Hide and Seek GAME MASTER Spy Challenge in Real Life for 24 HOURS!
Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo must learn how to play hide and seek endgame for this Game Master 24 hour challenge to rescue a mystery VN-myr in clotopia and stop E2!
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Last time Rebecca Zamolo did the floor is lava challenge in Game Master spy hideout to rescue youtubers and Matt and Rebecca uploaded staying at the worst reviewed motel in my city (1 star game master secret meeting) and the couple split up to stop E2. Today, rebecca and daniel must learn how to hide and seek against the quadrant after rescuing ro pansino and getting a mysterious clue about the next youtuber target. We decided to wear spy ninja disguises and hack into the clotopia safehouse to rescue who we think is the DIY queen cloe couture. Has she been trapped inside for 24 hours like kurt and ro? R & D begin searching the hallways to look for clues or riddles because we need to find her! Daniel receives a secret message from the Gamemaster who will help us by having the quadrant fall asleep for 15 minutes. In that time, we must not be last to leave and escape with the youtuber. Inside we have to find giant candy gummy bears that are hidden to unlock the code. We find Clo asleep in a tiny hidden space and use a ladder to save her. She has a mysterious drink that the red hood gave her. Daniel and I try to leave but he tells me I need to trust him. Is Matt going to find me before E2? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019
Cloe Couture House Tour: vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-E0TessXRdqs.html
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  • Legna Jimenez
    Legna Jimenez

    Daniel is up to something

  • Doris Levenduski
    Doris Levenduski

    I told you not to trust him we all told you

  • RobTrainingForBoston

    there is a red one under the seat that the quadrent is sitting in

  • Ana Bertha
    Ana Bertha

    Cloe will be up there

  • Doris Levenduski
    Doris Levenduski

    there's one gummy behind the chair

  • rose bella
    rose bella

    Ummm.......really daniel

  • Kadavion Bush
    Kadavion Bush

    That was Matt who was playing the piano

  • Tony Pereira
    Tony Pereira

    I think it I Matt playing it

  • Natalee Simms
    Natalee Simms

    I wnt to de

  • Sue Stock
    Sue Stock

    Pop you not

  • liz MA
    liz MA

    It is behind the quadrant Parsons chair where he is sleeping

  • Jenny Cbonostro
    Jenny Cbonostro

    Matt is playing the piano

  • Myka Antonio
    Myka Antonio

    There was i pole i said no you can NOT trust daniel

  • Alberto Rios
    Alberto Rios

    That was Matt doing the music

  • Lily Correa
    Lily Correa

    Help the Norris nuts they live in Australia and they have the same problem with the game master

  • Deloris Lindo
    Deloris Lindo


  • Izzy Sands
    Izzy Sands

    Red back of chair

  • Maria Chavez
    Maria Chavez


  • Bernita Derry
    Bernita Derry

    In the circle chair under the cushion

  • Melissa Saucier
    Melissa Saucier

    i new the rainbow first

  • Kieth Amida
    Kieth Amida

    That is Matt

  • Kieth Amida
    Kieth Amida

    Fat is Matt

  • Jr mya Charmael Squad
    Jr mya Charmael Squad

    I see some

  • Rayna Shepherd
    Rayna Shepherd

    Q is the red hood!!!!!!!!

  • Avery Sergent
    Avery Sergent

    Leena Ruebens i was thinking the same thing it did sound like matt

  • Litzy Martinez
    Litzy Martinez

    Cole will be up there

  • Cassy Playz
    Cassy Playz

    Behind the wite couch

  • Prajakta Adhikari
    Prajakta Adhikari

    The person that was playing the piano was Matt

  • Joshua Kellam
    Joshua Kellam

    Chloe will be up there

  • Joshua Kellam
    Joshua Kellam

    On the chair

  • YuHan Li
    YuHan Li

    Matt is playing the piano.

  • My_bff_is_a_unicorn!!!!!!!

    I was reading all the comments and I was like maybe they were wrong about it sounding like Matt but now I know it sounded like matt

  • Lacey Wareham
    Lacey Wareham

    I don’t trust Daniel 😼😼

  • J-Bird The Awesome
    J-Bird The Awesome

    i saw one behinnd a pillow and the quaderants back in the chair

  • Donte Gregoire
    Donte Gregoire

    Don't trust the cameraman

  • Sophia Clate
    Sophia Clate

    It’s Matt playing the piano Right? Like if you think it’s Matt

  • steve carufel
    steve carufel

    I don't trust daniel

  • Brya-leigh Radford
    Brya-leigh Radford

    Chloe will be up there

  • Carmen Guzman
    Carmen Guzman

    Rebecca es matt

  • Hannah Rowley
    Hannah Rowley

    One of the quadrant members looked like a kid

  • Collette Shaw
    Collette Shaw

    There is one on the chear

  • Collette Shaw
    Collette Shaw

    If matt can play the piano it is defnyly him caus it sounds like him alot

  • Taima Chami
    Taima Chami

    There is one behind the chair That the quadrant

  • Yaqubfam Iby
    Yaqubfam Iby

    I love u Rebecca not trying to be rude but is all of this real or just episodes of stuff

  • Lea Postgate
    Lea Postgate

    It is matt

  • 21manzz

    Matt is the person playing the piano

  • Helen Greensmith
    Helen Greensmith

    Q3 sounds like Matt who thinks that ⬇️

  • Sarah Carter
    Sarah Carter

    Matt is Q3 he’s pretending so he can find you

  • Jamie Swan
    Jamie Swan

    That sounds like Matt playing the piano 🎹 by that vioce

  • Rodel Bay Rodel Bay
    Rodel Bay Rodel Bay

    On the sit

  • Natalia_11 Venegs
    Natalia_11 Venegs

    Been 24 hours in your bed

  • Natalia_11 Venegs
    Natalia_11 Venegs

    Match the one who’s playing the piano

  • Joanne Harrison
    Joanne Harrison

    Daniel is hiding something

  • Beau Ford
    Beau Ford

    I loved that video

  • cisneros vlogs
    cisneros vlogs

    I love you guys i reilly want merch but i dont have enouthg mony

  • Aaron Jenkins
    Aaron Jenkins

    And blue 🍪🍩🍭🍬🍿🍾.

  • michelle harding
    michelle harding

    u have to find her

  • ClaudetteL. Calacat
    ClaudetteL. Calacat


  • Leyla Garcia
    Leyla Garcia

    That is Matt

  • Juan Ornelas
    Juan Ornelas

    I saw a got me right where the choir was sitting

  • Stefani R
    Stefani R

    Matt was playing quadrant like down blow⏳

  • Dalton Wagoner
    Dalton Wagoner

    i think its kurt

  • Amarni Müller
    Amarni Müller

    cloe will be up there rebeccca

  • Amarni Müller
    Amarni Müller

    The QM was matt I saw that vid he posted

  • alyssa

    by the chirs

  • Kittycatgachalife

    Daniel is WAYYY to wierd

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell

    There was a red on the seat

  • Matt P
    Matt P

    One is behind the hackers chair.k

  • Glendale Little Athletics
    Glendale Little Athletics

    close is up there

  • Mia Isabella
    Mia Isabella

    there is a red one right behind the chair that the

  • Reanna Duram
    Reanna Duram

    Chloe will be up there

  • Barbara Ellis
    Barbara Ellis

    Rebecca there is one on the chair that one of the Quadron to sleep

  • Mallory Peterman
    Mallory Peterman

    There was a red gummy bear behind the chair at 9:07

  • Elisa Lopez
    Elisa Lopez


  • Alyssa Prashad
    Alyssa Prashad

    yes you gus are

  • Madilyn Seliger
    Madilyn Seliger

    I saw one on the bubble swing

  • Alberto Hernandez
    Alberto Hernandez

    I like your videos! 🤩😍😋

  • Benita Rodriguez
    Benita Rodriguez

    That quadrant manager is matt slays

  • lucky Sanchez
    lucky Sanchez

    Rebecca remember when you were in the kitchen with the squishy Donuts when you went out the chair that the quadrant was sleeping in there was a right to be there behind it

  • Elizabeth Rocha
    Elizabeth Rocha


  • Carmine Berardi
    Carmine Berardi

    Daniel I don't trust hi.

  • Cris Castro
    Cris Castro

    Chloe will be up here

  • Macie Burgess
    Macie Burgess

    Chloe will be up there

  • Becky Gonzales
    Becky Gonzales

    Thars one on the seat wher the q gboy whas

  • Macie Burgess
    Macie Burgess

    The one who is playing the piano is Matt

  • keesha word is my bond
    keesha word is my bond

    It's matt playing the piano

  • Ayaan Syed
    Ayaan Syed


  • Kimberly Dodson
    Kimberly Dodson

    I love cloecouture

  • Ayaan Syed
    Ayaan Syed

    Cloe will be up there

  • Gina Nichole
    Gina Nichole

    The guy playing piano is Matt 😳

  • asindy92

    I looooove and adore her house

  • asindy92

    I mentioned a orange gummy bear

  • asindy92

    I knew the rainbow

  • asindy92

    I saw a red gummy on the chair were the quadrent is sitting on

  • Sasha xhfuff
    Sasha xhfuff


  • asindy92

    I like those outfit

  • graham kramer
    graham kramer

    he’s picking a door that ain’t locked

  • Sasha xhfuff
    Sasha xhfuff

    The quartet member sounded like Matt

  • graham kramer
    graham kramer

    this is probably the fakest stuff i’ve seen. y’all buggin if u think this real

  • Gymnastics 646
    Gymnastics 646

    The person playing the song is matt

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