Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)
The Game Theorists
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I have SO much fun with Kindergarten and, since playing Kindergarten 2, I've wanted to do another theory on it. Today Theorists, we are diving into to one of the biggest unsolved secrets of this game - a FAMILY secret! Does our dear friend the Janitor have a secret child? One that may even be a part of our class? Pencils down, Theorists! I've got your answer!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Xpreflix 329
    Xpreflix 329

    Am I the only one who thinks the ex principal looks like mr goldenfold from Rick and morty

  • Hyun-woo

    8:44 You forgot to add that the janitor said he had a dirty son BUT little redhead is a germopobic.

  • 11epicnoob

    There's a small flaw in the theory that basically ruins it... The quote by the janitor said "And *I'm* giving him away to a random person", not "and *i gave* him away to a random person"

  • DOOT_midnight UwU
    DOOT_midnight UwU

    Carla and nugget are my favourite

  • Thomas the handsome
    Thomas the handsome

    it just dawned on me, that the voice for nugget in this video is stephanie

  • Chucktendo 64
    Chucktendo 64

    Nugget is taking ur channel 'Nuggets Theory' 😂

  • Sliver NotJane XD
    Sliver NotJane XD

    oh, the shadow of the kid could be a clue....

  • Izaiah Ferguson
    Izaiah Ferguson

    I thought it was bob

  • Centaursixtysix

    Poopy pants

  • Taycry 2019
    Taycry 2019

    I swear the janitor is purple guys old past

  • 80-Tony Repice
    80-Tony Repice


  • FrozenFox Games6
    FrozenFox Games6

    14:30 Buggs did say his dad left for cigarettes, kind of weird for the janitor to do that if he hasn't smoked since he was a kid.

  • FrozenFox Games6
    FrozenFox Games6

    I just have a weird feeling that it's actually the character we play.

  • FrozenFox Games6
    FrozenFox Games6

    I usually agree with Matpat with all these theories, but I have to disagree with him this time. It's definitely not Buggs.

  • Xykronx Tan
    Xykronx Tan

    The Janitor's face looks like a nugget

  • Wolfy Chan
    Wolfy Chan

    Hahahahahah I got ya this time guess what mat the janitor gave away his son not abandoned so pal what you have to say about that

  • Turtle Skillz27
    Turtle Skillz27

    Penny is an animatronic

  • Blue Freddy
    Blue Freddy

    Game Threoy:Ruining your childhood since 2011 The Banana Splits Movie:Am i a joke to u

  • 《Artistic Knives》
    《Artistic Knives》

    Did you guys notice springtrap pulled a natsuki?

  • Matt 04
    Matt 04

    What the- Buggs can't be The Janitor's son, because he's about five years old and the janitor is too old to be his father, but he can be his grandad: the Janitor's son is probably an unknown adult character who could be Buggs' father, but this man could have become a violent man like the Janitor, so did Buggs, who became a bully because of this unknown dad.

  • Just Dom
    Just Dom

    80-something? that Peepee didn't work 5 years ago and noone that would do him could produce a kid

  • Nicolas Galindo
    Nicolas Galindo

    Dear Mat Pat, I have a new game that we could maybe as a community,solve. The game is Plants vs Zombies, from how actual peas can kill a mutated human to time travel. Hopefully you take this idea into mind!

  • C Grooms-Muth
    C Grooms-Muth

    Explain nugget

  • ItsmeHope

    I could invision in my head Steph doing Nugget’s voice and I’m living for it

  • Allison Dupre
    Allison Dupre

    WRONG In Kindergarden 1 The Principal Calls Him DUMPSTERFIRE So His Dad Died In A Fire But The Janintor Was Murdered

  • Chloee Catherine Maki
    Chloee Catherine Maki

    WAIT WAIT WAIT - Nugget voice is by steph :O - like damn .-. hardcore .-.

  • Ann Miller
    Ann Miller

    Kid: hi janitor!! Janitor: so you have chosen... death

  • The Lowlypack7
    The Lowlypack7

    watch, in the next game, this theory will be there.

  • Mike Baker
    Mike Baker

    Kicking a Black Pixelated Person in the face...I CALL RACISM just kidding wish i could edit like that...

  • Aidan Tovar
    Aidan Tovar

    It can't be bug's because he said that he remembers when his dad would drink so if he new his Dad it could not be him also because the janator said he left his son at birth

  • Hannah Lego
    Hannah Lego

    What about nuuggggiiiiiiit

  • Twilight CathyGirl
    Twilight CathyGirl

    7:12 Game Theory: soo imminietley eliminates all the Female characters Me: IM A GIRL!! Are you gonna eliminate me 😶😶

  • Loki • Fʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴍʏᴛʜꜱ
    Loki • Fʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴍʏᴛʜꜱ

    MatPat... What about? Us?... The player? Who is male with an unknown backstory?

  • sassycat

    But wait Cindy also talks about a breathalyzer and a broken home Cindy long lost sister to buggs but then Cindy and buggs being in a past relashionship...........oh boy

  • MightyGoat5

    Can't stand the voice you gave didn't even make Nugget speak in the 3rd person right...

  • Dacian Games ‘n’stuff
    Dacian Games ‘n’stuff

    Next...what is the janitor’s name?

  • Xtal Marcuccio
    Xtal Marcuccio

    R.I.P. BOB

  • Amy Baber
    Amy Baber

    ok yes, but what about how the janitor hasn't had a cigarette since he was the players age and then Buggs says that his dad was a big smoker and had left to go and get cigarettes. Rethink

  • Имперские Огурцы
    Имперские Огурцы

    11:25 did life of Boris voiced Buggs? Cuz' neither sounds like Austin nor MatPat,

  • Имперские Огурцы
    Имперские Огурцы

    3:43 i think in note there was said that she was attacked by a bear while camping.

  • Имперские Огурцы
    Имперские Огурцы

    0:29 the thing with Nugget is that he was director's (1st part one's) "original test subject" he were going to be turned into mutant to produce pills, but something gone wrong with Nugget so director used Billy instead

  • Elijah Nascarfan
    Elijah Nascarfan

    So, MatPat, sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't think this is right. It would be VERY WEIRD for a guy in his 80's to have a kid who is only five years old. Either he had a baby with his wife, who would have to be like *50 years* younger than the janitor, or they aren't directly linked. I feel like the Janitor's son is actually the *hall monitor* and the hall monitor *had Buggs.* It makes SO MUCH more sense. At the Janitor's age, Buggs would have to be his *grandson,* not his son.

  • Charmander Turtle
    Charmander Turtle

    #DumpsterHag watch the live stream

  • Pirate Plus Zombie
    Pirate Plus Zombie

    I'm not allergic to nuggets but they want to kill me

  • Joya Lewis
    Joya Lewis

    I’m crying at the intro 😂😂

  • Phenix_123

    Omg I can't get over the new intro song

  • Game loft Country
    Game loft Country

    My kindergarten for me was terrible because of my teacher

  • Haxxpost

    no he didnt get cigs and left,he got milk

  • Laurie Vroman
    Laurie Vroman


  • Marie Farrell
    Marie Farrell

    I love how in the game when you look at the pile of nuggets at the bottom of the nugget cave, you get an Easter Egg that refers to Matt Patt's theory. "some theorize it should be larger." Your talking about a mysterious family identity when you should be more concerned that nugget knows what you are saying and watches you.

  • GoodGachaGamer37

    I love the intro XD

  • Sara Pourmmojarrab
    Sara Pourmmojarrab

    Can you do a video about Little Misfortune? Please MatPat! I need this!

  • Cynthia Cao
    Cynthia Cao

    When kindergarten 3 comes I bet this dialogue option will happen You: What’s your name. Janitor: Listen kid I’ll only give ya this. I am the zodiac killer.

    • Pizza Skunk
      Pizza Skunk

      Cynthia Cao Bro what?

  • FlamingFalcon600

    This ones a stretch

  • Hyper Bot
    Hyper Bot


  • Opi Gilbertson
    Opi Gilbertson

    This is true. My dad abandoned me and left me and my mom. I also get bullied by people at school and I wish they were all dead. Ummmmm... forget I said that. 😅

  • Snow _ Cat
    Snow _ Cat

    I was rewatching this theory and... Am I the only one who noticed in the new intro monika’s eyes are blue when their really green?

  • The Sweetest Cookie
    The Sweetest Cookie

    Once you eliminated girls nugget left sooooooo.......... Nuggets a girl????

  • Celestial Catastrophe
    Celestial Catastrophe

    Did I miss something in the video, why wasn't nugget even a consideration for the janitor's kid? I know bugs had the stronger connection but it hit me as weird that bugs wasn't even there.

  • much improver Gamer
    much improver Gamer pretty sure that "grey hair" is shave....ya know?

  • Hilda Okk
    Hilda Okk

    *matpat says I thought we we were friends *

  • Hilda Okk
    Hilda Okk

    Noooooooooo I hate SHCOOl

  • Elika c
    Elika c

    Janitor says that he hasn't had a cigarette since he was in kindergarten, but buggs says his dad left to go pick up a pack. It doesn't really line up. Sorry, Matt.

  • Eva Skouteli
    Eva Skouteli

    *ruining your childhood since 2011*

  • David Cassel
    David Cassel

    You forgot nugget

  • I like turtles
    I like turtles

    Anyone notice Monika in the intro?

  • KB Gacha
    KB Gacha

    He (nugget) kinda sounds like mineta from my hero acadamia OwO

  • Kayla Maxwell
    Kayla Maxwell

    I don’t like the voice you make for nugget

  • Jonathan Elliott
    Jonathan Elliott

    Wait what was nugget dressed up as

  • BaxterLee2702


Tiếp theo