Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)
The Game Theorists
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I have SO much fun with Kindergarten and, since playing Kindergarten 2, I've wanted to do another theory on it. Today Theorists, we are diving into to one of the biggest unsolved secrets of this game - a FAMILY secret! Does our dear friend the Janitor have a secret child? One that may even be a part of our class? Pencils down, Theorists! I've got your answer!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Ghostiie Beans
    Ghostiie Beans

    “The Best one, Nugget.” -GameTheory, 2k19

  • Joshua Sanders
    Joshua Sanders

    Make one about ghasts I’ve created my own theory already but you’re better at it

  • Hulkminer 19
    Hulkminer 19

    Didnt buggs dads die because of a car crash

  • I Woodham
    I Woodham

    You should do a theory about the That Game Again series.

  • AidenThat1Cuber

    Nugget is a blonde but he has black eyebrow (when mat pat adds eyebrows) so technically he can be the son cuz he changes hair color.

  • Madison Hill
    Madison Hill

    I swear to god steph is dumpster hag

  • ArrogantNova 89
    ArrogantNova 89

    Gsps*I WAS RIGHT!.......b-but who's the mom?

  • h ledge
    h ledge

    Steph as nugget is my favorite! (Special shout out to dumpster hag)

  • Ghostiie Beans
    Ghostiie Beans

    Nobody: Not a Soul: Nugget: *Exists* Universe: *Proceeds to collapse on itself*

  • De'Angelo Fletcher
    De'Angelo Fletcher

    0:01 whhhhy you're asking alot of us man

  • KairyDragon

    Problems with the theory: 1. Buggs still remembers his father. Unless the Janitor got plastic surgery (and I can't really see the guy doing so with his personality), Buggs would have recognized the Janitor as his father. This is the #1 issue with the theory (hence why I listed it first). 2. Since the kids are 5 years old, the Janitor would have been somewhere between the ages of 75-86 (since he's in his 80's) when Buggs was born. Most women hit menopause in their 40's or 50's, and most definitely would have by the age of 75. A woman who went through menopause cannot produce eggs naturally anymore, so presuming that the mother was the Janitor's age, the theory falls apart there. If the woman was younger, that does negate the entire age and menopause issue...but brings up a whole bunch more. XD 3. Buggs clearly states that his father left when he "went out to buy cigarettes" (whether the man actually did or just used that as an excuse to walk away doesn't matter too much). The Janitor states that he gave away his child. That means that Buggs' father walked out with an excuse of going to the store to his kid; he didn't dump Buggs with his mother or anything like that. 4. The cigarettes. I always figured that Buggs wanted the cigarettes not because he himself smokes them, but because his father claimed he was leaving to buy cigarettes. From a child's perspective, if the man left to buy cigarettes and Buggs could collect the cigarettes or have some ready for his father, maybe the man would return...especially since (as far as I can remember) we never see Buggs actually smoking. As for why the Janitor would want them...he often takes random stuff (perhaps to sell off to Monty, or even to sell off to the hall monitor. The Hall Monitor never seems to notice or care about the bloody bags in the bathroom despite it being part of his "territory", so it's highly possible that the Janitor bribes him off with cigarettes to ignore it...or he's just honestly too stoned to notice). 5. Buggs' hair is not gray. Buggs has a buzzcut, which is why his hair appears gray in color. Especially for children with black or dark colored hair, it looks gray in color when they have a buzz cut. (there are probably more, but those are the ones which stood out to me the most)

  • Dom Robison
    Dom Robison

    Can anyone tell me what the gold-yellow in the bottom left corner of the logo represents

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    Shoot Right Here

    When are you going to update that 5 year old picture you old hack fraud?

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    WorldIsALie X

    *Ruining your childhood since 2011* Sounds about right

  • Skye Silverwing
    Skye Silverwing

    1. You left Nugget and the Protagonist off the list entirely. 2. The more rebellious hall monitor has no reason to not be on the list, given that he also smokes, and his head is kind of the same shape.

  • ArrogantNova 89
    ArrogantNova 89

    So I think it's huge a. I right?

  • Myk Q
    Myk Q

    Where is pt. 2 of hiimmarymary? (The new intro is epic)

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore

    Petition for a video on Clash Royal, for mat pat to design the best clash deck possible Plz Like

  • ArrogantNova 89
    ArrogantNova 89


  • Kreau

    Woah when did this intro become a thing?? My deployment was WAY too long.

  • Emmyboo

    Cindy and buggs ?? Siblings??

  • Andrew Mayo
    Andrew Mayo

    I dont like ur voice for nugget sorry :(

  • Poles l
    Poles l

    Plz matpat... teach us your ways how to become a theorists and how to learn mathematical equations :(

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    legalyAnnoying but with games

    I've been waiting for this one

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    Chance’ogal 1810

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    #Sηιcкεя Kιттεηs

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  • Person

    The kids end up in the wrong end of the janitors mop HMMMMMMMMMM

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    Carlitos Espinosa

    Man! Their sponsorship promos are the best! They absolutely convince me every single time! They could convince me of buying a 10,000 dollars bubble gum!

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    Shang ba dang

    I like jacksepticeye’s voice for nugget better but nice try

  • Lily Hanson
    Lily Hanson

    I like how Nugget is on the thumbnail, while the theory isn’t about Nugget at all!!! *also snaps MatPat out of existence* (Also, I’m sure that Monty will not survive in the next game...)

  • Saularis

    The thing is that the Janitor gave his son to a random person, and I don't think that a Mother is someone random

  • siska queen
    siska queen

    0:39 DUM DUM! XD

  • Falloutify76

    Before i finish the video im guessing its Buggs. Edit: Yesh I was right

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    Keiko_wovespandas :D

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    Top Secret

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    Photosynthesis, ok?

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    frisk never fights

    3 of the lights are explained

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    Melissa Senpai

    Congrats MatPat on 1 on gaminig

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  • Vibes TM
    Vibes TM

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    Freddy Fazbear

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    dark fox and gold fox

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    Star Eevee Productions

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  • Katie Portillo
    Katie Portillo

    During 15:13 you quoted that Bugg’s mother took his father’s flask and forced him to take a breathalyzer test. Which seems familiar to Cindy’s dollhouse act in Kindergarten.

  • RaptorPlaz

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    Gacha Torracat

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  • Kayodie

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    Ok hate that nugget voice hurts my ears but good video

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