Grant Cardone: Nobody Ever Achieved Financial Freedom from Buying a Home (Part 3)
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In this clip, Grant Cardone explained why he believes buying a home is a dumb idea and detailed why homeownership doesn't lead to financial freedom. Grant opined on the economy working for wealthy but has stagnated the working and middle classes. He also broke down the key differences between a middle-class mindset and that of the wealthy.

  • 3GP

    We run a big sales business something you are all missing Is not EVERYONE wants to be rich some would rather go punch a clock and make an average living

  • skillfuldabest

    Erm. Grant Cardone made his first $10mil from selling his house so wtf is this.

  • B Murphy
    B Murphy

    I bought my first house and sold it two years later for over 150k more then i paid For me That allowed me more financial freedom then i had previous to buying a home.

  • P. Hightower
    P. Hightower

    He's a Scientologist so he also believes in a religion created by an unemployed science fiction writer. All hail Zenu!

  • Christian Canales
    Christian Canales

    They don’t save cash but they invest in businesses?? How does one invest in businesses if they don’t save cash??

  • Jake Kilts
    Jake Kilts

    Grant tell Kevin that

  • Anti Naive
    Anti Naive

    So you're not trying to sell anything Grant? I literally just went on your website... Is the following you not trying to sell? Bro you're trying to sell thousands of dollars worth of products on that site right there, what you only just put it up in less than the last 30 days? Like I said massive red flag +++ (meaning he's obviously bullshitting --- now off to collect more evidence). What he stated: "I'm not trying to sell anything, I'm trying to help people create financial freedom for themselves"

  • jefferson martinez
    jefferson martinez

    Great video. GC is on point with the rules of the rich.

  • Anti Naive
    Anti Naive

    "I'm not trying to sell anything, I'm trying to help people create financial freedom for themselves" - massive red flag Grant

  • ulosefish

    Owning a home is financial freedom. Having a mortgage is being a slave to the lender

  • ulosefish

    I’m not trying to sell people anything ...... suuuuuuuuuuuuuure


    The audience on the comment section are all sheep ....

  • oldman

    This guy talks so much and doesn't actually say anything. Just another douche trying to sell a course

  • Stuart Hughes
    Stuart Hughes

    Warren Buffet called his home the beat investment he ever made. Owning a home is the closest thing to true freedom you can have in this world.

  • Mathew Krock
    Mathew Krock

    Grant Cardone sold a mansion in LA and made over 10 million on it. this is a single-family unit. He took the profit which he deferred tax on it he classified it as a rental property that was dormant. He used the cash he made from the sale of the mansion to do his first syndication deal. That is a fact and how he got started. He also owns the apartment he lives in Maimi. He set up and LLC to hold the asset and he leases it back from the LLC he ownes for tax reasons. He is full of BS..Have you looked at Cardone Capitals fee's they are massive. he just uses other people's money to front his deposit on his deals and borrows the rest.

  • Jonathan Collin
    Jonathan Collin

    Quick house flips, buy on plans and sell a year after it’s built

  • Archie Gardner
    Archie Gardner

    Buying your home is a dumb idea. I guess you can pay off an apartment and pass it down to your children. Renew the lease so I can leave the apartment to my kids when I die...

  • Jimmy Ray
    Jimmy Ray

    Renting is not bad. Owning is not bad. Complaining about doing (or not doing) either...IS bad.

  • Khunta Khan
    Khunta Khan

    this guy is a fool, don’t believe any of his dumb opinions. all he knows how to do is be a snake oil salesman

  • TruthBeTold Thailand
    TruthBeTold Thailand

    Was going to commend him until he started talking out of both sides of his mouth.

  • Black Boy Rick
    Black Boy Rick

    Grant doesn’t make any sense with this. For the simple fact that if the economy crashes all real estate crashes. Therefore his own business will also fail if the economy crashes but yet he’s saying air bnb isn’t a great business

  • Jon Jameson
    Jon Jameson

    I'll take Dave Ramseys Advice ! He's a 100+millionaire. Has been for many years ! And the everyday millionaire pays there house off in 7-10years. THEN start heavily investing ! FYI: Millions of peeps have success with Dave Ramsey's financial make over !

  • Dave

    I bet if you had the same conversation with him 5 times on different days youd get different answers every time. And also if you ask me rich people getting richer is good and normal. the day the rich arent getting richer we are all screwed. Say good bye recession and hello depression.

  • Tahkeem Hilton2.0
    Tahkeem Hilton2.0

    Unemployment is down but thats only because majority of people are taking any and every job available no matter the pay wage because people have to pay their bills. And these companies and corporations know this so they take advantage of people and pay them the minimum wage as possible. Its all a scam. Minimum wage nation wide should be no less than 25 dollars an hour. The cost of living is a joke. People need to rise up against the system and live in their vehicles until all their debt is paid off and refuse to participate in the rat race and boycott name brand items and credit cards.

  • Jean Pierre
    Jean Pierre

    Who's got my money { Jeff Bozos } Say no more im on my way 2020.

  • Tre'von Cowen
    Tre'von Cowen

    Except him ya know owning properties and all

  • OfficialQstacks

    Crazy how ppl saying owning a home is dumb it’s better to rent , home owners who are buying housing and RENTING them out let these ppl believe what they want , I have a 4 bd rm house and I’m renting 3 rms out an they are literally paying for everything all. I did was sign the paper work an put it in my name 🤷🏿‍♂️ while if you rent your still gonna be stuck in the same spot , it takes money to make money

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez

    Finally some content that educates and gives people important information. Instead of the usual interviews of idiots in the rap industry, keep up this kind of insightful content vlad.

  • gunit 010
    gunit 010

    This guy is 61 that's just amazing

  • grod805

    The only time renting is best is if you move a lot for better jobs or if you can find somewhere cheap. Once you start a family it's harder because theres not as many deals for families as there are for single people

  • Tracey Wingfield
    Tracey Wingfield

    I've researched Cardone's info not his past. 4th vid I've commented on. And proof he's on his game. @Vladtv where are part 1-4 labels...!? You guys ruined this interview for me for so many reasons... 1. No sync or order. 2. No background on Cardone like others on the platform. 3. This was an educational series that @vladtv turned into an infomercial. That could have been so much more. 4. Cardone never actually explained how to turn real estate into cash because, although vlad quoted his book he didn't help us stay on topic on Hythe how. Good person wrong questions. 5. This is Hip Hop @Vlad, where is the info. I had to search for these vids and at the end 1 vid with advice but nothing in the push forward/the mehthods!? It seems like I'm bashing you @Vlad im not! It just that if I spend an hour searching the continuation of your vids and after 3 there's nothing but an opinion it's reminds me of network marketing which is a scam in itself (listen to my bullshit for an hour or after 52 paragraphs and at the end buy, buy buy... When I could have spent my time actually researching the actual material. Many of us will invest, but know that those very people hate clickbait. And whoever came up with that type of sales pitch should be kicked in the stomach because it's manipulative and makes us sick. Why VN-my puts "skip" on those ads!

  • Torrance Harris
    Torrance Harris

    How can you have financial freedom when you have child support, have a damn mortgage, or rent, or car note. Once you pay those things off then you can save money. Just don't be a fool and get a 30 year mortage or even 15 year mortgage. Get you a small 10k house or 5k house fix it up and save your money for a business or something that has a cash flow. Wanna know where im ranked in the world or influencers im ranked out of 920,000 people look at my rank and you will see im in the top 100 in the world . Now click my number and you will see im beside only billionaires and multimillionaires and I dont have any money. Stop listening to Vlad and this bullshit Grant saying about not owning. Now type Grant Cardone name and Vlad and you will see where they ranked. Listening to 2 white guys say don't buy your home. Im telling you to buy you a small cheap ass home for 10k and save your money for other shit.

    • Torrance Harris
      Torrance Harris

      @gennae lynch thank you so much

    • gennae lynch
      gennae lynch

      I wish I could give you 1k likes!

  • Mustapha MD
    Mustapha MD

    This guy is the truth

  • the one zmillz
    the one zmillz

    The 148 people that disliked this video must be rich

  • Marquis Brown
    Marquis Brown

    Thanks to Trump Tax reform the wealthy are definitely surpassing

  • Sterling King
    Sterling King

    This is the most arrogant shit! All this is is Vlad still. Trying to disagree with Jay Morrison!!! ....this same this very interview!!!.... said if u buy your house and rent it out then y can make money. If u own a house it gains equity. Y can leverage that equity to invest in real Estate and flipping houses. Talking side ways. LOLOL....COST OF LIVING IS REAL ESTATE STUPID.. EVERYWHERE U GO IS REAL ESTATE!!!...THE STOCK MARKET CRASH IN 2008 THAT WAS A CRIME SCENE NOT A FINANCIAL CRASH!!!...THIS DUDE VLAD IS VERY PRIDEFUL...SO. I JUST WATCH BROOKLYN, HARLEM , QUEENS, JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN. GO FROM THE CHEAPEST AREA'S TO LIVE HOUSES THAT WERE 50K NOW WORTH 4 MILLION....LOLLL LOLOLOLOL . Keep listening to this stupid nigga

  • Nick King Televised
    Nick King Televised

    This guys an idiot. My parents bought their house in 1986 for 80k. They just sold it for 2 million. They got 'somewhat rich' off their house purchase alone. They used that same house to get loans to start 2 successful businesses too

  • Calsar Chandler
    Calsar Chandler

    So, it’s better to rent from someone who owns. But, it’s also better to own and rent out the property....? 🤔

  • Aquila Designs
    Aquila Designs

    Air B&B will last. It makes traveling on a budget. He's off on this one.

  • Dustin

    Don't worry about education worry about meeting the Obama'... love it

  • D MCG
    D MCG

    Financial Freedom.

  • fredde johansson
    fredde johansson

    Im seriously starting to doubt if this dude actually knows wtf he is talking about. In one vid he says that the economic is good and will be stable for years, in the next he says it Will be bad in 2020 and that its already bad now and dude says its bad to own ur house and count on increased value when his whole fortune is made from pretty much doing what he advices ppl not to do. Lightweight feels like he is clueless, was lucky and now has employees who actually knows shit who runs his buisinesses for him.

  • Tony P
    Tony P

    This dude is an idiot

  • Max Meier
    Max Meier

    it's common knowledge that the best security against poverty in old age is owning your own property. You can say whatever you want, it's a stastical fact.

  • STUDIO E Production company
    STUDIO E Production company

    Unless you have children or family you want to pass property or a house down too... it’s stupid really. Because when you die off... that house is going back to the state . wealth not passed down.. will eventually be owned by the state again.

  • Alan Hernandez
    Alan Hernandez

    Yes he does have a point but the way hes explaining it isnt the way to people habe to start some where so if u buy a house live in it for a few years and then u buy another and rent the other one simple as that and thats where it starts.

  • Slim VinDawg
    Slim VinDawg

    You could buy a house for say, $200k, and spend 30 years paying it off, you end up paying like $350k for that $200k house and when its finally paid off it might be worth $350k of your lucky. So u spent 30 years to break even if your lucky, not including taxes, insurance, repairs, remodeling.... Or you could take that $200k, go buy an absentee owned business, like a Subway, and it will make you $50k or more per year. On a month to month, buying a house seems better than renting, but long term it is a huge waste of money. Unless you can pay cash for your house. Buying a house does give you some piece of mind but only because youve been tricked. That house isnt yours until its paid off, so your basically just renting it AND assuming all of the liability, for 30 years. Dont buy a house, buy a business.

    • Slim VinDawg
      Slim VinDawg

      If if if, what if and what if, and your assuming and blah blah blah. A subway restaurant can be bought for around $120k and profits around $50k, those are just averages. Your house "might" increase in value like $500 to $2000 a year. $50k or $2k?? And who cares about a loan? The business will pay for its self, the house your paying for out of your pocket. The business loan could be paid off in 5 years, your house, 30 years. And there are numerous "what ifs" when buying a house as well. Money wise it is not a smart move.

    • grod805

      You're assuming the business won't fail. Also few people have $200k lying around. If they did then why would they spend 30 years paying off a house if they already had the money? So in those example you'd get a loan for a subway at a higher rate than a mortgage plus you'd still have to pay rent to live somewhere. That rent will be higher in 30 years

  • Major Payne
    Major Payne

    He looks like Jon Bernthal as the Punisher

  • Marshall Fox
    Marshall Fox

    This dude reminds me of Groot but looks and sounds like Richard Rawlings lol

  • anthony gautier
    anthony gautier

    This guy is an Objectivist not Scientologist, he just doesn't realize it yet

  • Timothy Lee
    Timothy Lee

    Dropping dimes and this audience doesn't deserve this quality of value hes spitting here

    • Rostam Sunny
      Rostam Sunny

      Lmao u broke fucks. No wonder this generation is fucked. They are literally told not to go for buying assets like. Houses or land. Probably because old fucks like this dickhead know for a fact that young people will never be able to own homes. So he giving off some dipshit advice to divert their energy onto things like renting. Because thats whats happening. A whole generation are literally renting. Fuck these types of people. Pathetic pieces of shit.

  • zlistcelebrity

    I achieved financial freedom from buying homes ....and renting them to people who pay the mortgages off for me

  • Mike Kay
    Mike Kay

    I’m a nobody right now but “cash is trash” yup that’s why warren buffet has $130 BILLION on the sidelines waiting to make a move. I’ve lost a bit of respect for Grant lately with his narrative because it’s so targeted at a small group of people but he puts it out there like gospel everyone needs to listen to haha. But definitely find cardone capital.... yea no one built wealth from retirement accounts.....

  • Mike Kay
    Mike Kay

    Check the WSJ article out on 11/23 with 21 million boomers expected to move out and sell houses in the next two decades. That’s going to be a lot of supply to fill the demand of home ownership. Right now we are in peak prices because of the supply/demand. Home ownership becomes more affordable and simpler once that supply opens up. Thoughts??

  • AlBelilos

    Except people who build a couple million dollars in equity over a decade or two and downgrade in retirement and spend their estate down while minimizing taxes

  • steve miller
    steve miller

    Vlad is the best at what he does, he does his research on who ever he interviews. If they wrote a book he reads it. Then he asks the best questions that everyone is interested in. I can’t believe the hate I see on this man.

  • Jazmine Jules
    Jazmine Jules

    My history teacher in 8th grade told us that mortgage meant death contract and it really stuck with me

  • Main Kosmowski
    Main Kosmowski

    6:20 Why are wages not rising? He won‘t give you the answer...Because the Supply side of the workforce is artificially increased which suppresses wages. How? By a fucking MILLION immigrants every single year allone. That‘s the answer. (He won‘t give you the answer because he profits from the rising demand for real estate which he provides)

  • hat man
    hat man

    So is he telling us not to buy homes because blacks mostly watch Vlad TV

  • Christopher Bess
    Christopher Bess

    Do not listen to Grant Cardone. This man is a salesperson not a CFP. This man is a con artists. He says he’s not trying to “sell anything” however he has built his wealth on renting real estate and on literally selling people products that teaches you how to sell to people. This man owns 7,000 residential rental units. Read Chris Hogan’s millionaire next door and see what it says about home ownership. This guy is using this interview which seems like free get rich advice to sell his products.

  • Christopher Bess
    Christopher Bess

    Do not listen to Grant Cardone. This man is a salesperson not a CFP. This man is a con artists. He says he’s not trying to “sell anything” however he has built his wealth on literally selling people products that teaches you how to sell to people.

  • Health God
    Health God

    It was written in the old testament, if thy buys a dwelth then thy will have a master for several decades

  • Shaun Craike - Smart Investing
    Shaun Craike - Smart Investing

    So many Australians have made millions buying in the 80s, 90s ans 00s and now retiring, living off the cash they made in their homes as sell up in the capital cities and moving to beautiful coastal towns.

  • T Real
    T Real


  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma

    Vlad’s followers are a bunch of Retards. I make 300k/year combined with my wife. I’m not a millionaire and have a long way to go. I have tried to give advice to people and they simply don’t want to listen. Their brains are just too small or something. Listen to someone that has experience. For example. I told someone, “money equals happiness”. Poor guy responds, “Thats your opinion. Doesn’t make it true.” Lmao! What a fuckin tard. Money allows you to take care of the two most important things in life which are health and family. Magic Jhonson wouldn’t be alive if he didn’t have that kind of money. I wouldn’t be able to help my family if I didn’t make what I do. Just want to Vegas. I paid $600 for a private side by side off road tour, $362 for my wife’s massage at the Palazzo, $550 to shoot a machine gun from a flying helicopter, $230 to dump 5 25 bully magazine on an ak-47... Money equals fuckin happiness.

  • John Aguilera
    John Aguilera

    Does this guy have lips? Wtf?!?

  • Jonathan Dilin
    Jonathan Dilin

    @GrahamStephen ?

  • marcmaartenful

    Yea he is a full scam artist, and full himself and shit that's it. Full of shit

  • organicfire organicfire
    organicfire organicfire

    Who got ur money....The owners of the federal reserve aka the illuminati.

  • Alex Mattie
    Alex Mattie

    Say what ya say but the first feels great when you only have a electric bill a water bill and just 400 a year in property tax my bills for home for one year comes out $2200 dollars a year where can i live on three acres and have peace and quiet CHEAPER...I TELL YOU NO your research and pay off a house first then you have plenty to spend if you do your research properly first

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