David Dobrik Too
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Hide and Seek around New York City!!
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  • Mr.D the mup lol
    Mr.D the mup lol

    Marilyn looks like this is normal hugging him

  • Someone Random
    Someone Random


  • Ryan Bayas
    Ryan Bayas

    I wish i had the same view has you, mine was right in time square near those red stairs i couldn’t sleep at all.

  • Logan dennis
    Logan dennis

    Did jonah win he hes the blaster

  • Caroline Finney
    Caroline Finney

    is it just me or does alex warren and david dobroke have the same laugh???

  • JustAnotherHater

    guy who shot bottle. legend

  • Shirmara Sexton
    Shirmara Sexton

    Everyone single one of your videos has me dying like I wanna be that friend group. You guys are hilarious😭😂

  • Listen Tome
    Listen Tome

    Lucas was so funny

  • Mystal Chan
    Mystal Chan

    I’ve been watching all of David’s vlogs during quarantine and I was thinking “wow this vlog felt really long” and I realized I was on his second channel

  • Romeo Niceguy
    Romeo Niceguy


  • Lux_ RaiderYT
    Lux_ RaiderYT

    Finally a longer video 5:31

  • Khulani Mabaso
    Khulani Mabaso

    David censored his swear words!!!???

  • Saif Big boy Amoudi
    Saif Big boy Amoudi

    Natalie I love you and you might think this is a girl but do trust me it’s not

  • Team Zodic
    Team Zodic

    All the people here rubbing against each other is how covid was made...

  • Niah C
    Niah C

    So David and his group of friend can go around New York with nerf GUNS but a little kid can’t go around with a pack of SKITTLES... this world don’t make sense

  • Why Why
    Why Why

    Does anyone else notice that he only plays scotty's songs on his second channel?😂

  • Aiza Jamil
    Aiza Jamil

    I really want a friend group like this.

  • makenna deeth
    makenna deeth

    im sorry but jason and david in those glasses has me LAUGHING OUT LOUD

  • lexi soto
    lexi soto

    am i the only one who noticed that there wasn’t an intro to the vlog ?

    • Jenna B
      Jenna B

      It’s his second channel and I don’t think he normally does intros here

  • Gina kendra Vera
    Gina kendra Vera

    I told him you would venmo him the money and he didn't care😞. He siad he didnt even know cassey😢😢

  • T Tashi
    T Tashi

    Hey David you look really good on that nerf outfit.


    Whats that song 3:48

    • Jenna B
      Jenna B

      Notice Me by Scotty Sire

  • Just A chicken
    Just A chicken

    Homie who kicked the bottle in looked at David like "you doubted me mortal"

  • Katiethemaster0808

    David dobrik will be the next MR BEAST

  • BirthDefectt377

    Dang the video opened in a school setting

  • Just Aesthetics
    Just Aesthetics

    when tiktok was actually good..

  • Destiny and Kehlani Hinojoza
    Destiny and Kehlani Hinojoza

    Hey David I wish you can give me a shout out my name is Destiny and I love all your vlog

  • Iggy Casino
    Iggy Casino

    Me when I turn 18 and can finally do whatever I want 0:31

  • Smiley Gang Gangster
    Smiley Gang Gangster

    Guy: I ain’t no snitch! David: I’ll give you $100 Guy: Oh yeah he’s over by McDonald’s!

  • Mclovin

    1:23 Is it just me or does this look fake

  • Wolf Played
    Wolf Played

    I have almost watch every vid

  • Humanrace Ifyournotfirstyouast
    Humanrace Ifyournotfirstyouast

    Guy really held the nerf guns up to the black guys like he was the cops . Disappointed

  • Nelson Mintken
    Nelson Mintken

    Why did this not make the main channel

  • Malachi Muhammad
    Malachi Muhammad

    She sounded like Siri

  • Richard Lozano
    Richard Lozano

    Everytime David talks normally he always has a chuckle in between every third word



  • Sam Ryan
    Sam Ryan

    If I was Jonah I would have gone someone where they couldn’t bring their nerf guns. An airport or museum would be perfect

  • Rhema Egosi
    Rhema Egosi

    Y'all David is in yellow.... He only wears black 😭😂😂🔥

  • Kaitlin Dawes
    Kaitlin Dawes

    It hurts seeing your idol in your city and you were probably doing nothing when he was there😔

  • Amy Brown
    Amy Brown

    I love that every single song he used was scotty’s music

  • TristanKincart

    What is lucas tik tok?

  • Zia Wheatley
    Zia Wheatley

    The way David slapped Jonah after he reached for the golden nerf gun

  • Dipen Gautam
    Dipen Gautam

    David is a Genius 😂😂😂😂

  • Blanca Alvarado
    Blanca Alvarado

    David has two favorite people: Natalie and Jason

  • Rhea GM
    Rhea GM

    Jonah: Was this rigged, did you make her say free samples? clearly, he has his priorities straight

  • Millie Ecclestonxo
    Millie Ecclestonxo

    Anyone else this David it fit😍

  • Cyndi Parker
    Cyndi Parker

    ur vlogs are lit

  • nY0taC Perez
    nY0taC Perez

    My sister saw you at New York

  • Nate Oaks
    Nate Oaks

    it's kinda weird how this entire episode was just a big ad

  • K Knight
    K Knight

    What's the song at 4:55?

  • Raya Fadaei
    Raya Fadaei

    realizing this now natalie gets the worst looking apartments

  • Konner Rommerskirchen
    Konner Rommerskirchen

    What's his tiktok

  • Big Unknown
    Big Unknown

    i saw u but i’m mad i didn’t say hi

  • um hi i’m natalie
    um hi i’m natalie

    Sometimes i wonder why David is friends with Jonah

  • Big Paperclip
    Big Paperclip

    David can you give me all of your nerf guns please

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee

    I legit thought he meant this was sponsored by Jeff's dog Nerf

  • Zack West
    Zack West

    The free samples part omg🤣🤣🤣

  • Zack West
    Zack West

    Jason's voice can be terrific for a funny cartoon character, like rick from rick and Morty

  • Cole Money
    Cole Money

    Zane: I felt like I moved fast Reality: Moves in slow motion

  • Lieutenant Lettuce
    Lieutenant Lettuce

    Imagine Jonah went to the airport and actually went to New jersey

    • Amy Brown
      Amy Brown

      He doesn’t need to go to the airport New Jersey and New York are right next to each other

    • WydKash

      U can literally drive to it

    • WydKash

      New Jersey is literally right next to nyc

  • Yaboiicecream 28
    Yaboiicecream 28

    What was that song

    • Smash


  • m7jm

    First vlog that last more than 4:21

  • Mike Oxmall
    Mike Oxmall

    The first vlog without his theme music

  • Cloudy Skies
    Cloudy Skies

    Jonah is my spirit animal in this vlog istg

  • Yee Boy Danny
    Yee Boy Danny

    I wish he did come to New Jersey so I can meet them

  • Jenna Duff
    Jenna Duff

    Oh my this video wasn't 4:20 or 4:21 it was 5:31

  • ItzzMarissa

    Natalie gives me a bad vibe

  • InsecureSmokyQuartz

    I love how Natalie never looks impressed no matter what lol.

  • Splish Fish
    Splish Fish

    Bro I didnt know it was possible to love your bunny so much

  • Jack B./Vulcan Beatz
    Jack B./Vulcan Beatz

    Sponsored skater from the San Francisco Bay Area at 4:59

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