How To Make A Disney Maleficent Princess Cake! - Nerdy Nummies
Rosanna Pansino
What's your favorite Disney movie???
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This #Disney #Princess #Cake was so much fun to make! What other videos would you like to see?

  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino

    I hope you enjoy today's Nerdy Nummies! What's the last Disney movie you watched? What's the last Nerdy Nummies episode you watched? 😊💕

    • Joynal Abedin
      Joynal Abedin

      Rosanna Pansino I just like it

    • Joynal Abedin
      Joynal Abedin

      Rosanna Pansin


      A ro I hope that you would go on the totally TV because a girl named Jenn really really really loves you she is your second biggest fan that I am your first she's your favorite VN-myr and I am too but she really really really really loves you so it please follow her I go there too so yeah she really loves you so much she is your favorite fan you are her favorite VN-myr

    • Scott X
      Scott X

      The last one I watched was the Amortentia Love Potion

    • ANYA

      The last Disney movie I watched was Stargirl. It's new-ish. I love it! The last Nerdy Nummies I watched was your newest video. Making a Harley Quinn sandwich.

  • ljamarro peters
    ljamarro peters

    Invite Dove Cameron Please

  • mary bacay
    mary bacay

    Hi Rosanna I am a huge fan of you and can you make a Descendants 3 princess Evie doll Disney? please. where to buy the cake doll set?

  • Malak Alkhouli
    Malak Alkhouli

    How to make a mint chocolate chip cake?

  • Lindsay Speelman
    Lindsay Speelman

    Is it just me or does her VN-my account picture look like Piper Rockel???

  • Ieqha Zulaikah
    Ieqha Zulaikah

    I love your video

  • Naira Sâyèd
    Naira Sâyèd

    There are no measurements in description 0:54 !!!!!!!

  • AgDoll Lover17
    AgDoll Lover17

    I personally love ur nephews name Rosanna ur sister picked a good name for him

  • jess victor
    jess victor

    Ro I have a question where did you get the mixer from ??? x

  • jess victor
    jess victor

    I npw its 2020 but this video was so good I had to watch it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meta Lustig
    Meta Lustig


  • 1978samd

    Your the best

  • 76ersaloy


  • Navya Kella
    Navya Kella

    can you ppllleeeaasse make a mal and evie cake!

  • Lily Whitehouse
    Lily Whitehouse



    I also love your Galaxy cupcakes the Maleficent cake is so good I even made it to myself you're the best Rosanna Pansino / Ro I love you so much I'm your biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest fan so message me or my brother I love you so much Ro oh just two confirm totally TV has Jenn she dresses up like you for videos I'm totally TV so yeah💜❤🐈

  • himani sadana
    himani sadana

    Can you make arora

  • himani sadana
    himani sadana

    Can you make a desendecents 1-2-3 cake of mal and Evi

  • Kaylee Gilbert
    Kaylee Gilbert

    Can you please make a love heart cake

  • Pari's Channel
    Pari's Channel


  • Minoli Samarakkody
    Minoli Samarakkody

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Nerdy Nummies!

  • Mia Odonnell
    Mia Odonnell

    Ro can you do an eleven from stranger things cake please

  • khizleo

    I love her maleficent costume

  • Ellie The master 0808
    Ellie The master 0808

    When I saw this I just thought of the movie descendants

  • camila escobedo
    camila escobedo

    make a Maleflcent cake

  • yee clare koay
    yee clare koay

    who is that

  • Madison Lemmon
    Madison Lemmon

    Give this video a thumbs up if you think Rosanna is so sweet

  • Clare Clark
    Clare Clark

    you should make a coffee shaped cake

  • Yu Shi
    Yu Shi

    I always wanna make a cake

  • GalaxyWolf Gacha
    GalaxyWolf Gacha

    Can you make a Merida princess cake next?

  • Robinson Family
    Robinson Family

    Make a jasmine cake with the genies lamp on top

  • Joshua Isidore
    Joshua Isidore

    make cindarella

  • olo bolo
    olo bolo

    next can you do a mal cake

  • Kyle vlogs
    Kyle vlogs

    Ro can u pls do a pine apple cake or a minion with that pans

  • lesly iglesias
    lesly iglesias

    Your dog is going to die

  • Drake Garret Reyes
    Drake Garret Reyes


  • Drake Garret Reyes
    Drake Garret Reyes


  • Drake Garret Reyes
    Drake Garret Reyes

    I mean rosanna I like ur vids cuz of u making a very very delicous cake X3 and nice costume by the way since i watch ur tein sister or sister u ur sis has same clothes like u but i still like ur vids making cake i think im gonna be hungry by ur makings of cake X3 sorry this is long chatX3

  • Drake Garret Reyes
    Drake Garret Reyes

    Her rosanno

  • Henry Han
    Henry Han


  • Catherine Ferrotta
    Catherine Ferrotta

    Mal Disney descendants cake

  • Catherine Ferrotta
    Catherine Ferrotta


  • Bunnymomjulie

    This is the most gorgeous cake ever! I hope it didn't go to waste and someone got to enjoy it! Do you wind up donating a lot of your stuff?

  • Scott X
    Scott X

    Can you please do a Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) princess cake

  • Pan Candice
    Pan Candice


  • Mia Shen
    Mia Shen

    You should do a mermaid doll cake please

  • Leanne Mohamdani
    Leanne Mohamdani

    Omg u r so good

  • Austeja Budvytyte
    Austeja Budvytyte

    Melifisent is a Vipin


    make a decendants cake


    make a henry danger cake

  • MarrrYhel

    soooo niceeee

  • Bruwer van Nierkerk
    Bruwer van Nierkerk

    It looks so beautiful

  • N. R. G.
    N. R. G.


  • Chelsea Shamo
    Chelsea Shamo

    Can you make a aerial cake

  • Katelyn Martinez
    Katelyn Martinez

    Make a mal cake from descendants

  • musicadanger1

    Make a raindeer cake please

  • munawara Tesso
    munawara Tesso

    Can you make Barbie cake

  • Chloe Murray
    Chloe Murray

    I love you

  • Ava Dawn
    Ava Dawn

    The next princess cake u make should be Hermione when she went to the ball thing in the 4th movie. I love ur vids

  • Daisee Campbell
    Daisee Campbell

    Hey ro can you make a evil Audrey from descendants 3

  • America Abundis
    America Abundis

    Maléfica es my favorite villain 🦹‍♀️

  • Denzel Matthews
    Denzel Matthews

    Tdtnm mdtthews

  • S and G par
    S and G par

    I have watched the new maleficent movie

  • Cielle Alexander
    Cielle Alexander

    Do a volcano cake

  • world susu
    world susu

    It's a collar

  • AudreyandCheyenne AudreyandCheyenne
    AudreyandCheyenne AudreyandCheyenne

    I love it so much

  • Steven Hoffert
    Steven Hoffert

    I'm a huge fan of your channel! I love your videos. I'm on my dads acount cause i don't have a computer.but do you think you can make a dog cake by any chance at all? also o follow along with some of your videis that i do. when i don't its because i dont have stuff i already ave enough food at home or because i am lazy nd dont feel like doing it. sadly i din't follow along on this video that you did

  • Tabitha Scottorn
    Tabitha Scottorn

    What do you do with all the dolls after you make/eat doll cakes ?

  • Sharee Fenstermaker
    Sharee Fenstermaker

    You mentioned that you cake looks like a green beehive. You should do one of those in yellow and use the bee keeper Barbie to make a Queen of the bee's cake.

  • Lacie Westcott
    Lacie Westcott

    Ro can you do a pocahontas cake

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