DUMB Life Expectations You Don't See Anymore
Today we're looking at norms, objects and expectations that are slowly vanishing in the modern world. The ones involving unnecessary pressures and stigma are good, but objects that we might live in a world without are kinda spooky... I like chocolate.
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  • Cerys the Emerald Ghast
    Cerys the Emerald Ghast

    6:37 incorrect well will stack up on toilet paper UwU

  • Lucy Bacales
    Lucy Bacales

    people normally give more respect to the people in wheel chairs and crutches ect, because they feel like they have a harder life than other people, and the only time in my memory that wasn’t the case, was when there is a bully on the loose

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean

    I usually mistake my phone with food in the kitchen so I sometimes put my phone in the fridge 😂

  • Elsabe Bosse
    Elsabe Bosse

    Hate the cronavires

  • Rylie Chittenden
    Rylie Chittenden

    To bad we cant hold hands right now

  • Rylie Chittenden
    Rylie Chittenden

    Kassie’s a criminal

  • The Bumblebee Sisters
    The Bumblebee Sisters

    I don’t want robots to take peoples jobs bc so many people won’t have jobs and we will have a lot more homeless people

  • The Bumblebee Sisters
    The Bumblebee Sisters

    I guess I’ll be smuggling illegal chocolate lol

  • Kitty H
    Kitty H

    The robot could break and u could die

  • Miss Americana
    Miss Americana

    Kassie: I'm thankful people are becoming more accepting of people of colour 2020: Yeah.... but like, nah

  • Diana Pedersen
    Diana Pedersen

    At 6:49 in the bagraound the red thing at the computer moved its kinda scary

  • Melissa Jonker
    Melissa Jonker

    The chocolate thing is happening in 2020 people

  • JK! Jaiden And Kylie!
    JK! Jaiden And Kylie!

    Gloom: unless someone ends the world 2020: ok! Get ready...

  • Arlene Sands
    Arlene Sands

    my mother works at home on a computer everyday for hours and also takes care of me and I still have a dad but he works not at home but like In an office so my mom is by herself but, we’re still happy Also I have a job and I’m a little kid..I’m an actor

  • WombaKoala 19
    WombaKoala 19

    Im a boomer and I'm only 15

  • Tracey Adair
    Tracey Adair

    I choose a human surgeon robots are not taking over the world at least I hope not

  • love to create
    love to create

    Is it me or I am watching this in 2020

  • Vanity Carrillo
    Vanity Carrillo

    Even the machines that do the surgeries still have a surgeon behind them. it’s not just the machine doing it itself.

  • - Bęnjî -
    - Bęnjî -

    I know this has nothing to do with the video but there was a commercial that said “ Bye-ByE bUrGEr!” In a manly voice and then they smashed the burger. Ok that’s it.

  • Cayla Plays Roblox
    Cayla Plays Roblox

    #thiccie leg squod

  • kelly taft
    kelly taft

    Gloom: if something ended the world I don’t think it would be that bad right? Coronavirus: are you calling me not that bad you’re about to take all your words back hehehe Gloom: I think I was wrong Coronavirus: oh yes you are definitely wrong “ 😈

  • kyla hargis
    kyla hargis

    hold on wait a minute DID U SAYCHOCOLATE

  • botton llama
    botton llama

    Gloom: the future is exiting 2019 Me: CORONA VIRUS, AUSTRALIAN WILD FIRE, ALMOST HAD WORLD WAR THREE, AND BLACK PEOPLE ARE GETTING KILLED the future is NOT exiting I'm sure you all know that now

  • Alice Lu
    Alice Lu

    Kassie in 2019: The world is changing and its kinda scary. Me in 2020: How about Covid-19?? Is that scary to u???

  • Lavanya Balasubramanian
    Lavanya Balasubramanian

    Wait WHat Gloom went to JAIL- DIDNT KNOW THAT

  • Multie Babes
    Multie Babes

    My mum worked and still works and raise me and my brother!❤️

  • Nicola linquist
    Nicola linquist

    “I want to see the end of the world” 2020: I can help you with that

  • Olyvia M
    Olyvia M

    Oh tattoos make you a criminal, poor Melanie Martinez

  • Haylee Albaugh
    Haylee Albaugh

    My brother has a disability and people still stare and point

  • Ducky.doo.drawings & more
    Ducky.doo.drawings & more

    I'm seeing this now and it says this was posted 7 months ago, when she said "unless the worlds gonna end soon" I was like "ummmmmm".

  • Summer Ewan
    Summer Ewan

    My dad is trying to make a sleeve with tattoos he already has the date that his brother died The date that his father left him and the time me and my two half-brothers time that we were born on a Rome clock and my mum she works a job and she raised three kids went through two divorces and a lot of breakups and still raised me and my two big sisters

  • Faryal Mohsin
    Faryal Mohsin

    Who is watching in 2020 July?

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda

    None of these are disappearing at all

  • Amy Puckeridge
    Amy Puckeridge

    Like me

  • Kaya-Louise Quinn
    Kaya-Louise Quinn

    Who else was watching the light fall in the back 😅

  • Lps RoseProductions
    Lps RoseProductions

    Kassie: unless something wants to end the world Corona: *heh.* hold my tissues


    Am I old I still use remotes

  • Da weird Potato
    Da weird Potato

    I have a feiend named leianne shes so unknown BUT ITS HER BIRTHDAY .........

  • Peter Thiboutot
    Peter Thiboutot

    In my house privacy already doesn’t exist anymore

  • Peter Thiboutot
    Peter Thiboutot


  • Ehbvy _Pistachio
    Ehbvy _Pistachio


  • Ehbvy _Pistachio
    Ehbvy _Pistachio

    This is how robot will take over the world

  • SSSarah17 Gamer
    SSSarah17 Gamer

    What if the robot malfunctions while doing surgery on you

  • Un Titled
    Un Titled

    “Unless somebody wants to end the world” -Kassie 2020: I got you

  • selbarton

    Don't remember kids picking on handicapped, but later makes fun of a guy most likely mentally ill... Besides a lot of kids will claim things that happened didn't because they were so wrapped up in their own drama that they didn't know what others were going through very publicly.

  • Madmonty

    My mum worked when I was a toddler, she worked at this one play since I was 2.

  • ToBy_Trioris #1
    ToBy_Trioris #1

    Kassie: says theres no more inequality bc of skin color Me watching this in 2020: "ya sure about that?"

  • Abelardo Gonzalez
    Abelardo Gonzalez

    I have a older brother who has a autism (aspergers to be specific) and he has been bullied mostly behind his back and it makes me feel mad how people make fun of him and how he is completely unaware and thinking their super nice but there not

  • iiHoneyBeanii

    Ya Th-that skin colour thing uhh.. 2020.. 💔

  • Panda Oceania
    Panda Oceania

    At 2:48 some lighting strips (is that what it is) in background fell. I've watched this video so many times and I just now realize this.

  • Brooklynn Raeder
    Brooklynn Raeder

    The article today would say: Chocolate is going to run out because in quarantine everyone’s going to eat it all.

  • Moonlight Corgi
    Moonlight Corgi

    gloom is the best youtuber in my opinion

  • Samantha Berman
    Samantha Berman

    “Unless somebody wants to end the world soon” surprise surprise! It has arrived

  • Arlie Belle
    Arlie Belle

    The whole “*chocolate going extinct*” thing is exactly what happened with the toilet paper Kassie: In the future we will want more *chocolate* Kassie: We will have a crazy substitute for *chocolate* Kassie: I never would have guessed that *chocolate* would go extinct Now replace the word chocolate with *toilet paper* Everybody was buying *toilet paper* because of Corona There was a shortage so some people replaced *toilet paper* with paper And *toilet paper* went extinct for I little while

  • CoffeyDuck c
    CoffeyDuck c

    Ok, but what happens to a tattoo when you get old? Like if you get your bf's name on your arm and when you become old it will look more like cajgbfhrnfkbfnfnb XD

    • CoffeyDuck c
      CoffeyDuck c

      Btw I'm not hating on people who have tattoos, or saying it's wrong, just wondering

  • Lexie Tarkany
    Lexie Tarkany

    well this video aged well

  • Revenge lxser xy
    Revenge lxser xy

    What about the #blacklivesmatter thing? Wasnt everyone hating on black people? Or was this recorded before it?...

  • Bethany Shields
    Bethany Shields

    I hope my mum will live until there is no such thing as diabetes coz she has it and it makes me really mad when people joke about it when it’s a serious matter

  • Kasia Handzel
    Kasia Handzel


  • Kasia Handzel
    Kasia Handzel

    My mother became a mother at the age of 32

  • Eisya

    “Skin colour is just a colour” 2020: *kills black people*

  • Tomie Junji ito
    Tomie Junji ito

    How will they know that it will go extinct? Are they from the future

  • Mia Butler
    Mia Butler

    The moment when you realize this came out before the global pandemic and the world started to end. And then the world ended "Soon". Hopefully that's just me.

  • Ashley Bailey
    Ashley Bailey

    My brother has type one diabetes so I hope so.

  • XxMidnightfox CookiexX
    XxMidnightfox CookiexX

    Tattoos come with a deadly pack of Corona virus place ur bets fast!!

  • Sammy Playz
    Sammy Playz

    My grandma adopted my dad when she was 17 and married a man 10 years older than her. My grandma and dad are about 10 years apart

  • khaileen yvonne fausto
    khaileen yvonne fausto

    Kassie : Doctors are just humans Me : welll now they are HEROES yeah internet has been big my school is Kinder to Graduate school and we swipe our id to go inside the school we also have instaled IPADS in the classroom doors for you to go inside we have “credit card” only for our school and we get point by our grades and we get money for going to school example : 60 points = 60 pesos so basically we get money for studying and we dont use notebooks and pencils we use laptops and ipads for school except for art class basically our school is BIG on tech

  • 876kms

    Cassie: I wanna see when the world ends!😄 Me: .....2020😭😷

  • xTara Chanx
    xTara Chanx

    4:05 oh boy, oh boy...

  • Alhana Mowry
    Alhana Mowry

    is kassie a murderer?!

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