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    Like Smasher


  • Amany Soliman
    Amany Soliman

    why did the ? wife.look in the shape of the principle from kindergarten 2

  • mr.sonic the hedgehog 96
    mr.sonic the hedgehog 96

    Hay you for got bill 😢

  • ender math
    ender math

    buggs sounds like theodd1out

  • Jacob Jaurigue
    Jacob Jaurigue

    Can Stephanie voice Nugget for kindergarten 3?

  • Matthew Browning
    Matthew Browning

    captainsauces voice is best for nugget


    For me, the coolest kids in kindergarten we’re the people who had colored pencils with earasers (Me)

  • Unknown neon Galaxy Gacha
    Unknown neon Galaxy Gacha

    Umm I'm scared about this game .....

  • NovaGAMEing35

    6:55 Match maker match maker make me a make, find me a find, catch me a catch.

  • Declan Evans
    Declan Evans

    Nugget is thanons confirmed monster mon ending

  • Khulhu Cthulhu
    Khulhu Cthulhu

    Who did the voice for Buggs? It sounds a bit like James from TheOdd1sOut to me

  • Hanson Koay
    Hanson Koay


  • arollo_

    nugget is like the dwight of kindergarten if u don't get this u don't deserve anything and ur missing out like how do u even live

  • Violet Geggie
    Violet Geggie

    2020Yo tomorrow is actually school so great job

  • Diesel Marcus
    Diesel Marcus

    Wait . . . Whrn in the game do you trade with the janitor for a laser gun!? What? I watched several playthroughs and dont remember ever seeing that.

  • Shadow NinJa059
    Shadow NinJa059

    When do you trade for a powerful laser gun in kindergarten

  • itsanna07

    I’ve seen a comment pointing out the cigarette flaw, but I haven’t seen anyone point out that Buggs’ father went away and never came back but the Janitor said he *sold* his son

    • itsanna07

      I mean it’d be super cruel if the janitor sold his son at an early age, and then the guy he sold him to ran away

  • Miguel Arteaga
    Miguel Arteaga

    What about billy

  • m ö t h b ø y
    m ö t h b ø y

    1:15 I KNEW IT MONIKA AND SANS CONFIRMED lol kidding but there’s a lot of stuff I’ve seen with them together and this kinda got me

  • Peyton Luna
    Peyton Luna

    Good job connecting the two, but! Think for a second. Buggs is 5, we're in Kindergarten. I believe the time he would have left is around 2 or 3 if Buggs didn't know the Janitor was his dad. I don't know exactly if he would remember any violence at that age. Again, Nature vs. Nurture with the violence thing. No kid is inherently bad, not a genetic thing, but I see where you form your argument. I'd just like you to think again, maybe.

  • Cryptid

    Your entire theory is so insensitive. It relies purely on these behaviors being in their nature, and not the way the kids may have been brought up(nature over nurture). smh, really disappointing.

  • Melissa Candella
    Melissa Candella

    OMG am I weird or was that intro the best thing ever

  • Escatelmadalena@gmail Escatel
    Escatelmadalena@gmail Escatel

    You forgot nugget

  • Tigerfire75

    Hey what about the male main character or Nugget?

  • Nim Nim
    Nim Nim

    I would actually like to see a quest where you can help buggy find his dad (the janitor)

  • Purple Gamer
    Purple Gamer

    WELL, your right about Kindergarten being more ( Uh Wild ) Seriously when I was in That Grade I only had 1 friend + Everyone else didn't believe in imagination! On 1st I met a bratty girl who to me was WHAT A MEAN TEEN IS.


    When it pand to the PC am I the only 1 that saw the springtrap pop dislocate its neck?

  • Caid Ozz
    Caid Ozz

    He forgot nugget

  • Mary Rose Read
    Mary Rose Read

    I prefer when jackscepticeye do the voice of nugget

  • Andy Bragg
    Andy Bragg

    Everything else seems spot on but there's one (kinda) problem. Pretty sure buggs head is just buzzed and it has that universal grey stubble look, that's why the janitors beard is grey, cuz it's more of a 5-o-clock shadow then a full beard

  • that crazy nerd singer
    that crazy nerd singer

    Bugs just has a buzz cut I'm pretty sure that's what it's called a lot of kids at my school have it it's literally just where you shave your hair until it's almost completely shaved but it's just fuzz

  • Stupendeos

    Matpat dropped the intro

  • uwu miller
    uwu miller

    Am I the only one that thought the us the player would be the son?

  • Carlo3275

    Jacksepticeye's voice of nugget is better just saying not hateing

  • GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!

    2o2o AnYoNe? So OrGiNaL

  • Devon Gragg
    Devon Gragg

    I thought that nuggets head was just deformed

  • frenXR

    Is that Nagito on the thumbnail?

  • Zeno Sama
    Zeno Sama

    One of the thumbnails were scaring the crap out of me,It made me go theatre mode I still could see it.I was thinking that I should close the video and go watch others.Then a doritos add showed up in the bottom right corner which was closing that thumbnail.Thank you doritos Btw I still saw it while commenting.I still see it.

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson

    Theory squeal Theory squeal Theory squeal

  • super nigga man
    super nigga man

    nugget and the hobo lady are mother and son bcuz they only 2 who knows the monster mon cards and they have reckless hair and two direction eyes

  • bimbo jumbo
    bimbo jumbo

    Why not connect Nugget to Agnes? Why? You ask? Well its cuz they are the ONLY characters in the game that refer to the monstermon cards as TALISMANS and that Agnes knows what destruction the cards can bring upon the world after completion Coincedence? I think NOT!!!

  • LSWritings

    Greatest intro of all Game Theory in my opinion!

  • Sansmemelordover9000

    Stephanie I love your nugget voice.

  • Mustang 890
    Mustang 890

    How can you get a gun from the janitor? What dialogue options do you need to complete, to get to that moment?

  • _Vinyl Scratch_
    _Vinyl Scratch_

    Omg the springtrap figurine in the intro lol

  • gamermaster7359 2
    gamermaster7359 2

    What about nugget

  • Casper TG
    Casper TG

    in the intro was the orange always there bottom left? or is that for nugget?

  • Youtube Hammer
    Youtube Hammer

    I love steph's voice for nugget!

  • Samantha Morton
    Samantha Morton

    Is it bad that I skepd kindergarten1

  • tinde pelander
    tinde pelander


  • project steve
    project steve

    Nugget)nugget..nugget wants more nUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!! Nugget must have the monster card Me)you mean this monster card

  • MidnightBlaze16

    I love how now we're not just utilising Steph's Nugget Voice, but also her Dumpster Hag Voice

  • David Taggart
    David Taggart

    0:02 Hate it when that happens,

  • NixieTheRipper

    Yeah, but if bugs remembers how violent his dad is, surely he would be able to remember his face

  • ps4 addict
    ps4 addict

    But doesn’t the player live by themselves

  • Ktulu23 Gaming
    Ktulu23 Gaming

    You disrespect my nugget bro

  • Ivy Does Something
    Ivy Does Something

    "Oh, my little DUM-DUM" -Nugget, 2019

    • Calico Bread Cat
      Calico Bread Cat

      Ivy Does Something 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Phantom Plays
    Phantom Plays

    Nugget: doing nothing Buggs: *is stupid* Nugget: you talking mad junk for someone in crusading range

  • Nova Nebulous
    Nova Nebulous

    I think that because Monty isn't 100 or even 50% like his possible father figure wouldn't leave him out. Monty would have been raised mom, and strive to be better than his old man. Nugget could be a possibility; his brain problem could have been caused by the janitor's violence. This just a thought, nothing serious. Don't bite my head off, VN-my commenters.

  • PJ Khaled
    PJ Khaled

    poultry shhheries

  • I am a skyrimxpert
    I am a skyrimxpert

    Why does nugget sound like mineta

  • I.B BlueCreepachu
    I.B BlueCreepachu

    Nooggggit is it

  • Bundle Of Death
    Bundle Of Death

    Could you play the game fully in peace mode?

  • Captain Gummy Wolf
    Captain Gummy Wolf

    Oh yes I love it monika in the mirror XD Edit: I haven’t watched this since 2018

  • Austin Kelly
    Austin Kelly

    I showed my mom game theory and she said why do you like child deaths

  • Lucy Green
    Lucy Green

    every time I hear the nugget voice I imagine Steph in a nugget costume

  • sophie sisk
    sophie sisk

    Your determination amazes me everytime.

  • Calico Bread Cat
    Calico Bread Cat

    I need to know the mother of buggs and is was mind blowing(but I suspected that the janitor was the father)

    • Calico Bread Cat
      Calico Bread Cat

      We need more of kindergarten theories please

  • EZ Gamer05
    EZ Gamer05

    Onono call mister big head BIG BREAN ENERGY

  • Haven Oakes
    Haven Oakes

    ❤❤❤I love nugget so much🤣😂😂

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