FaZe Clan: Who Can Punch the Hardest Challenge ft. Offset
FaZe Clan
Guess in the comments who you think is going to win...
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  • Tygris Cunningham
    Tygris Cunningham

    My highest score was 950 the highest score was 999


    FAZE KAY Jarvis your bro Jarvis thank

  • Kayzrl122 - apex gamer
    Kayzrl122 - apex gamer

    Where is faze sway

  • Brayden Dennis
    Brayden Dennis

    High sky comes in and gets a 1000

  • Anthony Mejia
    Anthony Mejia

    Where tf is sensei at???

    • Anthony Mejia
      Anthony Mejia

      -banks too lmao

  • Tocarra Jackson
    Tocarra Jackson

    where was sway?

  • Maria Zabala Morales
    Maria Zabala Morales

    Faze Clan is weak anda trash

  • no yes
    no yes

    Why is nobody saying that they copied the sidemen

  • RaZ

    apex= gets 801 offset= gets 798 adapt= you beat him by 2

  • Dankisouris Rex
    Dankisouris Rex

    Where’s faze sensei when you need him

  • michael's gaming
    michael's gaming

    Faze adapt looks and sounds stupid af

  • Itz Crazy
    Itz Crazy

    Omg faze rug probably not even good

  • A Queen
    A Queen

    anyone else see banks just standing there in the back LOL it was at 3:56

  • Christopher Leger
    Christopher Leger

    Does anyone know the jeans offset is wearing?

  • GravityMan3000

    5:42 adapt: That’s insane BRUV

  • JohnnyFN

    Faze Kay would of got to 1000 if u said javis is not insane bro

  • RTE savage
    RTE savage

    insain kay

  • Rjeje Heehe
    Rjeje Heehe

    Blaze:snores Faze clan: enters the room “HOLYYYY FUCKKKKKKKKK” Faze Kay:”THATS INSANE BROOOOOOOOO”

  • Diego Zapien
    Diego Zapien

    H1ghsky and orba should have tried

  • GFlex Elite
    GFlex Elite

    That thing so fucking rigged

  • FEROX2X Adesida
    FEROX2X Adesida

    If Charla was here he will get like 1000

  • Teppy Berkeley
    Teppy Berkeley

    Offset should’ve broke that thing Akademiks claims he got that Superman punch 🤛 at least judging from what he did to that fan in the crowd 🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • dylanwig0

    It’s not all about power

  • xSyntac x
    xSyntac x

    You can tell offset was stoned off his ass, I mean I would also have to be stoned to be in a room with all of these people at once 😂

  • Ivan SwAbe
    Ivan SwAbe

    0:50 me describing my brother to others

  • Editz Nz maori
    Editz Nz maori

    Cmon offset

  • Editz Nz maori
    Editz Nz maori


  • Editz Nz maori
    Editz Nz maori

    Wassup Faze

  • Charles Nixon
    Charles Nixon

    ksi should do this

  • Rene Martinez Chicas
    Rene Martinez Chicas

    Can i be in the faze clan please im your biggest fan i love you all and suscribed to the channel and loved the video and left a like

  • Bentleysgaming chanle 1
    Bentleysgaming chanle 1

    Rug got 761 to be correct

  • Jason Xz
    Jason Xz

    Sounds like Drake 5:55


    Faze adapt behind cam: jarvis big brother won the game thats InSaNe.😂

  • Aqua_ Luisxd
    Aqua_ Luisxd

    Tomy low key drunk

  • agnyz

    adapts shirt tho is fireee, anyone know where to get it

  • Anthony Manriquez
    Anthony Manriquez

    This is how much Kay gets luck 900

  • strike - blox
    strike - blox

    How bout faze sensi

  • Edilson Mendez
    Edilson Mendez

    5:43 is that faze sway in the back 😂???

  • Landon Diaz
    Landon Diaz

    How did you did that faze Kay”hhhoolly”

  • Slept

    Y'all should've had sensei

  • GoatedEliteYT

    Jarvis: I got 788 with my punch Faze Kay: even though I won your insane JARVIS

  • lil Doug
    lil Doug

    Adapt tAt iNsaNe bRuV

  • lil Doug
    lil Doug

    Someone got 666

  • swil

    rug has a big fucking nose


    Adapt at 5:42 wtf------------->

  • KingShawn5972

    5:40 ur welcome

  • CoolArfoDode

    offset punches 666 omg

  • HBK zesser
    HBK zesser

    Everyone saying javis enn making it no where

  • Glypthz xy
    Glypthz xy

    FaZeKay wins every body starts cheering FaZe Adapt 5:42 : tHaTs InS4Ne!!

  • Yt Galaxy
    Yt Galaxy


  • ZrDv- Nightcore
    ZrDv- Nightcore

    Tbh rug is smaller than apex

  • a j
    a j

    adapt nice hair

  • Ailani Barco
    Ailani Barco

    Y'all should recruit yung chip

  • hentai bbg
    hentai bbg

    The one who fakes videos wins I wonder if he faked this

  • Kuriboh Ftw
    Kuriboh Ftw

    Alboe did it first

  • Bryce Dangcil
    Bryce Dangcil

    Jarvis almost won! I really wanted him to win or Kay! Those r my favorite FaZe members cuz they don’t cuss

  • Onyx

    5:41 HAHAHAHAHAH😂😂😂

  • Kathy Bernal
    Kathy Bernal

    Lemme guess after this video faze apex beat Kay's score😂🤣

  • Julie Angl
    Julie Angl

    5:42 when adapt tries to be jarvis and frazier mixed

  • Jojo 972
    Jojo 972

    6:29 name song pls


    When friken kay beat apex i lost my voice

  • Vicente Guizar
    Vicente Guizar

    Lmao on apex

  • Syed Sadat
    Syed Sadat

    My mom saw you offset

  • Neffrum

    So the guy who is the god at CLIPBAITing won FUCK

  • Nadir Mohammed
    Nadir Mohammed

    They look like they ain't even trying

  • Me Beast Is The King
    Me Beast Is The King

    I got 1984

  • Fate _Joshua Matos
    Fate _Joshua Matos

    If anyone sees this does anyone want to collaborate please

  • Joakim Hermansen
    Joakim Hermansen

    I got 860 on one of those machines in sweden

  • DeadFish

    Doesn't include teeqo

  • Edgaras _Yt
    Edgaras _Yt

    im 13yers old i got my max 716

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