Gemini Man - Official Trailer
Will Smith
Check out the first look at Gemini Man, in theaters October 11, 2019.
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  • vBDKv

    I quite enjoyed this movie.

  • †Ramen Noodles†
    †Ramen Noodles†

    Liza koshy only og's know what I'm talking about 😂😂🤣👉👈😅

  • DoodleSparklecleaning

    Love all your films, Gemini man was brilliant too! 🙌🏻

  • hytr aaddxw3rs
    hytr aaddxw3rs


  • mike zeppieri
    mike zeppieri


  • Tomas Gallegos
    Tomas Gallegos

    Why was this movie such a FLOP?

  • junior dusuchett
    junior dusuchett

    deadshot vs deadshot will smith play a greatest roles facing off

  • ejn

    Godzilla 2 had better writing

  • Abdallah Mohammed
    Abdallah Mohammed

    This is my favourite movie "gemini man (2019)" From Tanzania 🇹🇿

  • Judy Makhafola
    Judy Makhafola

    Mr will I saw ur GEMINI MAN movie yesterday it's Cool, no liars

  • lucky luke
    lucky luke

    This movie should have been called "Mr. And Mr. Smith"

  • Light Screening
    Light Screening

    I say do another one with Ang Lee. You both can do better... 🙏

  • Gemlover Allday
    Gemlover Allday


  • Иван Хохлов
    Иван Хохлов

    Тебе ПЛЮС! ПРиезжай В Геленджик"""" У нас много че интересного)))))

  • js100serch

    Young Will Smith looked amazing except for the last scene in the University Campus. It was like they spent all the budget on the Boot Camp scene and by the end of the movie they ran out of money.

  • Jonathan Wick
    Jonathan Wick

    Only story and reason why the Real him is being Chased is what im missing

  • Kimberly Moore
    Kimberly Moore

    Im actually about to go see it in 1 hour

  • Johan De Jager
    Johan De Jager


  • Last in line
    Last in line

    I see a lot of mixed reviews from people who actually saw the movie.. Unfortunately I am in that percentage who thought it was bad.. Rather disappointing because I really thought I was going to like the movie and was so stoked about watching it afterwards I just was really disappointed..

  • Zanzibar Slimm
    Zanzibar Slimm

    Yo the movie STILL aint done yet 🤣🤣🤣 cant believe they took out the love seen where Will Smith shags himself

  • Theory Of A Deadman Gasoline
    Theory Of A Deadman Gasoline

    We have Will Smith for the next 30 years making movies

  • Kombatent78(RAW)

    Movie was deep.

  • Sherry Nash
    Sherry Nash

    Yes! Will, you did that!!... Loved the technology--it was off the chain!

  • Fallenknightray

    Oh look at all the negative comments! Now let's see y'all act half as good as Will Smith or his clone! Is a banging movie this, very much enjoyed.

    • Last in line
      Last in line

      That's good.. We all have an opinion of likes and dislikes.. Not hating on Will Smith as an Actor but he is to hyped up because he is really not that great but that is my opinion.. Saw the movie in theaters was very disappointing seems I have seen the same Storyline from another movie I can not place also the CGI had alot to desire and Will Smith well was just nothing spectacular or riveting definitely doesn't deserve any Nominations for this role.. Although glad you enjoyed the movie just wished I did as much as you had. I really thought I was going to really like this movie and was so stoked about seeing it..

  • TrizNS

    Will Smith vs Etika

  • Ethanethan zeng
    Ethanethan zeng

    nice moive i watch yesterday love you content

  • Yerusalem Abreha
    Yerusalem Abreha

    But hes a Libra 😉

  • agaws sso
    agaws sso

    i watch this movie today :)

  • Emanuel Severino
    Emanuel Severino

    how did they do the clone


    ~ Could this movie be any more boring - I think not. I should have asked for my money back, and the ticket-taker would have totally understood. Sorry Will. Cheers, DAVEDJ~

  • Angel Hind
    Angel Hind

    I love how will Smith is excited

  • Farangiz Mamadiyeva
    Farangiz Mamadiyeva

    The most powerful movie ever 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 BIG LOVE TO THIS MOVIE😎😎😎😎

  • neckbeard

  • Matthew Gudikunst
    Matthew Gudikunst

    No one else sees the hypocrisy of Will Smith appearing before the actual trailer telling us how "incredible" this movie is.

  • Off-Grid Optimist
    Off-Grid Optimist

    Your subconscious brain can easily detect when something disobeys the laws of physics. I had high hopes for this movie after seeing an interview about what they were trying to achieve. Unfortunately just a few minutes into the trailer I could see some major failures. I guess it's not the technology that's limiting us about the artistic ability of the director to see the flaws in animation. Alita battle Angel was riddled with laws but I have a great appreciation for what they attempted to do. I feel like Alita battle Angel. Most of the motion and physics correct but failed to capture facial movements in a realistic manner. Gemini man seems to be plagued with the opposite failures.

  • Ivy Tubo
    Ivy Tubo

    *Alladin:* You'll never ever find a Friend like me. *Gemini Man:* There's never been anybody like me.

  • J0hnny Lawless
    J0hnny Lawless

    And now it's nowhere to be found kind of convenient

  • My Wave
    My Wave

    Finally. Will smith will smith will. :D

  • Pebsi Man
    Pebsi Man

    Now this, this is what i call hot

  • dbsean

    “He’s your clone baby” - Arnold voice - mad tv

  • Moosa Hayter
    Moosa Hayter

    I can’t wait to see it 😆

  • ScribTOON

    This is extremely uncanny.

  • ThePersonaWeeb

    Will vs The Fresh Prince

  • Shaylesety

    There are few more movies like this out there... Nothing new

    • Greg B
      Greg B

      Shaylesety also the one jet li sucked! Looper was overrated!!

    • Greg B
      Greg B

      Shaylesety haters gonna hate it’s something refreshing from superhero overload cookie cutter movies

  • Alexis Kathrine
    Alexis Kathrine

    ahh thats hot, thats hot

  • Joseph Treder
    Joseph Treder

    *Gemini Man (2019) Movies Full [[HD]] : *** *If you wanna try this one. I have tried it very easily* 👍👍👍 .

    • Thor God of Hammers
      Thor God of Hammers

      Joseph Treder you can’t watch a movie that hasn’t even come to theaters yet. Guessing this is some virus right?

  • Wynema Cantrell
    Wynema Cantrell

    ~Twin Will Smith.~

    • Wynema Cantrell
      Wynema Cantrell

      ~I love it so much.~

  • Gzup505 505
    Gzup505 505


  • dannielle johnny hill-my fathers daughter
    dannielle johnny hill-my fathers daughter

    We can watch it together one day lol

  • Oya De
    Oya De

    So I am excited about this....Will Smith, David Benioff, and Ang Lee = Winning

  • HT3 yJsfz
    HT3 yJsfz

    #bel air

  • 90KHotBox YT
    90KHotBox YT

    Ah that's 🥵

  • parteek malik
    parteek malik

    Sir plz dub movie in hindi with that person who dubed men in black

  • Mrs. Vampire girl30 Hudson
    Mrs. Vampire girl30 Hudson

    Just can't wait to 👀 this 📹🎬📺📼📀💿in October

  • David Adams
    David Adams

    The Fresh Prince vs IAMLEGEND 2 Will strikes back

    • David Adams
      David Adams

      Norbit 2

  • FolsHeart

    This looks Doooooooooooooope! so excited!!!

  • Jordan Howard
    Jordan Howard


  • Skumic & Friends
    Skumic & Friends


  • Kendall D
    Kendall D

    Will is such a good actor

  • Kugelblitz

    The Fresh Prince vs Deadshot

  • PAngel45

    This is wierd.

  • Daniel Fuller
    Daniel Fuller

    The fresh prince of bel air Vs Will Smith

  • Charles Cooper
    Charles Cooper

    THIS is the trailer that drew me in. Still seeing

  • sw00mx

    will smijt

  • Mohan Krishna
    Mohan Krishna

    Need to improve picture quality and vfx

  • ALI Wael
    ALI Wael

    I absolutely will watch this movie in the cinema

  • Mateusz Nowak
    Mateusz Nowak

    Whaaaaaat a load of crap!

  • Vesohag

    The new Killer Bean movie looks amazing!!

  • Adriian Braxton
    Adriian Braxton

    great movie Will :)

  • king shaikh
    king shaikh

    Indian film fan ki remake hai proud of you SRK 👑

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