Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY
Dolan Twins
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  • A Vicarious View
    A Vicarious View

    They knocked you out for your wisdom teeth!? Is that an option? They gave me painful shots right into my jaw to numb my mouth and I was completely awake as they split the wisdom teeth and picked out the shards.

  • Rain Pebble
    Rain Pebble

    Be glad it’s just a septoplasty! I had like three surgeries in one! The septoplasty, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and an uvulaectomy 😬 I couldn’t breath out of my nose either cause they didn’t clear the stints after my surgery

  • Valarie Tijerina
    Valarie Tijerina

    This has to one of my ALL TIME favorite videos. 💖💖💖 (well also Jeff Dolan and the Star triplets💖💗💖😘) Great Job mom ❤️ to u as well

  • Secily Adella
    Secily Adella

    “You’re distributing the peace” 😂😂

  • Xendra Smith
    Xendra Smith

    I swear I never liked them, I thought they were like some Buffy manwhores like Jake Paul or something. But yesterday I saw their video with Jeffrey Star, they seemed nice and now I'm kind liking them, seem sweet guys

  • T. Dee
    T. Dee

    🤣🤣🤣🥰 thanks boys

  • La Yenny
    La Yenny

    “They just took him in? Give him back” lmaooooo me with my man

  • Rebekah Hamilton
    Rebekah Hamilton

    Literally just realized that on Ethan’s hand there’s and E and on Graysons there’s a G lol

  • Lps Candytuft
    Lps Candytuft

    They sound drunk

  • Kim Friberg
    Kim Friberg

    "We were one goop....then we split into two goops...."

  • Cassie n
    Cassie n

    Should I free style rap? Probably not! The free style though was 🔥

  • Amara Rivera
    Amara Rivera

    He said is this anesthesia dairy free 😂

  • Lil Wolf
    Lil Wolf

    "Is that anesthesia dairy free?" IM CRYING

  • ?itz_mariana_10 ¿
    ?itz_mariana_10 ¿

    5:25 why does he sound like he is high?

  • 'ℋonℯys forℯvℯr'
    'ℋonℯys forℯvℯr'

    😧That’s RIDICULOUS I had to have oral surgery to have mine removed in the dentist only numbed me I wasn’t put to sleep. 🙄SM*H!

  • Kelly Kelly
    Kelly Kelly

    I protest, that hospital was amazing. 😲 Omg Australia must have a shortage of meds lol. My nose it stuffed let me fix that, crack, crack, screaming.. All done go home.. Just Have a baby.. Yeah have a shower and see you later, no wheel chairs offered.. Have 8 hour kidney surgery, stay for 2 nights ok see you later, here's some panadol 😲😲. Im jelly how good they took care of you both.

  • Marie Aguilar
    Marie Aguilar

    Ethan: *has eyes open* “ARE MY EYES OPEN?” 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland

    This is so hilarious lolol. I love them!

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland

    Aw Ethan is so sweet to their Mum here, I love it!

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland

    Grayson's comment about real men being able to cry, yes!!

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland

    They are so sweet to each other, even when drugged up!

  • Cierra Autumn
    Cierra Autumn

    stop touching me brotha

  • Nikki Hughes
    Nikki Hughes

    I’ve come to the conclusion that anesthesia makes Grayson aggressive 😂 I’ve had this same surgery and it SUCKS. I didn’t get whatever kind of drugs they were on though 😂 I was more like Ethan and just wanted to sleep lol

  • Haley Staus
    Haley Staus

    Grayson was so mean to Ethan🙄 Ethan just wanted to help his brother out

  • Yobi Yobi
    Yobi Yobi


  • jes gam
    jes gam

    Lol they're so cute

  • I Need The Krup
    I Need The Krup

    I love the right hand Sharpe initials.

  • Jamie Villa
    Jamie Villa

    I've never laughed so hard!!! I'm deceased 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Komerican10

    Man, Versed is the best pre-surgery drug ever. It takes ALOT for me to feel it. I’m on a lot of daily medication for health issues:( I don’t feel anything till I get the propofol to knock me to dream land lol 😂

  • Cindy Ross
    Cindy Ross


  • Bella Snow
    Bella Snow

    Whahaha OMG this is the best thing ever!!! And so sweet... it's like they both in their baby headspace but in a grown ass body... whahaha my first period.

  • esra Bakhsh
    esra Bakhsh

    😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 this is so cute n funnyyy 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Hope 44
    Hope 44

    LMAO, this was great 😂

  • Tiffani Almahri
    Tiffani Almahri

    13:25 "it's my first period" (as a tear rolls down his cheek)

  • Emma Waters
    Emma Waters

    This is the funniest thing ever 😂

  • Chance Devine
    Chance Devine

    You acting like a fool . .......You look like me man 😂

  • Chance Devine
    Chance Devine

    Grayson is younger one definitely the douche one too .... lol 😂

  • Chance Devine
    Chance Devine

    So cute

  • Hannah Ellen
    Hannah Ellen

    I’ve been laughing at ‘he’s a thicc bodied fella’ for a month now help

  • Emily Ragona
    Emily Ragona

    the amount of times they said to upload

  • 100% That B*tch
    100% That B*tch


  • Julia Cremer
    Julia Cremer

    bruh i had this it was so painful

  • Gambarizing

    “Stop being such a downer” he says as a tear streams down his face.

  • Jojo the Bro Bro
    Jojo the Bro Bro

    This really proves that rappers freestyle better hella high lmaoooo

  • Angel Juarez
    Angel Juarez

    Y’all have me dying 🤣🤣‼️

  • Kerissa trevino
    Kerissa trevino

    I’ve never laughed so hard

  • Samantha Marie
    Samantha Marie

    Freaking adorable

  • Coffeewith Jeannie
    Coffeewith Jeannie

    “Are my eyes open?” *looks right at camera*

  • Jessica Varley
    Jessica Varley

    No one: Literally no one ever Ethan:IM ITALIAN

  • Rebekka

    Thiiiick body fellaah 😂😂❤👌

  • Silvia Martino
    Silvia Martino

    "Sorry that was agressive"

  • Ema .M
    Ema .M

    What if they had to sneeze 😂

  • Ella Stone
    Ella Stone

    Oh its Tuesday

  • Madison Gregory
    Madison Gregory

    The utter *SADNESS* and *DESPAIR* Ethan felt when he lost his hat :,(

  • Joanna Hischke
    Joanna Hischke

    Hey this reminds me of something...oh yeah, that time of the month. lol 😂

  • Saffy Sioux
    Saffy Sioux

    Quality entertainment. 😂👌

  • Pearl Moonga
    Pearl Moonga

    "is the anesthesia dairy-free" 😂😂😂

  • Pearl Moonga
    Pearl Moonga

    E: "should I freestyle rap?" Camera man: "probably not" E: "imma do it I don't give a shit"

  • Daaay Aaay
    Daaay Aaay

    20:38 Grayson I’m dancinnn 🕺🏼

  • Hippie Housewife
    Hippie Housewife

    Haha! Just the intro ALONE had me cracking up. All those lovely nostril sounds top it off...why Ethan ended up with a deviated septum 😂 oh my goodness you 2

  • Margo Michelle
    Margo Michelle

    “Was the anesthesia dairy free?” 😂😂😂

  • Jeremy Curran
    Jeremy Curran

    You guys are hot (im a girl)

  • Rose Engle
    Rose Engle

    😂😂😂😂 the medicine that makes you loopy is called Propofol and we in the dental field LOL call it the magic milkshake and a truth serum I seen some funny shit working in an oral surgeons office that was before the internet

  • grace howe
    grace howe

    Greysons bled waaay more

  • Danika Nguyen
    Danika Nguyen

    would their voices be different bc of their nostrils

  • Kiera Dias
    Kiera Dias

    When I first watched this, I though Grayson was on the left lol

  • Angel Face
    Angel Face

    Lol- The way he wakes up- he talks just like the kid in "Adventures in babysitting or encino man" Where the kid gets on drugs with the mexican cartel guys and starts talking like this lol

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams

    Dude this is exactly how old Italian men talk 😆

  • silver

    17:24 took me out oml

  • Zsófia Győrffy-Báthory
    Zsófia Győrffy-Báthory

    They are realize 3 times it's Tuesday😂😂😂💗

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