prakash Sharma
    Jay Prakash Sharma

    I m lost i m married

  • Emma Is my name
    Emma Is my name

    Okay, but Apple is still better than android.

  • Habijob

    5:47 "I want icecream"

  • GamerBoy

    Oh No its A Karen

  • Callie Morales
    Callie Morales

    Tottaaalllllyyyyy never done this before

  • Lil_Toger

    I'm a very passive aggressive person- is that bad..?

  • Captain Autism
    Captain Autism

    2:38 nice

  • Gewoon Wito
    Gewoon Wito

    Lol it's to funny that this guy thinks the same about this😂

  • MrPancake 1106
    MrPancake 1106

    1:16 is me and my cousin when we argue

  • GachaEviePlayz

    I had a fight if i was a furry or not (Im not)

  • Kassy studio
    Kassy studio

    Ex: I BELIEVE PHOTOGRAPHER DESERVE CREDIT Me: bitch! no one cares who took the picture of the dog,they just and see the doggo and doesn't even think "I wonder who took this wonderful picture of a dog"

  • DryTaste

    You should've given credit imo. (she overreacted though)

  • Sqiggly lines
    Sqiggly lines

    Android is better tho

  • Sammu Wamm
    Sammu Wamm

    If you're not using that girlfriend anymore can I have them? They sound like my type and fun. We have a lot in common.

  • LJ Crazycat
    LJ Crazycat

    Symptons ·Exhaustion ·Headache ·feelingSun glasses when there is now. ·Loss of Appitie. ·Stress


    i dont like this cause i just did

  • J S
    J S

    Sounds like the Montagues and Capulets

  • Luis Beceril
    Luis Beceril

    6:06 Transitive property of equality

  • Notme J
    Notme J

    Best argument: *no u*

  • Christopher Sanchez
    Christopher Sanchez

    Rip to domics insanity during that relationship 💀

  • Zev

    I started bleeding while watching this, yeah

  • Gaming Tank
    Gaming Tank

    That P.M.S. joke, in my opinion, was kinda funny, not like lmfao funny but like ha funny

  • Ayan

    Fuck I couldn’t breathe when he started playing the sad Naruto music track

  • Brainz

    6:05 that is valid logic lol

  • Matthew Dennin
    Matthew Dennin

    One time I argued with a bunch of kids in my class about why France is in Europe. I said something about France being in Europe, someone else said France isn’t in Europe, more kids joins the other kids sign, then the argument ended with the teacher walking over, telling them I was right, and their expression was worth my 10 minutes.

  • ivana wilson
    ivana wilson

    Dom: ...April 26... Me: Wait this friday? Hld on wait what? Sorry buddy, Endgame.....

  • Random Person With Internet
    Random Person With Internet

    4:09 NARUTO SONG

  • Shanjid Alam
    Shanjid Alam

    Could you please give credit to the Sponsors at the ending, please? I suggest your videos to people and when they see this first, they loose interest at the beginning...

  • Vincent Winch
    Vincent Winch

    I wish I could come to the live show but I live in Australia :(

  • Neon Lights
    Neon Lights

    You can’t be passive aggressive towards me because it will just fly over my head XD it drives people crazy

  • Kjaesean Forde
    Kjaesean Forde

    Arguing with Karen is futile, all she’ll do is take your kids

  • ThoughtFox06

    Do not argue with a fool, else it is hard to tell who the feel really is

  • TheGamerteers 9
    TheGamerteers 9

    cool nice vid

  • snake the gamer
    snake the gamer

    What's argument

  • Ariari loving
    Ariari loving

    Who down here looking for a comment from that ex saying "it's my conversation, give me credit"

  • Bamba Panda
    Bamba Panda

    I’m sorry but just “Karen, this is a critique” in that tone is amazing

  • Roginette Eusala
    Roginette Eusala

    I'm a fan of the series Unwind, so glad you picked it up ^_^

  • Divine West
    Divine West

    Literally all girls are passive aggressive dont @ me females because you know its true

  • Mr. Boomguy
    Mr. Boomguy

    "Stop using the past as amunition" Me: Oh wait, isn't that what history is about!?

  • Shawee CrabCakes
    Shawee CrabCakes

    A = B B = C A = C Math be like

  • Skeleton Guy
    Skeleton Guy

    Whenever I feel I’m losing an argument, I make shit up and laugh about it

  • Kaname Takahashi
    Kaname Takahashi

    Lol if I had a girl like that I would slap my dick right into her face so hard she'll be half way down to hell

  • Anee Bananee
    Anee Bananee

    I bursted out when Naruto song came out 😂😂😂

  • Flamin Gamez
    Flamin Gamez

    Pubg is better than fortnite...

  • Keniker Flores
    Keniker Flores

    What book again? im interested with it.

  • Oliwier Jakubiec
    Oliwier Jakubiec

    You... you just know... too much it hurts

  • Avery Williams
    Avery Williams


  • marwa alaqra'
    marwa alaqra'

    3:30 she is a girrrrrrl You must understand the effect of hormons 😂😂

  • LC Chinese Esports
    LC Chinese Esports

    Hey Domics. LC here/ I subscribed your channel while I was studying in Canada like 4-5 years ago. I am from China. I always wanted to translate some of your videos to our Chinese audiences. Altho I've seen plenty of your works on our Chinese youtube (mostly on Bilibili which is like a Chinese version of niconico which includes a lot of danmuku). Animation is not my main area but I like all your videos and all the positive energies in your work. Please let me know if it's ok for me to use your video and translate. BTW I am a video producer as well. You can come and watch them in my channel. Most of my videos are about esports and lol. You've done some vids for Riot before as well, right? Anyway thanks for reading this.

  • Isaiah -
    Isaiah -

    Your videos are truly the best 😂

  • Creepy Angel
    Creepy Angel

    4:06 You were dating a nicegirl, it's so obvious.

  • Delali A.
    Delali A.

    ....those messages piss me off so much. Where she at, Dom. I know I just came back from your anger video but I'm gonna body slam a bitch

  • NaderX77

    6:05 that's not false... it's transitive equality

  • NintendoFanBoy07

    I've been in so many arguments with people over stupid bullshit. Some were about deep things but most were about petty things. I've also lost friends over those petty fights. I'm good though. Those people were toxic to me and my health.

  • Hentai is not porn
    Hentai is not porn

    Apple is a shit company that sells overpriced products

  • Nichar Paisal
    Nichar Paisal


  • Simara Razzaghipour
    Simara Razzaghipour

    no u

  • Star Otaku Gamer
    Star Otaku Gamer

    Me and my cousin had a 2 hour fight over if Vietnam is communist or not. We had no internet so it could not solve it. Haha

  • Zzajah

    The pride bar is literally my exes...

  • Gunnerblaster

    Ah, man. That Naruto theme song drop killed me. Thanks, Dom. Your stuff is too good.

  • xanny

    "I feel bullied"😂

  • Xventure 2.0
    Xventure 2.0

    Hey Domics bro are you sure your GF wasn't a SJW?

  • VeggiePun

    That ex sounds like the kind of person that'll comment on this video, get hate, then say you doxed her

  • WolfXGamerful

    4:07 The sarcasm is actually suffocating me. I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe.

  • Dragonborn 366
    Dragonborn 366

    My friend can't loose arguments, when He thinks he's right and I prove he's not he just starts hitting everyone

  • Cooler

    The Promised Neverland is soooo soo fantastic. Ita really good anime to watch and i also highly recommend it including the manga. The opening song and ending song aswell as the OST are soo gucci.

  • Koby1092 Gaming
    Koby1092 Gaming

    1:26 wait what if he loves him?

  • The FBI
    The FBI

    *Also the day when the new movie avengers end game comes out.* 0:21

  • Nacho Chips
    Nacho Chips

    When the flutes started playing with the face I felt that

  • SonOfSoren

    I've had arguments with friends and colleagues about whether cheesecake is really cake or if it's pie (to find out it's probably a tart) and whether or not Funyuns are actually considered chips (they're not.)

  • putri nugraha
    putri nugraha

    I use all of them 😂😂

  • Aric Ting
    Aric Ting

    "Liked by 69 people" 2:40 lmao Also A=b b=c a=c That's the transitive property.

  • Badger- Kun
    Badger- Kun

    Like how my friends says liking lolis is illegal. Gotta set them straight

  • Alchesstron B
    Alchesstron B

    Domic knows of the Karen’s.

  • Galaxy_ Diamond63
    Galaxy_ Diamond63


  • Sam Juno
    Sam Juno

    Ha 69 likes on the Nola photo, hahaha

  • LELZz

    I saw that Nichijou reference........

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