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You Gotta Grind To Shine

  • NatesLife

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    • ruben Goodliff
      ruben Goodliff


    • Tiana Murdaugh
      Tiana Murdaugh

      Tiana love your videos Nate and his girlfriend


      You should change your username put it michaela

    • Lois Heard
      Lois Heard

      NatesLife Nate Nate 😵U don’t really want Corey’s other side to come out 👹. And ur girl was throwing down on u 💪🏽👊🏽. Don’t mess with no 1’s wife/girls BUTT😬. U & Carmen got them 🤟🏽🤟🏽

    • progressive girl
      progressive girl


  • LiveFastDieSlay

    Makayla is fucked up mentally I feel like somethings really wrong with her

  • LaKeya Gilbert
    LaKeya Gilbert


  • Naim Wright
    Naim Wright

    Nate at 0:06🤣🤣🤣

  • Gregory McBeam
    Gregory McBeam

    Corey handled that good. Carmen no Your aggressive i didnt see corey hit or scream no one.

  • Nola Giirl
    Nola Giirl

    Corey’s face at 18:29 has me weak 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tyooo

    Wouldnt let none of that happen to me nigga must like gettin hit 💀

  • Adriel Osborne
    Adriel Osborne

    Ahahahahahah that slap doh....... Dan keep playing with her...... u gonna get bodied

  • its_Queen_Leoo

    Nate ur haircut look like shit😭😂😂

  • ruben Goodliff
    ruben Goodliff


  • Dennis Merino
    Dennis Merino

    There’s too many people losing their lives by getting killed by a gun

  • Dennis Merino
    Dennis Merino

    He was really bout to use his gun that’s sad

  • Dashon Leamon
    Dashon Leamon

    Corey be in his own world all the time I swear

  • Monet Victor
    Monet Victor


  • Sherell Shaw
    Sherell Shaw

    Nate I really need a phone I subscribed to you're VN-my videos and turned on all notify s on

  • Yaboiwavy

    When that boi Corey pulled out the glock I was a little scared for nate

  • Aaron Sanchez
    Aaron Sanchez

    “How?” ... cocks gun 😭😭😭

  • Chris Potter
    Chris Potter

    Nate weird asf fr fr and he not even funny

  • Kishawn Persaud
    Kishawn Persaud

    Look at corey like I am finna funch the hell outta this nigga 😆 ❤

  • Aspect 0
    Aspect 0

    Bro how do y’all still fall for these pranks😭 it’s been going on for years buh much love y’all

  • TSAL_ Me me
    TSAL_ Me me

    U pulled a gun out

  • elisa kazumi
    elisa kazumi

    9:26 corey like how she do taht😂🙈i’m ded

  • Pink Dallaz
    Pink Dallaz

    It’s the kick for me 😂Corey to funny mane i love Corey & Carmen

  • Uwezo Abwe
    Uwezo Abwe

    I love you guys you guys are the best VN-myr and I just want to say Nate love Michaela because Michaela is a good girl don't let the haters ruin your relationship and I hope all your dreams will come true I hope I will get a shout-out giveaway because I'm your biggest fan I subscribe and turn on the bed and I was following Michaela I'm Instagram so thank you guys guys are the best I love you all

  • LiGmAh_eyeME

    That kick tho🤣🤣

  • Alex Hil
    Alex Hil

    If I was Corey at 12:05 I would’ve dropped him right there

  • faith aviva eze
    faith aviva eze

    I love carman and corey

  • Itzurgirl JJ
    Itzurgirl JJ


  • Tiana Murdaugh
    Tiana Murdaugh


  • Tiana Murdaugh
    Tiana Murdaugh

    You better not touch Carmen bootie and you already got a girlfriend so touch her booty 😈👿😈😇

  • Tiana Murdaugh
    Tiana Murdaugh

    You just got slapped by your girlfriend 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ricegum23 O
    Ricegum23 O

    What kind prank last 20 mins shit stupid

  • Ricegum23 O
    Ricegum23 O

    Y’all need stop with these fakeass pranks

  • Jayda Garcia
    Jayda Garcia

    When Corey tried to kick his foot in the air like she did🤣🤣

  • Marc Bolton
    Marc Bolton

    Do a new intro with your girlfriend

  • Anthony Green
    Anthony Green

    Corey doesn’t play


    Anyone know what he said ? 5:25

  • Gaming with yas
    Gaming with yas


  • Jaquan Fleming
    Jaquan Fleming

    Ayo Corey funny as hell 😂😂

  • Bambe 06
    Bambe 06

    That guy always eating

  • Zbaby Gang
    Zbaby Gang

    Cory was funny when Nate got pushed and kick

  • Geppetto The RattPack OG
    Geppetto The RattPack OG

    They can never just chill, man 😂 Always gotta mess with each other 😂

  • KB Gaming
    KB Gaming

    Funny when Nate girl kicked Nate and Corey try reenact it

  • Justin Sangha
    Justin Sangha

    Nate’s Life really really

  • Tehuti La'Mont
    Tehuti La'Mont

    It look like he got a slap from his mom

  • Larhonda Chambers
    Larhonda Chambers

    Cory face though 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DrenchInTheField

    Y is Corey acting like he can beat up Nate 😂

    • Midfires

      cause he can.

  • YouTube Zhanique
    YouTube Zhanique

    i was laughin so hard when he closed the door on him at the end

  • Ariyel Jones
    Ariyel Jones

    Dang Corey took the gun out

  • Cody Loury
    Cody Loury

    He wasn’t go jaw shit dude ass look like a hoe 😂💯

  • Tristan Anglin
    Tristan Anglin

    Corey could fight for a skinny nigga

  • Exotic Blurzz
    Exotic Blurzz

    Did Corey pull out a gun lmao

  • Kaylah Louis
    Kaylah Louis

    I feel cringe watching these videos

  • GlamazonBeauty360

    That’s what y’all get. Y’all play too much. That is something that you don’t play like that ever.

  • Go Nisha
    Go Nisha

    I dont like pranks like this carmen didnt have talk to Michaela like that.

  • MrYellowCat

    Nate: Your botty got bigger Carmen: Why do you looking at my booty ?? Me: Dying 😂

  • Marcus Tavarez
    Marcus Tavarez

    “Why you getting so close to me, you like guys?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera

    “Can I touch it”

  • xnbayoungboy x
    xnbayoungboy x

    Corey gotta be the funniest nigga on yt idc 😭he deserves it he made this video funny

  • Jaci Williams
    Jaci Williams


  • Mr. sWiShEr
    Mr. sWiShEr

    She slapped 👋 the shit outa Nate 6:13😂

  • Saeed Abdi
    Saeed Abdi

    On 10:34 look at the booty of michael

  • long beach LENE
    long beach LENE

    Should of PISTOL WHIPPED him my nigga corey! They dont know my boy corey got hands! LET'EM KNOW!

  • Olivia Jackson
    Olivia Jackson

    Nobody peeped corey pulled out a gun😂😂😂


    Carmen should've went Along with it🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Midfires

      it would’ve been obvious.

  • Gotta bean
    Gotta bean

    “grab my booty” das ah turn onnn

  • rossie 788
    rossie 788

    She can not fight omgs 🤣🤣🤣i love her

  • Adrian's videos 13
    Adrian's videos 13

    Corey so funny

  • Jay z Beyoncé
    Jay z Beyoncé

    2019? 2020? 😂😂😂

  • Mubarak Yahya
    Mubarak Yahya

    Why doesn’t Nate ever hug or kiss his girl

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