Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! (Part 2)
Avengers Endgame Part 2! Which is Infinity War Part 4 or something. Since this movie isn't cinema I've decided to change my channel name to ThemeParkWins. What's wrong with that? Hope you'll still watch! Here's everything right with Avengers Endgame Part 2!
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  • ThejollyFrenchman

    People in my cinema were disappointed, but I think that it's appropriate that there wasn't a post-credit scene for Endgame.

  • Sovit Sarkar
    Sovit Sarkar


  • Neat Gamer
    Neat Gamer

    I'm not much of a Marvel fan but I still cry at the ending and I got excited in the scene where all the other avengers come in even spider man

  • Emily Crawford
    Emily Crawford

    Cap tony and Thor also have that forest moment in which they fight against each other in 1st Avengers movie, so seeing them fight together like this is just ugh it was too much

  • MEME Master
    MEME Master

    nice can you do full metal jacket next?

  • Erik Gonzalez
    Erik Gonzalez

    @cinemawins I usually get so bored with these type of videos, but you did it in a way I never seen done and wished it didnt end!!!!! I LOVE the way you said all the call backs to other movies when something was said in this movie like about Tony cutting the wire and jumping on the grenade. I subscribed to your channel which i do for nobody EVER and you have a fan from here on!!!!!

  • TheIronAntelope

    Imagine how Thanos is feeling when he realises how many people he has to fight 😂

  • Saku Angerman
    Saku Angerman

    Ever realized that the portals song gets more and more instruments when more heroes come?

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    yeah i cannot wait for you to do far from home

  • InfiniteRB

    Cap was always worthy, he budged the hammer. He has humility, so he didn't pick it up.

  • Fajar Setiawan
    Fajar Setiawan

    Tbh, the only bummer in this movie is Captain Marvel.

  • Danbero

    9:06 its not just you

  • Ephemis Priest
    Ephemis Priest

    My theater laughed when Thanos punched Captain Wahmen over the horizon. The directors did the best they could having that turd sandwich put on their plate.

  • Prakhar Verma
    Prakhar Verma


  • You are aware of your own breathing
    You are aware of your own breathing

    It’s been months and I’m still crying

  • YoloNinja

    Black widow didnt have to die if they just went to 2018 and yoinked the stone from thanos’ hand

  • Just Me Percy
    Just Me Percy

    MCU plot hole: Daniel Sousa.

  • Benjamin Tassone
    Benjamin Tassone

    Even watching with you talking over I got the same chills I got the first time watching it


    Please do Arrival

  • sofiyan ali
    sofiyan ali

    “I love you 3000.” (Holographic message ends) Me:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • The Theorist Man
    The Theorist Man

    One of my favorite tiny details from the movie is when Clint and Nat were on Vormir and they heard Red Skull's voice, Clint had a sword and a bow and arrows, and he chooses the sword and pulls it out because of his new, darker personality. Then, after Nat's sacrifice and Clint hears the Outriders, he had a sword and a bow and arrows, but this time, he goes back to his roots and chooses the bow and arrow due to Nat's sacrifice.

  • myasincp

    So much love 10:15

  • myasincp

    8:15 so much emotion on what you said

  • Abby

    Also in that scene with all the women warriors, they all collectively protected Peter, who is always everyone’s son in a small way😂

  • Kelsey Coane
    Kelsey Coane

    I also totally missed the antman going tiny at the start of the explosion!

  • Kelsey Coane
    Kelsey Coane

    The thing about thor's depression that kinda bugged me in the movie was it seemed to mostly be a joke. I honestly didnt get it until i started seeing posts about how his appearance change wasnt just comical, it was depression. I honestly didnt get it until it was pointed out

  • ddiaz2001

    Wow 47 wins in 1 clip nvm their is a clip with over 100 wins

  • Ozanın Kanalı
    Ozanın Kanalı

    Avengers Endgame will always will be the best movie ever existed in the movie history of all times

  • PuppyQueen1234

    When you think about it Hulk, Not Smart Hulk but 2012 Hulk I just a toddler and everything he destroyers is his toys and probably mom's keys and dad's Computer by doing something like making two stick figures that team up and give your computer the blue screen of death. I mean Hulk just doesn't care about a lot of things. For instance getting out of a hot tub or bath necked in front of Thor

  • Aj PlaysAlot
    Aj PlaysAlot

    Can we please get supernova in guardians 3?

  • Itz Cerealz
    Itz Cerealz

    16:21 you spelled believed wrong

  • Michael T.
    Michael T.

    OK, on all those translations of "Liebchen": Many of these are a serious stretch. Here's how the word works: The "-chen" at the end is a diminutive suffix. Similar to how the "-ling" suffix is used in some English words, turning "duck" into "duckling". The word proper from which "Liebchen" is derived would be "Liebes", which (coming from "Liebe"-"love") means "dear one". So "darling" is the most literal translation, and in terms of how the word is (or rather, was) used, the most accurate one. Where in the world did they get "squeeze" from?

  • Elliott Jones
    Elliott Jones

    Omfg Clint has a Motorola. WHAT!?!

  • Devon Lopez
    Devon Lopez

    I'm crying

  • Icecreamgirl _50
    Icecreamgirl _50

    10:15 I cried when this happens in the movie

  • Joseph Tay
    Joseph Tay

    lmao i wonder how he adds a win... a button on his desk? 100 were added in the span of 3 seconds. Bless his hand... or whatever he used to press it Edit1: 200 likes for i am iron man

  • Reiko Samaa
    Reiko Samaa

    can't help, the moment Thor gets his axe and hammer to him looks like he's a dwarft XD maybe cause of the view angle and his beard but he looks like one there XD

  • Pokestein Chimerus
    Pokestein Chimerus

    10:32 I never even noticed that Howard was part of the battle before.

  • r0ckky

    The deleted scene when Tony meets his daughter in the soul realm made me cry man aww come on 😟😟🥺🥺🤧

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller

    You will always be my ducky!

  • Movie Hermit
    Movie Hermit

    Looking at the negative comments towards Professor Hulk (and MCU hulk in general), it looks like Bruce was right in Ragnarok. No one really cares about him. (at least, most people) Honestly, I loved how they closed his story in Endgame. Really, it was incredible seeing Bruce live with peace, not fear of himself or Hulk or being chased around by the Government. It really goes to show, we can never beat our demons, sure, we can fight them, but that fight is never going to end. Just look at what happened to Bruce, his fear and hatred of Hulk just gave him power (especially after Wanda messed with his head) to keep Bruce locked away for 2 years. Just imagine that, you go from the fear of hurting others to fear of being trapped inside something else for the rest of your life in the blink of an eye. So, he turned things around. Like he said in Endgame "I always treated the Hulk like a disease, something to get rid of. But then I started looking at him as the cure". We can either fight a never ending battle against what we hate about ourselves, or accept them as a part of who we are and gain control of yourself, 100%. And with the comments about how Norton's Hulk is so much stronger than Ruffalo's, heres a list of all of MCU Hulks biggest feats: 1) Falling from the Helicarrier and into a warehouse and being fine 2) That time he punched that giant Chitaurui flying space turtle thing 3) Taking on a barrage of Chitaurui blasts without a scratch 4) Held out against the HulkBuster (specifically designed to fight him) 5) Needed to be dropped through a very tall building to be dazed enough for Bruce to get a hand on the wheel, giving Tony that opening he needed 6) Took two hits of the raw power of Thor and got up both times 7) jumped into Surtur's face without hesitation, got a few punches in and got flung back onto the bridge, only dazed for a few seconds 8) Convinced the Ancient One to give him the time stone, without which would have made reversing the snap impossible 9) Performed the snap that brought back half the universe AND LIVED (something we've only seen Thanos do) 10) Held up the collapsing compound WITH AN INJURED ARM (and he didn't even drop it, the water level was just rising) 11) Fought in the biggest battle in MCU history with previously mentioned SEVERELY INJURED ARM I'm not saying one is better than the other, I honestly don't care. As long as I enjoy the interpretations and stories. Getting angry that a (somewhat rebooted) character is different from a previous incarnation to better fit the evolving story being told as opposed to just having the same characters in different places with similar stories just makes sure that you don't enjoy an aspect of something you like. So, when you start to dislike something for the reason that it's different, even if it's a part of something you enjoy, think about what Professor Hulk taught us; you can either fight an endless battle or accept what you're fighting and find peace. Your choice

  • Zion Zix
    Zion Zix

    3:10 you have two sweeties there buddy.

  • Lexi Barrow
    Lexi Barrow

    I just... I just can't get behind this ending. Tony died, leaving Morgan without a father, and Peter too in many ways, meaning he lost his father twice. (Biological and Tony) Wanda still lost the only family she had left (Vis) Natasha is dead now, and there's nothing that will change it The Russo Brothers took a masterpiece, torched it until there was nothing but smoldering ash left, then they wrapped it up in a gaudy pink ribbon, labelling it a happy ending

    • TonyFilip917

      That's what made the movie so great they didn't hold back Tony sacrificing himself for a better world for everyone finally letting go the anxiety he had knowing his family is alive and is going to be okay

  • Lexi Barrow
    Lexi Barrow

    I nearly shat myself at all the massive sling ring portals

  • Carlos L
    Carlos L

    0:52 I’m not crying!

  • Jonasz Przybycień
    Jonasz Przybycień

    MCU: *Has a ton of emotion, character building, drama, humor and everythign you'd expect from a quality studio* Scohersie: MaRvEl MoViEs ArE nOt CiNeMa Me (and pretty much everyone else): ok boomer

  • Brooks Greene
    Brooks Greene

    How was Cap old? Also if time travel splits into separate time lines when you change something how was Cap even there?

  • SUP

    so as a german i fell the need of helping;liebchen means a little nice girl/woman/female

  • Aeon Bloodchild
    Aeon Bloodchild

    9:39 he got a look at nebula memories maybe thats how he got the info

    • Reece Frost
      Reece Frost

      Aeon Bloodchild well anyone who actually watched the movie like me, would know that yes he got the memories from nebula as she is an Android and has memories in her hard drive stored from the past present and future no need be be rude though 😶

    • Aeon Bloodchild
      Aeon Bloodchild

      @Reece Frost naw yo mammas tongue was too good for me to concentrate plus yo daddy screams of passion was to loud . Did u watch the video and get what he was saying .

    • Reece Frost
      Reece Frost

      no shit did you watch the movie?? :/

  • zoë-joy bartman
    zoë-joy bartman

    3:23 this whole explanation made me cry

  • Jack Wells
    Jack Wells

    BTW - raccoons are native to North America, so it makes sense that beings linked to Europe wouldn't know anything about them.

    • Jack Wells
      Jack Wells

      @Reece Frost I'm willing to bet that you haven't spent the last several hundred years living in another dimension or on another planet, though.

    • Reece Frost
      Reece Frost

      im european and i know what a racoon is

  • Brian L
    Brian L

    I love that Itsjustsomerandomguy is doing Steve returning the stones, starting with the Soul Stone.

  • Joacim Dahlström
    Joacim Dahlström

    Been watching this for 4 or 5 times and i tear up every time :'(

  • Caio Ferreira
    Caio Ferreira

    A small detail that I didn't see anyone commenting about: Thanos' gauntlet is left handed, Avengers' gauntlet is right handed.

  • patriot459

    I still remember when banner and tony were talking in the first avengers and they said that quote of like why would hulk save me. We did find out why and it was epic

  • Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions
    Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions

    Hey nice to meet you arghh! OH MY GOOOODDDD!

  • Jacky Trinh
    Jacky Trinh

    Also the song at the end of Endgame was also played in Captain America: The Winter Soldier just to let you know

  • MSKGamerYT

    18:15 Wrong Endgame Takes Place In 2022 Because The Beginning Of IW Opens Right After Thor Ragnarok Meaning It Took Place In 2017 Meaning 10 Years Ago Would Be 2012

  • Ben Meyers
    Ben Meyers

    How does the asguardians have armour and weaponry when it was destroyed on asguard.

    • Ben Meyers
      Ben Meyers

      @TonyFilip917 but to have enough armour and weaponry in that small amount of time

    • TonyFilip917

      They forged it, Surviving Guards we're still on it plenty of reasons how

  • Ben Meyers
    Ben Meyers

    What about World breaker hulk

  • Bambang Budi Prayetno
    Bambang Budi Prayetno

    I still remember how crowd doest at the studio when Cap holding Mjolnir and the "avengers assamble" scene... I mean, that was one of my best moments in my life since graduation :))

  • Edgy Artist
    Edgy Artist

    4:34 Did anyone else notice that this scene mirrors when Howard was experimenting with a piece of the teseract through a glass window? And thats why that scene was so tense for the charactors on screen. Because when Howard did it in The First Avenger it blew up i his face. Hence Rocket yelling BOOM to scare them.

  • Eric Kremers
    Eric Kremers

    I love the little detail that Thor started his war cry slightly earlier than everyone else after "assemble", further emphasizing that he's not over his failures yet, but he's so determined to use this opportunity to do the right thing.

  • ThyHolyNoodle

    Wow I did not notice Howard the duck untl you pointed it out lol

  • D Roberts
    D Roberts

    I'm starting to think that Vision can bring Black Widow and Gamora back or has the answer to seeing how he has been with the mind stone for years that sort of communicate with him.

  • D Roberts
    D Roberts

    So with Bruce snapping everyone back he may have the snap the hulk in his own body even looking out for the Hulk making it two or 3 Hulks in the MCU.

  • NoobsailerRBH

    9:08 "Everything's better with spinning" Trope xD

  • H e l l o
    H e l l o

    I literally started tearing up

  • Gabriel

    Joe and Anthony Russo have an combined IQ of 2000 to pull this off. Just look at it, it's fucking beautiful.

  • Unix_ Phenos30000
    Unix_ Phenos30000

    Liebchen means sweetheart

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