Giving Starbucks Employees $1,000 If They Spell My Name Right!
FaZe Rug
Today we went to different Starbucks locations and gave the workers $1,000 if they spelled our names right.. It wasn't so easy..

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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    Would you guys spell all those names right if you worked at Starbucks? (by the way the Brian with a 'y' comment was a JOKE. Anyone who's named Brian is lit)

    • Kyle Caliri
      Kyle Caliri

      I see what he did here.

    • 1234 5678
      1234 5678


    • Estrellita Garcia
      Estrellita Garcia

      I love you so much faze ruge

    • Estrellita Garcia
      Estrellita Garcia

      I love you faze ruge

    • Brian Monroy
      Brian Monroy

      FaZe Rug 🔥

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  • Your dude4Life
    Your dude4Life

    The intro says starbacks

  • Your dude4Life
    Your dude4Life

    Anyone notice the last one was chick fill a not starbucks

  • The JoaKing15
    The JoaKing15

    My name is on the thumbnail! Edit: Thanks for 1 like! wait, why is it blue?

  • Cody Sciglimpaglia
    Cody Sciglimpaglia

    Hes guchue

  • King Bryan
    King Bryan

    Wow i unsubscribed because you said all Brian's with Bryan are weird but my name is Bryan with a Y

  • Terminatorwky YT
    Terminatorwky YT


  • Matthew Martel
    Matthew Martel

    This guys to nice

  • Svietlana and solangel Lana
    Svietlana and solangel Lana

    Giuseppe is another way to spell it kinda different saying itv

  • Matty23

    10:20 GIMME THAT MONEY BICH!!?!??! lmao im dying😂

  • MSF LaZy_SqUiD
    MSF LaZy_SqUiD

    Bruh i like how rug dont care about he just gives them the money we need more people like hi

  • Sword-of Epic-memes
    Sword-of Epic-memes

    Ooh ooh, my name it is spelled Dillon

  • OGAJ 13
    OGAJ 13

    Gemme dat money boi 10:20

  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith

    Rumor has is the girl at the end never split the money with that nigga😭

  • Andrew vlogs :\
    Andrew vlogs :\

    Wtf you give the girl 200 and she only got one right and the guy got 2 right and u give him the same thing wtf

  • prince barber
    prince barber

    @10:20 she said give me that shit

  • Angela Carless
    Angela Carless

    Brien Bryan Brian

  • ArtzHD

    5.4k dislikes are all from Bryan's

  • Mihael Majstorović
    Mihael Majstorović

    America education lul

  • Nija Ni
    Nija Ni

    girl she snatched the money🙄

  • Clementine _TheBeast
    Clementine _TheBeast

    Gives 200 dollars to starbux employee You can slit it with another worker Other guy eyeballing the money..

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man

    why the fuck does arcans eyes look like a fish

  • FlimsyMelonTWITCH

    He tries to find find any way to flex and then extend it with a mid roll ad

  • Crucifixed- LongDStyle
    Crucifixed- LongDStyle

    The only reason they went to chick is that they were getting hungry

  • Stella V.
    Stella V.

    Spell our names and you get an extra $200. Spell Rihanna like: annahir, you’ll get the money anyways

  • Forever_ Mari
    Forever_ Mari

    That mango dragon fuit tho💞😁🤣

  • D_gamer2k /darion
    D_gamer2k /darion


  • Jackson _ Bomber
    Jackson _ Bomber

    T series is at your house like this comment for pewdeipie to save

  • Jackson _ Bomber
    Jackson _ Bomber

    Jasepi 😂

  • Kyan Painters
    Kyan Painters

    Gucci !!!

  • Anina Molter
    Anina Molter

    Did you see how the girl that went to high school with him was like " oh, ok I will take that 200 " and just grabbed it out of his hand? I was like dammmm girl! Lol

  • Brian Yeung
    Brian Yeung

    Brian Gang wya

  • Nely Mendoza
    Nely Mendoza

    Gucci oh Rug😏

  • Lilbrian45

    Thanks For The Shout Out!

  • Fortnite_ Clapper
    Fortnite_ Clapper

    Nice vid

  • Frost Devil
    Frost Devil

    Bogsley should join as faze pug or faze bogsley and bogsley get paid in dog treats

  • LGN♕

    When he said he was going to buy a new car you had the perfect opportunity to say “well you can’t but a maybach or a Maserati” 😂

  • Messyy


  • Gloria De Leon
    Gloria De Leon

    Rug is Gucci he's name


    I like papa Rug he is so funny.

  • Carlos 10
    Carlos 10


  • Raysa Tavares
    Raysa Tavares

    i think he is going to be gucci

  • Franklin the pug Bernal
    Franklin the pug Bernal

    14:15 😆😂😂😂

  • Ericka G.
    Ericka G.

    She snatched those $200 so quick😂

  • hymnth

    When they went with all car names, they were definitely going for an interview to a strip club or smth

  • Lydia Osei-owusu
    Lydia Osei-owusu

    Did you see how she snatched it so fast

  • Rksnx Jdxn
    Rksnx Jdxn

    At 15:42 the guy was staring at the girl like u better gimme that $100

  • SlumpGodsDurag 23
    SlumpGodsDurag 23

    Ayyyy... Brian with a "i" gang pull up🤫🔥🔥

  • Σπύρος Χάλαρης
    Σπύρος Χάλαρης

    Nice vid bro, but the title was way off.

  • Amv Creator
    Amv Creator

    Does anybody know what the intro background music is called?

  • Saul Dominguez
    Saul Dominguez


  • Lyrics, Songs and Singing!
    Lyrics, Songs and Singing!

    This made my day😊 Great job Rug!

  • Aissatou Ba’s world
    Aissatou Ba’s world

    If there was a girl there they could’ve used my name (Aissatou) which is VERY uncommon except if ur from my country and I’m pretty sure they might spell it like (Iceatou) or (Iceatoo)

  • Jose Munoz
    Jose Munoz


  • Lina Bell
    Lina Bell

    Bryan is a city

  • Mr Portillo
    Mr Portillo

    Wow I came him from steve would do it . And I love the way how you are and your channel keep it up

  • anthani romo
    anthani romo


  • isa shirbak
    isa shirbak


  • ThePurgeIsReal 77749
    ThePurgeIsReal 77749

    15:41 Rug: Heres 200 if you want to split it. Girl: Stooooop woooow Nooo way Guy in the back: **in his head** bitch you better split it or else ur fired

  • Kajan Ranjan Ratnam
    Kajan Ranjan Ratnam


  • prodjgamer24

    Ur channel is so lame now smfh 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Osvaldo Rodriguez
    Osvaldo Rodriguez

    Rug ur gonna be gucci

  • Noel Madapatu
    Noel Madapatu


  • Najwah Manarfa
    Najwah Manarfa

    yatchy riana and tigah lol

  • xD ctrl
    xD ctrl

    I knew it rug was gonna be Gucci

  • Ayden Osuna
    Ayden Osuna


  • Jon Hettrick
    Jon Hettrick

    I think your mom and dad were having too much fun. The last girl she was very excited to receive that money. She was very pretty. The guy at Chick-fil-A was cool. Some of them were dope people at the Starbucks

  • p r i n g l e
    p r i n g l e

    yoooo I guessed Gucci and it was his name :D

    • Tyler Unsworth
      Tyler Unsworth

      No you didnt bot.

  • Thief2t

    Wow my name is with a y

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