Final Destination 3 (2006) KILL COUNT
Dead Meat
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  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat

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    • Slayer of Doom09
      Slayer of Doom09

      At 14:24 I finally got the “ashes” joke

    • kayceeS219

      .we(; was



    • Casein Lujan
      Casein Lujan

      Do childs play 2019

    • TheAngeloCarr

      Dead Meat I hear you with the ending deaths but if movies have taught us anything. Never count a person out until you see them actually die. Remember when everyone thought Whistler in Blade died in the first one but found out that he didn’t kill hinsef in part 2. Regardless, keep doing your thing, I Love It. 👍🏽

  • Sebastian Manzo
    Sebastian Manzo

    8:33 *wow this really sucks balls*

  • Wolf with Laces
    Wolf with Laces

    I hated this threquel, for some reason it just didn't click with me. Most deaths just felt so sudden with not much of built up or seeing the suffering and the dread of what's coming. But i give props to the actors and everyone working on it as they put a lot of effort into making this movie and making of it is more interesting than the movie itself.

  • Heenaa

    Kevin is turned into strawberry shortcake . Me : died

  • ᴍᴏᴠᴇ

    james: thats kinda sad- Ad comes up Me: yes very sad



  • Orly Ray
    Orly Ray

    These movies aren't known for their exquisite writing or acting.

  • Robatron 9000
    Robatron 9000

    Dude no fucking way I rode that roller coaster as a kid all the fucking time I lived like 20 min from the place that’s so fuckign coooool bro living in Vancouver is epic cus there is always some movie being filmed there like I’ve seen Ryan Reynolds like 2 times filming dead pool And I know he’s brother and nephew personally

  • Arely Yanes
    Arely Yanes

    That scar look gross😎

  • jack brosius
    jack brosius

    At the end they missed the perfect opportunity to say next stop your/the final destination

  • Tesla Flame
    Tesla Flame

    Thanks James I now know something I probably didn’t but at least you are ok

  • orange juice
    orange juice

    the crash wouldn’t have happened if Frankie got off the ride because his camera caused it.. this movie makes no sense

  • Brandon white
    Brandon white

    Yo I really appreciate the dinging noise you added in for strobing lights.

  • Kai Ming
    Kai Ming

    Fun fact: playland shut down the coaster this year and has decided to sell it to a new owner. I miss it...

  • IkOzael

    If only practical effects were used more in modern-day movies...

  • Charlies Garage
    Charlies Garage

    wait wait wait if in her vision the camera breaks the ride, and then after everyone gets off including the camera kid why does the ride still crash, the camera wouldn't be there to destroy the coaster causing it to crash.

  • Dankus Memeus
    Dankus Memeus

    5:48 that feeling is called Jamais Vu

  • Meme Doctor
    Meme Doctor

    James: please don't say I forgot them in the comments. Internet Karen's: yOu ForGoT ThE ScEneS.

  • Alex Casillas
    Alex Casillas

    mary so fine.

  • Koenigsegg Agera R&S
    Koenigsegg Agera R&S

    The rollercoaster scene got the physics wrong

  • Astro logy
    Astro logy

    Honestly, after his semi reviews, fun facts, jokes and breakdowns of the movies ... the kill counts are actually the last thing I watch these videos for.

  • RosieRo

    5:25 James: "Whoa. *Devil man's got nards!"* 😂

  • Charli Gladden
    Charli Gladden

    This one as my lest favorite in the series because the deaths wouldn’t have even happened since the dude with the camera got off therefore the death lost would have been longer and not ever one wold have died because off you know what.

  • old po The tubbie bot's gaming speedpaint
    old po The tubbie bot's gaming speedpaint

    This movie made me feel queasy when the sisters scream while burning...

  • Kell Driskill
    Kell Driskill

    I love his background in every video, he is so creative and smart.


    Wait how did that ride disaster happen it was all Frankies cameras fault

  • GoldenCreeper15BooYT

    You didn’t count Timberly and Burk Yes I left a comment your not my dad B)

  • Kyra Day
    Kyra Day

    What was the clue that helped Wendy save him from the wooden spikes?

  • Nomad94

    3:00 Her name is Lara, not Laura.

  • Cody Wolf
    Cody Wolf

    love the background crash

  • eatsomeyellowpaint

    I gave skin cancer and I didn’t even go on a tanning bed

  • BoomOneWinner Yt
    BoomOneWinner Yt

    You can see the track broke bihind James

  • Christine Brown
    Christine Brown

    0:17 he literally said THREEquel instead of prequel LOL 😂

  • Joshua Drogmiller
    Joshua Drogmiller

    Theres a rollercoadter in the background

  • The Meme news
    The Meme news

    “I’m feeling whoozy,Eh?!” Me:*Wait that’s stu from scream!* Me:Holy-Shoot!

  • #X-treme Gamer
    #X-treme Gamer

    This is why I don't go on roller coasters

  • Anxtic A
    Anxtic A

    I was focusing on the toy rollercoaster in the background, and I guess after the rollercoaster disaster it broke... Pretty cool James!

  • Troll Dedede
    Troll Dedede

    Pretty sure that Frankie cheeks one is the longest he's ever kept a kill graphic on screen.

  • Ace 1
    Ace 1

    7:13 i love how he’s talking about a rollercoaster and there’s a toy one going on in the back round

  • Jeff Nowalk
    Jeff Nowalk

    James, 2006 was the year I was born in

  • Ijlutz The DJ
    Ijlutz The DJ

    Roller coaster is going in the back round* Me: :D It breaks* Me: :D

  • Zerxeys

    Anyone else see the rollercoaster crash behind him

  • cændy

    This movie scarred me as a kid

  • Isaiahs Nieto
    Isaiahs Nieto

    Every time Janis was talk I was looking at the train in the Backround

  • Its Fawn
    Its Fawn

    I LOVE how he had the roller coaster in the back be broken after the coaster broke in the movie

  • Sgtstutta

    How did that black shelf lock them in? If anyone of them lift up they should be able to open it. That doesn't make any sense.

  • Uncle Eddie Spaghetti
    Uncle Eddie Spaghetti

    14:28 *Oh no! The truck fell off the track!!*

  • Christin Candy
    Christin Candy

    Holy crap, thank you so much for the warning about the flashing lights and the tone to let us know when it was over. It's absolutely wonderful and helps people like me avoid migraines!!!! Awesome!!

  • Mia Kamradt
    Mia Kamradt

    when he said "wow this really sucks balls" i felt that

  • AJ Shimkus
    AJ Shimkus

    Fun fact on Jason’s grave it says that he died in 2005 not 2006

  • grape juice
    grape juice

    I wanted to try the corkscrew but it's for sale now and I'm sad

  • masterjack232

    Fun fact: when I was eight I actually saw the part with the truck! It was around 7 o'clock in the morning and i snuck down to watch a movie. Unfortunately this was on and I was officially scarred for life. I actually didn't know what movie I saw until today when I watched this. So thanks🖒

  • Unie VRChat
    Unie VRChat

    like the little catch with the rollercoaster in the background breaking XD

  • Jay NYCE
    Jay NYCE

    Final Destination 3 was definitely the best of the series. 4 was the absolute worst

  • HatziliPlayz

    Bruh just when you said pulp the car over a police car started it's sirens

  • Ariel Novak
    Ariel Novak

    “I think all of that is confusing and dumb” wow thank you for my new political motto

  • Walruz Warlord
    Walruz Warlord

    Im sorry for the accident

  • Electro Vortexx
    Electro Vortexx

    This is one of the first horror movies I watched. It doesn't scare me anymore but it just grosses me out.

  • Neat Gamer
    Neat Gamer

    when the 2 girls said are they the only cool people that come here i always thought no your the only 2 home wreckers that go there (just the way the girls talk that's what bothers me so much idk why)

  • antonio loynes
    antonio loynes

    Resident evil

  • Jose Barradas
    Jose Barradas

    Ok holy shit, I came here for a damn kill count and a somewhat summary of the the video, not a dvd bonus extra with behind the scenes and fun facts.

  • Deanna Tedeschi
    Deanna Tedeschi

    Is Ryan Merriman even still acting? He IS a good actor but he keeps appearing in shit like this.

  • Lincoln Johnson
    Lincoln Johnson

    Who else would not stop staring at his roller coaster in the backround

    • Shashwot Mainali
      Shashwot Mainali

      I love how that rollercoaster had fallen afterwards too haha

  • Wolfie Gamer
    Wolfie Gamer

    If I had a vision I would be like “Ah fuck it I’m not trying to waste my time” *gets crushed by car*

  • Mr Spicy
    Mr Spicy

    Did anyone else see the roller coaster in the back round break after it did in the movie

  • Asher Pruitt
    Asher Pruitt

    Clever. You used a toy rollercoaster on the shelf. You wanted us to ignore you and look at the toy rollercoaster. Absolutely clever.

  • Noah GP
    Noah GP

    Ayyyy this post was on my birthday but u know what was creepy about this is that I went to an amusement park for my birthday

  • Emily Weimer
    Emily Weimer

    This final destination is why i hate rollercoasters and nail guns

  • BBlood 06
    BBlood 06

    Were did u get all the stuff behind u

  • James Sims
    James Sims

    Is there going to be a final destination 6

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