Here's the deal (Ryzen 3900X, 3700X, 9900K, 9700K benchmarks)
Today marks the launch of the Ryzen 3000 series of processors from AMD. How does Team Red's 3rd Generation of CPUs stack up against the competition? Four chips (Ryzen 9 3900X, Ryzen 7 3700X, Intel Core i9-9900K, Intel Core i7-9700K) go head-to-head in a series of gaming and content creation benchmarks to see which CPU reigns supreme!
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I found out which CPU you should buy. Ryzen 3900X, 3800X, 9900K, 9700K benchmarks
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    I did agreed with you, I don't see much different between 9900k and 9700k, instead of wasting money, 9700k will be the perfect choice. Good video bro, bravo! 👍

  • Edu Vas
    Edu Vas

    Nice video, good job, next time add a render time test for premier ! with h264, h265. Intel has hadware acceleration soo It would have been interesting saw how performs vs ryzen chips in render time.


    Currently have a i7 4790k looking to up grade. This will be my 2nd build and mostly be using for gaming. What CPU would you recommend. I also currently have a rtx 2080.


      @Maaz Altaf looking to upgrade CPU not GPU messed up in post sry

    • Maaz Altaf
      Maaz Altaf

      Why would you want another GPU? The only upgrade options you have, for gpus, are 2080 super and 2080ti

  • AlexVilla

    Intel is the best.....

  • clarens029 0000
    clarens029 0000

    19:38 is the best part

  • chkmcgee

    I won't use a Intel chip because I don't like their lack of customer oriented service the more I hear how great team blue is the more I remember how they kept us in the dark. Much like how apple is handling Its repair dept. today.

  • Evi RS
    Evi RS

    LMAO 1:50

  • ButtOnAStick

    That switch though...

  • Zsavage1

    hey... how about doing some REAL WORLD game tests... everyone I have seen that DOESN'T use generic garbage benchmarks shows the 3900x kicking ass...

  • Diabolical Lad
    Diabolical Lad

    SO I'm planning on upgrading in the near future. Got a 2070 Super so witch CPU would u recommend on for that card? Don't wanna go overkill and would like to get 144 fps constant in most competitive games (R6 and Overwatch in particular)

  • Damocles

    you guys are buying this 3900x chip for 500 units and here it's like 4000 units. fck!

  • JayzBeerz

    All these stats mean nothing to the average user and gamer which is everyone below me.

  • eLJaybud

    If you don't have the hardware in your hands don't do one of these based on manufacturers graphics. Real world performance can greatly differ.

  • eLJaybud

    I think you should probably keep the impressions to yourself. 🤦

    • Johnny Mosley
      Johnny Mosley

      This is a “review” channel...don’t be here if you don’t want his opinions and personality.

  • Samrat Kundu
    Samrat Kundu

    Ryzen 5 3600 (without oc) vs i7 8700 for music production on cubase..! At least for upcoming 4years which one would be great!? With 3000mhz 16gb ram

    • Samrat Kundu
      Samrat Kundu

      @Yim Yim i7 worth it with B365? I'm on a budget!

    • Samrat Kundu
      Samrat Kundu

      @Yim Yim on every benchmark even in real life experience everyone suggesting ryzen 5 3600...:(

    • Yim Yim
      Yim Yim

      I7 hands down, it has great singlecore and multicore Performance and you wont need to Upgrade for 3+ years

  • Spinks

    it might be the ill man...thats some vrm like shit man.

  • Alejandro Rodarte
    Alejandro Rodarte

    “My nipples are tingling” I felt that before he even said it.

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson

    I've inside info that Intel have a cpu ready for release soon it has a 5ghz base clock before overclocking. It's been ready for ages but kept hidden to combat amd

    • Phil Dawson
      Phil Dawson

      @Michael Kdy all good in my book mate. Games will be silky smooth and video editing a breeze. We shall see

    • Michael Kdy
      Michael Kdy

      @Phil Dawson yeah it's insane!

    • Phil Dawson
      Phil Dawson

      @Michael Kdy probably seems like a good plan if they want to beat amd. It will have to be a competitive price to. 5ghz base clock is a beast if this is correct info

    • Michael Kdy
      Michael Kdy

      oh wow, I'm guessing they will release it after 3950X

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson

    Computer says no

  • Full Entertainment
    Full Entertainment

    My i5 8600k oced to 4.5 ghz scores 97.3% benchmark score which is higher than most of the ryzen 3000 series processor's max oced benchmark..I get 103% benchmark score when overclocked to 4.8 ghz and it's higher than all ryzen 3000 series processors when oced...I use a $45 dollers Mod Cryorig H7 Rgb air cooler to overclock..My processors is best for gaming+streaming..I get no lag or stutterings gaming+streaming..


    Obviously, most of these games need to be optimized in order to take advantage of all the threads of the Ryzen R9 3900X, the results would have been probably totally different if it was the case...

  • Mark Doug
    Mark Doug

    I think once some driver updates and some tweaking on their end i think we will see some gains in performance

  • Witcher Gregory
    Witcher Gregory

    Also gg lyle. True utube commenter

  • Witcher Gregory
    Witcher Gregory

    I wish I was a top shill like Linus so companies would just send stuff. Witchers lack coin

  • Atlas Gaming
    Atlas Gaming

    No metter how many cores and threads you put into it, Intel will always be the best... And it's 10$ cheaper😂... Btw the stock cooler is useless cz everybody will use water cooling🙄...

  • Thunder

    has $300 ram "we thought using a $1000 video card was overkill"

  • Marc Jerico
    Marc Jerico

    in my next upgrade, im all in AMD

  • Md Farouk Hasan
    Md Farouk Hasan

    guys, just don't forget, AMD is not cheap at any cost. You have to pay much more for a Motherboard, and they are not offering anything high performer than Intel without any extra cost. they are still behind of Intel. and Whenever they took the lead, they were extremely overpriced. Don't forget the 64 bit edition AMD CPUs !!!

  • Nam Nami
    Nam Nami

    so amd for smart gamers and intel for rich gamers.

  • Nameless King
    Nameless King

    So, intel is better for me as they sell for around the same price in RSA.

  • Ryan Ho
    Ryan Ho

    so basically more cores is faster in benchmarks, but in actuality programs arent really maximizing the extra cores, so performance boost is limited haha...

    • Witcher Gregory
      Witcher Gregory

      Same as always

    • Morten R. Bjørklund
      Morten R. Bjørklund

      Well, depending on your workload, personally I do lots of compilation of software, and had great performance gain when I got the TR1920X. However, if your only goal is the play games and possibly stream them, the intel chips give you some extra performance. That being said, the difference between team blue and team red is so little, that you basically either vote with your wallet or personal preference.

  • Random User
    Random User

    It's not nepotism. That is not the niece of the nvidia ceo's neice. It's him with a sex change or a woman suit(or vice versa). He either takes off the suit or uses cgi to add/remove he boobs or hides them somehow. Goddamit I think he pulled a doubtfire! Notice the arm where the tattoo is is covered most of the time. When it's not in a few places It doesn't look like the same person. I think he goes ms doubtfire and replaces the women or has a more realistic stand in women in a lot of interview. The face on the niece is so unrealistic in many cases it looks like a man disguised with Hollywood like makeup to look like a woman. Scale is very easy to hide on a stage. And they're(?) the CEO's of fucking graphics companies. They should know how to do that with ease.

  • N Gauge England -Synthematix-
    N Gauge England -Synthematix-

    You want to know what intel stands for? inadequate nieve treacherous embarrassing losers

  • Arctic Gator
    Arctic Gator

    im going to build my first pc and honestly almost anything will be a vast improvement over my old ass 800 dollar 2007 pc and 750 ti gpu lol, maybe someone can look at my build on pc partpicker, choosing what to get is hard because there is always something new and "better"

    • GLaDOS ಥ‿ಥ
      GLaDOS ಥ‿ಥ

      You can buy a OEM code at Mmoga, to install windows you have to use the official tool from microsoft and first download it from your old pc onto an usb stick, then plug that into your new one

    • Arctic Gator
      Arctic Gator

      ​@GLaDOS ಥ‿ಥ thanks for the tip about win 10, i got the larger psu for peripherals/usb charging and if i wanted to add more fans (maybe rgb) etc i would have room to expand, i figured at least half or more of my total system power draw would be good but a 1k psu isnt that expensive at least.

    • GLaDOS ಥ‿ಥ
      GLaDOS ಥ‿ಥ

      Do not buy windows 10 for 100 bucks, you can get a code for 15 bucks. Also the power supply is overkill

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas

    The i7 9700k is nearly maxed out in some games and has less cores and threads than the i9. Does this make a difference for future proofing? The consoles will be using 8 cores and 16 threads so won't pc ports be best optimized for the i9?

  • Craftuar

    Ryzen 3 Benchmarks with 3733 MHZ Ram ? Ryzen 3 get in normal case best results with 3600 MHZ Ram. This little german youtuber test an 3700x with Battlefield. @17:14 he show difference between 3600 and 3866 MHZ = -12,5 % in Battlefield with 3866 MHZ ;) Most results depends on Ram timings,but it look like everything above 3600 MHZ = negative performance in most cases : 3600MHz CL 18-22-22-22-42 T2 Average framerate : 87.0 FPS Minimum framerate : 64.5 FPS Maximum framerate : 124.9 FPS 1% low framerate : 45.1 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 30.1 FPS 3600MHz CL 18-22-22-22-42 T1 Average framerate : 95.3 FPS Minimum framerate : 70.2 FPS Maximum framerate : 130.9 FPS 1% low framerate : 58.0 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 36.7 FPS 3600MHz CL 15-15-15-15-35 T2 Average framerate : 85.8 FPS Minimum framerate : 57.5 FPS Maximum framerate : 125.9 FPS 1% low framerate : 52.5 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 36.2 FPS 3600MHz CL 15-15-15-15-35 T1 Average framerate : 98.0 FPS Minimum framerate : 72.4 FPS Maximum framerate : 136.9 FPS 1% low framerate : 63.2 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 41.1 FPS 3600MHz CL 14-15-15-15-35 T2 Average framerate : 83.8 FPS Minimum framerate : 55.2 FPS Maximum framerate : 129.9 FPS 1% low framerate : 56.0 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 35.0 FPS 3600MHz CL 14-15-15-15-35 T1 Average framerate : 96.2 FPS Minimum framerate : 62.6 FPS Maximum framerate : 123.4 FPS 1% low framerate : 48.7 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 32.0 FPS 3733MHz CL 15-15-15-15-35 T2 Average framerate : 84.0 FPS Minimum framerate : 50.9 FPS Maximum framerate : 119.8 FPS 1% low framerate : 49.0 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 33.7 FPS

  • Naif Thghost
    Naif Thghost

    3900x is a great machine core for the creative people and gamers .. (gamers the best r5 3600x/i5-9600k and insanely 9900k-9700k for the best fps experience )

  • Planet Xtreme
    Planet Xtreme

    OK I guess I'm waiting a month, upgrading from a 1st gen Ryzen 5 To the Ryzen 3900X, hopefully..

    • Morten R. Bjørklund
      Morten R. Bjørklund

      Remember to upgrade your motherboard FW if you are keeping your old, and it is supported! :)

  • Texas NightOwl
    Texas NightOwl

    Why complicate the comparison by crippling one system with slow SSD (500 GB SSD is slower than 2 TB no matter what kind of SSD), never mind Gen 3 vs 4 PCIe. And why not the same memory too?

  • Gabriel Savian Kenway
    Gabriel Savian Kenway

    Here's a statistic nobody has mentioned: i7-2600k - i7-3770k = 8% performance gain i7-3770k - i7-4790k = 15% performance gain i7-4790k - i7-6700k = 3% performance gain i7-6700k - i7-7700k = 8% performance gain i7-7700k - i7-8700k = 12% performance gain i7-8700k - i7-9700k = 5% performance gain Total performance gain over 7 generations = 51% Number of chipsets/sockets required: 5 Now onto AMD: FX-9590 - R7 1700X = 52% performance gain R7 1700X - R7 2700X = 12% performance gain R7 2700X - R7 3700X = 14% performance gain Total performance gain over 4 generations = 78% Number of chipsets/sockets required: 2

  • Gabriel Savian Kenway
    Gabriel Savian Kenway

    Here's a statistic nobody has mentioned: i7-2600k - i7-3770k = 8% performance gain i7-3770k - i7-4790k = 15% performance gain i7-4790k - i7-6700k = 3% performance gain i7-6700k - i7-7700k = 8% performance gain i7-7700k - i7-8700k = 12% performance gain i7-8700k - i7-9700k = 5% performance gain Total performance gain over 7 generations = 51% Number of chipsets/sockets required: 5 Now onto AMD: FX-9590 - R7 1700X = 52% performance gain R7 1700X - R7 2700X = 12% performance gain R7 2700X - R7 3700X = 14% performance gain Total performance gain over 4 generations = 78% Number of chipsets/sockets required: 2

  • Snoopmasta

    I'll still wait for the 3950X - Do I need it? Nope...never. But do I love the CPUs display in the Task-Manager? DEFINITELY!

  • bob tor
    bob tor

    Lyle is the money maker

  • Xavier Alex
    Xavier Alex

    3900x for professionals practice like architects / interior designers. intel for gamers

    • Naif Thghost
      Naif Thghost

      Wrong.. 3900x better value long term support great single thread performance great multi thread performance.. power efficient lower temps, its the best overall buy

  • Zebra Pleco
    Zebra Pleco

    I have two unopened 3900X CPU’s available if anyone is interested for $619.99 plus $5 shipping. Reply if interested 😎

  • zthegamingnerd

    I have a rysen 3rd gen 1080 TI gpu 134 gb ddr4 ram and a 2tb ssd and my computer is soo fast

    • stephen allen
      stephen allen

      What are you even trying to accomplish here?

  • Drake Hubbard
    Drake Hubbard

    In other words get the Ryzen 3900 because it can multitask better

  • jozvan1

    Even if you are a die-hard Intel fanboy, you have to admit that AMD really did good job. We actually have a competition going on, prices going down, and tons of good options for us, end users.

  • travis mcintyre
    travis mcintyre

    YoU DiDnT TeSt MiNe cRafT?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!!!??

  • Ben Schmitz
    Ben Schmitz

    Yeah that memory overclock is gonna skew all results. I'm gonna take this review with some salt.

    • MastodonManiac

      You def seem salty , I agree.

  • Ryu K
    Ryu K

    Hello everyone, hoping someone can help me with a build list. Budget= up to 2k, need primarily for gaming. Already have monitor/keyboard/mouse. Will be gaming on a monitor with 3440x1440 resolution (it has freesync). I was thinking about Ryzen 7 3800x with the powercolor rx 5700xt but looking for guidance. As far as mobos go, i am completely lost. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

    • chika edaki
      chika edaki

      @Ryu K NP :P

    • Ryu K
      Ryu K

      chika edaki TY!! You’re awesome!

    • chika edaki
      chika edaki

      ​@Ryu K In this build i tried 2 save you a little bit of money but for starters ur gonna have 2 wait for the powercoulor 5700xt 2 be released so i just put a place holder in the gpu section and i added a little extra bit of ram but if u only need 16gb then u could always reduce it. Good luck with ur build :)(And maybe change the case if you dont like it plus the mobo i picked is the one im using and it probably the best mobo for the price).

    • chika edaki
      chika edaki

      Acc I'll do one on pc part picker and send u a link give me like 5 mins

    • chika edaki
      chika edaki

      Then maybe u could get the h500 it has a black and blue variant for like £70 or whatever ur currency is.

  • Yeti8it

    but that 7nm though ...drops the mic

  • Finch Family
    Finch Family

    3900 for 2nd monitor watching sports?

  • 800lb Gorilla
    800lb Gorilla

    'big blue' is IBM not Intel

    • notoriousbig3k

      Intel is the new big blue

  • Michael Strange
    Michael Strange

    I really needed a laugh this week...thanks for meeting that need. Oh, and good info to boot.

  • GameAholics Anonymous
    GameAholics Anonymous

    Should be of no surprise to any knowledgeable PC gamers.. intel core series is a performance cpu with higher ipc than Ryzen, which is a workload processor.. If you went out and bought a Ryzen for all the cores strictly for a gaming PC you are a noob at best...… That's like running out and getting a 12 cylinder work truck to race a 6 cylinder car, the work truck is better at work orientated demands, but performance goes to the 6 cylinder car.

  • MFR Paug
    MFR Paug

    Yikes, all these numbers my a4 6300 can't even breach 50fps on BlOps1 HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Gaming Legion
    Gaming Legion

    I liked the intro specially Lyle he's cute

  • Jordan

    It is a good time to be a PC elitist. The competition between these companies makes for a great market. May our master race live on.

  • Bryan Kinnear
    Bryan Kinnear

    Where is that synthwave-esque wallpaper from!?

    • Andrei Aldea
      Andrei Aldea

      wallpaper engine / steam


    I went with the i7 8700k a while back, probably stick to Intel until AMD perform better in games without being as expensive as the i9.

    • Phil Dawson
      Phil Dawson

      Good cpu for rcps3 i7 8700k

  • Vasilis Green
    Vasilis Green

    #WaitForIceLake Although, the hashtag that really matters is #Wait4OLED

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson

    Intel does get better video encoding time in Adobe Premier because of it's use of the Integrated graphics on that chip. Check out Science Studios video on this.

  • Elgan Bruner
    Elgan Bruner

    Here's the thing though, as DX12 becomes the new standard, and Vulkan becomes the new OpenGL, both of these heavily multithreaded APIs are going to SLAY with AMD chips. AMD might not kill it in DX11 titles, but when it comes to games which can saturate all of those cores and threads, they're gonna win.

  • Rick Bhattacharya
    Rick Bhattacharya

    Top 10 anime battles 😂😂

    • ncuvkb bghj
      ncuvkb bghj

      Not fun

  • Mitchell Tomlinson
    Mitchell Tomlinson

    1:50 might be my favorite thing on youtube

  • Kevin

    In my country the 3700x is 370€ and The 9700k is 450€, my pc is for gaming basically. Which one should I get. Im lost

    • Kevin

      @MegaBoeboe yeah my first though was The 3600 but the rumors abot next gen zen are sounding good same with Rdna. Intel and nvidia have to answer so next year might be the right time for an upgrade but. Actually wanted to upgrade for years but with the mining boom and The ram colluding scandal I just didnt se The point to upgrade and throw money in The sea. But my poor 2500k is on its last leg sme with my 970, so I guess its time.

    • MegaBoeboe

      r5 3600


    I've learned 2 things, that 1. the 3900x is better for productivity but the 9900k is slightly faster for gaming and 2. any intel shill on reddit will try to shove in your face "109 FpS iS StIlL bEtTeR tHaN 106 fPs"

  • Dipidoodle

    can you do the same thing with an i5 9600k and ryzen 7 2700x

    • ncuvkb bghj
      ncuvkb bghj



    What about 3800x?

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