Emma Chamberlain Tries 9 Things She's Never Done Before | Allure
Internet sensation Emma Chamberlain tries nine things she's never done before, from re-creating an 80s workout video and playing the trombone, to decorating 20 cupcakes in 30 seconds and spinning a basketball while lounging in a beach chair.

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Emma’s pink dress designed and created by Ngozika O’Keke www.ngozikaokeke.com/?fbclid=IwAR1JKTTG1PAM6crXITwpDThbWz9omd1wFrk7X3OwQoNOSaGHA-mLVequcUs
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Emma Chamberlain Tries 9 Things She's Never Done Before | Allure

  • marxmartinez -
    marxmartinez -

    Emma Chamberlain tries 9 things she's never done before 1. Being Poor Lmao.

  • Fathma Shamsudheen
    Fathma Shamsudheen

    How do they edit these kind of videos?

  • Mia Hoi
    Mia Hoi

    Bullet proof coffee?

  • Lydia tea
    Lydia tea

    for a beauty brand, they sure made Emma's makeup look like clown makeup

  • Yeeter Skeeter
    Yeeter Skeeter

    she legit looks like sockie from the Norris nuts

  • mariami ii
    mariami ii

    i genuinely love her

  • isidra noyola
    isidra noyola

    She look extremely pretty here.

  • Big Red
    Big Red

    Your forgot showered

  • Siena Belardo
    Siena Belardo

    This was posted on my birthday, and it is my favorite VN-myr

  • jessica ge
    jessica ge

    I love how all the things shes done is so random😂

  • emilyjoy -DIY Maniac-
    emilyjoy -DIY Maniac-

    How do they come up with these ideas 😂

  • Idon’twannabeyouanymore 167
    Idon’twannabeyouanymore 167

    1) take a bath

  • LB24

    Tried showering

  • Faith

    Why isn’t showering in this list?

  • Roblox Aesthetic
    Roblox Aesthetic

    Okay but why does she not look like herslef

  • Emma

    Could you guys shut up about her "not" showering. She literally showers. God, y'all are unoriginal

  • Zara Sidhu
    Zara Sidhu

    How about take a bath

  • Adri Mnky
    Adri Mnky

    She looks like a stoner

  • KawaiiCactus

    I wanted to say showering but there are comments like that already :(

  • Roxane Allister
    Roxane Allister

    Why does emma looks so clean here what the-

  • marilena k
    marilena k

    The freaking metal straw tho

  • Ev Bear
    Ev Bear

    Is it just me or the things people are doing for the first time are so damn random

  • Rachel Thistlethwaite
    Rachel Thistlethwaite

    is she a vsco girl she was drinking out of a metal straw and i oop skskskskr

  • ony agnes
    ony agnes

    She kinda looks like Emma roberts....


    The trombone part is afencsice

  • 。Oh SeHunies Bubble Tea 。
    。Oh SeHunies Bubble Tea 。

    My nan has that cat shirt 🥺😩💕

  • Stephanie Tiffany
    Stephanie Tiffany

    That full coverage tho

  • princess seokjinnie
    princess seokjinnie

    i would like to purchase one of those cat jumpers where did you get it

  • achoo achoo
    achoo achoo

    How does "pAiNt yOuR fEelings WITH cHarCoal tOoThpaste" like how did they come up with that!?

  • SIS Mariion :0
    SIS Mariion :0

    why does she look so different??

  • Evelyn Bustos
    Evelyn Bustos

    She’s never hit a piñata what ???

  • Clementine

    Why wasn’t showering on the list 🤡

  • Love, Gabby
    Love, Gabby

    Suddenly I ship her with chase hudson 🤔

  • Jannah Zulaikh
    Jannah Zulaikh

    The funniest thing u guys might not have noticed was that the stuff that she has never done before were veryyyy specific so this proves that Emma has done basically everything😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • livia

      all of these videos are specific

  • Nisreen Mochaik
    Nisreen Mochaik

    I didn't even do 1 of those thing😂

  • Jeianagabrielle due
    Jeianagabrielle due


  • Lyka Espanol
    Lyka Espanol


  • jaz. gonzalez.
    jaz. gonzalez.

    You hit the piñata from the side

  • TeaCup

    Let’s be real here...Who has even done these things?

  • Eilidh Walker
    Eilidh Walker

    Who comes up with these?😂

  • Tashnim Hossain
    Tashnim Hossain

    I think we all spin a basketball in a beach chair

  • katerina twice
    katerina twice

    Why didn't you make her take a shower??

  • Jenni Surmsj
    Jenni Surmsj

    These are so random

  • Mr Sid
    Mr Sid


  • Caitlin Quinn
    Caitlin Quinn

    I’m sorry but that doesn’t look like Emma one bit....

  • Amelia Cossandro
    Amelia Cossandro

    Wow! She is flexible! I can’t even touch my toes! 😮

  • Emma Wang
    Emma Wang

    What happened to the old Emma Chamberlain?

  • Em xox
    Em xox

    y’all are like “shE doEsn’t lOok like Her SeLf” imagine if she came like how she regularly looks like..

  • Addie Settle
    Addie Settle

    Whta is bulletproof coffee

  • hania szymanska
    hania szymanska

    Emma chamberlain tries 9 things she never done before. Me: showering?

  • Sweetner Tutorials
    Sweetner Tutorials

    she looks so much like Tate McRae

  • I Duckeye I
    I Duckeye I

    She's wearing the same romper that Ned wore

  • opalslimezz

    She looks like white version of veronica merrell in this

  • Neomie Eduque
    Neomie Eduque

    She s look like naomi in alladin

  • Kiwi Bear !
    Kiwi Bear !

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but her hair looks wet. But maybe it’s just gel. Idk.

  • Someone stole my wig
    Someone stole my wig

    Her makeup in this vid scares me for some reason.I feel like this is not Emma 😂

  • Sumaiya Wilson
    Sumaiya Wilson

    She is so little😊✌

  • Justdance Panda
    Justdance Panda

    I don’t think most people would want to do this lmao

  • GallopingHearts

    Someone is running out of ideas......

  • Leanna Longoria
    Leanna Longoria

    9 things she never done but shes frosted19 cupcakes in 29 seconds

  • someone special
    someone special

    Emma chamberlain trying 9 things that she just did

  • Jamison Dalsanto
    Jamison Dalsanto

    oh puhleeze... if anyone can pull off a cat jumper its EMMA

  • Reem S
    Reem S

    She reminds me of Bea Miller when she talks???????

  • Marisol Saligan
    Marisol Saligan

    Her skin is Poppin it has never been that clear before

  • Leah Llamas
    Leah Llamas

    She's a vsco girl saving turtles

  • Sushi 24
    Sushi 24

    These tasks are so specific. Like everyone has never done them

  • Zoe B.
    Zoe B.

    The puppet show killed me

  • 800K subs with no videos
    800K subs with no videos

    Me thinking: why doesn’t anyone loves Emma chamberlain??? my brain: they love summer more Me: if u Stan summer then go Stan her. 😐 Also me: Emma is a sweet and a beautiful person y’all hatin be like 🤡

  • chimkachu

    is no one gonna talk about how pretty she is

  • Jia zubair
    Jia zubair

    Emma is a Queen

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