Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet
The first Wreck It Ralph was a fun surprise full of humor and heart. Ralph Breaks the Internet is... not that. It's a lot more like The Emoji movie. And full of sins.
Next week: Sins of two movies that have one word titles starting with D.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • ahegaofactory

    take a shot every time this movie tries to be hip and cool

  • Hypereon

    Can I just say that Disney existing inside the wreck-it Ralph universe implies that there isn’t a movie for wreck it Ralph in this universe, or the game is just marketing for the Wreck-it-Ralph movie? But that would mean that Disney was making Computer animated movies in the 80’s, which would mean that this either takes place in a technologically advanced by twenty years universe, or it just doesn’t make sense.

  • Charbomber

    No removed sins for the movie accurately showing how people's characters look like in games instead of going the normal way of them looking totally realistically moving? I mean I don't know WHY it did but I found it kinda funny. Maybe it's my bad sense of humor...

  • Jon Mount
    Jon Mount

    Why did they ripoff something that sucks like the emoji movie they could of got something better

  • oreo penguin
    oreo penguin

    11:27 didn’t the woman say heart is one dollar Ralf need less than 318 k so why did he need to make more videos

  • WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey

    12:47 except that is NOT how eBay works, if the highest bidder forfeits the item it would be offered to the other bidder for their highest bid. DING!

  • Gay Boi
    Gay Boi

    *watches cinema sins cause' you're too lazy to watch it yourself*

  • Coolyo

    I accidentally found porn after I searched "blow and go"

  • Thanrick

    Nothing about the Ralph rolling at the very end?? And the post credit scene you sinned was actually really funny

  • - DaKawaiiWolfy -
    - DaKawaiiWolfy -

    I think you forgot a sin At 1:47 and it’s that Sonic knows what the internet is and Ralph doesn’t and that doesn’t make any sense, correct me if I’m wrong

  • Culo 111222
    Culo 111222

    20:32 somewhere out their ill leave ralph


    Why when he enters the internet is there no porn

  • Swift Plays
    Swift Plays

    Can you do a Everything wrong with Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 1 and 2?

  • Patience Wallace
    Patience Wallace


  • Elizamatronic

    It’s called *ANIMATION* sins but most of the videos are live action am I the only person who noticed that

  • Alexis Leininger
    Alexis Leininger

    Umm The glitching in Vanellope is in her DNA

  • PotatoQueen TheWeirdo
    PotatoQueen TheWeirdo

    Wait if Ralph is behind her how can he see their face? Logic is making my brain cells die Ralph:*risks his life for her and her game and almost dies for her* Vanellope: OMG YOUR SUCH A RUDE FRIEND*tosses his necklace* Me: bish really? Your my fav but you do this?😑 is he a joke to you lady? Whhhhhyyyyy

  • Laura H
    Laura H

    You're forgetting that right after the princess rescue scene, when he just wakes up... so, how did he change clothes so quickly? He just fell into a dress. So... he would still have his actual clothes underneath, right...?

  • TheStellaGaming

    Does anyone else think that the little girl in the after credits scene look like baby Moana? Just me? Ok.

  • SharkLord 321
    SharkLord 321

    Surprised he didn't bring up the rick roll

  • Toothful Mouth
    Toothful Mouth

    I liked both movies. They are good- i dont notice problems...

  • DJB Playz
    DJB Playz

    Jumanji: our mpc's only react to the things that are supposed to be programmed to say Wreck-It Ralph: I'm sorry were you saying something

  • Bryce Davenport
    Bryce Davenport

    My biggest problem with the movie is that Ralph is literally a grown man, while Vanellope is literally a child. Yet Ralph is insistant on being incredibly possessive of her the whole time. Something about that just screams pedophilia, without actually saying PEDOPHILIA.

  • Grid the xenomorph
    Grid the xenomorph

    what about the fact that when it was shown on the the phone, nobody had to bid on it, this is plot propelling bullsh!t

  • Keermie De Frawg
    Keermie De Frawg

    Googled "blow and go". Was disappointed.

  • inferiorflame 77
    inferiorflame 77

    this movie should of came out 2019 so ralph makes a joke about creepy ass sonic

  • MatrixMushroom

    I like how you made a refference to the alien thing you said in the video for the first movie.

  • MatrixMushroom

    Am I the only one who thought that the tension between Vanellope and Shank was weirdly romantic? And then was super confused cause she's a little kid?

  • MatrixMushroom

    I love how absolutely BS it is that a decrepit truck went faster than basically a Lamborghini *while it's in reverse.*

  • Casey Pawlowski
    Casey Pawlowski

    CinemaSins: It's impossible to make $27,001 on one day of VN-my Felix Jergen and Sven: Hold my Minecraft

  • Unexplainable Feelings
    Unexplainable Feelings

    No ones gonna talk about how the dude said Des Moines wrong?

  • Braden Barnes
    Braden Barnes

    Ebay doesn't require you to add in payment info before bidding


    I googled blow and go, I got car insurance now

  • Ron DeMuth
    Ron DeMuth

    I love the first movie but I hate the second one I agree with every point Please don’t hate me because I don’t like this one

  • Ayowin B
    Ayowin B

    Well then you haven't seen the steam marketplace when team fortress 2 is searched up

  • Scp ???? Jade Devil
    Scp ???? Jade Devil

    my life is a sin after all I love puns

  • Tibenna Fraser
    Tibenna Fraser

    4:49 so much truth ...💀

  • Ditto Person
    Ditto Person

    You missed the 2nd credit scene.Its Ralph singing never give you up I'm not lying

  • Meg Fisher
    Meg Fisher

    i’m also adding a sin for ralph apparently not dying from the big tac pin getting so close to decapitating him, that thing was so goddamn close

  • Meg Fisher
    Meg Fisher

    i’m removing a sin for adding a stan lee cameo, but then bringing it back for having it so brief and so unexpected

  • Diego Cortes
    Diego Cortes

    Add a sin in your mind right now that HE DIDN’T INCLUDE THE RICK ROLL SCENE.

  • Ethan Rowbotham
    Ethan Rowbotham

    how the hell does sonic know what the internet is

  • DoctorPotatoHead

    10:50 Tik Tok

  • Lemon

    .......no sin for the rickroll? Wreck-roll? Ralph - what do we even call that???

  • Ramiro Mendoza
    Ramiro Mendoza

    Add a sin,Ralph is strong right then why is he struggling to flip over a car but is strong enough to pick a pin 😑 anyone agrees

  • jet the dragon hawk
    jet the dragon hawk

    Add 1 win for the rick roll

  • Blze_Havoc legit
    Blze_Havoc legit

    Spamley mispronounced Des Moines. He says it like it appears, but it's actually sounds like De Moy

  • Giran 0
    Giran 0

    This movie was a let down and what happened to the Yoshi cameo i heard about when they was planning the second one

  • The Kings Of Willowbrook
    The Kings Of Willowbrook

    Why do you hate Comcast @cinemasins?

  • stogucheme

    I was waiting for you to sin the fact that Vanellope can leave the game. Her glitching issue was never resolved, and a HUGE plot point in the original was "glitches can't leave their games."

  • AkomaRampage

    I’ll have you know Shawarma is delicious 😋

  • Riley Wilson
    Riley Wilson

    No one's wondering what the arcade owner was thinking when the steering wheel was shipped there?

  • PlayWithSkepp

    19:26 they where explaining how to have kids the grown up way that is why there is a new character in the game the little boy

  • sir carol
    sir carol

    more than a pedo he also an illegal criminal.

  • Yahet XD
    Yahet XD

    Um ralph is a pedo

  • Charttii

    99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 SINS because ralph did a fortnite dance

  • Disneymom0453

    Agreed the bunny scene was horrifying and so unnecessary

  • 2pm hottest
    2pm hottest

    Can we get a sin because how come mulan speaks chinese and einglish and brave speak scottish and english and mulan speaks english and brave can't speak english

    • 2pm hottest
      2pm hottest

      Typo (einglish is english)

  • Dominick Noeker
    Dominick Noeker

    In order for Ralph to bake his pie his time would have been up for the steering wheel

  • Anne Scholey
    Anne Scholey

    Nick Wilde appears very briefly

  • Bloodrain 64
    Bloodrain 64

    First movie was better. Waaaaaay better.

  • Nihilist Nick
    Nihilist Nick

    11:32 They work at Initech!!!! TPS Report!

  • Kango Roo
    Kango Roo

    No one: Not a fucking soul: Cinema Sins: that apple makes him look like an asshole *plus 20 sins dammit*

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    You’re right. I googled blow and go and I got the addresses for hair salons in Georgia

  • BhargavGV

    2:55 Product placement *ding*

  • Neonboi3000

    I looked up blow and go and it was porn😂

  • hunny_bee TV
    hunny_bee TV

    He didn't add in a couple sins for the "dad drinks because he cant handle the stress of kids cliche" IN A KIDS MOVIE. When I saw this movie the joke made me extremely uncomfortable.

  • Luke Dougherty
    Luke Dougherty

    12:40 I'm not sure they'd be allowed to bid on it again if they let the bid expire.

  • Matthew Lecompte
    Matthew Lecompte

    Anyone gonna explane how the glich can get out her game when in the last one she couldent

  • RazorGames

    It did not even mention the never gonna give you up credit scene

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