This Gacha is actually based on a true story that happened to me, but it's got some embellishments of course so it's not 100% accurate! But basically the idea of it where you skip school with friends is true! YES I KNOW I WAS BAD! But I'm here to tell you it's not worth it, just wait until college to skip classes, yeeeeeah!
(No don't do that either you're literally paying for it LMAO!)
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★ Katelyn - Lizzy:
★ Zack - Brendan "JelloApocalypse" Blaber:
★ Kawaii Chan - Moeka:
★ Lucinda - Anairis Quinones:
★ Travis - Pat:
★ Garroth - Andy:
★ Zane - Kestin:
★ Police Officer/Bus Driver - Chris Escalante:
★ Teacher - Austin Matthews:
★ Aaron - Jason Bravura:
★ Aphmau - potato.
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  • Danika Leuenberger
    Danika Leuenberger

    "If he finds out" Is that a Hercules reference

  • Alicevl rios
    Alicevl rios

    Well I find easy Idea Get out school 1. UP OUT WINDOW AND survive! 2. Turn off every cams If find power switch 3. if there cop Tell cops you Are going school but you forgot something :/ 4. If there door in bathroom Run to it but if there cams cover it.. But have weapon Us A GUN But don't us guns school 5. Just call your friend Call for help >:D AND LEAVE EASY

  • Gacha gameplay girl
    Gacha gameplay girl

    HII I!

  • Romond Mayweather Jr
    Romond Mayweather Jr

    To skip school just stay the frick home

  • Gaming with Mon!
    Gaming with Mon!

    14:17 he did it!

  • Tea Gurl
    Tea Gurl


  • Iixxdenah Gaming And More!
    Iixxdenah Gaming And More!

    "Ugh, just shut up, you love me."

  • Nadia Bemol
    Nadia Bemol


  • izabel Ramirez
    izabel Ramirez

    We go to school bc well actually idk why do we go to school we have phone for info in this univerese.

  • S'Miyah Boss
    S'Miyah Boss

    I love your vids

  • KP3 Nesto
    KP3 Nesto

    Aphmau, how you put 10 gacha people in (14:10) I only have 8 people in my studio

  • Albany Vidal
    Albany Vidal

    Aphmau can you do the papito mem

  • p Hailey
    p Hailey

    I love Zane

  • Everythingisawesome includingyou
    Everythingisawesome includingyou

    Do another gacha video please

  • Angel Productions
    Angel Productions

    4:15 car in window

  • Chávez Santiago
    Chávez Santiago


  • Craig Nazario
    Craig Nazario


  • Craig Nazario
    Craig Nazario


  • Craig Nazario
    Craig Nazario


  • Studios Latinos
    Studios Latinos


  • Studios Latinos
    Studios Latinos


  • Studios Latinos
    Studios Latinos


  • Studios Latinos
    Studios Latinos


  • Studios Latinos
    Studios Latinos

    You have to go to school beacuse you have to get a egicasion and then when your old youll need a job

  • rainbow planet xd
    rainbow planet xd

    8:27 I can't breath xddddddd

  • Jared Montoya
    Jared Montoya

    Ugh I quite

  • Jared Montoya
    Jared Montoya

    1:43 😒sorry it’s funny lol

  • Jared Montoya
    Jared Montoya


  • Jared Montoya
    Jared Montoya

    1:43 lol funny hhahah😂😂

  • Jared Montoya
    Jared Montoya



    Roses are red, Ketchup is too. I have a heart! Why is it blue?

  • LapispiderA P
    LapispiderA P


  • Rocio Perez
    Rocio Perez

    you need to learn else you'll be damn girl, you don't skip school, you won't be stupid

  • dejennae lily
    dejennae lily

    Hey jess

  • Top Comment
    Top Comment

    Wait...One Minute... But Isn't the microwave metal?!? *Cue dramatic background music*

  • Corene Elliott
    Corene Elliott

    Aphmaucan you please do a mermaid doctor studio and you are the best VN-my or I ever found on VN-my

  • Tien Pham
    Tien Pham


  • Tien Pham
    Tien Pham


  • Tien Pham
    Tien Pham

    Money $$$$$$$$$+$$$$$$$$$$+$$$$$$$$+$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    Tien Pham


  • Tien Pham
    Tien Pham


  • Tien Pham
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  • Gacha sisters Blogs
    Gacha sisters Blogs

    Aphmaus dad : and remember don’t ever skip school Aphmaus dad : oh she’s gone Also aphmaus dad : oh well I parented for the day time for a nap ALSO aphmaus dad : *falls asleep on the floor*

  • The Last Furry
    The Last Furry


  • Ros- Amation
    Ros- Amation

    1:20 put on subtitles 😂😂😂😂

  • Kindhearted Mouse
    Kindhearted Mouse

    I skipped some of my classes in middle school thanks to bullies and anxiety. I am legit not kidding. Like- Anxiety caused stomach aches that were really bad and I'd sometimes have to be picked up and leave

  • Itz lavender
    Itz lavender

    8:24-8:35 The more you think about it the more cuter this sence is

  • CrimsonRain

    Subtitles at 1:20 says a no no word snort

  • Hope and Cheryl's Gacha
    Hope and Cheryl's Gacha

    HOW THE FRICK TO YOU EDIT LIKE THIS?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

  • #DickersonSpuad Madison
    #DickersonSpuad Madison


  • Tian Nuo Soh
    Tian Nuo Soh

    Dont try this at home kids😁😁

  • hama ranya
    hama ranya

    Why does your dad sleep on the floor....or did he pas out

  • Ericson Ramos
    Ericson Ramos

    0:46 WatchMojo: Top 10 Anime Transformations

  • LuAnn Stone
    LuAnn Stone

    Aaron: Talks about script Me: Ha, love these forth wall breaks

  • Simba and Maximus The two beta fish
    Simba and Maximus The two beta fish

    Aaron: you go I’ll sacaravice myself for you Aphmau: you mean snackrafice cause you be looking hella good Me: wow

  • Pixel Gun Gamer lokp
    Pixel Gun Gamer lokp

    Don't skipped scohool

  • Willie van Zyl
    Willie van Zyl

    i skipt school too😰

  • Paris France
    Paris France

    Yeah I didn’t now that you do not put spoons in the microwave... FOR REAL😅

  • appple Jack gameig
    appple Jack gameig


  • CerealSauce

    Everybody else: watches Aphmau for her vids Me: watches for the pewds chair

  • ArticWolf

    I'm scared now... I'm going to 6th grade Xd

  • Papio 808
    Papio 808

    I ship too!!!😃😃😃😃

  • Raymond Chloi Dino
    Raymond Chloi Dino

    Hahahaha. Go. Now. Pls.

  • Melody Gaming loves sans{Sans girl-friend/wife}
    Melody Gaming loves sans{Sans girl-friend/wife}

    Is that sans in the thumbnail

  • Egs Rhr
    Egs Rhr

    y’all mean *_vodumic guide to skipping a académico_*

  • ՏႮgXRγ _boba
    ՏႮgXRγ _boba

    Aphmau:Just shut up!You love me. Me:Mood

  • robolxs queen plays
    robolxs queen plays

    I am new

  • korilakkuma and crong
    korilakkuma and crong

    Medals would kill the microwave

  • Yoshiko Sakane the Wolf
    Yoshiko Sakane the Wolf


  • Kelly J. Gamer
    Kelly J. Gamer

    Aph’s dad: now time for a nap Me: sleeps on the floor in the kitchen

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