How Did You Know? Coming Out ft. Eugene Lee Yang
Come see me on tour with Thomas Sanders, Kelsey Darragh, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart! (ft. Thomas and Kelsey!) (ft. Grace and Mamrie!)
Eugene Lee Yang from The Try Guys sits down with me to talk about coming out publicly for the first time!
Eugene's coming out videos:
I'm Gay -
Why I'm Coming Out As Gay -
Featuring the song "Can't Forget" by Evan Duffy (@evanduffycomposer)
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With friends:
With food:
With feels:
With cats:
This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!
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  • C B
    C B

    Thank you for this series Hannah 💗

  • 21:21

    i love him so much honestly.

  • nyctrophobia has entered The chat
    nyctrophobia has entered The chat

    Roses are red Pickles are green I love your legs What's in between Gay joke

  • Jojo Jo
    Jojo Jo

    The content here is so relatable and I'm old enough to be Eugene's mother.

  • Lucinda

    ❤️❤️❤️ Much love to you both. You are doing a lot of good out there.

  • XO

    TIL eugene is gay

  • Peg Romanovich
    Peg Romanovich

    Eugene I am so happy for you.

  • Matthew Mc D0nald
    Matthew Mc D0nald

    Don't say gay say fucking faggot or freak piece of shit zipper head rice.eater

  • Cris Mighty26
    Cris Mighty26

    "It was my gay pleasure" lol!

  • Ben Veenkamp
    Ben Veenkamp

    Yawn! Hardly a surprise and not that big a deal in 2019.

  • Orlando Moody
    Orlando Moody

    Gay is still used as an insult at my school in Australia. Pisses me off

  • Sayantani Das
    Sayantani Das

    Mulan is my favourite Disney movie 😌

  • becsays

    Omg I have such a strong connection to this cuz I also knew I was gay when I was 12 but didn’t come out for a long time. Thanks for sharing and making us feel seen and comfortable and safe 💕💕

  • Demon Duck of Doom
    Demon Duck of Doom

    I'm so confused... can someone help me out? I have memories of Eugene referring to himself as LGBQT+, going to pride parades and gay clubs, talking about kissing boys for ages... so when he released his coming out video, I was so confused because I never thought of him as in...

  • PennyJ W
    PennyJ W

  • MynameisJacen B
    MynameisJacen B

    Mulan helped me as a trans guy because it allowed me to see someone who didn't fit into what society wanted them to be; feminine. It was great because it helped me to accept that I don't have to fit what my family has planned for me. Reflection also hits home in a different way.

  • Equality Wins
    Equality Wins

    «A wonderfully gay cup» his fandom is gonna capture that quote forever, i guarantee you

  • Noura Ke
    Noura Ke

    her haircut ist so classic lesbian look in germany call it kampflesbe

  • Christine Naysh Suarez
    Christine Naysh Suarez

    Uhm, am I gay if Im into Disney princess but barely thinks bout the prince charming? 🤔

  • Ashley Lawrence
    Ashley Lawrence

    I love these two! Both so well spoken. Also, if I was gay and not straight, Hannah would definitely be my crush! 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s unfortunate people have to hide their true selves and still feel that hiding is better than expressing themselves. Perhaps, one day everyone will be accepted. That would be true human evolution! ❤️

  • Elyootel

    popping the cork off the Prosecco with four hand and letting it fly in the air and sipping it iN cUpS even tho i don’t wanna be snob I can’t stop my French eyes from bleeding

  • TheCelestialTempest

    Anyone know where Eugene's shirt is from?

  • Alles Acc
    Alles Acc

    This video is so interesting

  • Anaj_ 440
    Anaj_ 440

    2.4 million

  • BananaJamana

    I love you people

    • Your Fellow Capricorn
      Your Fellow Capricorn

      BananaJamana hi can u respond

  • Rachel M.
    Rachel M.

    "Because honestly...I ship it." "Aw, thank you!" "Yeah, you have great hair."

  • Larry Jones
    Larry Jones

    I'm 50! So from a different time, but boy I wish I was younger and got to know Eugene in person. Because he's awesome! Your interesting and fun, and I like all the Try Guys, but Eugene is the one I usually the one I watch his parts more than once! LOL! Keep up the good work!

  • M.J. Meece
    M.J. Meece

    May I just say that 2019 has been the Year of Queer in the best way? 20gayteen was a fucking disappointment just sayin'.

  • Paige J.
    Paige J.

    Eugene you helped me to tell my friends and cousin that I was questioning. Thank you🏳️‍🌈❤️

  • Stu Pidazzo
    Stu Pidazzo

    "so they know I'm trans now" I'm pretty sure they would've already knew if they were trans lmao

  • Stu Pidazzo
    Stu Pidazzo

    How did he know he was gay? For starters, he noticed a wiener in his pooper lmao.

  • LazarusK1

    Why am I wanting to cry now thinking of mulan lol xx

  • Fatima Nawfa
    Fatima Nawfa

    he can't sit on that chair correctly

  • makn.ae_

    mulan made me trans

  • ModifiedBarbie

    “If you want more gay pleasure-“ Then I’ll just subscribe to Hannah Hart!

  • purplechicken86

    I'm pretty sure that gen z is gonna be the generation that just doesn't give a shit. If you're gay, cool. If you're straight, cool. You're you, fam. Just don't screw up your life, and were cool my dudes.

  • Abigail Hutchins
    Abigail Hutchins

    Oh wow i started tearing up near the end

  • stevie Nicks 4 ever
    stevie Nicks 4 ever

    I hope I'm not the only one that wants Elsa to be gay.

  • Ana Arcs
    Ana Arcs

    Oh goodness, I'm feeling the "it took 2 hours to come out to my friends and I made them guess it" moment, that was me 20 years ago.

  • Lord Bepis
    Lord Bepis

    Wait time out... is eugene actually gay?

    • xukunsnipple


  • Scarlet MacTire
    Scarlet MacTire

    I'm so proud of him. I've always loved him. And now, I love him even more for being so brave.

  • Hey It's me
    Hey It's me

    Oh My God this is the cat lady *-*

  • dragonboy718

    always suspected

  • Wonder I
    Wonder I

    am I the only one who kinda assumed he was gay

  • you166mhz

    I knew it right off the bat he is gay ..... he's all pajama boy ...

  • 박민서

    3:44 accurate sksksksksk,,,, like they still love you but it’s nOPE nUH UH,,,

  • Nicole Ashlyn
    Nicole Ashlyn

    Wow... the "I love you more than my ignorance" is the best you can get from your parents really hit me hard. Too many can relate.

  • Robie Asher Uy
    Robie Asher Uy

    I've always know he gay.

  • Jacqueline Sparkles
    Jacqueline Sparkles

    This is disappointing because I’m a girl and you’re the most attractive Try Guy.

  • Charlotte Hoelzl
    Charlotte Hoelzl

    my gay mom and dad made a video together i’m not crying you’re crying

  • JaninaStormborn

    I'm not crying, YOU are crying :D

  • Sleepymug Kim
    Sleepymug Kim

    Why’re you asking me cry like this wtf dude

  • L C
    L C

    I love eugene awww this video is so wholesome

  • Morgan L
    Morgan L

    Mulan had the same effect on me too

  • TCt83067695

    Now the fact his hair was always on fleek makes total sense

  • Zat

    Watching Mulan as a bissexual is never not fun

  • Camilla Rene
    Camilla Rene

    My two crushes in one video. :')

  • SunsetAnimations

    I kinda need some help right now and if anyone knows how, please let me know! Okay, so, I'm pansexual and haven't come out to my parents. I'm definitely coming out to my mom first because she is more open minded and has expressed her support (and also the fact that my dad and brother are a bit homophobic). But the thing is that she thinks being pansexual and bisexual are the same thing. So my problem is that I think my interaction will go something like this: Me: I'm pansexual Mom: what's that? Me: it means that I like girls, boys and everything in between. Mom: isn't that being bisexual? Me: no it's different. Like, I like people who aren't only those two genders. Mom: what? Me: like trans people or non-binary or anything else Mom: what's non-binary? I am willing to explain this stuff to my mom but I feel like it would be more difficult for me to come out while also having to explain who I could be interested in. My stepdad already knows because he watches my channel and saw a video of me talking about my girlfriend, but he hasn't brought it up, not really. He's supportive too tho. I'm really lucky to have them in my life and for them to be as accepting as they are but I'm not sure how to go about telling my mom. If there's nobody who can help then that's fine too. It's not your obligation to try and help me but if you're willing, it'd be appreciated. Thanks for listening I guess qwq

  • Just Joyelle
    Just Joyelle

    I thought Eugene made it obvious in the tryguys that he was gay.

  • Lucy Blades
    Lucy Blades

    This was so great, I could listen to you two talking all day. So many great topics and points and covered really well. Thank you Hannah and Eugene.

  • Collette Jadyn
    Collette Jadyn

    I love Eugene, but I'm still mad at him for ranking cancer the worst zodiac sign😂

    • Matthew Mc D0nald
      Matthew Mc D0nald

      Being a freak fuck is a bad sign

  • Yakko Warner
    Yakko Warner

    i think we all knew he was gay 😂

  • AliceWooonderland

    I love Eugene :) he's so cool

  • Rebecca G
    Rebecca G

    ..... am I the only one who didn’t know Eugene was gay?

  • Vis X
    Vis X

    Gods I can't wait until we can all just get on with our lives and videos/statements/media like this is completely unnecessary. None of this should f*cking matter. Be who you are, love who you want and just try not to hurt anyone. Why is this such a f*cking hard concept for some people to grasp?

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy
    This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    Yeahhh let’s celebrate 🎉

  • Sevothtarte Sama
    Sevothtarte Sama

    Eugene: “I knew I was gay since I was 11-12 and came out for the first time to my two best friends in high school” (But I kept saying I was bi for years and years and years to keep my “I am a simple, girl, I see Eugene on the thumbnail I click” fangirls happy and clicking for views) Gross 🤮 To betray your identity just so you can mislead viewers for money. 🤮🤮🤮

  • Chelcie Rollock
    Chelcie Rollock

    "I love you more than my own ignorance to it." Wonderful. Don't take this for granted.

    • Marnis Naude
      Marnis Naude

      This resonanted with me

  • Emmelia Johnson
    Emmelia Johnson

    Goshdarn it there goes my fantasy of dating Eugene lol

  • Irene

    “i ship it. you guys have great hair” 😂😂

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