• S Josef
    S Josef

    My favorite Chef 👨‍🍳😘❤️

  • Adriana anak kampung
    Adriana anak kampung

    Wow that’s so fast , take forever to cook but you only did it in ten minutes..ok I will try it in ten minutes 😊

  • Richie Kozik
    Richie Kozik

    Don't figuratively turn up the heat, literally do it.

  • Mr. Saturday
    Mr. Saturday

    Awesome video! thank you chef.

  • Cathy Fonseca
    Cathy Fonseca


  • B Smith
    B Smith

    All these shrimp cookouts on here are missing the best part of the shrimp, the HEADS. all the flavour is in the heads. Just need to cook out the heads in a little water and add the resulting orange liquid to the cooked shrimp , and you only need the garlic and parsley and forget the other ingredients

  • Biber Mar
    Biber Mar

    I think a 3rd of the olive oil bottle went into the pasta alone! Why does less water mean shorter cooking time?


    Your shrimp looks dry

  • 7,000,000,000 sUbScRiBeRs wItHoUt vEdEo
    7,000,000,000 sUbScRiBeRs wItHoUt vEdEo

    Gotta say, I tried making it and it turned out really well if I say so myself, but I just did a couple of things differently. Firstly, I added two big cloves of garlic which had a strong prominent taste and secondly - and more importantly - I might have drizzled an entire bottle of olive oil on that thing

  • Joseluis Rodriguez
    Joseluis Rodriguez

    Beautiful dane 👌

  • anthony smith
    anthony smith

    Gordon--> jerk!

  • Katherine Pearce
    Katherine Pearce

    "Literally Beautifully done" -Gordon Ramsay 2019

  • Joao Oliveira
    Joao Oliveira

    Good suggestions here, but I would be more conscious about the amount of olive oil used. There's 120 calories in 1 tablespoon of olive oil. This dish uses at least 2 so that's at least 240 calories only in the oil. Then the pasta is drizzled in olive oil again... yeah, I am out.

  • Allen Rivera
    Allen Rivera

    what the hell are schalotz? He keeps talking about shalotz??

  • Julian David Hoffer
    Julian David Hoffer

    When he said “all of you” it actually triggered soothing in my brain lol been watching too much HK


    5:06 - smoking with Gordon Ramsay

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia

    10min lol not counting the rewind an pause lol I just made this today for the first time the wife loved it thx

  • notta3d

    Why is it every video I see he cooks with is a non stick pan? I talked to a buddy the other day and he said I only cook with a stainless steel. Come on guys be honest. Is this stainless steel an elitist thing?

  • Collins Larrys
    Collins Larrys

    It’s not the same without the “pan down Meg”

  • Alice Galletti
    Alice Galletti

    What if shallots are hard to find? Can you substitute it?

  • Chyna B
    Chyna B

    Can't wait to try it

  • 42nd Blaze
    42nd Blaze

    THIS is how you cook shrimp. I don’t really understand the point in keeping the shell and then adding the sauce and garnish on top instead of on the side since you don’t really taste a difference and you find yourself scraping through the plate for excess sauce anyway

  • Elizabeth Mercedes Gratessolle
    Elizabeth Mercedes Gratessolle

    Love it, I did it and we all enjoy it. Thanks a lot for great method to do it!!!

  • Rishan

    Where do I find your ingredients to the garlic prawns you just cooked? Please help. The receipe looks interesting 😍 and I want to try this dish.

  • marlo garcia
    marlo garcia


  • Lego Jawa
    Lego Jawa

    Thanks Gordon always use your recipes cooked this one up for my aunt and mom let’s just say they never want to go to Olive Garden again haha thanks Gordon it was amazing 👍🏼and thank you for sparking up my passion for cooking

  • daniel severa
    daniel severa

    the shrimp its not cooked well just in 1 side ....

  • Tara Sissom
    Tara Sissom

    you are my favortie chef! I am going to try this recipe thank you :)

  • Muzz 16
    Muzz 16

    This dude knows how to cook He should consider becoming a chef


    I like how almost all of are boomers but hey we make good meme atleast


      Gordon Ramsay:a drizzle of oil also Gordon Ramsay:🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧


      Best meme

  • Random BlackDude
    Random BlackDude

    Take a shot every time chef Ramsey says "literally"

  • dominik perry
    dominik perry

    dear Mr. Ramsay, me and my parents are big fans and you inspired me to start my cooking career and i'm the best chef in my family(courtesy of your cooking tutorials)

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez

    If he can not finish it in 10 minutes there is no way I will

  • lovely florida
    lovely florida

    its a dissater to taste

  • Roxanne Jarrett
    Roxanne Jarrett

    I can't count how many times chefs have said not to put oil in the pasta. What's the verdict here, chefs?

  • Bane

    Erst mal schön auf 10 minuten gestreckt....=)

  • Khadi Haramain
    Khadi Haramain

    He moves so quick. I'm still stuck on sauteeing the garlic by the end of the video.

  • Dalek Boi
    Dalek Boi

    Like most male cooks wants a round of applause when he takes the bins out.

    • Dalek Boi
      Dalek Boi

      Literally literally

  • Dani G Vlogs
    Dani G Vlogs


  • Qalanjo Qoor dheer
    Qalanjo Qoor dheer

    Shi lots

  • Mariam Mathias
    Mariam Mathias

    It is a joy to see you Chef Gordon.🌹🌹💐💐😘😘❤️😂😂

  • Mariam Mathias
    Mariam Mathias

    Hello there, how are you? I like sea food very much. That was really really beautifully done, . You are the King of all Chefs , lovely 😊. Thank you teacher Gordon. Be safe. And have a excellent day.💐💐😘🌹❤️

  • Dr. Dustin & Victoria
    Dr. Dustin & Victoria

    These 10 minute cooking tutorials are so much fun to watch

  • 이슬

    아니 공식채널인데 자막이 왜이래

  • Bradley Enwezor
    Bradley Enwezor

    This ain’t no scampi man

  • Tutone Lyles Naranjo
    Tutone Lyles Naranjo

    New subscriber. Love watching you cook, your style, your chef-like manner, and how delicious everything must be. Thank you.

  • Tony Lagunas
    Tony Lagunas


  • Marcus Pettersson
    Marcus Pettersson

    Serious?? Parmesan on seafood? What wrong whit you??

  • Jacky Chan
    Jacky Chan

    Cuacad ora suuuu

  • shelly yastagirl
    shelly yastagirl

    My mouth is watering i love his accent ....tomato.....basel.....im hungry now if i can cook this in 10 minutes i have hope .in the cooking game..

  • Maria Xiong
    Maria Xiong

    I tried this and it turned out delicious and easy! Hate the clean up.

  • itzzz_ Shaunieee
    itzzz_ Shaunieee

    Looks tasty ! I just uploaded a video of Shrimp 🍤 & Spinach Pasta dish that I made , You should check it out .

  • Alisha Khov
    Alisha Khov

    This is one of my favorite dishs. I will learn to make it. And make into a video and post it on youtube too, see if it turns out like said. I saw other chefs also using butter. Why he didnt use it? What is the different?

  • Alisha Khov
    Alisha Khov

    He only cooked for himself? Only one serving.

  • Jeremias Martinez
    Jeremias Martinez

    Could someone help identify the cooking pans he's using

  • Sean Shi
    Sean Shi

    what is the ingredient called at 5:33?

  • TheFreakiestShow27

    I literally thought that, for cooking pasta, you needed -literally- a ton of boiling water -w/salt- and that the 'drizzle' (more or less 500ml) of olive oil- was, literally, unnecessary in the water as they do not mix, but that you could eventually add a little after draining the pasta, especially if you have -literally- no sauce to put them in... is there some cooking chef over here that could literally tell us what's the proper manner to cook pasta ?

  • lolthe0

    10 minutes yea sure.. 10 minutes of on the pan cooking, not including all that prep time, getting your ingredients sorted, oh and dont forget.. the clean-up part

  • ooran8

    이거 한국어 자막 상태 왜이럼

  • Melissa Hu
    Melissa Hu

    How much olive oil would you like? Gordon Ramsay: Yes.


    Gordon is the god of cooking 🔥🔥

  • Gandalf606

    Prawns. Shrimps would be tiny.

  • Ariana C
    Ariana C


  • Euglent Mena
    Euglent Mena

    adding parmesan cheese to seafood pasta....... what a knob head. Gordon fix up or the Italian's will hate you for this school boy error. Parmesan cheese on any seafood will stamp out the subtle flavour of the seafood.

  • Alessandro Giammona
    Alessandro Giammona

    have you never thought to change job?... looking your video carbonara lovers and Italians died....

  • SHOW MEEHOW to cook
    SHOW MEEHOW to cook

    Gordon, I accepted your challenge and cooked dinner for two in UNDER 10 MINUTES! Tell me what you think. vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-st5o_kwsJEM.html #RamsayIn10Challenge

  • AbsoluteNut1

    As soon as ramsay put oil in the pasta water I was done. Any idiot knows not to do that. And he's adding cheese to shrimp? How the fuck did he get so successful? Tomatoes? Cya later. This moron has no idea how to make scampi.

  • 瓊瓊杵尊

    Anything u do is fine but don't waste the good olive oil in boiling water guys. Such a waste.

  • Rodrigo 10
    Rodrigo 10

    too much oil

  • Terminator S-K-3
    Terminator S-K-3

    Unlike the people Gordon talks to in Kitchen Nightmares, he.. ya know.......KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING.

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