How Adam Savage built a real Iron Man suit that flies
We went behind the scenes with former MythBusters star Adam Savage for his new series Savage Builds. In the first episode Adam builds a titanium Iron Man suit modeled directly from Marvel Studios, with the hopes of actually flying it.
Savage Builds airs on the Discovery Channel before airing again on the Science Channel.
Read more on our behind the scenes shoot with Savage here:
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  • donkafa

    omg our dream is come true

  • Lissy Lissy
    Lissy Lissy

    Is this suit made of iron??

  • Brad the impaler
    Brad the impaler

    100% built by adam

  • Deva Darshan
    Deva Darshan

    Indian scientist develop wonder material called black gold possibly you can remove the big battery

  • Daniel Quinto
    Daniel Quinto

    I thought hacksmith do that iron man suit

  • Ziad Amr
    Ziad Amr

    Hacksmith build this

  • 김지원

    what the .......

  • Ankle Drew
    Ankle Drew

    Ready for september 20 💪

  • Randhir Yamgir
    Randhir Yamgir

    Very good work but this is not like ironman suit your are close to ironman so continue

  • Nobodys Buddy
    Nobodys Buddy

    Wouldnt it be easier to use computers to point the thrust the right way and avoid pointing them at his feet or something?

  • Funstar TV
    Funstar TV

    this trash is not iron man suit

  • Isaak Costa
    Isaak Costa

    We just got a super heroe


    Dr Strange went back in time and disliked this 9.4k times


    What's the energy source?


    One day when I'm a billionaire this is what I'm spending my money on. Not monkeys as pets

  • Stephen MacMaster
    Stephen MacMaster

    you do know that you can take a perpetual drive engine with magnets and use a motorcycle alternator to create electricity in a small backpack 3 jet engines EDF 300cc jet engines on the back one on each arm one on each leg you'll have unlimited flight time anybody want to work on the idea with me let me know I have some prototype information and all the schematics and yes to 300cc EDF fan motors will lift my hundred and sixty-eight lb self off the ground

  • durva pathak
    durva pathak


  • Beckman

    *Let Us Not Forget Troy Hurtubise, The Original Bulletproof Titanium “Iron Man”.*


    Until we don't get nanotechnology ,,, we can't make a suit like iron man


    Need a shock absorber syst on the legs for a painless landing . But this is so awesome !

  • Elijah Mikaelson
    Elijah Mikaelson

    If Tony Stark doesn’t exist, then how do you explain Robert Downey Jr.

  • Mihir Pagade
    Mihir Pagade



    Me and the boys in Area 51

  • Zacharyq Jordan
    Zacharyq Jordan

    Lol if tony was real we would have way better technology

    • Kokorocodon

      If he was real he wouldn't do shit because this is the real world

  • The Red Mage
    The Red Mage

    I don't know why but my message has been erased concerning the helmet Vision situation. I don't know why but I'm going to keep an eye out for this to happen again. What they need to do is to get a hold of Google and take their new Google Glass wear and install into helmet. Cameras for better View and monitoring for fuel and Aviation. Plus they can get better 360 visuals. Let's see if this gets erased this time!

  • ruffy

    Looks like humans need another 150 years before the technology in the marvel movies become reality

  • The Red Mage
    The Red Mage

    Somebody should possibly get in touch with Doctor soles

  • The Red Mage
    The Red Mage

    And run some type of shock absorber from bottom of sole to upper back to support neck to relieve pressure for landing

  • The Red Mage
    The Red Mage

    Now what they need to do is use the tech from Google smart glass or whoever is coming out with the new glasses in the vision of the Iron Man suit

  • Geraldero

    Yo vengo por wefere

  • Muniraja Muni
    Muniraja Muni

    That's owesome 😘😘😘

  • Tyran the fox
    Tyran the fox

    no way That's Amazing!

  • Diwas Talanga
    Diwas Talanga

    Holy Shit!!!

  • Thunder Productions
    Thunder Productions

    he wiol be a good fighter in the area 51 raid

  • ahir jagdish
    ahir jagdish

    Hay Adam Savage what happened when this iron Man lifter fix at legs

  • Faizan Ahmad
    Faizan Ahmad

    The future is bright for these kind of tech....

  • Isaac Ferraro
    Isaac Ferraro

    At this rate, he'll have a Mk50 in no time!

  • löaf

    How the hacksmith made a really cool video series and Adam said "hey let's do that"

  • Kittywampus Drums
    Kittywampus Drums

    Deeear Santa....

  • sam wegener
    sam wegener

    Howdy cowboys Oh wait wrong universe...

  • Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta

    1960: in future we gonna have flying cars 2019: we... oh wait we have an ironman suit! exceeded expectations

  • Titan Mechanism
    Titan Mechanism

    4:52 That reminds me of one of the best scenes from the first iron man movie. Let's start at 10% power ;)

  • Xander Angelo
    Xander Angelo

    Call the russian guy who created a real Iron Man repulsor and the Hacksmith for the armor / helmet .

  • kaushik bose
    kaushik bose

    Don't try jets on iron man suit fancoln suit better for test

  • TheSilverSurfisher

    Iron man has gotten a little!....this is like back when thise dudes were first inventing planes and automobile prototypes, etc. 50 years and this’ll all be refined and awesome like in the movies...and the parkour, sports, strength, and extreme athletes, etc. will have gelled to become batmen, spidermen, hulks, wolverines, widow, even the lightsaber-wielding Jedi (and Sith) etc......oh yeh, it’s-a-coming ....all of that comic book and sci-fi goodness...believe u me! ...Common-place in 50 to 100 years from now....that’s just around the!😉

  • Dutchy The Dutch Angel Drago
    Dutchy The Dutch Angel Drago

    i mean if he accidently crashes it he has armor

  • Osaid Email
    Osaid Email

    i think it's fake

  • Harrison Mandac
    Harrison Mandac

    Iron armor skipped leg day

  • Juan Esteban Cardona
    Juan Esteban Cardona

    Faltaron los pies para volar como avión

  • คติธรรมคําสอน ฟังก่อนนอน
    คติธรรมคําสอน ฟังก่อนนอน


  • Arcturus Mengsk
    Arcturus Mengsk

    Cool... Cool... Now make one that contours to your body by the press of a button from a suitcase.

    • sam wegener
      sam wegener

      Try nano tech, why don't you


    Even if you succeed at that, your pee will come out under high g's acceleration


      @MisakaMikotoLuv if that was solution, then there would be a hole near penis to pee

    • MisakaMikotoLuv

      integrate empty bottles in the suit, problem fixed

  • Julio Villarreal
    Julio Villarreal

    Concept: total bad ass panty dropping billionaire iron man Reality: 0:22

  • Toraguchi Toraguchi
    Toraguchi Toraguchi

    He can fly, but has difficulty walking ? lol

    • James Haggerty
      James Haggerty

      Toraguchi Toraguchi one thing at a time

  • The Lone Wanderer
    The Lone Wanderer

    Fallout 4 power armor soldiers might be a reality

  • g h o s t
    g h o s t

    You better be working on the super soldier serum.

  • Justus Fractal
    Justus Fractal

    Why is noone talking about the fact that this suit is also *BULLETPROOF*

    • Jimmy Grey
      Jimmy Grey

      Probably because it's not really that surprising that titanium can stop a bullet... that was only a .45 ACP btw, I'd be surprised if that thin titanium could stop a round that has some actual power behind it.

  • silentshot

    I confess, When I saw that man flying across the water... I screamed so loud I startled myself! "HOLY SHIT"

  • arikan erdem
    arikan erdem

    Chest is huge man. It must be upgraded

  • Spartan MYST
    Spartan MYST

    so we learned that Ironman suit is not suitable for human body 😎

    • Duy Anh
      Duy Anh

      We are not Tony Stark 😜

  • Ankita Singh
    Ankita Singh

    Apply a wolworine claw

  • Grand Chariot
    Grand Chariot

    2019 - Ironman suit is just props for the movie, Impossible to make in real life. 2029 - ?

  • Arzahell Cazanova
    Arzahell Cazanova

    Lmao, thats completely trash design. Adopt my final blue print and you can made the full combat mode iron man suit.

  • Void Monkey
    Void Monkey

    Tony would be laughing his ass off

  • vhhsscffg hhfsw
    vhhsscffg hhfsw

    I demand robey Downey Jr gets a free one

  • vhhsscffg hhfsw
    vhhsscffg hhfsw

    Imagine Isis getting their hands on this

  • Minal Ajay Khandelwal
    Minal Ajay Khandelwal

    The hacksmith is way better

  • Scorpion King
    Scorpion King

    Real Iron man suit..amazing🔥🔥


    Poor fellow..he invented a very cool invention when i cant taste the things 🤣

  • Eliezer Jean philippe
    Eliezer Jean philippe

    Great now try to create spiderman

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