Fortnite - High Stakes Returns
Suit up... High Stakes has returned to Fortnite! Play the Getaway LTM, complete new challenges and unlock new rewards including the Jewel Llama Backblings. Plus, the Wild Card Outfit is back in the shop with the new Wild Card Wrap Bundle.
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  • RolanHen Gaming
    RolanHen Gaming

    Were would this game will come to all android devices

  • Bide Geo
    Bide Geo

    I want the bunny skins to comeback idk why

  • Andres Damian Garcia
    Andres Damian Garcia


  • Fedherick Morales
    Fedherick Morales

    I want new skins

  • Edna Sanchez
    Edna Sanchez

    Today I played fortnite and try to outlast 60 opponents and doesn’t even give me the completed challenge 🤔

  • Zane Frohn
    Zane Frohn

    Epic Please add more Items to Creative such as the Helicopter which was at Dusty Divot And Moisty Mire Movie Set and well the rest of every object every Battle Royale because I had some many Ideas for Creative but It was crushed by the Limited object supply. If you added everything we could make greater things and as a ex-Minecraft player who’s also played Gears of War 3(It was a pretty solid and good game) I plead with you too add everything because we all had ideas for Creative that were crushed due to limitations, but all I ask for you too do is add more objects, buildings, and Gamemode LTM so we can make are dream FortNite.

  • Adrian Estrada
    Adrian Estrada

    Can you add moisty mire again

  • Vqyzz 777
    Vqyzz 777

    Could I please get 1 good skin😀

  • Vqyzz 777
    Vqyzz 777

    I wish I was playing since season 1 so I could have all the battle pass skins but I didn't have a consel 😥

  • Benjamin Johannsen
    Benjamin Johannsen

    i wish they can add risky and greasy back to the game like if they should

  • J-C Cook
    J-C Cook

    Delete turret

  • Ciarian Muir
    Ciarian Muir

    Will there be a ps4 pack 5

  • Rene Guardado
    Rene Guardado

    Epic please add the vaulted menu on creative mode ok

  • Keira Rivera
    Keira Rivera

    They should make a Deadpool skin

  • Jeremy Reina
    Jeremy Reina

    Umm my i cant buy v-buck it wont let me it says not avaliable

  • Mustache Mask
    Mustache Mask

    Epic games I want to say master key is my skin now ok

  • YtDenGAME

    Add fortnite on huawei p smart 2019

  • Julien Biondolillo
    Julien Biondolillo

    So fortnite you want a war with pirates i see ? Old pirates rise up, you will feel whats it's feel kids.

  • bullpower 23
    bullpower 23

    Fortnite fix the outlast oppenote becuse its broken

  • J E D - E Y E
    J E D - E Y E

    l did not get the starter pack

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S

    Like if they should get rid of vehicles and bring the old map back

  • SmaShinG Babuuche
    SmaShinG Babuuche

    I used to like fortnite i thought that epic was good and fortnite was a very original battle royale but now they dont have inspiration and have to copy Apex Legends so now fortnite sucks and i dont care how many 9 year olds are pissed after i said something about there favorite game just look for yourself

  • Abozed osama
    Abozed osama

    Make the middle east server

  • velki kalaşnikhov
    velki kalaşnikhov

    Don't play this game my friend went mad because of this game

  • felipe gonzalez
    felipe gonzalez

    Meten modos de juegoz y no arreglan los servidores que van horribles me voy de fortnite porque no puedo ni jugar bien qué rabia

  • علي العجيلي
    علي العجيلي

    لعبتي المفضله 😄❤️😊

  • Gamerboy 164
    Gamerboy 164

    Add bow and arrow to the game idea from loading screen Like if agree Edit: Fortnite if you ever see this plz add it

  • All3xx

    Hy in week 4 "Outlast 60 opponents i a single match" is a bug.


    Who many wants to return food fight ? Wants = return

  • Matthew Maguire
    Matthew Maguire


  • uriel Tv
    uriel Tv

    Bagg!! In fortnite 60 oppents WTF

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren

    Epic I can't complete my outlast 60 enemies plz fix it tomorrow

  • XxDeadSpacexX

    Omega challenges plz

  • Snow Thailand
    Snow Thailand

    I love this is so cool

  • play huyt game
    play huyt game

    can you get the guide rocket back in the game

  • RarestDragoonYT

    Return scythe

  • Stefan Miere
    Stefan Miere

    You guys are actually so dumb that you brought the wildcard back in the game because all The Bots are going to buy it

  • T.T.G theo gamer
    T.T.G theo gamer

    I go to item shop l press X to see the edits style and the game bought the skin

  • AH_Sporting87

    Why did you put ”Bus Fare Paid” in the Tournament!? So enoying

  • Gamerzmais Linkergh
    Gamerzmais Linkergh

    Fortnite, please Add double pump to creative

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis

    They used the same trailer like the last one Just like chack e cheese pizza recycled

  • Mystix [-_-]
    Mystix [-_-]


  • Gianluca Animations
    Gianluca Animations

    5,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS

  • MemerGaming303

    Fortnite my friend and i can add friend in fortnite in ps4 plz fix the bug :(

  • Glenny Soledad
    Glenny Soledad

    How about you guys make the moonwalk emote dance

  • Im just a Guy lol
    Im just a Guy lol

    Boi its back! This is mah favorite ltm

  • The Bottle 909
    The Bottle 909

    Why is this garbage copy off game in my recommended

  • Hello There Daily
    Hello There Daily

    I got hwid banned for no reason My cousin was playing and came over to me and said I was banned and I checked and I had rare skins on my acc so I thought he bought a acc which looked like myne with a few extra skins but he was using a skin changer so please unban me “Cloud9_Class” I did not cheat and got. A hwid ban please.! “” is the email but I can’t use it I meant to have it ass “” but messed it up and made it to as to “ss,s instead of one” please unban me u can contact me at “” Landon Marles “” Please unban me @Fortnite I didn’t have anything to do with this ban please This is a false ban as well cause a skin changer is as well not cheating but I’m sorry my cousin did this and I can’t even play on his account. !! -Landon, Marles

  • Seyhan 2016
    Seyhan 2016

    Pls bring back the guided misile in creative pls

  • Liaw Ying Kai, Glenn
    Liaw Ying Kai, Glenn

    Fortnite please put carbide in the item shop. I didn't get a chance to get it. Oh please put carbide in. NEED MORE SUPERHERO

  • eRaZeEliTe_FuNKy

    bring back the OG sound of the Default Dance in fortnite

  • Cadeldestroyer22 Stanley
    Cadeldestroyer22 Stanley

    Fix the lag

  • Madi Kuatbek
    Madi Kuatbek

    С делате на HUAWEI P SMART

  • محمد العبيدي
    محمد العبيدي

    please epice when you will invite the middle est severs please please tell me when I playing the lag kill me and kill every Arabic players

  • Jhayanne Verzonill
    Jhayanne Verzonill

    When will gifting come out again??

  • Praise Pathfinder
    Praise Pathfinder

    Epic listen to me on this one. Please remove turbo building. REMOVE not nerf. It's ruining the game for all us casual players out there who just want to have fun while playing and I think if you do it everybody will be happy. Your game could go back to what it used to be. Fun. But i just think turbo building and people sweating their balls off is ruining the feel Fortnite used to have. Right now I only play Creative Mode and build things because the sweats are making the game unplayable. I'm sure lots of other people feel this way aswell so please just test the game out with no turbo building. Thanks for reading if you did becauss this took a long time to write butbthat's because I really want turbo building removed.

  • Praise Pathfinder
    Praise Pathfinder

    Like if turbo building should be removed

  • clog CLOGS
    clog CLOGS

    Next update add field of view

  • andres mance
    andres mance

    when is epic gonna add a new map location for save the world

  • BeauTSM - The Silver Minecart
    BeauTSM - The Silver Minecart

    Fortnite on creative the settings I’ve put on aren’t saving so can you fix this in you next update please

  • k k
    k k

    Pls dusty depot and the factories back epic like if u agree

  • A Richtofen Clone •
    A Richtofen Clone •

    Whoever made Fortnite is a condom fail. Edit: I'm sure if they run out of things to vault, they'll just vault themselves.

    • YaHoO64

      Good one

  • GrizzlyBear654

    Add a thanks lol again plz

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen

    I just buy Samsung s8 but I didn't get the galaxy skin

  • CaptainKDS

    They should add Zapatron for April fools. )

  • Octavio Infante
    Octavio Infante

    Hey fortnight bring back the OG music we all miss it we got bored of the other music Pizzazz

  • Orion 401
    Orion 401

    Make a different trailer guys cmon it’s more intresting

  • Jonah Sandwich
    Jonah Sandwich

    I remade omega's base!

  • Alon Belilos
    Alon Belilos

    Fortnite pls make star wars skins😁

  • Lol 12
    Lol 12

    Please posied Playmaker in the shop please please please

  • Mr Lohmorka
    Mr Lohmorka

    guided missile? return it immediately !!! 😡

  • ZareP


  • The Incredible Blader and Gamer
    The Incredible Blader and Gamer

    Fortnite f you please put back mobile against mobile and not the Nintendo Switch cause it makes the game more harder and the mobile can't have a chance to play so put back mobile against mobile and not Nintendo Switch just do this for every mobile can be able to play.

  • Isaias Ramos
    Isaias Ramos

    New things you add put it on creative don't remove it because I might be late to try something out

  • LegoAnimator450

    Who would like to see custom variants of the astronauts, visor down for Mission Specialist and Moonwalker, and visors up including different light colors for Dark Voyager and Dark Vanguard

  • Sellia Hadsock
    Sellia Hadsock

    Hey fortnite can you make a new update for like tomorrow like I'd like vending machines in creative mode because that be fun to do an to be fun to use😁👍👌

  • Xavier Diaz
    Xavier Diaz

    Will the senario emote come out in the item shop

  • Raylan Morningstar
    Raylan Morningstar

    Epic if you listing can I have all the senson 6 skin plz Epic no

    • avert

      haha no

  • Revengex Moon
    Revengex Moon

    Chinese spyware launcher Epic?

  • ngan nguyen
    ngan nguyen

    Epic games and in my coat the vending machine mind where you can only get stuff from vending machines if this video gets 1592 likes then you have to do it

  • QUEEN ALex Chavez
    QUEEN ALex Chavez

    ωну ιѕ мυѕт. qυαιитℓу ѕσ gσσ∂?!

  • BOB cheesecake productions.
    BOB cheesecake productions.

    Make a good season for once hear your fans

  • OG_BOLT 8807
    OG_BOLT 8807

    When the f is Fortnite mobile actually gonna be good with like stretch res and more than 30 FPS because I can play the freaking game like this I have lost so many easy wins because of the frames and my internet was fine and my ping was 10 it was good I had nineteen kills and I was about to drop my first 20 bomb in history but the frame rate dropped and I fell and died please fix Fortnite mobile it would really help please and thank you

  • Carson Plays
    Carson Plays

    I hate epic and Fortnite I mean you don’t care about Mobile you don’t even have a pack and in team rumble I takes soo long to load back in when you die why epic

  • Dj Panda
    Dj Panda

    They should put the revive van in that time. Who agrees?

  • YougurT

    MOBILE mic

  • therealpanda 27
    therealpanda 27

    Sub to me now or else

  • Christian Ortega
    Christian Ortega

    Add food fight I miss it so bad man

  • Christian Napoleon
    Christian Napoleon

    Someone is running out of ideas

  • Jose Arreola
    Jose Arreola

    When is fortnite going to end

  • Joandy Martinez
    Joandy Martinez

    Pongan fortnite para todos los dispositivos móviles

  • Ced Cledanor
    Ced Cledanor

    You can add Marshmallo

  • Azen Dar
    Azen Dar

    Fortnite can you please vault tactical shotguns please there so annoying

    • BOB cheesecake productions.
      BOB cheesecake productions.

      They have been in the game forever and they are so balanced.

  • FR4NKL1N XD S4N4BR14 sanabria
    FR4NKL1N XD S4N4BR14 sanabria

    épic ya ise 20 videos en mi canal de youtube (FR4NKL1N XD S4N4BR14) Me pueden poner como creador (terryboy2001)

  • Javier

    Remove balloons

  • Leaning King
    Leaning King

    Can someone help me i acidently bought a pickaxe

  • Savage gaming
    Savage gaming

    plz breang back double pump ant it wood be cool if you guys can make harvesting eazyer beaus im not a good player so i cant kill people so I have to git mats my self if you cant breang back dub pump than plz make a LTM cepe up the good wark

  • Scy them
    Scy them

    Your game is straight up garbage now. I stopped playing fortnite

  • Frozen

    Add laguna to mobile

  • Jkmackness Ps4
    Jkmackness Ps4

    And you only tell me now

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