Hide and Seek GAME MASTER Spy Challenge in Real Life for 24 HOURS!
Rebecca Zamolo
New BEST FRIENDS SONG Reveals SECRET Hidden Cameras in HOUSE! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge) vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-fUbMZRIhJ7I.html
Rebecca Zamolo must learn how to play hide and seek endgame for this Game Master 24 hour challenge to rescue a mystery VN-myr in clotopia and stop E2!
▶ Help solve last Game Master clue and riddles: vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-IhCX5itvDiA.html
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Last time Rebecca Zamolo did the floor is lava challenge in Game Master spy hideout to rescue youtubers and Matt and Rebecca uploaded staying at the worst reviewed motel in my city (1 star game master secret meeting) and the couple split up to stop E2. Today, rebecca and daniel must learn how to hide and seek against the quadrant after rescuing ro pansino and getting a mysterious clue about the next youtuber target. We decided to wear spy ninja disguises and hack into the clotopia safehouse to rescue who we think is the DIY queen cloe couture. Has she been trapped inside for 24 hours like kurt and ro? R & D begin searching the hallways to look for clues or riddles because we need to find her! Daniel receives a secret message from the Gamemaster who will help us by having the quadrant fall asleep for 15 minutes. In that time, we must not be last to leave and escape with the youtuber. Inside we have to find giant candy gummy bears that are hidden to unlock the code. We find Clo asleep in a tiny hidden space and use a ladder to save her. She has a mysterious drink that the red hood gave her. Daniel and I try to leave but he tells me I need to trust him. Is Matt going to find me before E2? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019
Cloe Couture House Tour: vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-E0TessXRdqs.html
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  • Aubrey Bishop
    Aubrey Bishop

    The person who is playing the piano could be Matt or Matt’s clone

  • Jodi Hamilton
    Jodi Hamilton

    It was something else not the game master sending you another gonna tell you don’t trust Daniel he’s really lying

  • Alexandria Hagans
    Alexandria Hagans


  • amanda Myers
    amanda Myers

    You may want to take off that "I trust Daniel" shirt asap!

  • amanda Myers
    amanda Myers

    Cloe will be up there!


    I follow you on TickTock

  • Bassam Harbi
    Bassam Harbi

    This is the third one is in mats not a quadrant this is

  • Ateka Vajihi
    Ateka Vajihi

    It's mstt

  • Ateka Vajihi
    Ateka Vajihi

    It's mstt

  • Tish A-F
    Tish A-F

    I think its kurt

  • Lily McClurg
    Lily McClurg

    Matt was playing the piano

  • Makayla Farmer
    Makayla Farmer

    He woke for the red hood

  • yeet

    Rebaca that was matt playing the piano he was looking for you

  • Johana Vicente
    Johana Vicente

    The quadrant 3 was matt i saw his video

  • Ronisha Malik
    Ronisha Malik

    Matt was playing the piano

  • jaydenplays 15
    jaydenplays 15

    That was Matt go get him 😯

  • laura Tagle Uribe
    laura Tagle Uribe

    The person who was playing the piono was matt he was ender cover🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  • Eva Barnum-Watson
    Eva Barnum-Watson

    The one in the chair they had a gummy bear be hide it


    The personnplaying piano was matt he was undercover to rescue you both Like is you agree

  • Vireak Bophaphoung
    Vireak Bophaphoung

    Rebecca your husband is playing the piano he’s looking for you

  • Vireak Bophaphoung
    Vireak Bophaphoung

    Is in the pandemic of the virus in 2020

  • Arianna Allen
    Arianna Allen

    cloe will be up there

  • Lola Moore
    Lola Moore

    Chole is up there

  • Barbie Dream house
    Barbie Dream house

    Matt is the quarter

  • Brisa Mejia Mendoza
    Brisa Mejia Mendoza

    The won who was playing the piano was matt because i saw matt's video because he was trying to look for you and he was in disguys to make sure the cuadrent did'nt see him looking for you

  • Majikk Khan
    Majikk Khan

    One of the gummies are behind the chair where one of the quadrant was sitting

  • Alvaro Gomes
    Alvaro Gomes


  • Lily Ince
    Lily Ince


  • Lily Ince
    Lily Ince


  • gerald limosnero
    gerald limosnero

    Thas matt looking rebecca

  • andy wilson
    andy wilson

    I know the rainbow 🌈

  • andy wilson
    andy wilson

    Matt is playing the piano

  • princess diamond
    princess diamond

    It's behind the seat

  • Alyaa Alkaabi
    Alyaa Alkaabi

    No it’s Matt

  • Elmer Garcia
    Elmer Garcia

    rebbeca it was matt playing the piano he was lookin for you

  • Lloyd Lovering
    Lloyd Lovering

    pauline plz stopppp

  • Divina Castillo
    Divina Castillo

    I knew the Rainbow

  • Divina Castillo
    Divina Castillo

    I think It’s Kurt

  • Caroline Lee
    Caroline Lee

    V/ *cb CFC get

  • Daisy Guerrero-Mendez
    Daisy Guerrero-Mendez

    I love Rebecca and Matt

  • Kathrine Fruechting
    Kathrine Fruechting

    the therd qwaderint is matt

  • Janet Hewitt
    Janet Hewitt

    That is your boyfriend that Becca that's your boyfriend who's playing piano matt

    • MsSweet Pea
      MsSweet Pea

      Not boyfriend

    • MsSweet Pea
      MsSweet Pea

      Rebecca is Matt’s husband

  • Christina Brown
    Christina Brown

    That’s your boyfriend

  • Christina Brown
    Christina Brown

    That’s literally Matt

  • Gavin Berger's Baseball Videos
    Gavin Berger's Baseball Videos

    It is Matt pretending to be a quadrant

  • Demi-rae Allwood
    Demi-rae Allwood

    Cloe will be up there

  • Demi-rae Allwood
    Demi-rae Allwood

    Walking up the stairs was Matt

  • Tina Tanrikulu
    Tina Tanrikulu

    Matt was playing the piano.

  • keila Maldonado
    keila Maldonado

    Redeca thre is a gummy deging the shair of the queaturent

  • Nicole Chaires
    Nicole Chaires

    I |, Wyt M S h U hS

  • Xx_Lily Playz_xX
    Xx_Lily Playz_xX

    Close is solo cuteee

  • Haya Noushad
    Haya Noushad

    Back of the bible ball seat

  • Dan Daly
    Dan Daly

    Matt is drest as the qwadrent the person that is playing the piano is matt

  • Yarely Arcia
    Yarely Arcia

    Matt was looking for you

  • Kevin David
    Kevin David

    The person that was playing the piano is Matt. When the Quadrant said we need Curt I recognized his voice. ( Matt lied.)👍😉😉

  • Ailyn Aldamar
    Ailyn Aldamar


  • Abymeleth Alpizar
    Abymeleth Alpizar

    I like your video

  • Nikola Mac
    Nikola Mac

    Rebecca was lso wearing a shirt 'I trust Daniel'

  • Niamh Toner
    Niamh Toner

    Chloe will be up there

  • mackenzie sciarra
    mackenzie sciarra

    the piano player was matt

  • Grand Master
    Grand Master

    I love zamfem and I am telling the truth

  • ava rose
    ava rose

    Behind the chair

  • ava rose
    ava rose


  • Rene Mata
    Rene Mata

    Q3 is Matt

  • xxBrxken_Crystalxx

    Who is here from 2020?

  • Ava Pava
    Ava Pava

    Q3 was Matt I could recognise his voice

  • Corona Virus
    Corona Virus


  • Farheen Shingala
    Farheen Shingala

    The person who was playing the piano was Matt

  • Kosal Kao
    Kosal Kao

    I saw a red gummy

  • Farzeen Hussain
    Farzeen Hussain

    I really want the zamfam Merch

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