How Different People Spend $100 | Cut
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Clyde, Erica, Mick, Anthony, Tripp, Karen, Komal, Toni, & Joane
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How Different People Spend $100 | Cut
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  • Aljawhara Alotaibi
    Aljawhara Alotaibi

    100 usd can buy alot in other countries

  • xLite Gamingx
    xLite Gamingx

    Sad to much junk food...

  • Bonnie

    That girl with all those pizza rolls... I felt that.

  • Turtlemania8

    Why is nobody talking about the senior? Homeboy walked into the produce isle and grabbed nothing but *18 Apples.* Power move.

  • Grace Bryan
    Grace Bryan

    It amazes me how little other people can buy with $100. Where I live you can feed a family of four in under $100 for an entire week or more (not including pantry items like flour, sugar, salt, etc).

  • Mia

    I appreciate how the college student actually admits she is bad with money.

  • Gracie Merchant
    Gracie Merchant

    ‘Why?’ ‘Coz it’s pizza’ Agreed.

  • Courtney Wight
    Courtney Wight

    Just curious where is this filmed? cause 100$ would get more way more than that??

  • Mateo Flores
    Mateo Flores

    ppl who waste all they’re money on alcohol are worthless and srsly need to get their heads out of their asses

  • Eskii NZL
    Eskii NZL

    When that dudes parents die and he has to pay for his own stuff hes never gonna be able to live if hes buying $62 bottle of wines...

  • khushboo sirova
    khushboo sirova

    its like ppl who hv to only feed themselves are with least item n going heavy on one area of splurge even the old man with insurance he has the most junk food of alll....... n ppl who need to feed others like mother married couple hv balanced their money overalll

  • Angus

    Based Metrosexual wineman.

  • agizzy23

    $100 for a few days? I can made $100 last two weeks at least. And that’s with a $33 week long metro card for week

  • Prakash Baniya
    Prakash Baniya

    How different group of people spend certain amount of money on groceries is one of the best things I've seen on VN-my in a while. (Watched few of those) You guys have done some nice jobs here...interesting.

  • Ithaca Comments
    Ithaca Comments

    I am 70. I eat organic food. No gluten. No dairy. Low sugar. You are what you eat!

  • Joseph Edwards Arena
    Joseph Edwards Arena

    With 100 dollars I could buy groceries for a month for myself at University.

  • Elliot Davidson
    Elliot Davidson

    i admire that girl’s love for pizza, why not just by 5 pizzas and two bags of pizza rolls 😂

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell

    The bartender spends 62 dollars on wine lmao

  • Kathleen L
    Kathleen L

    $100 US wouldn’t go far where I come from, the cost of living is very high and the average price for a basic 3-bed home is over $1mil. $1100 on ‘social security’ (I assume this is a benefit) is insane. In my country it’s barely $200 a week.

  • Roti_toast

    am i the only one who was kinda happy when the un-employed gay couple got some groceries.

  • führer reicht
    führer reicht

    It’s 100 dollars let em spend it on what they please, I’d buy so much random shit. Mostly drinks tho.

  • adumbcow

    He just got like 30 apples. why? yes. but why?

  • Margarita Kulyapina
    Margarita Kulyapina

    I would love to see the skincare and makeup version. And be in it, since I could get way more stuff than normal.

  • Tyler Agwu
    Tyler Agwu

    i love how the indian mum bought so many spices

  • Sylvia Montejano
    Sylvia Montejano

    BABY PARENTS gotta start buying CLOTH DIAPERS...SHAKE MY HEAD $46 for a bag of diapers...Y'ALL we'll be using DISPOSABLE CLOTHES.

  • racecraftr

    0:36 dam she prepared herself for the coronavirus

    • Chic Noir29
      Chic Noir29

      I thought this video was made after the corona virus became a thing until I checked the date.

  • KHaR18

    Tell the bartender to call me. My phone number is...

  • TheSilverSea

    so uh... no one's gonna talk about the girl at 1:53? spends like $49 on pizza rolls and more on a bunch of carbs, but then none on produce lmao

  • rmoenmjea

    100€ is two weeks of groceries for me and my boyfriend

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown

    Two grown men... come on guys get to work.

  • Raphael Chowdhury
    Raphael Chowdhury

    If I shopped, my shooping cart would look more like the shopping cart of those moms.

  • banan tilaro
    banan tilaro

    This is ridiculous with 100 dollars where I live I could buy like three weeks of groceries for like two people

  • Ali N
    Ali N

    0:19 love on impulse

  • hans yolo
    hans yolo

    what i learned from this is that american grocery stores are hella expensive

  • Siegel By The Bay
    Siegel By The Bay

    I love how in every Cut video there's always one person or a couple of people that everyone in the comment section absolutely flames

  • Perposterown

    The dude that spent $62.99 on a bottle of wine should at LEAST spend more on his cut of meat than on the drink to go with the meat.

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M

    no one buys coffee? Or tea? lol

  • Bassist Queen
    Bassist Queen

    That guys with social security gets s lot compared to others $1100 a month? My aunts gets $1000, my step mom gets $800 and my mom got $600. They all have worked everyday since they was 14 and all three worked until around age 65ish. My aunt used hers a retirement, and my step mom and mom got disability becuase they both could no longer work.

  • grassynole07

    Where are these people shopping? 100 dollars is just over £77 i could pop down to Aldi and get most of these shops for less than 35 quid easy. If you live near a supermarket you should buy your meat on the day you eat it and just wander down to the reduced section they often have delicatessen items and fish up for grabs.

  • Madison Brown
    Madison Brown

    Damn I spend $30 a month

  • Charlene Ong
    Charlene Ong

    Toilet paper ftw

  • Deandra Brown
    Deandra Brown

    pizza girl who just bought $50 worth of pizza rolls stressed me out bc here I am making tofu stir fry and still fat

  • h9h9

    1:15 he kinda looks like the kid from home alone

  • Isa C.
    Isa C.

    I’m the girl who eats pizza plus the guy who spends all the money with alcohol.... I’m a shame ...

  • Charlotte M
    Charlotte M

    i’m british and i’m shocked at how little food/groceries you can get for 100$...

  • pincmin

    I think the couple should adopt the 19 year old and prepare wholesome food with fresh vegetables and meat for her. She's living on carbs😥

  • Ernestine Lea
    Ernestine Lea

    They should have shopped at Grocery Outlet. $100 equals $170.

  • Keymara loves quicksilver
    Keymara loves quicksilver

    Because it’s pizza!

  • Sift Neeestate
    Sift Neeestate

    Why are they on the floor though?

  • red rose
    red rose

    man, teenagers are sure dumb those days

  • Darcy Bhaiwala
    Darcy Bhaiwala

    How desi is it of all the produce that Indian family bought she had to include KARELA

    • Aditi Goyal
      Aditi Goyal

      LMAO that stuff's nasty

  • Janini 123
    Janini 123

    I had to look up how much € 100$ were... The past few weeks, i spent 25€ per week on food, which would be a bit more, maybe 30$ in america. I always also use what i have at home, but for a dew weeks, it has only been 25 per week. so i was a bit surprised that 100$ meant food for one week. For me it would last a bit longer

  • 《 Alise_Xo 》 。
    《 Alise_Xo 》 。

    Sorry but KAREN

  • Flora Ho
    Flora Ho

    You should do this with teenagers

  • D K
    D K

    $100 can go far for buying bulk for a month. Mostly on items that require preparation and cooking, nothing processed or packaged.

  • C Surname
    C Surname

    Is food in America really this expensive?

  • Donna Howell
    Donna Howell

    1:19 so wholesome

  • Lauren Tuypens
    Lauren Tuypens

    Is it just America or can you get way more for $100 in my country?

  • bettina bedicks
    bettina bedicks

    2:13 knows how to eat properly

  • caitlin longden
    caitlin longden

    casual alcoholism 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Madotter

    I'll always love Mick and Anthony ! Hope they managed to find jobs and are doing well :) Rooting for you !

  • Brooklin Kilgannon
    Brooklin Kilgannon

    I find these videos so interesting!

  • Emily B
    Emily B

    Omg literally stop hating on “tHe wHiTe gUy” if he’s struggling with money and gets a free $100 don’t you think maybe he wants to treat himself? Like people mind your own business, you can’t comment on somebody when you haven’t been in their shoes!

    • saas da
      saas da

      Treating yourself with no money is stupid when he can eat for a week . TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY

  • Michael Archbold
    Michael Archbold

    Interesting how all the moms made the most of their 100$.

    • izri don
      izri don


    • GalaxyPlays

      can we talk about the gay couple they got alot of food!

    • Herta Schneider
      Herta Schneider

      Michael Archbold and it’s mostly for their kids

    • the weirdest person you would ever meet
      the weirdest person you would ever meet

      Also the gay couple and really any who wasn't bartender man.

    • no one u know
      no one u know

      You gotta when you have a kid relying on u to have food for them

  • Kagome Momo
    Kagome Momo

    1:20 ok boomer

  • Devin Moffatt
    Devin Moffatt

    Guys buy your food at Aldi. It is literally so inexpensive to the more name brand foods and whatnot.

  • Katrina Wagner
    Katrina Wagner

    But like where are these people shopping because I parents fed 9 people on 200 a month.

  • Too much Calcium
    Too much Calcium

    I’ve been binge watching these videos and guys are aggressive

  • effi bee
    effi bee

    Oh man, too bad I've seen this video only 3 years after it's release :/ I would have liked to hear more about the couple and the security guard and their stories, if they were okay with that.

  • Magda Schlater
    Magda Schlater

    America is so expensive. You can literally get double the amount of most of this stuff here in germany tbh

    • margaret anne
      margaret anne

      Yeah grocery stores in Germany are so much cheaper!

    • Lora Sejdija
      Lora Sejdija

      Magda Schlater true

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