Duramax Dually CALLS OUT Our Cummins Powered Galaxie! (Our Fastest Pass Yet!)
Cleetus McFarland
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Racing our good buddy JH Diesel 4x4! The Galaxie is BOGGIN DEEP!
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    Cleeter just sprayed the hell out of it ...


    J .h s trucks are sick .

  • 682 70
    682 70

    12 valve bro, leave the computers in the office!

  • Reg Riemer
    Reg Riemer

    Take the GM and hook it to a manurer wagon, best place for it! 😃

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh

    That fourth gear pull.

  • retro440

    That Galaxy has long legs!

  • aj sexton
    aj sexton


  • Gunner Schenck
    Gunner Schenck

    You start racing diesels and theres attractive blonde girls popping up all over the background 😅

  • Cody Granger
    Cody Granger

    What happened to the galaxy?

  • Kim Walden Alfonso
    Kim Walden Alfonso

    You know what Cleetus, I think you’d be an aswesome “Top Gear” presenter. Lol

  • Dave VA
    Dave VA

    Watching that boat float across the waves... Oh wait...That was a Galaxy............. Fun passes but...that...was...SKETCH!!! LOL

  • Mikeys Garage
    Mikeys Garage

    JH needs to visit Mr Banks, lol.

  • Levi Todd
    Levi Todd

    It needs some nitto 420's

  • Brian Budd
    Brian Budd

    Pretty orange flame

  • Airion Baumgartner
    Airion Baumgartner

    The galaxy sounds like a school bus at the line I love it but then she wakes up and clears her throat

  • zweight322

    Hellll yeahhhh brother!!! That galaxy was BOGGGINNN HAHAHAHAA nice 🤙🏼

  • taryn abercrombie
    taryn abercrombie

    bog deep

  • Neil Bradley
    Neil Bradley

    Been there just aim for the cones at the end it will dock you into the next Galaxy, but seriously work on the front end get a straight axle the uppers and the lowers were only designed to carry around 750# motor weight of Fe Ford motor.

  • cdnpont

    Late to the show, new subscriber, but the Galaxie really needs to be call BuFord. Big Ugly Ford, Beau-tiful Ford or the like. Kind of would follow in the Cleetus vein. And remember, Buford always wielded a big stick in the movies. Cheers.

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell

    That wobble was sketchy lol

  • Harley D
    Harley D

    That thing is beyond sketchy

  • Mine Aver
    Mine Aver

    mopar power :]

  • Rocky Stellone
    Rocky Stellone

    Fucking flames coming out of the devil nostril

  • Dennis van Thiel
    Dennis van Thiel

    Nice car, fix the headlights pls

  • TheOtherWhiteBread0

    Bigger turbo. And dont let up at the end.

  • GoofyLeo3

    As a Dodge truck and '65 Galaxie owner; I can't love this ENOUGH!! 💓

  • Matt Wells
    Matt Wells

    The galaxy won the last half of the track because, while it may not be particularly aerodynamic, it has way less drag than the truck does.(also add the rolling resistance of the extra set of wheels on the ground too).

  • Deloss92

    I love how he was like that old 5.9 wellllllll....... Alright then. that dirtymax seemed lazy though. I have a 6.6 with six gunner tuner and it seems peppier than this dually.

    • Deloss92

      @bandabanderos That's true.

    • bandabanderos

      Deloss92 it’s heavy

  • Rick Smead
    Rick Smead

    12.1 is fuckin fast. my super charged scat pack charger was in that area. this youtubers got crazy toys.

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall

    You need to fire ring and stud that cummins. Buy a Twin turbo compound setup. S480 w/80mm comp wheel, 62mm comp/65mm turbine/12cm hsg. 0 fuel plate, 191 Delivery valves. set boost to 60 pounds. you'll absolutely destroy people and the galaxy.

  • Gabriele Di Lazzaro
    Gabriele Di Lazzaro

    3:53 roar...

  • Jaybruhh

    *"Yep, that's the nitrous tank"*

  • Valcor

    DEE SUL I cant unhear it lmfao i have never heard anyone say it like that.

  • Luke Sepe
    Luke Sepe

    this is beyond sick.........

  • Jack Whitcher
    Jack Whitcher

    The Galaxy needs two things... a bigger turbo and new wheels.

  • Toby Dyes
    Toby Dyes

    Get rid of the nitrous and use a propane tank

  • Toby Dyes
    Toby Dyes

    You need to get rid of the body rule independent suspension

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams

    Man the thing look like its takin on 6ft seas hahaha

  • Matt Engle
    Matt Engle

    Today’s sponsor is brought to you by McFarland get gapped company 😂😂😂 dudes face was hilarious

  • Parenting from a 70's born Dad. it's just Dad.
    Parenting from a 70's born Dad. it's just Dad.

    Galaxy needs propane injection.

  • jamie pauls
    jamie pauls


  • Jarrod Liniger
    Jarrod Liniger

    Lol u need coilovers

  • Prescott Majette
    Prescott Majette

    Please put a bigger turbo on here and do a follow up.

  • D Boi
    D Boi

    Man whenever that overdrive kicked in that motor said "I GOT THIS". sun of a gun was gone and wobblin'!!!

  • Dakota k
    Dakota k

    You should really let the Diesel cool down befor shutting it off and back on but awesome pull

  • Devin Bankett
    Devin Bankett

    You're not gonna beat a Cummins with a Duramax or whatever the hell he has under there. V-8 diesel?? I don't know, they're shit.

  • First Last
    First Last

    Give it the propane proper. Nitro is meh for diesel.

  • jason cook
    jason cook

    if you refuse to trim the fuel or add more forced air you must put a train horn!

  • BigD1395

    Wow that galaxy just walked that dually down!

  • Nicolás P
    Nicolás P

    Best race ever, diésel powerrr

  • Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump

    The last galaxy video 🙁

  • Jimmy Fuchstein
    Jimmy Fuchstein

    Upgraded duraminimum no match for boat anchor Cummins?

  • Liam Ward
    Liam Ward

    Twin Truckskies.

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor

    wont look right with a modern wheel

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor

    WAS THINKIN.... summit sells the wheel vintiques period steel rims and trim rings plus center caps etc. Find a wheel combo for the Galaxie. they are super affordable and safer than the barrel rings u be runnin DO IT !

  • jakob miller
    jakob miller


  • Kurt Sumthinorother
    Kurt Sumthinorother

    The frame torque shift? Or is it just shocks? Man what a boat.

  • curly239

    Wow! That old Galaxie is one serious sleeper! When the old girl shifted into overdrive it was curtains for the Chevy! Cummins in the Galaxie, right? Great video!

  • RptrKlr 60
    RptrKlr 60

    Damn that galaxy is sick

  • coolcody01

    Soon as that torque converter lockup kicks on its all over 😂

  • Conor timm
    Conor timm

    It’s a duramax more like bend a rod 😂😂

  • LiamUltraRacer

    What a shitbox

  • TTR

    "dude I sprayed it all over ". 😂 I remember that life.

  • TTR

    Bruh. That scetchy back half. What a white nuckel'r considering the low speed !

  • the angry brother
    the angry brother

    Dame twice

  • sam yeazell
    sam yeazell

    how come nitrous instead of propane

  • Redneck Plays
    Redneck Plays

    Wanna know how to melt a turbo this is how

  • Ben Hawke
    Ben Hawke

    You need propane injection.

  • Thomas Gibson
    Thomas Gibson

    I think this thing can officially be called a boat because at the big end this thing floats all over the place lol

  • Josh Owens11
    Josh Owens11

    Cleetus, is that the black nasty duramax? I watched a badass video of a truck just like the one in the video do some sick burnouts. Let me know 👍🏽

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