Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods
The Game Theorists
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The world of Minecraft is vast and pretty well explored... except for one place. You see, we've covered a LOT of Minecraft on this channel, and in doing research for all of that I've noticed that one place remains mostly undiscovered - or at least un-theorized! The underwater biome of Minecraft is FULL of weird creatures and tons of interesting lore, if you know where to look. Spoiler alert, I do! Today we are diving into old Gods, ancient ruins, and more! Get your scuba gear ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Joshua Yoo
    Joshua Yoo

    the guardian does suffocate

  • Ender’s Workshop
    Ender’s Workshop

    If you drop a cow?

  • hi im alex uwu
    hi im alex uwu

    Water + Space + fish = subnautica

  • Gave Rodriguez
    Gave Rodriguez

    I thought he said 2020 cop purge and I was like hol up. Matt pat time travel?

  • Smasheachotherintheass Bros
    Smasheachotherintheass Bros

    I loved the intro keep it up matpat

  • Yeon Kaii
    Yeon Kaii

    Me: *Uses Google to understand* I don't understand, but I'm stubborn so I'll watch. Also I don't know anyone who watches Dawko.

  • Sricharan Rangarajan
    Sricharan Rangarajan

    Notice how Elder Guardian is made of purpur and end block colours More like Ender Guardian

  • mincraft gamer i don't know
    mincraft gamer i don't know

    your the best at theory

  • Alluh Akbar
    Alluh Akbar

    They could have been geneticly modified but idk

  • Misaka. 10032
    Misaka. 10032

    Wouldn't they just be zombie achent merine people? Instead of gods because a god can't drown or die

  • Šmãłł M
    Šmãłł M

    Huh. That’s weird. I’m animal crossing pocket camp there’s a shirt with number 23 on it

  • Nyasha Magoche
    Nyasha Magoche

    matpat: they probably dont eat fish becuse they dont wander near off there temples me: also they dont have mouths

  • Aamir RT
    Aamir RT

    20:16 I can’t , I can’t I gust can’t continue the video i will delete minecraft for ever

  • AAGaming_666

    Oh thats cool i am a muslim myself and i dont hear about Islam very much other then from muslims and i have been to the kaaba

  • Adam prohacker
    Adam prohacker

    I'm an Islam so I know all of this I just like this theory on Minecraft

  • The Dragon Master337
    The Dragon Master337

    I always thought that guardians were iron golem type stuff, and the eye is an eye of ender and the source of the laser

  • John The Dork
    John The Dork

    4:12 Welcome to my nightmares, DoryPat.

  • Moon Fox
    Moon Fox

    I do not hold a cow sorry mat pat


    Now that I realize matpat is literally making us a school that teaches and is fun and entertaining

  • Ronnie Chatterjee
    Ronnie Chatterjee

    Notch is the god who is talking to dinnerbone

  • Naila Fathna
    Naila Fathna


  • Life of a Homeschooler
    Life of a Homeschooler

    I love that this is about a game that is widely played by nine year olds

  • juega kinaya
    juega kinaya


  • Skate man
    Skate man

    Mat pat didn’t know what’s coming in 2020

  • Yupiigus Yupiigus
    Yupiigus Yupiigus

    When a minecraft video turns into an anvanced religion video

  • Chicki Nugget
    Chicki Nugget

    Under the sea, under the sea Continue the song

  • Henny Septiani
    Henny Septiani

    The real god is not jesus sorry christian it is really called allah swt

  • Zander Spinks
    Zander Spinks

    Honestly that intro was amazing, it reminded me of the prime of VN-my IDK why

  • Abdelaziz Ragab
    Abdelaziz Ragab

    I’m Muslim

  • Rizky Ramadhan
    Rizky Ramadhan

    Oh hey my name is in the video only 1 letter different

  • Dylan Kithcart
    Dylan Kithcart

    Who has watched this before?

  • L I L L C
    L I L L C

    The new games has been released in a mini game in Fnaf sister location

  • Derek Wooden
    Derek Wooden

    Can you make some sort of game theory masks? I mean it’s not.a bad idea

  • Joshua Cruz
    Joshua Cruz

    The laser is coming towards to guardian, not to you, so make they are sucking part of your soul?

  • Joshua Cruz
    Joshua Cruz

    The laser is coming towards to guardian, not to you, so make they are sucking part of your soul?

  • Cora The Zorua
    Cora The Zorua


  • Doge Pickle
    Doge Pickle

    Mat:**says 23 a lot** Me: my mom does *23* AND MEEEEE XD

  • Doge Pickle
    Doge Pickle

    6:40 “Wateryfood stuff”

  • Kahula Kangaroo
    Kahula Kangaroo

    Does it have a command block inside

  • MagentaShade

    islam and minecraft. ok

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait

    feels weird seeing this as a muslim and how rare most english speaking channel never talk about it and link it to christian if it was religious

  • Andreas Bahatouris
    Andreas Bahatouris

    Am j the only one that sees the inside of the guardian looks like a comand block

  • K-pop Geek
    K-pop Geek

    10:12 so like....a step pyramid

  • Tristan Grobler
    Tristan Grobler

    6:14 "you *drop* a cow it drops you like cow flesh" Yes I too appreciate the fine art of *cow dropping*

  • cuberGUY

    I knew about entrepreneurship since I was 6 lol

  • Roblox YT
    Roblox YT

    what's funny is that I control a trident better than them zombies.

  • G S
    G S

    23 is my favourite number

  • Eerie Fire
    Eerie Fire

    I have a theory (appropriate!): The guardians are a type of pufferfish that the ancient builders did SOMETHING to them, since magic exists. Also, they might be eating the prismarine.

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen

    Me as an Muslims person, just knew about this whole thing ( I live ins Iraq so) thanks for the informations dude

  • :0 0:
    :0 0:

    The Start is Funny

  • Epic Edits
    Epic Edits

    I am a Muslim and I was happy to hear my religion mentioned in a video

  • Qookie

    I live in the midle east

  • Ydhchxhfhb Hdjcjcjfj
    Ydhchxhfhb Hdjcjcjfj

    I’m born on the 13th

  • Akiarhaka Lenihariadi
    Akiarhaka Lenihariadi

    Thanks for the Islam thing

  • moi Moi
    moi Moi

    Im surprised he talked about my religion

  • savage bot 14
    savage bot 14

    hmmmmmm... the block inside the guardian looks like a command block


    Matpat actually mezopotamia was between two rivers that went through Turkey so technically mezopotamia was mostly in diyarbakır and gaziantep. Also love your videos

  • Lunatic Cultist
    Lunatic Cultist

    When you realize you theorized everything matt theorized before even seeing his videos

  • :-P Dagatan
    :-P Dagatan

    -I love this guy-

  • Xero 0716
    Xero 0716

    Da skeleton looks like. Command block

  • Dragon Wolf Creations
    Dragon Wolf Creations

    Too many Disney puns for me to handle on this.

  • ibrahim abe
    ibrahim abe

    This is Ibrahim I'll own you a subscribe

  • Susana Franco
    Susana Franco

    Shut up

  • Paliden Gamer! Games,Animations,and more!
    Paliden Gamer! Games,Animations,and more!

    6:14 I F. Y O U. D R O P. A. C O W

  • Shamrockin’ Robin
    Shamrockin’ Robin

    I just thought drowned were people who died via drowning...

  • InfinityMilesPerHour

    Guardians and elder guardians used to take damage and die as they flopped around on dry land in older versions of Minecraft

  • Joe Video games2020
    Joe Video games2020

    Del zinc en Dajaos tengo un Beach Beach

  • Roshaan Jamshed
    Roshaan Jamshed

    me wanting to watch game theory matpat:*starts talking about my religion* me:*confused screaming*

  • Zidz

    10:13 *obamium*

  • Kierman21sun Vlogs
    Kierman21sun Vlogs

    Mat: Hey are giant creatures with spikes and eye Lazers Also mat: nothing super weird off the bat

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