How To Dance Norteñas | Ft. Conjunto Amenaza
Jose Ochoa
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  • JazyJas Navarro
    JazyJas Navarro

    Melody is beautiful and the way she dances is nice too. Se ve que tiene su character but she is a very sweet hearted girl, and that's on for sure. Lol

  • JazyJas Navarro
    JazyJas Navarro

    ♡ I love how charismatic you are. Youre humble and a family oriented person. Keep it up.

  • physcoFN

    Heard you and Melody broke up and got back together

  • Steve Wynn
    Steve Wynn

    This guy is sooo gay, but Mel has a hell of a figure on her.

  • Stephanie Rojas
    Stephanie Rojas

    watching this during quarantine was not the best. reminiscing on the good old days

  • Wilber Ramirez
    Wilber Ramirez

    Melody needs to learn how to shake them hips aunque no tenga

  • Marisofly

    Did he say dancing partner melody?

  • Margarita Reyes
    Margarita Reyes

    Merengue reggeton bachata. Oh wait wrong channel sorry.

  • Margarita Reyes
    Margarita Reyes

    Prefer la salsa

  • Jess Herrera
    Jess Herrera

    Cumbias you guys danced very well, the norteñas you moved too fast Jose! Melo try not to think about it too much and move your hips a bit more. Great job y’all!

  • Miguel rojas
    Miguel rojas

    He rented whole band just for the vid😂

  • Jimmy Ramirez
    Jimmy Ramirez

    I’m as skinny as you are and same height, what type of jeans do you wear with your boots, like are they skinny or slim fit, and what size. This is so new to me.


      You can buy slim fit wranglers, or slim fit boot cut levis or cinch.

  • heloveselizabeth

    literally nobody: Texas ppl: 😐🧐🧐

    • Cristina Reyes
      Cristina Reyes

      I am from Dallas

    • Tatiana

      That is bs I’m from Dallas to dead ass everyone be dancing them songs at the club lol I don’t even listen to that type of Spanish songs but best believe I know of them cuz that’s what everyone post that they dance in Mexican parties and clubs

    • Maria Roldan
      Maria Roldan

      heloveselizabeth girl facts 🤣

    • heloveselizabeth

      n for the ppl dat finna say bs I’m form Dallas 🥳

  • Ivonne A
    Ivonne A

    Nicole and Jonathan should do a video like this dancing

  • MaRi A.
    MaRi A.

    LOl TeLl Me why the hole time Jose's LEGS reminded me of woodys haha.bUt melody looks great .love the hair style ..

    • Jessi MLC
      Jessi MLC

      Lmaoooooooooo I’m weak they are so skinny

  • Yaneisis Trujillo Medina
    Yaneisis Trujillo Medina

    u feel like jose is dating melondy

    • Yaneisis Trujillo Medina
      Yaneisis Trujillo Medina

      @savannah jackson oh

    • savannah jackson
      savannah jackson

      Its because they are dating

  • Martha Basurto
    Martha Basurto

    Hi I just subscribed to your VN-my channel and I love u guys so yup

  • Erika Balboa
    Erika Balboa

    Que bien tokan

  • YAH Love's
    YAH Love's

    "Me 💃 gets my 👠all stepped on by my own 👠 😜🙈👏 and tired by just wayching this 😂😂😂

  • J


  • J

    Y'all are so damn cute together 😍

  • J

    Cumbias are my faaaaav 🔥🔥

  • J

    Que coman monda las fodongas envidiosas

  • J

    So cute!!

  • Daisy Castillo 10
    Daisy Castillo 10

    I love your videos with melody n your mom 💙 ❤

  • George Moukbel
    George Moukbel

    Why are you dating an under aged girl !?wtf👀

    • berenice martinez
      berenice martinez

      George Moukbel for love there’s no age all that matters is that they love each other.🤷🏽‍♀️😍🥰

    • Mae Byne
      Mae Byne

      @laci covarrubias I know but they loved each other. They even had 8 kids.

    • laci covarrubias
      laci covarrubias

      @Mae Byne 13 and 20 a lit to far

    • Mae Byne
      Mae Byne

      My mom was 13 when she met my dad and he was 20. I found it a little weird at first but i came to understand that love has no age.

    • laci covarrubias
      laci covarrubias

      @George Moukbel in az thats legal

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    Whats the frist cumbia song?

    • Kelly Ruiz
      Kelly Ruiz

      La hungara

  • Wanna Drink
    Wanna Drink

    Nothing she does physically on the outside , can make her look good or better, when her inside is putrid!!!!!

  • Marisol Hudson
    Marisol Hudson

    Very similar to the Texas styles I'm from South TX rgv and everyone dances different ways great video I try to avoid dancing when I'm faded it always happens I get asked to dance once I'm feeling crossfaded and they spin me like a damn trompo and when I say no they call me sangrona so I just go along with it laugh as they spin me and then guys always ask me why you so giggly my response is why tf you spin me so fast chill they start to go ham on the spins

  • Monserrat M
    Monserrat M

    Nos por nada but i personally believe y’all should slow down on the norteñas just my opinión aunque you don’t need it lol .

    • Adele Carbajal
      Adele Carbajal

      Lol I thought the same, they were going a bit too fast

  • Samantha Valadez
    Samantha Valadez

    Tell Melody upload video s

  • Lani H
    Lani H

    🥰🥰 how come nobody talking about how romantic this is!!!!

  • Mary Vee
    Mary Vee

    Damm he got a grupo and all that... who doesn’t want an extra man in there life’s like this one LOL... only you salty bitches COULD NEVAAA🤣😂🙌🏻

  • Marina Valle
    Marina Valle

    I don’t think they broke up maybe they just want deir relationship private cuz sum ppl can mind deir own bussiness deir a cute couple

    • Mia Laciel
      Mia Laciel


    • Diana Benavidez
      Diana Benavidez

      @Marina Valle they *

    • Marina Valle
      Marina Valle

      Yes Dey are or they was who noes now

    • Aneida Sanchez
      Aneida Sanchez

      Hold up they were dating!?

  • storiestobetold12

    people in the back when he’s talking 👁👄👁

  • Brianna Delatrinidad
    Brianna Delatrinidad

    Wow melody teach me some moves

  • trinidadxochilth

    You should do more of these with ur mom !

  • Amairani Cobian
    Amairani Cobian

    Fuccckkkk and the second norteña they plaayyeeeddd 😭😭👏👏👏

  • Amairani Cobian
    Amairani Cobian

    Haterrsss!!!! Y’all got down 👏👏👏 like he said everyone dances differently 😌 makes me want to jalar a grupo too just to dance lmao

  • FerAndSonia

    So sad they’re not together anymore

    • Wanna Drink
      Wanna Drink

      Not sad at all , he deserves a nicer girl to match his sweetness and sincerity!

    • Jayleen Gonzalez
      Jayleen Gonzalez

      I’m sad too🥺

    • FerAndSonia

      Marisol Lomeli he said it on his ig

    • Marisol Lomeli
      Marisol Lomeli

      Why I didn’t know what happen

  • Its Linney
    Its Linney

    Love how the young generation is keep there culture and speaking there language as these gays not many Generation Y don’t know nothing about there culture so I’m happy these guys are doing traditional things

  • Abigail Morales
    Abigail Morales

    You’re going a little way too fast..

  • SuperNess Marroquin
    SuperNess Marroquin

    Puro Bailando does. He always posting. But this is strictly a tutorial with a live yeah it’s extra lol

  • Janet Morales
    Janet Morales

    When you dance norteñas you have to go with the Rhythm of the music 😅

  • Youtuber Edits
    Youtuber Edits

    Did you brake up with melody

  • Claudia Alvarez
    Claudia Alvarez

    Are they not together no more?

  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez

    Y’all hellaaa cuteee bro😍

  • Lupita Perez
    Lupita Perez

    Okay but that Norteño hits different. 👀👌

  • Verania Chavez
    Verania Chavez

    This was great! Can you dance with your mom!!!!!

  • Bee Babby
    Bee Babby

    No melody can pull off the blonde and her hair up yesssss sisssss

  • Nataly

    U have the right idea of norteña but i would recommend going and following the beat, You were a lil too up beat. Other than that U kinda got it .

  • Leticia Nevarez
    Leticia Nevarez

    Thumbs up to the grupo! 🥰

  • foreveralee98

    No no nooooo norteñas was allll wrong! 😂 no hate hate tho

  • Laura Ortega
    Laura Ortega

    Me listening to the grupo, doing my hair and dancing alone 💃💃😅😩😩😩😩😩

  • Laura Ortega
    Laura Ortega

    Im overdue for a baile 😰😩

  • Laura Ortega
    Laura Ortega

    A like for the grupo 👍🏼

  • Yesenia Ramirez
    Yesenia Ramirez

    This was making me fall asleep 😩

  • Alex Gomez
    Alex Gomez

    Texas 👑

  • Berenice Pranks
    Berenice Pranks

    Man I wanna dance now 😩💃

  • Yari Luna
    Yari Luna

    Bailannn bienn just the Norteñas noo bc u move like ur dancing cumbias lmaoo u just need to slow downn!!❤️

  • Cecilia B.
    Cecilia B.

    Okay i need a baile asap😭 btw lovedd the way you guys danced! Jose you look so good con tejana 🤠😍

  • Yesenia Villa
    Yesenia Villa

    I fucking love these kids they are bomb why y’all hating on them lol they cute

  • Tania Flores
    Tania Flores

    it looks like they been dancing the same steps

  • Dannyel Gonzalez
    Dannyel Gonzalez

    What a waist of time .. 💀🤨🤢👎🏼

    • Karolina Torres
      Karolina Torres

      WASTE* 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Aida Garcia
      Aida Garcia

      He dances the same for every song 🤦‍♀️

  • Angela Mariee
    Angela Mariee

    Oh brother 😂... waste of my time 😂😂😂 bye 🙄

  • Nicole Escalante
    Nicole Escalante

    A. Long. Time

  • Melissa Sanchez
    Melissa Sanchez

    How long did it take you to teach melody

  • Diego Andrade
    Diego Andrade

    What song are they playing




    Melo looks so cute 🥺

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