How I Feed My Family of 5 For $100 a Month Update
The Fundamental Home
Thanks for watching! We filmed our bi-weekly grocery shopping trip just for you! Our family is still sticking to the $50 budget or $100 per month. It was a bit more challenging this time. Our resources were drained during the snowpacalypse. Want to know how we can stick to this budget? Check out our blog post series here:
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  • Sweatyker

    400 dollars a month for me and hubby because we love produce. I will do this tho incase I don't have money to budget for food. But man I love fresh produce and I live in canada which a little more expensive I guess.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Canada prices are about 2x the US

  • IGL

    This how me and da quarantine boys be eating right now

  • Rita Agbor
    Rita Agbor

    Brianna is beautiful. Love your tips, it definitely helped

  • Shawnna Bireley
    Shawnna Bireley

    Cheap meals if you really dont know how to cook: spagatti with or without meat, breakfast like simply just making pancakes, filling but maybe not healthiest! Smoked saus. can put with green beans and potatoes, hotdogs and mac and cheese, cheese toasties, mashed potatoes and ramen, some of my kids like this, just drain juice and put ramen on top of mashed potatoes. I'm a better cook now but when your kids are little and you have no money u have to figure it out. I've split a chic tv dinner 3 ways once or split a 2 cheeseburger meal at mcds 3 ways. And I say that only because I used to work fast food and either it was on a discount or free. Now I spend 200 easily a wk on groceries because I dont plan or budget, we tried doing black beans for every meal just to cut back but went crazy again the next wk. I have a friend that coupons and only spends maybe 200 a mth. Not sure how people do it and make healthy choices so I'm here to learn I guess!!

  • Eshel Arnold
    Eshel Arnold

    I think food is so cheap over there. Of course they can budget. just 1.90 a pond for potaoes down here.

  • Marilyn Marie
    Marilyn Marie

    This is wonderful and you know what it definitely prevents obesity and overeating. I will definitely try this budgeting $100 or less a month.

  • Angela Collins
    Angela Collins

    Nothing fresh? Not even bananas?

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      If it's not in the budget, you can't buy it. Canned fruit works

  • Carol Newton
    Carol Newton

    Sadly I live in the Chicago land area and food is expensive, and honestly I didn't realize how expensive till I started watching various grocery hauls. I do know the best day to shop is usually Mondays. Stores stock more on weekends because those are their busiest days, then markdown things for quick sales on Monday.

    • Carol Newton
      Carol Newton

      @Carlos Fuentes Downers Grove area


      That's a great tip! Thank you so much. You just saved a college students wallet ;)

    • Carlos Fuentes
      Carlos Fuentes

      Carol Newton hey Carol! I live in Chicago IL too, what part of Chicago are you from?

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      This video was made several years ago, when prices were much different, and frankly, our lives were much different. Don't be discouraged. Do the best you can with what you have.

  • B Lane
    B Lane

    This food would last us a week at best and we’re just a family of son and hubby are greedy though! 🤣🤣🤣😖😖😖

    • David Bown
      David Bown

      Do you ever buy reduced food? Look at prices it’s still good.

  • Cyn Symoné
    Cyn Symoné

    I love this video! Before my mom passed she would tell me I needed to go to the grocery store with her to learn budget shopping and now that it’s too late.. I spend WAYY too much on eating out and grocery shopping... I’m hoping I can learn to budget shop I have no kids but spend between 300-400$ a month on groceries ... I wish I would have listened to her 💔

    • Texas Tea
      Texas Tea

      Write a menu down. The. Write down the exact ingredients you'll need for each meal. Start with 3 days. Then move up to a week, etc.

    • P Lynn
      P Lynn

      I am the same way. I am trying to change, but it's hard.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      You can do it!

  • Inspired Clarity
    Inspired Clarity

    This is the first of your videos I've come across. First I was thinking, she's so beautiful and down-to-earth. Then you said you would make pot pies with augratin potatoes and now I have to subscribe! 💛💚💜🧡

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Thank you :)

  • NFL


  • Janice Crowell
    Janice Crowell

    I’ve never heard of snowpocalypse. Wow! Prices at that discount grocery store are unbelievable! What is the name of the store?

  • Teresa Beall
    Teresa Beall

    I can’t let my food get that low. However if she can make it work.

  • Cynthia Moss
    Cynthia Moss

    I just saw your video and I love it! I have been trying to get my grocery bill down and I am looking forward to learning from you!

  • C R
    C R

    Just subbed. You are great!

  • nuclear swan
    nuclear swan

    This makes me wish I could cook lol.

    • Inspired Clarity
      Inspired Clarity

      It's so fun! I never make bread but making some today. There's so many things to do, ethnic foods, baking, desserts, vegan, sauces, ... It's science kinda. 😅

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Give it a try. Learning to cook is a valuable skill- in more ways than just money :)

  • Sandra Lewis
    Sandra Lewis

    Coconut milk has become so expensive that I use Aldi coconut oil to saute the base vegetables and spices, then either powder a quarter cup of coconut flakes in a coffee grinder that I use only for spices or cook some directly into the curry. You don't need a lot to get great flavor. A tablespoon of nut butter is another great flavor addition. Saves a couple of bucks on coconut milk in a can and is just as tasty. Also, the thickener they put in the cans isn't supposed to be good for us (carrageenan). Since curries were meant to use up food on a very tight budget you can play around with your curries and come up with any combination of ingredients and make it work. It's the spices that make it a curry. I get the cumin, turmeric, anise seed, fennel, coriander, red pepper flakes, and ginger powder in bulk and store them in the freezer. Red pepper flakes is an inexpensive substitute for chilis when they're out of season or too costly. Real ginger is even better, but I don't always have it on hand. I've had some success storing clean pieces of ginger in the freezer to grate into a recipe.

    • Jasmine Roy
      Jasmine Roy

      I don't know how much coconut milk you use but Dollar tree has canned ones for $1. The can size is decent.

    • FelixDied

      canned coconut milk is the cheapest thing in the world what

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      These are really great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith

    I love this! I spend $200 a week for my family of 6! We are trying to get out of a little debt that has been hanging over our heads and this will be a tremendous help! I also have a huge garden so fresh veggies and fruit are right in my own backyard so that helps as well!

    • Angie Smith
      Angie Smith

      I love having a garden, too!

    • Sarah Petersen
      Sarah Petersen

      Hey, maybe cash envelopes could help you :) There are a lot of videos here on youtube. Good luck :)

  • favy


  • BEEJAXX2020

    🥰😍 this is doable we have Aldis Mexican stores produce junction and Asian mart which all are very inexpensive and often have sales duh why didn’t I think of this earlier

    • Elli Arellano
      Elli Arellano

      BEEJAXX2020 be careful with some Mexican stores sometimes they are more expensive

  • vevo maxx
    vevo maxx

    Serve biscuits with every meal.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Been there, done that :)

  • Bekah Rraine
    Bekah Rraine

    I keep praying aldi comes to my state

    • BEEJAXX2020

      Awesome place

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      I hope it does, too. It's a great store

  • Mandy McDorman
    Mandy McDorman

    Is this possible for a keto diet? My son eats bread and fruit, but my husband and I need to eat low carb for health (and fitness aspirations). I tried ground beef in bulk from Walmart, but boy it was gross. I guess I need to be smarter about this

    • Sherry Ellesson
      Sherry Ellesson

      Mandy, look up and watch Thomas DeLauer.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Have you joined our low spend month challenge? People from every diet are involved. You can get more info here-

  • Sarudzai Makgatho
    Sarudzai Makgatho

    Great video I really needed this thank you nice lady...!!!

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Thanks for watching!

  • calanda owens
    calanda owens

    I had to watch this because I spend 700.00 on food every month. mother of 7 😭

    • Telsa

      calanda owens...I spend $800 per month for a family of 5 and I feel like an idiot. Husband and I both work full time so not much time for meal prepping. We throw a lot away. Too much waste.

    • McCoy TV
      McCoy TV

      $300/wk family of 6 🧐

    • CollegeTimez

      We spend $800 on two people... We're doing something wrong obviously. lol

    • Dresses365daysayear

      Me too family of 4

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Join our Low Spend Month Challenge Group. You can get lots of help and encouragement there. Here's a link-

  • Slarfii Andreei
    Slarfii Andreei

    100$ Per month ???? Wow I am in Eastern Europe ( România ) and Even I spend 100$ / WEEK

    • Aquatics Spacecraft
      Aquatics Spacecraft

      rukshar mohammed I spend 200$ with me and one kid a week

    • rukshar md
      rukshar md

      I spent $400.00 a week with 3 kids

  • hedge hodges
    hedge hodges

    The only meat we use is what my husband catches usually a dear in fall and some fish in summer - I’ll occasionally buy sausage or hot dogs but that’s all it has helped a ton keeping cost down and I buy rice in bulk and just switched from olive oil to sunflower oil which is cheaper here I’m a family of 5 and we still spend around $600 a month I wish I could get things this low

    • kitt 0909
      kitt 0909

      Wow that's crazy. What part of the country do you live in?

  • arwen Rosalie
    arwen Rosalie

    My local spanish grocery has the very best deals on meats and produce.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      I hear that often. You are blessed to have one near you

  • olivia

    Wow. My husband and I spend $250/month on food. I'm vegan he's not. I thought we spent so little money on food. And we do. Living in Sweden. I don't know how much food cost in US. We never buy sodas, chips, candy or anything like that. Your doing a great work.

  • tararasque

    In hard times I use meat almost like a condiment & I don't think my family really notices much.. Rice, pasta, potatoes or beans mixed w/ a little bit of meat: chicken legs (Chicken & dumplings/noodles); those little breakfast pork chops (fried rice); kielbasa sausage (sauerkraut,potatoes & sausage/ Jambalaya/ Red Beans & rice w/sausage;; a $7 chuck roast pulled apart into 4 pieces you can use to flavor things (Beef & Noodles, any kind of soup that would use stew meat) , cube steak (cooked for an hour in either stewed tomatoes or cream of mushroom soup.... Ham steaks cut up into white beans or navy beans.... Also, I'm sure we've all figured out that if you buy 4pounds of hamburger meat for $10 on super-sale, any recipe that calls for a lb of ground beef can be made w/ about .75 lbs. w/ no obvious difference... chili, spaghetti w/ meat sauce. goulash, stroganoff.... also, one chicken breast pounded flat and cut into strips will make enough for all kinds of family stir-fries & even fajitas if there are plenty of beans & other fillings...

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Michele Simko
    Michele Simko

    Yellow cake mix and one can pumpkin. Now just cook like cake

  • Michele Simko
    Michele Simko

    You could our go a day and half till shop

  • Smoke MK
    Smoke MK

    Beautiful wife & daughter & they understand off living a budget! Lucky bastard your husband is lol. Great video you guys provided. Very jealous man at the moment lol. Wasn't even sure they made women like you anymore ha ha.

    • Smoke MK
      Smoke MK

      @The Fundamental Home Lucky SOB indeed lol. Thanks for reply :)

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      I will be sure to remind my husband how lucky he is ;)


    I live alone, with just my dog and I probably spent $600 a month

    • Katie Bernal
      Katie Bernal

      Maybe because you buy everything organic? Prices are pretty high here in California and we shop at whole food spend a lot on food too!!


      @The Fundamental Home seattle

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      It all depends on where you live

  • Myriam S.
    Myriam S.

    I live alone and can barely make it on 100$/month where I live...

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Where you live can make a big difference in the cost

  • 1186wolf

    Being in Canada I investested in a FoodSaver Unit this helps when meat is cheep. Take for example the package of Chicken she paid $2+ but here in Canada I can get chicken for $5 or less then I use my FoodSaver that how I stock up. You will save Money Get a FoodSaver I did. I also invested in a Instant Pot also. These two items are a great help when it comes to save on Food.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      I love my FoodSaver!

  • Cheryl Green
    Cheryl Green

    U forgot the cooking oil

    • Smoke MK
      Smoke MK


    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Yep, but we made it :)

  • Pink

    This is still one of my favourite videos. Not sure why, but maybe seeing your empty cupboards. 😱 and how you came back from snowpocalypse.

  • Never Give Up
    Never Give Up

    How do you stretch out Mac n cheese?

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Easy. Use one flacor packet for two boxes of pasta. You can get pasta really cheap. Also, use some of the cooking water in place of the milk and butter.

  • Never Give Up
    Never Give Up

    So you make casserole and soups which help make things go farther? Recipes??

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Check out my Fundamentally Frugal Recipes Playlist or my Food Diary playlist.

  • Never Give Up
    Never Give Up

    Can't do it in Canada. The USA is sooooooo much cheaper.

    • David Bown
      David Bown

      It depends on What part of the States. Some areas food is more expensive

    • isabelle d
      isabelle d

      So true!

    • Damien Chall
      Damien Chall

      @John Davis eggs there are 130 a dozen in canada it is 2.79

    • John Davis
      John Davis

      No it’s not

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      You should double the prices for Canada.

  • Never Give Up
    Never Give Up

    Why you showing us the empty freezer etc?

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      The original goal was to show that, even if you had almost nothing, you could go to the store with $50 for two weeks and get enough to feed your family. Some people have tight budgets in emergency situations and it can be scary and overwhelming

  • Gina Carr
    Gina Carr

    I went and spent $35 this week, we feed 5 people. I needed to add a few veggies and fruits, I bought a chicken, canned tomatoes and beans. I probably won't shop again until next week to do the same! We are eating down our freezer and pantry, this is something we do around this time of year due to all our expenditures (property tax, vehicle tags, vacations, and Christmas). My regular budget is around $300 per month and I live in GA.

  • Lisa Chai
    Lisa Chai

    I live in Southern California- unfortunately we would starve on $100 a month

    • Veryunhappyman

      Lisa Chai I agree

    • leb angelo
      leb angelo

      @Lisa Chai i live in SoCal, and food is cheap. Especially veggies. I agree , that sea food , fish is very pric. Meat still cheap

    • Lisa Chai
      Lisa Chai

      The Fundamental Home astronomical !!!

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Prices are much higher in your area

  • Alison Godfrey
    Alison Godfrey


  • kdhjy5

    Farmers meat market or fresh meat market sale there meat very cheap. Family packs of chicken for $ pack breast $5,big bag of wings $5, family pack of pork I don't go higher than $5. With $30 u can get about 8 family packs of meat or maybe a little more

  • Gemini79

    so this video was 3 years ago. how is the budget today?

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Check out our current videos. I post a haul every Thursday at 5:30PM EST

  • Donald Livengood
    Donald Livengood

    Great job! Teaching your daughter how to bargain shop. Most people don't have a clue how to bargain shop and budget. Also when I was a kid growing up we always had left overs night, you ate what was put in front of you or you could simply go hungry, your choice😁

    • W.Cinderea

      Lol i eat the same food until it’s done. It’s normal for me

  • Cuandoman

    I'm always curious how much protein (in grams) people are consuming on the daily? As a guy who lifts weights for health, I tend to shake my head when I see some of the hauls.

    • Mineral

      You can always get meat for cheaper if you buy right before expiration and then freeze.

    • Gday mates
      Gday mates

      Lentils, split peas, peanut butter.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      I am very careful to make sure everyone gets their macros. I use online calculators to double check the numbers.

  • AV BulletCatcher
    AV BulletCatcher

    #(1)= Most important thing about saving money on food is to eat the old school way as they did back in the 50's etc. 2 to 3 times per day. Breakfast Lunch Dinner. And don't eat so much at each meal. #(2)= You can easily spend around 50$ to $80 per month on food and save big. Won't be as tasty as Chipotle but if you want to save, this is the way. Go to Wal-Mart or whatever the cheapest grocery storw around you and buy the following: Eggs,Oatmeal,Ramen Noodles,Cheapest Hot Dogs,Peanut Butter,Bread,Jelly,Beans,Rice, Frozen Veggies and bananas(they are always cheap). That's it. BONUS ROUND/TIPS: This is what I have done when I needed to save money. I got a part time ( 1 to 2 days) of work at Dominos Pizza to work inside the store and basically the pizzas that were made wrong, or cancelled etc for that day, I asked my manager if I can have them instead of the store trashing them and he allowed me to take a few pies home. So I always had food free to take home. 2nd. I went online/called and inquired and spent a good 5hrs of it over a few days doing = Found a bunch of local Food banks, Churches and other social service organizations that help provide/give away free food once a week. 80% of them required you to have some letter from social services that I could not get because they would not find me poor. But the other 20% ( I found a 2 churches that only required a state I.D and once a week you bring your own bags and walk away with like 5 hige bags off all kinds of food. I later learned from another person that gets food from the food bank something cool. Basically you go to a local AA meeting and after attending say 3 days, ask the AA teacher to give you a letter of reccome dation to supplement your food. Take it to one of these food banks that require social service letter and BAM. It serves as one.

  • Pixie aka
    Pixie aka

    I spend around 600 for 5 ppl i seriously need to do better especially now with Christmas around the corner.

    • Gina Carr
      Gina Carr

      I would cry if we spent that much. What area of the country do you live in? We are in GA and I spend around $300 on 5 people. I coupon for all my personal items (thanks P&G,, and smart source!) Which saves ALOT! I am expanding my garden over the summer but my canning skills suck!

  • michelle Foster
    michelle Foster

    My monthly spend for 4 is £120

  • jose tv
    jose tv

    Hi im 22 years old i only have one job i spend 100 and food 167 and rent and bills 100 sometimes but i speend on food to eat for a whole month is 80 or 100 for 5 people go to mexican stores there cheaper lol mi opinion

    • Maribel Granados
      Maribel Granados

      Where I live the Mexican stores are way more expensive. A small pack of japones peppers cost $5 and I can get a big pack for the same price at Walmart. Which would be cheaper for us, as I use them in all kinds of Mexican foods.

    • jose tv
      jose tv

      @The Fundamental Home oh really

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      We don't really have any Mexican stores here

  • Mama Z's Texas Kitchen
    Mama Z's Texas Kitchen

    New to your page! From Freedom homestead!

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Thanks for joining me!

  • dgnty

    I live alone with a dog and spend around 170 euros (around $190) a month. Im gonna watch this now and I hope Im gonna learn something about saving money lol

    • tararasque

      Those numbers aren't bad, really... esp. considering euro-prices

  • MandiRawksVlogs

    I love alone and probably spend $200+ just on groceries

  • DIY Wardobe
    DIY Wardobe

    I spend like $600 to $1,000 a month for just me and my toddler and we go to restaurants once or twice a week. I want to make budget to save money.. any advice or tips?

    • Eden Johnson
      Eden Johnson

      Hey we are a family of two and I have specific health needs for diet. I am a diabetic. Can you still have dietary restrictions and keep within a food budget of 150 for the month?

    • Fealisha Cunningham
      Fealisha Cunningham

      We are a family of 3 (2 adults and a toddler) I spend around $250/ month for groceries. I was spending about $150 but increased it as my son has gotten bigger. With the increase I'm also not running completely out of food before the next grocery trip. I don't drive and depend on others for getting places so I try to only shop once a month. We live in Kentucky and have fairly low grocery prices compared to what I've seen in the facebook group. I always shop sales especially for meat. When ground beef is $2/lb or less I buy at least 5 packs. I also like to shop at a butcher shop about 30 mins away because they have weekly bundle sales on meat (about 30lbs for $40-60) and that last us for the month. I fix a chicken meal using 1 chicken breast, 1 cup of rice, 1 can rotel, 1 can black beans, and some taco seasoning... this makes enough to feed us for 2 sometimes 3 meals. Find a discount/salvage grocery store they are great.

    • DIY Wardobe
      DIY Wardobe

      @The Fundamental Home thank you so much for your detailed reply I appreciate it, I will try doing what you suggested.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Your costs depends on a number of factors... where you live, what stores you have available, and your dietary needs. I recommend to those who are starting to cut back to cut their budget by 20%. Since you have such a wide cost range ($400 difference), I would say to try to just stick to your low number of $600 for three months. That's about $150 per week, which would be plenty for you and a toddler for groceries. We have a $35 a week entertainment budget which includes eating out. You could use my number and try to limit your eating out costs. That right there would give you significant savings in some months. After you stick to that for three months, cut back another 10% to $540 a month or about $130 a week. Keep cutting until it you reach your limit. Don't forget to make a menu plan. You can do it!

  • Lynn K
    Lynn K

    It's just me and my husband and we spend about 150 a week just at the grocery store. 🤷‍♀️

  • Kiji Art
    Kiji Art

    It's been a few years; what is your guys' grocery budget like now in 2019?

    • Gina Carr
      Gina Carr

      My average is $150 every 2 weeks, family of 5. I bargain shop and coupon for non grocery items. We live in GA, I am a believe in location or state effecting grocery cost.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Check out our recent grocery hauls. Our family size went up to six, and our budget went as high as $65 a week. Now, we have just 4 family members at home and our budget is $50 per week. Double what it was in this video (which is a blessing), but still well under national averages.

  • Lindsay Stoican
    Lindsay Stoican

    My husband would have a fit if I made him eat chicken all the time. He is a serious beef man. If you bought all beef that would be double or triple the price

    • Gina Carr
      Gina Carr

      I cleaned out the meat cubby at WalMart about 2 weeks ago. I went in for a few items and saw ground sirloin marked down to $5.83 for 2lbs of beef. I bought all 6 packs! That will last us about 6 weeks. I will rotate meats and dishes, and throw in a few veggie nights to cut cost.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      Rick loves beef, too, but we have to make do with what we have.

  • Brandy Roberts
    Brandy Roberts

    I have a family of 5 and I'm so super excited if I spend less than $1000 a month. To my defense all the kids are teens and eat like crazy!

  • Nikki Jackson
    Nikki Jackson

    I spend $200 a month for one person.

  • zendoll1

    Make chicken and noodles. flour and eggs for noodles. Buy a chuck roast, usually on sale. makes beef stew. Make baking powder biscuits.

    • tararasque

      Egg noodles are dirt cheap to make! A variation when you're sick of chicken: Buy a chuck roast, tear it into 4-5 pieces (look @ the roast, it will naturally kind of divide itself up.) Freeze the pieces, then cook 1 piece at a time for a few hrs like a little pot roast, add beef broth & make BEEF and noodles.

  • grateful1929

    It's only my husband, myself and granddaughter. We spend about $900 a month. I'm so ashamed. I just don't know what to fix anymore. We're in our sixties and I'm just tired of trying to think of things to cook. I've been cooking for 40+years.

    • Pixie aka
      Pixie aka

      Awwww was feeling the same way 600 for 5 ppl and i thought i was doing good lol

    • ruby scott
      ruby scott

      I cook only once a week in batches. The rest of the week I just heat and eat. I don’t have to do much thinking about food and cooking at all anymore. I like that.

    • EllyinAdelaide

      grateful1929 perhaps look into batch cooking, then you only have to face it a few times a month

    • Melissa Vazquez
      Melissa Vazquez

      Our monthly budget is$300 for a family of 11,just for food.It gets exhausting trying to cook on any budget.

    • Zulejka Javeršek
      Zulejka Javeršek

      Don’t be ashamed. How old is your granddaughter? The fact you are raising her is reason enough to give yourself grace. Perhaps she could help? (my daughter is seven and she can make scrambled eggs and muffins (with help of course), my 5 yr old can wash salad and shell beans☺️). Here on youtube you can find so many ideas for quick and cheap meals, 5 meals in one hour and “dump dinners” in crockpot etc.). All the best to you and your family❤️

  • Mike Giroux
    Mike Giroux

    My family of 1 cost me 200 a week😂😂😂

  • Danielle Russell
    Danielle Russell

    Food & family aside, You’d make a good banker.

  • Wayne lawson
    Wayne lawson

    My freezer is scary.

  • Becky Bohot
    Becky Bohot

    Weonly have one store in my town

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home

      That does make it so hard to save

  • Terry Matt
    Terry Matt

    she did good on this but i have prejudices with discounted meat. those 3 leg quarters were cheap but id be wondering why it was so cheap.

    • Texas Tea
      Texas Tea

      I go to my grocery store at 630am. They will have their ground beef at 25% off. Just freeze them.

    • Chase Morantz
      Chase Morantz

      Between the 4 different major grocery stores in my neighborhood, leg quarters are always on sale between $0.79-$1.19

    • Angel sweet
      Angel sweet

      Leg quarters are the cheapest meat you can get

    • Denise Berry
      Denise Berry

      I haven't finished watching the entire video buy I've been in retail for almost 15 years. Grocery stores will mark meat down on Mondays and Tuesdays because the new sale week will start on Wednesdays. So they have to make room for new product. They would be in trouble if they sell ANYTHING out of date. So there's nothing wrong with the discounted meat. 😉👍

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