Editor Edition 2 | Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect
Our video editors star in another EPIC video and go BIG!
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  • BCA Stunts
    BCA Stunts

    So who filmed for them if they film the videos?

  • Bertjan Hoogers
    Bertjan Hoogers

    Sorry biy i din't onder stand do you guys fake?

  • Beats Playz
    Beats Playz

    4:02 nice ball smack there

  • one kid dust
    one kid dust

    The firefighter trick shot whas a little short but i give him props

  • Nils Holm
    Nils Holm


  • Wen Wen Zhong
    Wen Wen Zhong

    I like the story

  • Royal Pandas
    Royal Pandas

    5:30 *CUTE*

  • Void.

    It’s weird that they already knew how to fake the video

  • Fear Chronix
    Fear Chronix

    What keyboard do you guys use i wanna ask

  • Majestic_Marten

    "Will I need you to cut the big satellite!" -Chad "The BIG one?" -Will "THE BIG ONE." -Chad

  • Thong Dang
    Thong Dang

    Ok so If they r editors who shoot the scene, then who’s recording them in motion?

  • Gold Gamer
    Gold Gamer

    6:51 you send a basketball into space and do a trick shot THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!! SOMEONE CALL NASA

  • Evan Kaspar
    Evan Kaspar

    The editing on this is unbelievable lol

  • Utah


  • Safina blachly
    Safina blachly

    Make more

  • YourBoi Reaper
    YourBoi Reaper

    Editing the editor edition 2 as Editors.... While also editing in the editor edition 2. AS an editor. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Skrap

    Did anyone else notice the ground was already charred before the rocket launched

  • lucianzoomzoom fastest man
    lucianzoomzoom fastest man

    They have a razer elitehuntsmen wtf I want that for my gaming

  • Cancerous Turtle
    Cancerous Turtle

    but who films the filmers

  • Alan Reichenbach
    Alan Reichenbach

    Stop I will unsubscribe

  • Doggod- Taco cat:D
    Doggod- Taco cat:D

    Mother’s Day is coming Time for Mother’s Day Stereotypes

  • Michael Antonelli
    Michael Antonelli

    Do a third.

  • Anthony Wells
    Anthony Wells

    Wow while I was watching this an ad with budgeting stuff and it had Dude Perfect in the entire AD lol. COINCIDENTAL WEDNESDAYYY...it's Monday..-_-

  • Pratosh Atreyas
    Pratosh Atreyas

    Where is that place where you did the rocket shot. It looks soo cold as the ground is a lol white, but your in a t-shirt.

  • Mr. SoiSauce
    Mr. SoiSauce

    7:32 Bru... U sort of cheated

    • GalaxyKnight 91
      GalaxyKnight 91

      That's the joke. There bad at trickshots

  • Panda Destroyer
    Panda Destroyer

    3:45 look at screen

  • Landrick Ryskamp
    Landrick Ryskamp

    He said it hurt when he fell 2:49 lol

  • Landrick Ryskamp
    Landrick Ryskamp

    My teachers husband is Tim

  • Yeeterson2000

    So uh who edited and filmed this?

  • Jared Morrow
    Jared Morrow


  • A Shark
    A Shark

    DP 4 life🧔🏼🧔🏽🧑🏽👱🏼‍♂️🧔🏻

  • zqud

    6:46 there prob not in utah because, the liscence plate says california. But it doesnt snow there

  • Michael Widjaja
    Michael Widjaja

    Can't wait for editor pt. 3

  • Grant Cantor
    Grant Cantor

    Clumsy Chad.....dropping his things down the stairs.......which can’t be real

  • Majid Alirazam
    Majid Alirazam


  • Stetson Pacheco Studios
    Stetson Pacheco Studios

    3:50 Of coarse they don't fake trick shots! They are Dude Perfect!

  • Memory Gamer
    Memory Gamer

    Love this series, respect for all the editors for making amazing edits in these videos

  • Spice Adams 123
    Spice Adams 123

    We want editor edition 3!!

  • Cemile Kerimova
    Cemile Kerimova

    ктота знает русский

  • Alkesh Thakar
    Alkesh Thakar

    Best video

  • Coffee Bean
    Coffee Bean

    But the rocket made the shot

  • Pickle IOI
    Pickle IOI

    Fake Trickshots (idea)

  • Kremit The Phrog
    Kremit The Phrog

    editor 3?

  • C Criders
    C Criders

    loved the fishing line and ping pong fake shot

  • Mobeen316


  • Jeff Resler
    Jeff Resler

    Like for welcoming Will to the dp squad

  • Alton Tetzloff
    Alton Tetzloff


  • Alton Tetzloff
    Alton Tetzloff


  • Alton Tetzloff
    Alton Tetzloff


  • Maxwell Carey
    Maxwell Carey


  • Jan Miller
    Jan Miller

    this my fav editor edition

  • Hi Guys
    Hi Guys

    I have a question: If the editors/cameramen were in front of the camera's, then who is filming??

  • Crystal Nipper
    Crystal Nipper

    No I bron

  • Erling Nasslander
    Erling Nasslander

    1:51 Chad: Will I need you to cut the big satellite Will:THE BIG ONE!?!?!?! Chad:THE BIG ONE!!

  • Donavan Wilson
    Donavan Wilson

    The screen at 3:48

  • Tyler Ralph
    Tyler Ralph

    So many puns

  • Junaid Naby
    Junaid Naby

    5:30 fireman edition dp

  • Laura Ashley
    Laura Ashley

    We need another Editor Edition for 2020. LET'S GO!!!

  • Jess S
    Jess S

    Dude perfect: no dumpster fires Editors: THE DUMPSTERS ON FIRE CALL 911

  • Fletcher Black
    Fletcher Black

    A garage fire... ha!

    • Fletcher Black
      Fletcher Black

      BIG FIRE

  • Nathan Womack
    Nathan Womack

    Did anyone realize at 7:34 there are 3 people on screen. Who’s holding the camera if the rest are on tour? Secret fourth editor (also in 6:49)

  • Køraya X
    Køraya X


  • Battle6517

    why would you have 3 pcs conected to 1 monitor

  • JaduaPlayz


  • Really Rare
    Really Rare

    This felt like a movie I can see the extra effort put into editing this

  • Matthew Parker
    Matthew Parker

    Chad got the gaming computer from cool not cool in his office xD

  • Little Diva Girl
    Little Diva Girl

    Nice video one trick shot👌🏻

  • The Ultimate Legends
    The Ultimate Legends

    Ive been to zion national parks chad

  • Mateo Lazaro
    Mateo Lazaro

    I bet they had to edit their own video

  • Mayra Santos
    Mayra Santos

    Happy new Year,Question can ya make a nather edeter adension in 2020?

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