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Big Hit Labels

  • Nabila w
    Nabila w

    1:04 Cute Taehyung😣

  • 許素菁


  • Nada Halymy
    Nada Halymy


  • Free time
    Free time


  • Putri Wulandari
    Putri Wulandari

    Sopan banget si😭sayang kalian banyak". Papi bear.You are very successful in educating them. The altitude is very good🤗borahee💜

  • chimmy _13
    chimmy _13

    Jimin sleeping😂😂😂🥺🥺

  • valeria p
    valeria p

    Wholesome content 💓 I had been looking at Soobin thinking he reminds me of someone. And then it clicked, he looks similar to a BTOB member.

  • m paz
    m paz

    4:10 jimin was like"oh everybody y clapping i dont know why but lets do it

  • Sami Park xd
    Sami Park xd

    Dónde estaban Nam y Jin 7w7

  • ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭
    ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭

    Poor Jiminie and TaeTae looks very tired😦

  • Jakir Hossain
    Jakir Hossain

    No one can stop sleepy jimin 😂💞💞💞💞

  • Qiqa Faliha
    Qiqa Faliha

    Aku ngakak liat jimin orang mau foto keluarga dia malah tidur🥴🤣

  • Sekar Selly
    Sekar Selly

    Aku pengen ketemu txt dan BTS .😭😭😭



  • Rajkumar Nandwana
    Rajkumar Nandwana

    BIGHIT BEST COMPANY EVER U r really very great, seriously my mood gets freshen up by watching r This lovely moments and your love towards the members Hats off to you all I love you all LOVE FROM INDIA🇮🇳🇰🇷

  • Haechans 127 to 143
    Haechans 127 to 143

    RM with pink pants and a hoodie gave me vacation vibes😂 he looks so sweet

  • Haechans 127 to 143
    Haechans 127 to 143

    There are things we want and need We want subtitles We need subtitles

  • Haechans 127 to 143
    Haechans 127 to 143

    Srsly, my grandpa is like really serious when it comes to people that he isn’t really close with but like when we are with the whole family together we always laugh and make my grandpa laugh and joke around and stuff because I think all of us like to see older people laugh don’t we? So a few hours later another family came to visit us and it was so SO silent in the room

  • Haechans 127 to 143
    Haechans 127 to 143

    The whole family together 🥺 so cute

  • Haechans 127 to 143
    Haechans 127 to 143

    One thing this world really needs English subtitles

  • Joy Loe
    Joy Loe

    1:4 tae HUG with sleepy face✌️💜💓😍😘😊😁

  • Haneulsaeg Geune
    Haneulsaeg Geune

    👍 if they believed that TAE had not slept her face is very tender and beautiful😄😅

    • Xristina music
      Xristina music


  • Rafaela army bts
    Rafaela army bts

    Jhope nao me abandona pfv😭😭😭😔

  • Simz V
    Simz V

    TXT eating as normal as they can. BTS eating as dramatic as they can be.

  • Erica rose
    Erica rose

    Hello txt boys and bangtan boys


    2:53 YEAH BTS BIAS AND TXT BIAS 😂👍💜💚💜💚

  • Kpop Anne
    Kpop Anne

    Happy family💜, 2020 anyone?

  • ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋ's ᴡɪғᴇ
    ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋ's ᴡɪғᴇ

    정국 잘 생겼어

  • Mobina

    big hit has to be responsable for those bb wich they dose not have subtitle

  • Paraven Taj
    Paraven Taj

    How to become makeup artist

  • Kim Rasha
    Kim Rasha

    صداقتهم 🙂💜💜

  • Kavya G
    Kavya G

    Big hit plz plz put english subtitles... its true that im trying to learn korea but im not goood at readingg😥😭

  • 05 11
    05 11

    bighit needs women

  • marten Musa
    marten Musa

    1:04 taehyungs face

  • jkm58


  • Febrian Evayanti
    Febrian Evayanti

    Seneng banget liat adek kakak akur :((((

  • L

    *me not understanding anything besides annyeonghaseo*

  • MOARMY_ forever
    MOARMY_ forever

    And this is the same reason BHE is successful (BTS, TXT, and Lee hyun/ik there are more but BTS and TXT and Lee hyun are the only ones that debuted in BHE for now) they are caring to each other and they treat each other like a family for instance Jin is like the mom and Namjoon is lith the dad and Lee hyun is like an uncle and bang pd is like their father or idk while the others are like their sons (Older brother:Yoongi, :Youngest brother: Ning Ning and the other are like the middle children and don't take this offensive if you do just please keep it to your self I'm just saying they are like family) for now it's only Lee hyun BTS and TXT but i hope that one day they will do a collab💜

  • jikook si es real yerlin
    jikook si es real yerlin


  • jikook si es real yerlin
    jikook si es real yerlin


  • _gully Paez
    _gully Paez

    i love you txt and bts and big hit

  • Joy of giving
    Joy of giving


  • h. h.
    h. h.

    our baby jungkook is hyung for txt let's cry

  • kim nouhaila
    kim nouhaila

    Omg bts is so nice txt they're just so cute

  • Emmanuela Lazarre élève
    Emmanuela Lazarre élève

    OMG Pause at 3:56 and look at J hope when namjoon hits his head by accident HAA

  • I Named My Cat Agust D
    I Named My Cat Agust D

    Sleepy Taehyung is a whole mood

  • Jeon Jeongguk
    Jeon Jeongguk


  • BTS : ARMY
    BTS : ARMY

    지민은 지난 몇 번의 촬영에서 잠을 잤다.

  • abeer 19999
    abeer 19999


  • Bts'in Cookie'si
    Bts'in Cookie'si

    3:52 Jimin was sleeping 🤣😂🤣

  • 史上最歐

    Oh my god Jimin is too cute I can't 😂😂💜💜💜 I love you Jimin💜

  • Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana
    Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana


  • Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana
    Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana


  • Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana
    Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana


  • Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana
    Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana


  • Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana
    Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana


  • Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana
    Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana


  • Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana
    Canceco Ocaña Karla Liliana


  • zahramochi._ parkjimin
    zahramochi._ parkjimin

    *txt ant bts are family forever*

  • Hazel Tandayag
    Hazel Tandayag

    Idk why but I point out taehyun as V HAHAHA LOL

  • Your Paradise
    Your Paradise

    Tae and Suga 😂😂 Jimin ... sleeping 🥴🌹😍

  • marjorie gutierrez
    marjorie gutierrez

    ha pasado mas de un año y aun no puedo superar la cara de jimin xd

  • It’smae Stephy
    It’smae Stephy

    Txt: fixed hair ✔ Properly dressed ✔ Make up ✔ BTS: V - looks like hw just woke up Jimin - is still sleepy

  • Sakina Abbas
    Sakina Abbas

    Everyone posing for the picture but jimin being like I don’t care if I’m sleeping. I look handsome even when I’m sleeping

  • Alsvior Kook
    Alsvior Kook

    1:17 Why does Tae always hurt my heart like this ????? HE'S TOOOOO CUTE I ALWAYS WANT TO KIDNAP HIM (just like Suga does with Yeontan😂)

  • indah kirana
    indah kirana


  • isabelle landry
    isabelle landry

    I woud be a hit song if Big hit artists Lee Hyun-BTS-TXT do a song together, i can imagine the theme it can be, (Souls brothers)...friends that you make during your life who become like family to you, people that you learn from them, the journey that you share together....love you all

  • angel me
    angel me

    anlandi tlga ng vmin sa harap pa tlga ng mga bata charr hahaha

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