Giants vs. Patriots Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2019
The New York Giants take on the New England Patriots during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • Marc Arseneau
    Marc Arseneau


  • Tyron White
    Tyron White

    If the Giants can play decent against the Patriots then the Cowboys have a good chance

  • Nazai Patterson
    Nazai Patterson

    The patriots are some cheaters there was to pass a Ference and the refs did not call that

    • Cedric Henry
      Cedric Henry

      Nazai Patterson u mad?

  • Boston New England Sports fan
    Boston New England Sports fan

    Giants suck

  • Tenpacy

    Boring sport

  • Al Johnson
    Al Johnson

    Tom Deflaty and the deflateriots

    • Gabe



    Giants get so excited when they get the Patriots 4th down wen they get the ball they get intercepted by the by the patriots 😁

  • taco highlite
    taco highlite

    How does tom brady throw am int Rashard penny is a beast.

  • Charles Driscoll
    Charles Driscoll

    Giants put some dirty hits on Edelman

  • Samson Sione
    Samson Sione

    Patriots game love you

  • John Powers
    John Powers

    Brady oo-lull!!

  • UnderratedSZN

    Salty giants fan here well not really I know we are bad but I hate the pats so Brady hold those two Super Bowl L’s from the Giants

  • SJ B
    SJ B

    Looks like the Pats are going for 7

  • Miguel López
    Miguel López

    Why are Patriots so cocky? You play the easiest games and your contenders suck. Come to the NFC north

  • allen ratlief
    allen ratlief

    the New England Patriots

  • 신상민


  • breyon warren
    breyon warren

    my local middle school

  • Andy Jame
    Andy Jame

    Gilmore is insane

  • Mr Scotty
    Mr Scotty

    Jakobi Meyers 3:09, 5:04

  • Fitness Master
    Fitness Master

    Brady is my favorite, but Edelman is very close.

  • Steve Abitante
    Steve Abitante

    NYG is really Injured Now so we Just Need to keep our main core of guys on the Field!

  • Tyrone Cathey
    Tyrone Cathey

    My GIANTS were cheated due to two footballs in the game. I cant stand cheaters.

  • Corbin Shaddock
    Corbin Shaddock


  • Maski &Friends DMV
    Maski &Friends DMV

    Brady on the way for number 7👍😀

  • Mechanical Neural Quantum Nexus
    Mechanical Neural Quantum Nexus

    At this point we need a Patriots bowl. Where every team plays the Patriots until somebody wins.

    • Britjaz Pena
      Britjaz Pena

      Good one

  • Mission Millionaires
    Mission Millionaires

    Damn Pats ended Giants 6 game win streak

  • Keith Stanton
    Keith Stanton

    Let’s go pats

  • David Yoon
    David Yoon


  • hendrix4151

    @3:37 best play of the game of either team even though they lost the game they won best play

  • Leo Fred
    Leo Fred

    Ooooooo my them Pats dough mmm3X

  • K Martinez
    K Martinez

    Dear Mr. Golden Tate, as someone who has watched you since your days with my beloved Notre Dame, you sir have a second to none YAC ability, please go play for a contender and get a ring.


    Rugby will always be better.

  • TSG Cykz
    TSG Cykz

    Dang yall giants fans....feels bad man. Your offense... and defense. Now that I think about it, your team is garb. Play us in the super bowl AGAIN u wont.

  • Kyle Desai
    Kyle Desai

    Patriots defense is god, offense is okay

  • Kyle Desai
    Kyle Desai

    Patriots defense is god, but offense is okay

  • Jordan RepGamez
    Jordan RepGamez

    5:17 what a play

  • Austin Myers
    Austin Myers

    I didn't know a 3 yard run on 2nd and 8 was considered a highlight...

  • englewood price
    englewood price

    Daniel Jones is a turnover machine. picks and fumbles. all the hype went out the door fast

  • Dr. Mangano
    Dr. Mangano

    jones is worse than Eli with diarrea

  • Ronnie Jones
    Ronnie Jones

    Take a break from the planted distractions and go watch the forbidden documentary: "Europa the Last Battle" at archive-dot-org. Entire documentary censored on YT. The victors write the history and control the present.

  • K Rattan
    K Rattan

    Jones lost yall this game .

  • Hunter Williams
    Hunter Williams

    His coach should have told him stop throwing it to Stephon Gilmores side it ain’t workin

  • Russ Gallagher
    Russ Gallagher

    NE still needs seven more wins to get the 1st AFC playoff seed. A 13-3 record is generally what it takes. You want to be playing that last scheduled game in January at home.

  • Carlos Suarez
    Carlos Suarez

    I am a Giants fan I admit this team sucks!:-(

  • Joshua Hignight
    Joshua Hignight

    Giants did decent this game. Just that last passing play was a poor choice on Jone's part. Their Defense can compete fairly well against the Patriots offense, which is saying something. Good win for the Patriots though. Excited to see if they'll continue the W streak.

  • Brett Keepin
    Brett Keepin

    Not gonna watch it First comment gave it away, I’m a giants fan from the uk😔

  • Summer J
    Summer J

    A piece of me died watching this

  • Jerry Golan
    Jerry Golan

    Brown obviously feels he did nothing wrong !! If he can get the court case resolved take him BACK!! The witch in Florida is a LIAR and money grubber!!You need to tape affairs with money grubbing LIARS!!

  • Frank Schulz
    Frank Schulz

    6:48 I gave them a ten out of ten for sync

  • VicZX6R

    Sorry Patsies... easy cush schedule enjoy the hype but no Superbowl... Ravens fan .... Saints vs Chiefs... Drew Breeze...

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac

    Bad news for Chief fans -- this years playoffs is going to go through Foxborough - and no one wins there in January.. Pats will be in the Super Bowl *guaranteed* Mahomes will be watching Shakira at home farting into his seat cushion

  • Erick Cazares
    Erick Cazares

    6:48 Both fall with the same movement.

  • supremacy 101
    supremacy 101

    Now... they'll be able to get N'keal harry back, Watson maybe? Wynn of course need that, and who knows when they'll get Rex and Phillip back...but yeah

  • Austin Stein
    Austin Stein

    Credit to the Patriots defense, they’re tough to scheme against.

  • Team Rifleman
    Team Rifleman

    Who put it on rookie for the patriots and Veteran for the dolphins and bengals

  • Redd Bear
    Redd Bear

    They should've kept AB...It's games like this that make you realize you cut ties too early.

  • 전성재


  • SledgehammerTruth OrStfu
    SledgehammerTruth OrStfu

    How about them Cowboys??!! LOL/ FFS!!

  • David Zeneski
    David Zeneski

    Patriots getting sooo annoying 🙄

    • David Zeneski
      David Zeneski

      But giants won tho🙂

  • Eddwin Gregg
    Eddwin Gregg

    The should’ve let Eli play - not like they [Giants] weren’t going to lose anyway. The disrespect to Eli really bothers me.

    • Eddwin Gregg
      Eddwin Gregg

      @Time Master That's the point! Once the coaching staff seen Daniel slipping, they should have subbed Eli - I know for a fact it would have been a different game (especially with the Eli vs TB12 battle).

    • Time Master
      Time Master

      Like Eli would have done any better

    • Theroux

      No, the excessive homerism for an old guy breaking INT records getting benched for a young guy is a bit uncomforting. Giants fans seem content with not winning another playoff game.

  • hotfootage

    Cheating Patriots

  • Nate Burnett
    Nate Burnett

    When Brady threw the interception I laughed so hard even though I’m a Pats fan. I was laughing at how inaccurate that was 😂😂😂

  • S Rennie
    S Rennie

    Talking point for Rob Parker: Is Patrick Mahomes starting to show Tom Brady's age? 😁 GO PATS!

  • Emmanuel Abore
    Emmanuel Abore

    All i'm going to say is he's not very good and you all know who i'm referring to.......

  • Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver

    This is where I stopped watching this game 9:52

  • Leland Smith
    Leland Smith

    Booooooooooooooo giants

  • gonzo vlogs
    gonzo vlogs

    This was a good game

  • Wavvy Kegan
    Wavvy Kegan

    if edelman didn’t force himself down in time on one of the tackles then his career could’ve been in danger

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson

    This team reminds me of of Manning's last year when he'd throw three picks and fumble twice and still win

  • R picard
    R picard

    The only reason the Pat's are 6-0 is their schedule, Really the Jets,Dolphins, Redskins, Giants oh brother! Just remember NE fans last years SB had the lowest rating of all times cause people are sick to death of watching them. I know I won't be watching it.

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola

      Yeah they talked that game up to fill the stands after we beat the giants

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