E-40 - I Don't Like Em ft. Cousin Fik, Laroo
Music video by E-40 performing I Don't Like Em. © 2019 Heavy On The Grind Entertainment

  • Ward Atkins
    Ward Atkins

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 E40

  • Micah Lee
    Micah Lee

    Lol trash loose some weight fatboi

  • Vino Deblaqmoor
    Vino Deblaqmoor

    I've been fuckin with those goodie mobb and E40s ....


    Lit AF🔥💯

  • Norman Todd
    Norman Todd

    nobody likes people like that...so

  • David Marley
    David Marley

    I hate flashy people but E 4O I dig

  • ur girl bangs
    ur girl bangs

    I fucks with e-40.. Lol!! This is one of his realist songs!!

  • Berserker5150

    OG spitting real game

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Aye Fik snapped in the simplest way possible 😂🔥🤷🏽‍♂️

  • O.A. Agile The Enigma
    O.A. Agile The Enigma

    I like Fik cuz he don't like nobody. 💯💯💯💯

  • Ay Rick
    Ay Rick

    You never been to court in your life if so was the food court in the mall you claim that you ball but that's crap like shit in the stall I flush it down the toilet like your shit ass career wipe me ass and it's clear your flow is shitty . Titty titty bop bop your shit was never on top

    • Ay Rick
      Ay Rick

      Do something

  • Ay Rick
    Ay Rick

    You bite chub rock flow

  • Ay Rick
    Ay Rick

    You bite chub rock flow

  • Ay Rick
    Ay Rick

    You wish you had chub rock status

  • Johnny Gordon
    Johnny Gordon

    40 water

  • Dago Camarena
    Dago Camarena

    I don’t like when McDonald’s employees say the ice cream machine is broken.... I don’t like them

  • Julio Da one
    Julio Da one

    I dont like em bums. Broke homeless. Ama throw that dude some toothpaste.i will smachon u nigga say I won't

  • Todd Johnston
    Todd Johnston

    you raised yall?

  • Todd Johnston
    Todd Johnston

    its a bitch when you cait fimd someone ! tech a bitch. but i see you!

  • Todd Johnston
    Todd Johnston

    take the L and stick it up your ass !

    • Todd Johnston
      Todd Johnston

      pigs fryem like bacon# watch wat u say 😉

  • Todd Johnston
    Todd Johnston

    gotta keep da truck! 😆

  • Todd Johnston
    Todd Johnston

    wasnt hip to police driving GMC

  • Todd Johnston
    Todd Johnston

    fuck all you snitches!

  • doing it
    doing it


  • junior mc
    junior mc

    My nigga forty wata is the shit nizzett cuzz! I been slapping his tracks since 93 at 13 years old!

  • Patricia Harry
    Patricia Harry

    No haters or snitches

  • deebo

    I hate when niggas do that

  • deebo


  • Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon

    2020 No Trump & NO BIDEN. The lesser of the two Evil...choose

  • Datruebeast200

    He sound like my dad reading my report card *small pause* "I dont like em"

  • Katherine Kelley
    Katherine Kelley

    Luv that e40😇💯👍🤭

  • The Big Dogs
    The Big Dogs

    Hell yess.

  • ees_collectibles Sairaf
    ees_collectibles Sairaf

    wish i could play this song to everyone I dont like lmao

    • Tsmmake Williams
      Tsmmake Williams

      Fr I don’t like my mom so I play it around her so she doesn’t notice

  • Marlon Robinson
    Marlon Robinson

    Thay got million s of people following me some keep saying open up a bank account or we going to burn my baby momma and daughter up with a hack the Walnut tower down town KS Monday called Mari carry London Lori TC and E40 beacoune hella names

  • Stevie eFe
    Stevie eFe

    Preach take them to church

  • Ian Tyson
    Ian Tyson

    He sounds like EDP445

  • Barry Obongo
    Barry Obongo

    Lol this horrendous

  • Jessica Edmondson
    Jessica Edmondson

    Yes baby

  • Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon

    I don't like 2020 Bullshit

  • Christian White
    Christian White

    Let me at em:)

  • Christian White
    Christian White

    These Aliens Hate JESUS CHRIST AND SATAN BOTH...BTW!!!

  • Christian White
    Christian White

    :) 'who raised yall?

  • Jose Marin
    Jose Marin

    I don't like them 2 , rats are dead to me

  • Thea Charles
    Thea Charles

    those kind of pple do coke

  • Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon

    2020 I Don't like em ...Cops that Kill A Man in the Street.

    • Janet Metts
      Janet Metts

      🎶I don't like 'em, I don't like 'em🎶

  • jamie baxter
    jamie baxter


  • Gibie Da senzu lord
    Gibie Da senzu lord

    They got my name in their mouth cause my name Carry weight

  • Rob D
    Rob D

    1.8k dislikes really?? Must be 69 fans Loving that rainbow haired fruit cake 💯

  • Eddie Means
    Eddie Means

    I don't like em

  • Carl Stanley
    Carl Stanley

    Dope stright up

  • Frankie Em
    Frankie Em

    40 water stayyy hard n this shiyat slaps fam!!!! been jamming the whole album front to back still to this day......best shiyat "n dont wanna see u blessed even when u sneeze!' facts much love from VA 40 WATUHHHH

  • Teiko Okusi
    Teiko Okusi

    This real spillage

  • Alina G
    Alina G

    Been listening to E-40 for 20 years , who else here May 2020/quarantine

  • Ernest Harper
    Ernest Harper

    This song was dedicated to 6ix9ine

    • Alina G
      Alina G

      Ernest Harper it was

  • Maria Gomez
    Maria Gomez

    Is he rapping or talking?

  • Jose Marin
    Jose Marin

    When someone snitches ,there is no excuse ,just handle your shit ,wet who you have to

  • Jose Marin
    Jose Marin

    I dig it , your word play , , it's my life style

  • Jose Marin
    Jose Marin

    Yea I don't like them ,that bitch snitch 69 fucken peace of shit ,I don't care about his watch his money, it don't mean mean shit money don't buy you loyalty, what a peace of shit

  • Ashley Leong
    Ashley Leong

    He's so under rated . Been listening to him for years. He needs to be up there ❤️

  • Always Laughing Last
    Always Laughing Last

    Life !!! 🎤🎶🎶🎶🖤💪🐐

  • Orlando Wells
    Orlando Wells

    e40 the future ...

  • Abdoulaye yakine deme
    Abdoulaye yakine deme

    1.7k disliked and we dont like em, if they were around my troupers would have pop`em .....

  • C Hardy
    C Hardy

    This song was before its time! Shit 🔥

  • Melanie Rose Denslow
    Melanie Rose Denslow

    This the typa 40Banga i aint heard since 11-12 or so... hit right where it needed to... hands down to E & that yay area grind that never fails to remind... wE are here. Hear us Roar. And WE are Alive...

  • Tee Are
    Tee Are


  • Tee Are
    Tee Are

    For a slpit second i thought that was Yukmouth and 2chainz at the table with Forty🍷 😎

  • Shaq Bryan
    Shaq Bryan

    I don't like when they smile in my face and talk about me behind my back!!! So true

  • Lamere Jackson
    Lamere Jackson


  • (na)Jah

    Nothing is scarier than a person from East Oakland not liking you, trust

  • Dunyale Yes
    Dunyale Yes

    E40 fire

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