How Couples Spend $100 on Groceries | Cut
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How Couples Spend $100 on Groceries | Cut
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  • Lucy Hamilton
    Lucy Hamilton

    We could get way more than that in the uk with £100

  • TheEpilouge0

    CUT, How dare you! Whether it was sarcasm or not, not only is it incredibly offensive to all women, but asking the only Muslim couple that question??? I really hope whoever the director is, he was scolded for asking such a stupid question.

    • saweetii xo
      saweetii xo

      What did they ask?

  • Sergio Valdés
    Sergio Valdés

    I really loved this episode!!! Didn't expect this at all. Pleaso do more like this.

  • Gucci

    Isn't she the same Muslim girl from "guess people's orientation"? (The one who said:" we don't date, we marry."

  • Alexandra Bailey
    Alexandra Bailey

    Ohhh 19 año y viviendo juntooss, si son niños, a los 19 aun no sabes lo que quieres de la vida y aunque se enojen es la verdad

  • Clive Roberts
    Clive Roberts

    doesnt grocery include toiletries ?


    shocking how little food is there looks like £30-40 worth

  • amina mustaf
    amina mustaf

    I think it was really rude of them to ask the muslim dude "Why do you cook isn't that the woman job?" 😒

    • saweetii xo
      saweetii xo

      They didnt mean it, its just that in Islam it more usual to see the women cook, I would know I’m Muslim myself.

  • Doc MC
    Doc MC

    3:46 Me and my girlfriend. I’m the Asian. Lol

  • Huitzilli Xotchl
    Huitzilli Xotchl

    America is republic

  • 🥰

    That young couple is so cute lol.

  • Josep M Cuñat
    Josep M Cuñat

    Imagine just saying in front of 10 million people: “I’m Rich” as your name

  • Andre Silva
    Andre Silva

    That vegan girl eating all those snacks full of oil, sugar and chemicals. Kinda strange way of veganism, huh?

  • Nasrushima

    I like the Muslim couple's clothes, never seen that kind of style before

  • reece wori
    reece wori

    where are my lesbians?? T-T

  • De Hart
    De Hart

    please do a teenager version

  • Safaa Ahmed
    Safaa Ahmed

    i don't think she should have baited out how much he earns, he clearly didn't want her to tell people

  • SacredThawing

    That 19-year-old kid makes $26.50 an hour?! Woah.

  • Kyleigh Hemmingson
    Kyleigh Hemmingson

    Haha like 70% of my food is frozen/prepared.

  • Jessica Xu
    Jessica Xu

    0:43 lmao the way they link arms

  • Berk Ahmet Atacan
    Berk Ahmet Atacan

    you guys are so biased. you think chechen couples good looks makes them a nice couple.

  • Aruba Shah
    Aruba Shah

    the muslim couple are so adorable

  • Midwest Dumpster
    Midwest Dumpster

    Yes, ask two kids that have been dating a year if they've thought of a joint bank account..

  • musab junaidi
    musab junaidi

    looks like the gay couple didn't buy much.

  • SmurrY DubsteP
    SmurrY DubsteP

    whats insane is in the UK you can probably get a least double that when shopping with 100.....

  • ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Hecklebek
    ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Hecklebek

    The girl in the uzumaki shirt is literally the best omg

  • Bdk Cool
    Bdk Cool

    Did anyone relize that the girl in the engaged couple has on red bottoms.

  • Bella Sami
    Bella Sami

    Isn't the muslim girl the same girl who said she was pansexual in the video of what is my sexual orientation?????

  • Little Monster #1
    Little Monster #1

    Americans drink a lot of sugary soft drinks I've noticed by watching these!

  • Sento _
    Sento _

    100 dollars is like 1 million of my currency, and basically we can get by with 50 dollars for a month worth of supplies including food lol

  • Rusty A.K.
    Rusty A.K.

    bruh in thailand 100usd is about 3649 thai baht and that can give u 2-3 breakfast 1 lunch and 1 dinner or maybe even 3 breakfast 3 lunch and 1-2 dinner that is very cheap ngl

  • Mags Kennedy
    Mags Kennedy

    in my country with 100€ you can get so much stuff, just so you understand, a liter of beer costs around 1,50€ which is 1,70$, stuff like pasta or rice are not even 1€/1,13$. So with 100€ you could buy so many groceries, if I spent 100€ in groceries I can have groceries for 2 weeks or more! Also I always look for what is in promotion, sometimes you can get things at 30cents!

  • Mr Piggy
    Mr Piggy

    I’m 14 and I’m better at grosery shopping than half of them The 19 year olds are fucking stupid, you pay to last, but the big cheep cheese, drink water, save on the vegetables and have a bit left to spoil yourself on meat, there is so much shit that people eat, you don’t need Oreos, you don’t need fizzy drinks, and you don’t need fast food I know it’s difficult to cook, but ask for help, if you search on google there are loads of cooking tips that are so much help, don’t buy overly expensive shit, make it yourself

    • saweetii xo
      saweetii xo

      You don’t know their life situations and maybe they enjoy those foods even though i agree I’m 13 and the food they bought isnt good at all lol

  • Ashoo

    Why wasn't the screen blurred at 7:05?

    • saweetii xo
      saweetii xo

      why would it be blurred? they kissed 🤣🤣

  • Hamza Ahmida
    Hamza Ahmida

    I bet the kids have already broken up

    • saweetii xo
      saweetii xo

      Bold of u to assume that, but go offf

  • Chantelle - HighlandViolinist
    Chantelle - HighlandViolinist

    It's so interesting to see the breakdown of costs at the end. So much money was spent on junk food!

  • SimpleGamingPC

    not all gelatine is make using pork, here in malaysia where 80% of our population is muslim, most gummy or thing that contain gelatine are make from cow bone.

  • Fanta Diakite
    Fanta Diakite

    this was on point

  • Tornado watch
    Tornado watch

    Какая же красивая пара! Очень рад за них, хочу и у меня были такие отношения.

  • Zuzana Vaňková
    Zuzana Vaňková

    ok but the two chechens people are SO PRETTY

  • Hiba Bushra
    Hiba Bushra

    I love how they brought a hijabi on this ♥️shes mad pretty too

  • Kay Simming
    Kay Simming

    I don't live in America so maybe it's a cultural thing but... why are they so skittish talking about money? Especially in a relationship, if they buy groceries together they probably live together too and I feel like at that point you have to know how much each other makes so that you make sure someone isn't paying all the bills (and if they are they're okay with it).

  • Toni Kavorkias
    Toni Kavorkias

    _"Looks like you guys eat like children...."_ They are like 18 my guy... that's a given...

    • Luxmi N
      Luxmi N

      yeah lmao, not many teenagers eat super healthy. i buy tons of goldfish and cereal and it’s because i’m still a child and those things taste good.

  • Maya El morsi
    Maya El morsi

    The interviewer is rlly rude in my opinion

  • Hatice Kocman
    Hatice Kocman

    i feel like he said "women are supposed to cook, right?" on purpose bc people usually think muslim women arent considered equal to men or that they have to cook and clean and stuff so he kinda proved it wrong idk i might me thinking too positively tho

    • saweetii xo
      saweetii xo

      yessss ikr


    Its not much whatbthey get for 100 $

  • Sabirah Gallie
    Sabirah Gallie

    Don't they have halal gelatin in the US?

  • stormi bree
    stormi bree

    we love cereal

  • fifilein

    0:27 i’m RICH

  • sugma cog
    sugma cog

    The pink hair girl is such a degenerate got damn

  • Kübs

    this comment section is blessed i read a lot of comments and nearly no one hates each other it makes me really happy:D Usually im used to seeing ppl complaining about a lot of things they just dont like nice to see everyone is getting along well:'DD

  • Caradog Freichfras
    Caradog Freichfras

    They spend so much on snacks and junk lol

  • JALO

    they must not know anything about couponing 😂😂 coz if it was my mom they would be a WHOLEEE lot of foods here

  • F. Kich.
    F. Kich.

    the Chechen couple are goals honestly

  • Jevhenij Horvat
    Jevhenij Horvat

    That vegan woman supplementing junk food with even worse vegan junk alternatives, hilarious...

  • Micheal Argandona
    Micheal Argandona

    Okay I am so confused on why the pink haired girl is getting so much hate. First of the editors could have cut up the conversation and her partner may have said more and we just didn't see it, he said things in the beginning and she said things in the end; furthermore she could just be a more talkative person. We don't know her. Second of all, to anyone with an eating disorder you, if you have a partner without an ED you have to have a majority ruling over food to prevent yourself from relapsing or getting triggered. Food is necessity but to someone with an ED it is also, like she said, the enemy. Lastly, she admitted they fight but who's to say she started all those arguments maybe some came from him. Arguments happen. Now that isn't an excuse to ignore and not better yourself to lessen those arguments. Something that comes with eating disorders is commorbid mental illnesses and those can be strenuous and challenging. We don't know where she is in recovery, how he or she handles stress, and how the fights ended. We only have surface level information, and not even all of it. We can't judge her and her relationship without knowing everything. It's not fair

  • Alessandro Tornincasa
    Alessandro Tornincasa

    Someone named Feuerbach once said: "Man is what he eats".

  • удобное имя
    удобное имя

    I wish there was an algorithm to cut out personal triggers from such cool videos😞

  • Ahmed Ashraf
    Ahmed Ashraf

    2:52 this was funny 😂😂😂


    Not sure how any of that amounted to 100 dollars.

  • Fatima Khudr
    Fatima Khudr

    My father buy food for two full big fridges in 150$ ☺

  • Fatima Khudr
    Fatima Khudr

    Where i live my father buy food for 6 people with 150$ including chicken.meat etc.

  • Laura RM
    Laura RM

    My boyfriend and I always try to stick to the grocery list. However we ALWAYS get junk food. This week we got totinos pizza rolls, ice cream, pack of Mexican candy, and bag of mixed chips and more 😂

  • Daniel Negreiros Lima
    Daniel Negreiros Lima

    Meu deus esse casal russo.......tudo

  • Yotuber Pakistani
    Yotuber Pakistani

    Love the concept

  • Christophe Dobbels
    Christophe Dobbels

    3:11 tell me this guy isn´t related to Elon Musk


    The Muslim couple looks so interesting...I would love to khow more of them ❤️

  • Peselo

    Its scary how little food can get you in Amercia.

  • Major _263
    Major _263

    You can tell they have been married for a long time xD He is so quiet

  • Cryztal 27
    Cryztal 27

    The muslim couple is very cute

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