Fortnite X Avengers: Endgame Trailer
Drop in with your squad, search for the Avenger’s items and take the fight to Thanos! Can you eliminate Thanos and his army before the last Infinity Stone is found? Or will he complete the Infinity Gauntlet and pick up a Snap Royale? Play the Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame LTM now!
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  • Heroville

    Damn poor hulk

  • Maddix Rojo
    Maddix Rojo


  • sanslazyb101

    It's ugly, like your mom!

  • Oliver Durčovič
    Oliver Durčovič


  • Topz 34 Gaming&more
    Topz 34 Gaming&more

    Avengers: bestgame

  • Failingpepper 11
    Failingpepper 11

    The thanos ltm in s4 was more fun

  • Livinggamer

    Fortnite Season X was right in Front of US but we didn’t know it literally Fortnite X Avengers

  • Dinomanderr 123
    Dinomanderr 123

    C'mon epic we need the old brite bomber the fat fishstick ronin ctl and dead raptor variants

  • Cristhian Astete
    Cristhian Astete

    No hagas eso

  • Uzair H7
    Uzair H7

    I have watched endgame but unfortunately I didn’t had a console to play fortnite and more unfortunately it was a limited game mode. Aaaaaarrggghhhhh

  • zachary Moralez
    zachary Moralez

    I’m still wondering why there wasn’t Hulk fists🤔

    • zachary Moralez
      zachary Moralez

      @Heroville Oh, nice bro! Good for you! (No worries that's not sarcastic) I'm not really that type of person to 3D model or work on games, it's not really my type. But I'm sure you'll find some help! Good luck with the game bro! If you release it I'll be sure to buy it!

    • Heroville

      I’m not being sarcastic I actually am trying to make a game on different platforms and I need a accomplice to help 3D model my work and to help me make a battle royale/shooter

    • zachary Moralez
      zachary Moralez

      @Heroville ? I can't tell if that's sarcastic

    • Heroville

      Hey do you wanna be a game dev because I’m working on a popular game on unreal engine

    • zachary Moralez
      zachary Moralez

      @Heroville Yeah Ik what u mean

  • Gavin Cruz
    Gavin Cruz


  • Beef boy
    Beef boy

    Fish ticks had a wild life First he became a fish on land Then after he got a job as a pirate Later on he became Thor and years into the future he created his own virtual “fishality” company, From his strength through the years to he also entered the Fortnite world cup

  • AwesmazingGuy

    I miss this mode so much 😢

    • Familie Teerlink
      Familie Teerlink

      AwesmazingGuy me to 😢

  • Julian Reyes
    Julian Reyes

    We all miss these hero items, but i have an idea Add them into creative!!!

  • Jay De
    Jay De

    This for those people that thought endgame needed to be gayer

  • rel rell
    rel rell

    Can you make a Thor skin his pickaxe could be stormbreaker and AND HIS HAMMER HE CAN HAVE 3 LEVELS

  • rel rell
    rel rell

    Will ENDGAME come back can it plz come back

  • Bumblebee 101801
    Bumblebee 101801

    They should put these item in creative so we can play around with them

  • Alex & Ben Gaming
    Alex & Ben Gaming

    Iron raptor, captain brite, cuddle eye, and fishstick ................The God of thunder ( but mostly water cuz he's a fish)

  • Lonk


  • Felix Herland
    Felix Herland

    If your’e guys not adding back the LTM back, at least put the weapons in creative!!

  • Felix Herland
    Felix Herland

    They need to add this back!!

  • Felix Herland
    Felix Herland

    If they dont add this back im gonna lose it!!

  • Minecraft Tiger
    Minecraft Tiger

    Bring back marvel sets

  • Samuel Gualdron
    Samuel Gualdron

    it's better you better hopefully come back

  • Joker Boi
    Joker Boi

    Let's wish thanos snaps his fingers to take out the brute

  • svair Stops
    svair Stops

    Фотрнааайт верните этот режим и скинов побольше а не как тогда 2 скина и все всё го в топ чтобы epic games увидели и постарались перевести это!!

  • ShadowIsHype

    I want this game mode to come back I loved this game mode

    • Julian Quinton
      Julian Quinton


  • M_ DNT
    M_ DNT

    Fortnite end game iron man take the L

  • Noobmaster 420
    Noobmaster 420

    They should bring the items into creative. But it’s in a pack so you have to buy it, and they share the profits with marvel.

  • Noobmaster 420
    Noobmaster 420

    Bring back this game mode for a short time.



  • Treekomalfoy

    plz bring this back

  • Laxer Gregg
    Laxer Gregg

    Fortnite isnt bad. There are toxic 9 year olds, sweaty streamers, and clickbait youtubers who make it cringey. Please stop hating. A N D I K N O W Y O U A R E G O I N G T O H A T E M E F O R T H I S.

  • Itz Toxic
    Itz Toxic

    I wish thanks would snap the mechs away

  • mazi baso
    mazi baso

    The infinity gauntlet was better

  • JPQ Stevens
    JPQ Stevens

    I miss this gamemode. Hopefully it'll come back for the black widow movie

  • FluxCptnDavey

    I feel like they might bring this back once the next avengers movies comes out

    • Redwing 412
      Redwing 412

      By the time that happens fortnite will be long gone. I thought they might bring it back for 13 days of Summer but apparently not

    • Mr SuperGT
      Mr SuperGT

      You mean Avengers 5? It's going to take a long time...

  • Tv Man the Dude Derp
    Tv Man the Dude Derp

    I wish these items were in creative

  • Nico pro_27 Andocilla
    Nico pro_27 Andocilla

    Rip iron man

  • Alvin Wu
    Alvin Wu

    Hopefully we could get Thanos to help us raid Area 51

  • Wadima Hamad alnaqbi
    Wadima Hamad alnaqbi

    RIP endgame LTM This was my favorite LTM because of caps shield

  • Miles Morales neighborhood
    Miles Morales neighborhood

    I miss this event............a lot

  • Lachly

    0:11 hello mother truckers

  • 威夷arocfx

    Bring back

  • Jaff Man
    Jaff Man

    Hello epic games could you do fortnite x Spider-Man far from home

  • Dayago paye
    Dayago paye

    Again plis plisss

  • Go Nicro
    Go Nicro

    I want avenger items to be on creative

  • Landan On YouTube / Landan13
    Landan On YouTube / Landan13

    I went this back to fortnite

  • Godzking Games
    Godzking Games

    They should have added iron man skin

  • ninjasbraam 2
    ninjasbraam 2


  • yt_pixelz

    skull trooper dies in End Game

  • Habmonster

    Avengers: whatever it takes Fortnite: Whatever it takes.... to collab

  • QadeerYT

    I really wish they add the shield and iroms gloves and thors axe and hawkeyes bow in creative

  • Osama Alyafei
    Osama Alyafei

    I miss this event and please add them to creative 😭

  • JustABoy NL
    JustABoy NL

    ADD these weapons to creative

  • TECHNO boy
    TECHNO boy

    Wow avengers

  • ناصر مهيوب ١٣
    ناصر مهيوب ١٣

    عربي لايك 🇸🇦

  • clash of gaming
    clash of gaming

    Anyone notice plz

  • Roberto Hernandez
    Roberto Hernandez


  • Uncle Yeeter
    Uncle Yeeter

    Add this game mode back!

  • Hannibal buress Mr. Krabs
    Hannibal buress Mr. Krabs

    Hey sence endgame is back in theaters can you bring the game mode back?

  • PGH_SeveredSpring 1
    PGH_SeveredSpring 1

    2027 anyone?

  • Rust Bucket
    Rust Bucket

    NINE YEARS OLDSS... Assemble

  • DabToThe Pro
    DabToThe Pro

    *Movie:* Avengers.. Assemble. (9274982929 Heroes Come) *Fortnite:* Cap Shield Throw And 3 Other Heroes Come *Thats How Fortnite Works*

  • Liam Harman
    Liam Harman

    I hope they add this back for the next big marvel movie or do some skins

  • Dominus 21
    Dominus 21

    Thanos is still a default

  • agus Kippes
    agus Kippes

    Pongan a los vendedores en el modo creativo

  • WM6


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