GOTTA SEE IT: Joe Thornton Snaps And Punches Goalie Petr Mrazek In The Face, Scrum Ensues
Petr Mrazek takes exception to a poke from Joe Thornton, and after swinging his stick and approaching the San Jose Sharks' centerman, Thornton punches Mrazek in the face and sends him to the ice.
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  • C Park
    C Park

    Is this commentator for real? My god

  • Erin McNamara
    Erin McNamara

    I hope mrazek is okay

  • Erin McNamara
    Erin McNamara

    That’s stupid Thornton sucks

  • mathlover5k

    My favourite part of this is that Thornton takes a similar punch right after and is completely fine

  • Riley kazama
    Riley kazama

    If Thornton did that to me I would slash him right back

  • Josh Winters
    Josh Winters

    "There's no way you'd expect that from Joe Thornton." 🤯

  • Tom Prosser
    Tom Prosser

    A MINOR,A MINOR Jesus he THROAT PUNCHED the guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He could have KILLED the goalie with that. He needed to get a game misconduct, and two majors for that. He of course would be ejected, and he should’ve been banned for a season at least. Have two players on his team sit in the penalty box for five do, his team is down two men.

  • Jacky Moon420
    Jacky Moon420

    That’s why the canes need a zamboni driver to fill in for them, because their goalies are pansies

  • bontronblock

    Thankyou Jomboy

  • Shawny T
    Shawny T

    There it is people. The worst commentary in the NHL.... hire me to do colour commentary for the Hurricanes. I'm a carpenter and could still do better then that clown.

  • Mike McCourt
    Mike McCourt


  • TriTheTree OFFICAL Gaming
    TriTheTree OFFICAL Gaming

    0:04 “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!!!!!”

  • David Lajon
    David Lajon

    Mirazek had it coming! Carolina's announcers saying that you wouldn't expect Joe Thornton to do something like that, is utter ignorance because they haven't been watching Joe closely. Not only that but Jumbo's in his 40s; so YES Joe Thornton ABSOLUTELY WOULD do something like that. Joe Thornton doesn't take crap from anyone. GO SHARKS!

  • Zachary Kodesh
    Zachary Kodesh

    Trip Tracy is a disgrace to the NHL

  • Wingman46

    That’s a worse dive then Marchand missing the puck

  • srinath ganapathy
    srinath ganapathy


  • Reaves 95
    Reaves 95

    U guys don’t understand how much it hurts to be punched in throats it’s so painful...

    • GoAuston Goleafs
      GoAuston Goleafs

      I know people don't realize that

  • Tim

    Nice punch. That goalie should not approach anyone ever again, too fragile.

  • Dark Thought
    Dark Thought

    that punch to the throat was deadly. glove to the bottom mask. oof thats gotttaaa hurt soo5oo much

  • Alphadog 1989
    Alphadog 1989

    That’s what he gets for trying to act tuff.

  • Man-Bag Dammit
    Man-Bag Dammit

    Hurricane broadcasters are so comically bad. AWFUL!

  • Jake Diamond
    Jake Diamond

    LOL @ the linesman blowing the whistle over and over as if it’s gonna do anything 😂

  • Hock-eye

    0:37 that lady in the background lol

  • Kevin J
    Kevin J

    Lol joe will never win a cup.

  • Richard Hamel
    Richard Hamel

    joe take a break,you look like santa clause.

  • Tyler Befort
    Tyler Befort

    "Petr didn't embellish this thing at all!" Get a clue guy. 100% embellished.

  • volts- ѧ
    volts- ѧ

    That dude hurt himself more on the flop than that short right ever could lmao.

  • volts- ѧ
    volts- ѧ

    I think the goalie realized who he squared up with a second too late and just took the L. "Did I just pull up on Jumbo? Imma play dead."

  • Ben

    Joe was like my fav player when I was a kid playing nha games. That mfer is still playing?!?!? Lol love this.

  • Drew Parson
    Drew Parson

    Throten would of got distroyed. If Russian five was still around. Mrazek hell of a skilled goalie.

  • MJ boomer182
    MJ boomer182

    No embellishment bruh your wearing a cage

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    Dude brought that down on himself. Congratulations.

  • Nick The Mook
    Nick The Mook

    Swing a stick like a club at him and then take a dive after getting walloped. Joe did it right.

  • Jacob Zilber
    Jacob Zilber

    he deserved it

  • Eddie M
    Eddie M

    If hockey can have flopping, does this mean soccer can have fighting?

  • lithiumkc8

    Punch was warranted. He tried to smack him with a stick.

  • afattypatty

    Embellish on mrazik

  • Rotten 5
    Rotten 5

    Mzarek is a pusshole. That was over-acting like soccer players.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    "catches him right in the jugular" lol

  • Warboss Garbag
    Warboss Garbag

    Mrazek means cheating bastard on russian. And this mrazek is actual mrazek ;)

  • The Yeti Paul
  • Domenic Gioioso III
    Domenic Gioioso III

    If your gonna slash at a player expect to get a punch 🤜 but if your the player who punches the goalie expect to get your ass beat! That would never happen in the old NHL players knew better

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      "Right in the jugular"...more like right in mask. Homer announcers are the best and worst at the same time.

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj

    "catches him right in the jugular" lol

  • Cody Jarrett
    Cody Jarrett

    What’s that old saying about poking the bear, don’t get in someone’s face and not expect something 😂😂😂

  • Jojo deguzman
    Jojo deguzman

    Fear the Beard!! Go Sharks

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei

    I'm supposed to believe that a mask designed to take the impact of an 90 mph slap shot can't handle a gloved punch?

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      Stop the violence!

  • Jestex Garcia
    Jestex Garcia

    Petr: where am I at? Ref: You're in a Hockey game right now.

  • Dave Thomas
    Dave Thomas

    Listening to the announcers I can't help but wonder wtf happened to hockey?

  • Jack Hinkley
    Jack Hinkley

    Who’s where from Jomboy?

  • Noah

    Joe Thornton was lucky he didn't get his head taken off after that cheap shot. You hit my goalie like that you are going to have to be carried off the ice, especially a washed up geriatric like Joe.

  • Christopher Gray
    Christopher Gray

    These american commentators are a joke hahahaha

  • luc bergeron
    luc bergeron

  • luc bergeron
    luc bergeron

  • Not Sure - 2020
    Not Sure - 2020

    So apparently the announcer has no idea where the jugular is.


    0:14 guy in the glass is giving a player the middle finger lmao

  • Tim Waring
    Tim Waring

    "Right in the jugular"...more like right in mask. Homer announcers are the best and worst at the same time.

  • CKM

    Mrazek still has a shining soccer career ahead of him

  • Hikaru Midomiya
    Hikaru Midomiya

    Well deserved hit ! Goalies get away with far too many things ! They think they're untouchable gods... they're just another player ! If you can slash and hit, you can get hit too, stop whining ! Good Job Thornton !

  • -houdini-

    Lol. Goalie is a douche

  • Lance Cowan
    Lance Cowan

    Stop the violence!

  • Bradley Vernon
    Bradley Vernon

    Mrazek went down and rolled around for awhile like a lot of 9 year olds do in Squirt games. What a tool.

  • Honesty Professor Caesar Reality
    Honesty Professor Caesar Reality

    "Snaps"? LOL

  • goalie2998

    On behalf of goalies everywhere. C'mon man have a sack

  • mike carrillo
    mike carrillo

    Pssy ass mrazek

  • Brook Tyler
    Brook Tyler

    “Not embellishing” lol.

  • John Gargano
    John Gargano

    I hate joe and I hate kane and I hate sharks!

  • Mikhail Radzhabov
    Mikhail Radzhabov

    Дедуля тут оступился на провокации. Хуяк и 2+2 для всей команды. В Каролине походу тренер по провокациям есть. Видать Свечников в прошлом тоже не спроста сложился.

  • Ed Rattlehead
    Ed Rattlehead

    Mrazek has a bright future in hollywood

  • Joe Cronin Show
    Joe Cronin Show

    The announcer sold this better than current wwe commentary

  • Carleton Rutherford
    Carleton Rutherford

    Did Mrazek died after that!?!?!

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