Here's the deal (Ryzen 3900X, 3700X, 9900K, 9700K benchmarks)
Today marks the launch of the Ryzen 3000 series of processors from AMD. How does Team Red's 3rd Generation of CPUs stack up against the competition? Four chips (Ryzen 9 3900X, Ryzen 7 3700X, Intel Core i9-9900K, Intel Core i7-9700K) go head-to-head in a series of gaming and content creation benchmarks to see which CPU reigns supreme!
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I found out which CPU you should buy. Ryzen 3900X, 3800X, 9900K, 9700K benchmarks
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  • DJ ArcForce
    DJ ArcForce

    You know where AMD got a foothold to catch up to Intel on gaming performance and blow past them in other areas? AMD was smart enough to see that the old 4 core / 8 thread standard was way overdue for replacement and they did something about it. Listen... I'm an Intel guy and always have been. My main gaming rig is an i7 8700K based system.... Love Intel.... but I can't ignore how AMD has done something brilliant here. First they changed the core count standard for consumer level processors and then while Intel was trying to catch up on that front, they improved their Zen architecture a bit making the performance per dollar issue a bigger issue to more people than it would have been before.... then while Intel is still trying to catch up on core count and for some reason isn't cutting CPU prices, AMD drops Zen 2, Ryzen 3000. IPC nearly identical to Intel, at a lower cost and more cores and more unlocked processors. And all Intel has to offer in response is 4x refreshed processors at prices that make no sense. Love my 8700K... 6 core / 12 thread, blows AMD Ryzen 2000 out of the water. But if i was building a new rig today, considering the offerings from both companies, I'd have to go AMD. Intel just isn't giving anyone a good ENOUGH reason to go Intel right now. Intel is still technically KING of gaming but only by a few percent..... who's going to pay double the money for a few percent more performance? Not me... and I'm an Intel guy.

  • Marshall Sawyers
    Marshall Sawyers

    I love Lyle. You need to do more with him.

  • The Boom
    The Boom

    You should have done the 3800x that is what would make sense against the 9700k


    Best video EVER!

  • m1_ksa

    best comparison.

  • chris b
    chris b

    So as usual intel performs better for gaming.

  • Benjamin Smithynunta
    Benjamin Smithynunta

    “The 9900k and 3700x are rubbing against each other again, and should probably get a room”

  • Jordan M
    Jordan M

    7:00 = benchmarking start

  • Process

    I’m getting a 9700k with a 2070 super oc 8gb at 1080p on 1920x1080 my FPS is averaging 350 on Fortnite

  • Stephen Ward
    Stephen Ward

    1:50 😂😂😂 you'll watch this more than once !

  • j jon
    j jon

    if they can beat my personal score/record of 24.8ghz across all cores and only 80% usage while gaming . if they can do this. then i will upgrade from my i7-2600k beast. my o.c. is only 4.5ghz and turbo boosts up to 24+ghz. if the new processors can do that i will upgrade.

  • Solo Star YT
    Solo Star YT

    Intel why so high at price... i9 9900k Rs.75,000 3700x Rs.27,000 3700x boy come to me now....

  • Ollie Badstue
    Ollie Badstue

    Laughs? In 3800X

  • Resly Tamura
    Resly Tamura

    intel lose, because people love more cores in budget segment, like 1 games running at multiple tab in chrome or mozilla and more tabs in the background and steam icon etc

  • The Nickolau
    The Nickolau

    2:20 - Master. Just. Master.

  • Nobody 731
    Nobody 731

    Intel when they released the 9900KS: we now have a cpu which can turbo all cores to 5ghz! However we raised the price by a shit ton and the top was increased so if you do somehow manage to turbo it up that high It’ll be outputting 250+ watts! Welcome to intel where we are still on a processing node from 2015 and we overprice our shit

  • Vincent Prizze
    Vincent Prizze

    Ich schreibe das jetzt mal hier rein obwohl ich das was ich jetzt sage wohl überall kommentieren könnte.Mich interessieren eigentlich nicht die Vergleiche welcher Prozessor schneller ist.Mich interessiert ob man ein aktuelles Spiel ruckelfrei und in höchster Auflösung spielen kann.Bitte mal Tests mit EINEM Prozessor und Einem Spiel.Und das alles aus dem Basistakt heraus.

  • Matt Green
    Matt Green

    Hahaha that was halariuos bud lol

  • WreckingAres 283
    WreckingAres 283

    oh, look i7-9700k is mostly better that "the best gaming cpu" i9-9900k.....AND IT COSTS 200€ LESS

  • dr34dh34d

    Mostly playing in 1400p and 1080p Haa.


    If we turn off smt in ryzen CPUs it will perform way better than intel CPUs in gaming

  • Mike -n-Diane
    Mike -n-Diane

    if you really streaming everyday day, I'll have a sperate system for it.

  • Michael Carroll
    Michael Carroll

    The camera man got you my thumbs up

  • ITMeCE

    I think once AMD streamlines everything, these numbers will change, dramatically.

    • MrYellow


  • Chris Spielman
    Chris Spielman

    Dude that was the most epic shutdown intro ever! I was dying!

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris

    Too bad this video came out the day AMD released the RX5700. Would like to have seen a comparison using PCI-E 4.0 speeds.

  • vHavx

    CPUs are hella fucking confusing.

  • PhantomHD illuminate
    PhantomHD illuminate

    AMD lest be fair and release Threadripper 3990X CPU with 64 computing cores. Intel: at what cost? AMD : about $4000 each. Intel ...

  • 1castellp

    0:46 it would seem as though AMD is...ryzen up.... ba da tink.....(crickets)

  • Alejandro

    If you are like me, that i change my CPU every 6 years and the GPU every 2 years, go for the 9900k o 9900ks

  • Alejandro Favre Podstavka
    Alejandro Favre Podstavka

    AMD: I'm invincible!.. INTEL: Good luck with compatibility...

    • clash Gamers
      clash Gamers

      @Đuro Razbojnik not an intel fan but when you buy an k or x series processor you are really looking into some overclocking stock cooler won't cut it i would much rather see a price decrease

    • Alejandro Favre Podstavka
      Alejandro Favre Podstavka

      @Đuro Razbojnik I would gladly spend more into some WC instead of that shitty stock cooler...

    • Đuro Razbojnik
      Đuro Razbojnik

      Also good luck with spending 100 bucks more for the cooler since intels come with none lol.

  • Gábor Papp
    Gábor Papp

    Are you telling me why amd 3700x and 3800x only handle memory write and memory letency in single channel mode? Why don't you handle it in dual chanel like intel cpu? Why is it dumb down? However, the 3900x and 3950x already handle memory writing, reading, copying but even these do not handle dual chanel memory letency like intel cpuk? Only handled in single chanel mode. Who knows why this is and why you and no one have ever talked about it? I made a video about it that you are interested in watching.

  • ThatAussieBloke

    so any of these CPUs are good

  • Robert Kohut
    Robert Kohut

    Nice!! Just got an i5 9600k.. :-)

  • LootPoint

    I love the gaming performance and everything but I don’t think I can bring myself to spend $120 more for a 9700k... OR SHOULD I UGHHH

    • Krovarus

      @LootPoint hey happy to help

    • LootPoint

      Krovarus ohhh ok thank you so much! I’ll be ordering a 3700x tomorrow:)

    • Krovarus

      @LootPoint I managed to get a new 7 3700x on eBay for $300 and I haven't had any complaints with it what so ever

    • Krovarus

      @LootPoint Well I feel like any of the cpu's on this list will keep you at a rock solid 144fps in any of those games at low. I had a 5 2600x for the longest time and got 144fps at 1440p in R6 siege at all times so I think go with whatever you're comfortable spending.

    • LootPoint

      Krovarus 2070 super manually overclocked.

  • The Real Nobody
    The Real Nobody

    do we need any bios update if I want to switch my 2700x for an 3700x (ROG B350-F motherboard)

  • Ивелин Димитров
    Ивелин Димитров

    Hella confused if I even need to upgrade at this point :D rockin' with an old pentium that was a value king in its day, g4560. Doing light gaming (league and wow) and some photo editing every now and then, I'm easily pushing it to its limits, especially with the editing but do I even need 9700k when I don't even play the newest most taxing titles or the 3700x when my biggest load would be exporting 300 photos in lightroom when I don't even care if it would take 5 or 15 minutes. Lemme know what you think

  • Allan khad
    Allan khad

    Great research. And had some good comedy, too.

  • Jamal

    My nipples too were tingling

  • SpaceTaco86

    00:54 is that a man or a woman? I see boobs but the face . . . the face is throwing me off.

  • Sharon Coronado
    Sharon Coronado

    Great review - awesome context and content! Well done - Helps out a lot down the road on what and why to consider each cpu!

  • cory75FI

    Intel Killing AMD

  • Photoshop Automation
    Photoshop Automation


  • Zvala

    the true shine of these ryzen 3000s cpu will be next gen gaming coming right up in 2020 :3

  • Kamar

    That awkward moment I have that outfit.

  • Three Cats
    Three Cats

    15:38 I think I disagree with that strong recommendation that Bitwit gives. If you buy the 9700K, you will have to upgrade sooner than if you buy the 9900K. That's once the 9700K is swamped by gaming demand. I found this out when I bought an i5-4690. When it started to choke on games, my only easy upgrade was buy the i7-4790K. The 4790K then stormed in games that the 4690 was choking in. The 4790K kept that computer running at least a year longer for gaming; maybe two years. In other words, if you buy the chip without hyperthreading, you will end up needing the chip with hyperthreading eventually. Or to put it another way, if you buy the 9700K, you will end up buying twice.

  • Joey M
    Joey M

    These Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmarks are odd... At 1440p and highest presets SotTR (and most games) should be 99% GPU bound with a RTX 2080 even with a 3700X. With the same settings in-game and the same specs I got an average of 98fps with a 3700X, he got 88fps. At 1080p I got 139fps, he got 118fps.

  • John Ventshop
    John Ventshop

    Now that some fixes have been put in place I would love to see how these perform comparatively now.

    • John Ventshop
      John Ventshop

      @Gregory Albert AMD has released a lot of fixes to the BIOS and Microsoft has made some changes for the scheduler that have made the Ryzens better than when they were first released. Intel's architecture has not have the major changes that AMD has implemented since Ryzen was released so they don't need as much to reach peak performance at this point. Personally looking at benchmarks done within the first 6 months of a release though is misleading so taking the information and seeing how the updates and fixes have done is worthwhile.

    • Gregory Albert
      Gregory Albert

      What fixes are you referring too?

  • Has1n

    bruh is kyle asian, if not that was epic lmao

  • Abdullah Harasani
    Abdullah Harasani

    7 3700x with 2060 super the best

  • Majin Mew
    Majin Mew

    Contrary to what you state in the Video, Intel 9900k/9700k/8700k/9600k really DO profit from high RAM speeds and they can mostly handle speeds of 4000+ MHz, too. That leads to major improvements of %Lows and frametime consistency to the point where they clearly beat optimized Ryzen CPUs by 20%.

  • Joey Eats4444
    Joey Eats4444


    • Miles Fewell
      Miles Fewell

      You my friend, are a saint

    • Thomas Rysgaard
      Thomas Rysgaard


  • Alexandria Marcoux
    Alexandria Marcoux

    ow my head...

    • Antitrust anonyme
      Antitrust anonyme

      i built i9 9900kf, is better, more stable amd do blue screen and crash in many thing actuallu , not enough stable for me

  • Pretender Gamer
    Pretender Gamer

    3900X on my way!

  • rhelms63

    I like the case, what brand is it?

  • Jay2tizzo

    AMD will always get wrecked by Intel. Come at me poor AMD owners. Keep wishing for my i9

  • Toad The Theorist
    Toad The Theorist

    Meanwhile at area 51: AMD* Ryzen 987655173752728 black edition

  • Fausto Bolaños
    Fausto Bolaños

    Thought #1 9700k is a beast CPU for the price... Thought #2 9900k is a scam LOL...

  • tonyp114

    A worthy note about gaming and AMD too. Next gen consoles will be rocking Ryzen so it’s pretty obvious to me games will be MUCH more optimized for this architecture as next gen development begins

  • GalaxyTraveler

    how much of a bottleneck would a 980 Ti be with a 3700X or 9700K?

  • Oscar Oscar
    Oscar Oscar

    I'm going to get all my savings and spend them on a 3950x, including new MOBO and RAM. So that I'll have reasonable render times in Maya, AE, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, zBrush and Nuke.

  • Devon Shost
    Devon Shost

    I literally didn’t understand anything he said I don’t I just can’t understand technology talk

    • GalaxyTraveler

      well i just cant understand gardening talk.

    • Timothy Gillis
      Timothy Gillis

      Devon Shost so uh.... what were you doing here then lmao

    • Larper Dixon
      Larper Dixon

      thanks for the update 🙏

  • Catalin Raducan
    Catalin Raducan

    ipcfrequency, fucktard. Intel doesn't have higher IPC anymore.

  • Will Senecal
    Will Senecal

    Intro definitely got you a sub, great content 👍🏻

  • JemuzuO_O

    For the gaming + streaming test he doesn't tell us what encoder preset he's using for the stream, which is literally the most important piece of information.

  • Comp Wiz2007
    Comp Wiz2007

    FFS all you have to do is enable XMP profile 1 and you have 4.9ghz... Oh wait none of the Ryzens OC worth a damn..

  • Mike Mckay
    Mike Mckay

    Do you actually get a speed boost with PCIe4? A lot of the reviews show a PCIe4 link from CPU to chipset, but say its then split into several PCIe 3 lanes from the chipset. so if thats actually the case you wouldnt get any better performance unless using more than one drive in raid unless you use a socket that has CPU direct lanes rather than working via the chipset

  • DR1987IIC

    OMG WTF is that RAM @ 5:12? Looks like something Paris Hilton would put in her PC.

  • I'm on a 3900X at 4.3ghz, was on 4.4ghz but found it crashed during a CPU stress test, but during normal use it ran fine at 4.4ghz. My one thing too is perhaps its a temp thing too as my sff Sliger sm580 with 4x140mm Noctua fans, and a Kraken x62v2. The temps normally at 20% load (gaming) hits 70C, a CPU stress test runs in the high 80s topping to 90C. I use a cyronaut graphine sheet and my temps improved from prior noctua thermal paste. It's honestly a great CPU, my only gripe is that it takes longer to boot, anywhere around 20 seconds from pressing the power button. One thing is 3 seconds is from the BIOS prompt screen. My i7 6700K with a 3 seconds bios screen prompt only took 12 to 14 seconds. If you are like me you will notice it.

  • Stultus Rex
    Stultus Rex

    I only re-watched this for Lyle. haha

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