EGG DROP - Bobby Duke vs William Osman
William Osman
Professional egg dropper William Osman challenges Bobby Duke to an egg drop.
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    Ur not a rodent I love it

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    Im that guy

  • Leah Shinkle
    Leah Shinkle

    You know, that guy?

  • Dragos Daniel
    Dragos Daniel

    the bag is lighter there fore it gose up wile the jello is heavyer there for it gose down have your egg sit un on somthing that has somthing heavy to point it down ex have a bag of chitos with an egg inside baloon on top nut glued on bottom survives evrey time

  • NLvideomaster

    Now I sort of want to know if the egg would've survived with just the jello and falling straight

  • TheKingDavid

    You should had tried to drop it better

  • Isaiah is A soft trashcan
    Isaiah is A soft trashcan

    I thought it was the same people in the thumbnail for a second

  • Mr. Poopertron9000
    Mr. Poopertron9000

    0:29 ASMR

  • Darkestrose2005

    I remember when I did the egg drop in school, I made a basket out of popsicle sticks and on the bottom of the basket I made a round fan structure out of sticks and paper and then gave it a parachute made out of paper. So I made a hot air balloon sitting on a big disc basically(I was having a lot of fun with this project). A bunch of kids in my class thought it would never work and yet when we did the drop, all the people who said it wouldn't, had their eggs smash on the ground and mine beautifully soared through the air in swaying circles landing perfectly on the ground. It was pretty damn satisfying considering unlike everyone else my egg wasn't strapped in, it just sat in an open basket lol.

  • EverLastThink


  • Claylings

    Great collaboration, I love Bobby Duke

  • W1tch B1tch
    W1tch B1tch

    Dude you could’ve just stuck the egg in the bag of popcorn

  • joe ciocca
    joe ciocca

    3:01 Micheal haha

  • Em _
    Em _

    We did this in elementary and our team just made an improptu parachute from a plastic bag and then we just wrapped the egg in a looooot of tape, once we finally cut it out of the taoe we discovered that it was only cracked so a win

  • Pufferfish 2074
    Pufferfish 2074

    We've had idubbz, the u.s. navy, and bobby duke! I wonder who it could be next!

  • Strike 8
    Strike 8

    What guy

  • pistachio and friends
    pistachio and friends

    Have you never heard of a popcorn ball?

  • Abigail Irwin
    Abigail Irwin

    William....why didn't you just put the egg in the popcorn bag? Even if it had to have been the eggjello contraption....why did they let you tape it on top of the popcorn??

  • Brandi McDonald
    Brandi McDonald

    u gay


    Why does every williams contraption have the same problem of only working when it falls verticly

  • Cheif Aw3some
    Cheif Aw3some

    U would have bought wewd Bobby

  • MARIO reviews 123
    MARIO reviews 123

    Egg + jell-O = Eggo

  • Indigo Cat
    Indigo Cat

    should have stirred up the jello

  • cash sanders
    cash sanders

    i want bobby dukes sunglasses

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro

    6:14 sharknado flashbacks

  • XxJackerooxX

    Quick question.. has a Michael Reeves/William Osman egg drop challenge occurred? If so, link? If not... why the HELL not!?

  • Ashley McBrayer
    Ashley McBrayer

    You don't have to send me to Bobby. I already follow the "wewd" guy he's.... Amazing!👍🤙

  • Justen Siljan
    Justen Siljan

    the reason for wills failure is that the jello had no where to go but to compress the egg. if he made like holes for the jello to seep through i think it would have survived

  • ruwin 04
    ruwin 04

    I thought you are brothers

  • Fredzedest1 777
    Fredzedest1 777

    Do it with mark ethan and tyler

  • STONEDay

    Please do an egg drop using only materials that are sourced and made from hemp to show people how many different types of products and materials can be made from hemp. Papers, cardboard, plastics, fabrics, strings, foams etc...

  • moon pie
    moon pie

    Why is there two william osman's in the video

  • Alicia Bejar
    Alicia Bejar

    Dat boi

  • Dominic Redin
    Dominic Redin

    Bobby looks like he could be related to destiny



  • Owen Bush
    Owen Bush

    William: Do we still have the taser? Bobby: ...what?

  • levigaming

    Stop forgetting the egg

  • Vincent Emery
    Vincent Emery

    I feel like ‘that guy’ was Mark Rober.

  • Depressed potato
    Depressed potato


  • InferiorSalad

    Wow bubble rap really creative and cool

  • Crocogator

    0:29 asmr be like

  • greenhairgod 78
    greenhairgod 78

    Had anyone seen the ibis paint x ad if so what's the song

  • Bad Marker
    Bad Marker

    is that his dad.

  • R4pture

    You did Mark dirty

  • rosieisbored

    *looks at William earnestly* "you're not a rodent" Bobby is so funny

  • Minecraft Tortoises
    Minecraft Tortoises

    Pretty much just a challenge to kill a baby chick

  • Janek

    i think the popcorn bag actually made this contraption worse since it is lighter than the rest, so in the air it will automatically turn in the direction of the heavier part, which was the only side that was not protected

  • Jacob Reichert
    Jacob Reichert

    Nobody thought to flex seal the s**t outta just the egg itself?

  • gunfuego

    Be careful, jello is sharp......... lol

  • Creative destroyer 8200
    Creative destroyer 8200

    Undefeated huh mark rober beat u in de future

  • What'a'nerd

    The only place you ever hear someone say something as stupid as: "Maybe i wont tape the popcorn to the jello"

  • Skys_Kai

    Who else noticed he put a clip of him breaking an egg instead of Mark Robers egg not breaking?

  • Corey Cunningham
    Corey Cunningham

    Micheals just like, “Who is this fucking idiot.”

  • Helen Q
    Helen Q

    Will be Michael Reeves’ caretaker

  • LimJocken

    What i really appreciated was the practicality of the second design. Imagine: you're sitting at snack-time in the cafeteria with only a jello cup and a bag of cheddar popcorn and --BOOM! An egg that you must protect and also drop withpu8gth carckolinhf kyulinm\-l The writer of this comment perished in action.

  • LimJocken

    Talk about egg Jello!

    • LimJocken

      egg slut

  • Mickey M A W S
    Mickey M A W S

    Now do it with Michael

  • Ach1evment_Unl0cked

    whos that guy *he sings strangly*

  • Strong-Brewed Dandyism
    Strong-Brewed Dandyism

    I did something similar to shoving the egg in jello. Except instead of jello it was a container of wet plaster that exploded on my school's floor. The egg survived.

  • ExoTik Gaming
    ExoTik Gaming

    IF michell was there he would had covered the egg with tape and 100000000 s of ding ding

  • Ekain Garate
    Ekain Garate

    Are u bros

  • The Anime artist OF AWESOME NESS
    The Anime artist OF AWESOME NESS

    The winner was camera man John

  • SithGaming Roblox
    SithGaming Roblox

    William you should have put the jello inside the popcorn because it started falling jello first because it is heavier

  • Sahil Sirdeshpande but I have another channel too
    Sahil Sirdeshpande but I have another channel too

    CAMERAMAN JOHN FACE REVEAL 1:13 (in Bobby's glasses)

  • L S
    L S

    I don't get why William can't comprehend that the heaviest part will always go to the bottom while falling

  • Life Pranks
    Life Pranks

    Do an egg drop with Michael

  • Josh Keith’s Informational Videos
    Josh Keith’s Informational Videos

    Bruh my school news uses the same mics you need to treat yo self

  • Kevin And His Car
    Kevin And His Car


  • C.o.R (Lex)
    C.o.R (Lex)

    Throwback to the time I made one, and it was hella good, and I loved both it and the egg, and when it came time to drop my friend just yeeted it off the balcony and the egg fell out so fuck her I'm still pissed

  • Rewind Animations
    Rewind Animations

    Yeah I know that guy

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