Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse came out of nowhere, kicked all our asses with awesomeness, and probably set off a wave of experimental animated superhero films. Still has sins (though not as many as most films).
Thursday: Airplane sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • エニグマ ENIGMAオフライン XFFLINE
    エニグマ ENIGMAオフライン XFFLINE

    This video is a sin

  • IamHalf Awake
    IamHalf Awake

    If you look closely during spider mans death scene you can see green goblins corpse

  • Sagittari.s

    He likes this movie.. He likes this movie!!

  • steel spider
    steel spider

    Um the movie is good and you made a video about how good it us dumass

  • COOLSHADOW45 challi
    COOLSHADOW45 challi

    Half of these sins aren't even the movies fault and just either are opinions or are at fault due to the source material.

  • COOLSHADOW45 challi
    COOLSHADOW45 challi

    Wouldn't this be funny if he just made a 10 second video and just said "no" and ended it.

  • Panwoldafi Alex
    Panwoldafi Alex

    Spider-Man: *Kills king gobling* Years later *Gets killed by king ping* I Need questions NOW

  • Lunar Fallz
    Lunar Fallz

    But what about when the brief comic book shows spidermans' true identity, but it's as if nobody knew spiderman was peter parker when he died? It's a tiny mistake, no hate.

  • Ollie Johnson
    Ollie Johnson

    11:40 ... Da fuck kinda movie is that reference from? 0_o

  • Ashling Cashling
    Ashling Cashling

    Don't get me wrong I love your content but this was a little forced. You actually contradicted yourself at one point when you ragged on the other spider dudes for not giving Miles enough time to get adjusted when they were, in fact, doing that to protect him and themselves. All of them learned their powers over time and are a lot more experienced than him. You wouldn't put a kid who JUST learned of his powers in this big of a fight right away. It's extremely dangerous for you and him, so why do it when you've got four other dudes who are good at what they do? Then you turned around and said everything is going too fast..like pick a side.

  • ClashingWithThapunisher

    She kept him posted, literally. Come on, CinemaSins 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • Thief Wooden
    Thief Wooden

    I only liked because of the narc part

  • Stevester

    7:35 it's references to the Mandela Effect

  • Blamer Blaze
    Blamer Blaze

    Anybody else kinda sad that spiderman 2099 wasn't in this movie?

  • the3finkamigos YT
    the3finkamigos YT

    prowlers got a heat detection thing lmao turning off the flashlight wouldn’t even help

  • C.K-da-Kxng Here
    C.K-da-Kxng Here

    Ohhh ohhh you really wanna do this huh?

  • Jamminhead

    Does penny Parker even have powers?

  • liv diablo
    liv diablo

    in the spider gwen comics she finds a device that allows her to travel dimesion to dimesion. the comics evn mention spiderman into the spiderverse.

  • KONO DIO DA!!! !
    KONO DIO DA!!! !

    The sins are secretly wins

  • KONO DIO DA!!! !
    KONO DIO DA!!! !

    Litterly clicked into the video to say BISH THERES NOTHING WRONG

  • 43egamer The best
    43egamer The best

    58 seconds of logos *adds a sin* ok what the actually hell

  • [VR] Alex Is America
    [VR] Alex Is America

    Sin off for meming the end of the movie

  • Xibo Balahueña
    Xibo Balahueña

    ok buddy, now you've officially gone too far

  • ireland mcmillian
    ireland mcmillian

    Now most of the videos about sins you do has a hundred but the short films have close to 90 or 70 but this only got 85 that's great you must really like this movie

  • noodleguy

    Talks about people jerking off in popcorn during a kids movie. Bleeps out shit in his own dialogue?

  • TheAesir

    Why the hEcC does everyone gloss over the fact he loses bran cells when he wears his suit? That's what spray panting cloth and breathing through it does!

  • Eat your dog
    Eat your dog

    5:38 in the comics her dad was is the punisher but as a cop but he isn’t that scrony and wtf he’s the punisher shouldn’t it be him taking down the bad guy

  • Jack Bryan
    Jack Bryan

    That tubby bald guy is in the Lorax

  • Divine Pickett
    Divine Pickett

    Nothing is wrong with it to just don't like the main character is black so in that case shut the dick shit fuck up :) thx

  • Jake Davis
    Jake Davis


  • Narutogamingyt

    The fact that you made this vid gets a dislike 😂😂

  • Bossantor7887

    Sin for being too funny? Come on man

  • Ty Dye
    Ty Dye

    Omg his laugh is everything. You rarely ever hear him do it. I love it LMAO 4:00

  • Travis Van Krevelen
    Travis Van Krevelen

    I never comment on stuff like this. But this is pathetic

  • F1AmeZ Mutation
    F1AmeZ Mutation

    This video is a sin

  • CredibleDerek6511


  • Olivia Hauptmann
    Olivia Hauptmann

    How foocking dare you.

  • SBballer

    Bro half of those sins are complete bullshit

  • B. Epsilon
    B. Epsilon

    also after they leave miles to go to alchemax they all shoot webs into seemingly nothing

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    Miles was Spider-Man for a few days and had no fighting skill or experience and shouldn't have been able to beat the kingpin. Kingpin also just waits for him to get up instead of just murdering him.

  • shammah Unginani
    shammah Unginani

    I like you're videos but that was mean

  • Oscar Larsen
    Oscar Larsen

    Tf is wrong with narration

  • JAMESk3gs

    @cinemasins kk

  • kevin fenley
    kevin fenley

    This video sucks ass, sorry bro

  • matt 66
    matt 66

    Did he say jerking off in people’s popcorn

  • Purple Panther
    Purple Panther

    6:06 Actually, Sin for this video. Because you are 100% right. Ever heard of Madame Web? 8:13 .... *Fate* :/

  • Foxstar Animations
    Foxstar Animations

    Sin number 21 isn't accurate. I get that it's really hard to critique such a good movie but if you pay very close attention to detail and pause at just the right time you can see Gwen's hair still on his hand when he dodges the security guard. I'm guessing the shot used for this is just he hand covering all the hair since the nurse probably trimmed it down a bit or something. I'm sorry this is just nitpicking no one really needs to listen to me at all, I just thought I'd comment a small detail that he had gotten wrong that doesn't really matter.

  • oops

    I'm disappointed there weren't any sins removed for John Mulaney existing.

  • obi_dank_kenobi

    People are complaint how he’s nitpicking this movie and he’s an asshole who makes money off of his hatred. ITS THE FUCKING VN-my CHANNEL NAME PEOPLE!!! AND YES, HE IS A DICKHEAD, BUT THATS WHAT 8.5 MILLION PEOPLE SIGNED UP TO SEE

  • Caffeine Fur
    Caffeine Fur

    He gave a sin for gwen going to the academy for no reason but she says her spidey senses brought her there :v

  • South Park fan
    South Park fan

    Fuck you it is a good movie

  • Chuck Mangione
    Chuck Mangione

    My only complaint is he didn’t remove a sin (or 5) for the acid trip of a credits roll. Easily one of my favorite parts of the movie.

  • Nath4nie1 Cru2
    Nath4nie1 Cru2

    if u pay attention a lot of these aren't sins against the movie

  • PPen

    Do Us next please

  • Patrick 502t
    Patrick 502t

    4:01 I thought he was gonna do a “(enter text here) cliche but I didn’t expect that and I laughed with him. Lol

  • SofaKing Gr8
    SofaKing Gr8

    Lol this channel is a joke

  • Tyler Simmons
    Tyler Simmons

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse really makes you *FEEL* like Spiderman

  • JoeDotPHP

    Their description really nailed it. This movie is so good on so many levels. You really have to dig to find "sins" for the sake of comedy and making this video.

  • Mvi B
    Mvi B

    Reach much Cinema Sins? **Ding** 😎

  • Hannah Stoltz
    Hannah Stoltz

    4:23 oh woah. my last name in a video, nice B)

  • Yoshi

    Don't tell me that Cinema Sins actually believes that bullshit documentary about Michael Jackson, get the fuck out of here.

  • Anonymous Jackson
    Anonymous Jackson

    And you've officially went too far bud.

  • Stephen Dooley
    Stephen Dooley

    I'm surprised you didn't mention that miles should have died doing graffiti too close to his nose

  • Moe Salamander
    Moe Salamander

    Spiderverse had really cool and interesting logos which are actually super entertaining, but that STILL isn't enough???

  • Ray Valdez Photography
    Ray Valdez Photography

    Damn people mad as hell at sins video.

  • Culo 111222
    Culo 111222

    I did the hey move to a random girl suspend for a week

  • CeeWorld

    “Someone breathing” cinemasins: Breathing exmachina

  • Jason Hayes
    Jason Hayes

    Not only was this the best Spidey film for me, it's probably my fav comic-book film, up there with Logan, just SO DAMN GOOOOOOOOD!

  • the stash W
    the stash W

    11:40 HOLD UP WHAT

  • Agree2Disagree

    50 sins off for the Sequel coming!

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