i Asked My Best Friend Gloom To Help Me Solve The World's HARDEST Riddles (Sike)
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  • Andrew-OHH

    If know one knew this sharks can go to fresh water it is just very for a shark to go there

  • sneaky snail
    sneaky snail

    what do you call a guy with a rubber toe ....... Roberto

  • You are already my g
    You are already my g

    Why didnt they just look not the window on the plane one?!

  • soap boi 41
    soap boi 41

    Or maybe a bull shark killed her

  • Amel Martinez
    Amel Martinez

    Jay: hotel Pennsylvania Me: hotel Transylvania

  • Dennis Hansson
    Dennis Hansson

    She came on her broomstick Jay: she came on her broomstick Cass: she wa- Me: ok.... she came on her broomstick... i understand......

  • Dennis Hansson
    Dennis Hansson

    She came on her broomstick Jay: she came on her broomstick Cass: she wa- Me: ok....

  • Neko Sun
    Neko Sun

    Jay: You look like the robber! *Precedes to roast the guy wearing a hoodie in his own home* Me: *literally wearing the same thing the guy is and notices both the VN-myrs are wearing something similar.* Me: Bruh..

  • R Shirley
    R Shirley

    Only you and kassie

  • MIMI Gacha
    MIMI Gacha

    Moyda Said Jay

  • Shaun Madigan
    Shaun Madigan

    But wait but wasn't it night-time in the guy turns into a werewolf at night-time?! WTF

  • satako yakashimi
    satako yakashimi

    99% of the comments on this video: *actually about the video* 1% of the comments: *kassie casually flexing aripods*

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    Does does Kassie know? uh. The kid jays KIDDDDDDDD :3

  • TheWeirdBurger

    sharks do live in freshwater, bullsharks

  • Alex Pinto
    Alex Pinto

    Im going to cub scouts (well mabey) (:

  • Mellow DH
    Mellow DH

    Nobody: Jay when kassie says something: 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • ya girl lila
    ya girl lila

    i was about to say that bull sharks can live in fresh water, but then i remembered that it was a lake without any mention of a river leading to the ocean unless someone just dumped a bull shark in a lake to ruin someone’s day

  • Enchanted Extract
    Enchanted Extract

    Friend zoned

  • Christian Steele
    Christian Steele

    I just realized they make way darker jokes than with azzyland and Gloom

  • Sumaya Uddin
    Sumaya Uddin

    sharks Can Which is Bull sharks. Lol 😂

  • 「NightLight」

    I think she’s adopted

  • Angela Guy
    Angela Guy

    Hey Cassie while writings this I'm eating BBQ wings with rice XD love ya

  • Kerrie smith
    Kerrie smith

    I love those and it’s so good and love theses

  • harumixty

    1:31 bruh you are literally drinking blood rn, how can you be a vegetarian? lol 😂

  • wansepet

    I laughed so hard at "what are ya? STOPID

  • Slivs

    Jay is not the dude. HE IS THAT DUDE.

  • Hi it’s Sophie
    Hi it’s Sophie

    ur a daddy!

  • Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride
    Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride

    Literally the one word you always capitalize is not capital I

  • Itz_Galaxy Boi
    Itz_Galaxy Boi

    I had captions on and it said “Hi I’m Jeff form the Kubz Scouts 😂

  • Imacoto Pebbled
    Imacoto Pebbled


  • Aiza Gonzalez
    Aiza Gonzalez

    Are you ever so angry that you just ,like, commit suicide?

  • Potato

    5:14 *IS DE POLLIC*

  • Salty Shim
    Salty Shim

    1 like=1 energy drink for the police

  • Micaela Olsson
    Micaela Olsson

    Awnser She came on her Broom stick Kassie: she what Jay: that does not make any senes

  • ThaliaMsp Perez
    ThaliaMsp Perez

    I hate gloom cuz yes

  • JannyM Steele
    JannyM Steele

    She came on her broomß stick unooo

  • Kitty Lover907
    Kitty Lover907


  • Big Habibi
    Big Habibi



    At five fifteen who else saw the fake police from the other vid

  • Leah

    Kassie: *tHe aLiEn wAs gReEn aNd tAlL* Me: what its what aliens are 5:11: *Life* 7:56

  • Taja Lewis
    Taja Lewis

    The baby name is mason

  • April Willcox
    April Willcox

    For the first riddle, sharks don't eat humans!

  • Caitlin Sylvester
    Caitlin Sylvester

    0:45 Hotel _Pennsylvania?_ Well, guess I gotta represent for PA being my home state.

  • Allison Lopez
    Allison Lopez

    The ending though! TwT

  • Arko Kasemets
    Arko Kasemets

    7:55 she called police to fbi? xdddd

  • 潘旋

    i beat you jay 😎😎

  • Xx_ ZødiaçÇutie_xX
    Xx_ ZødiaçÇutie_xX

    Kassie missed alot at the party at hotel Pennsylvania

  • Dragon king
    Dragon king

    Acually a few species of shark can LIVE in fresh water such as the bull shark. They can be seen up the mississippi river and even call a golf course in florida home. So he could not be lying.

  • Happy Gacha Jade
    Happy Gacha Jade

    30k people are confused

  • gogo gamer
    gogo gamer

    Actually some sharks like bull sharks can live in fresh water just say

  • Jungha Kang
    Jungha Kang

    6:46 i was drinking water and ended up choking


    She came in the broomstick Me:I gOt a GuN nO gIrLs, GirLs GaTtA dIe

  • zaniah sims
    zaniah sims

    1:51 their minds are so dirty

  • zaniah sims
    zaniah sims

    kassie’s windbreaker 😍🧡

  • Priyamala Dharamraj
    Priyamala Dharamraj

    1:38 You’re vegetarian but drink blood ? hUh

  • Someone’s spinel
    Someone’s spinel

    “They give you one, when you get on they give you two, when you take off.” *Like if you are so confused right now.* Me : “Bruh i’ve been liked-“

  • Althea Zweidinger
    Althea Zweidinger

    Cassie and jay were ment to be

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer

    Gut up kes here We ready and bulk

  • Itzie's SSADRØSE
    Itzie's SSADRØSE

    On the tumbnail i know the ans its the one with the necklace thats lying

  • sakura ppg
    sakura ppg

    3k people dont understand Kassy >₩

  • Michelle Zamir
    Michelle Zamir

    Awnser:”The plane had already landed.” Me:”But You see The Hills At The Window, The Drink does not Count . ;~;

  • Cristy Edwards
    Cristy Edwards

    Wait a minute.....they give you one when u get on, I lost u there I’m sooo confused🧐

  • Maggie Plante
    Maggie Plante


  • debbi gebert
    debbi gebert

    Wooohoooo 😂😂😂😂

  • Issac Harrell
    Issac Harrell

    Kubz scouts do would you rather questions

  • 🍉NiNTENDo🥝

    Can you change your intro and if not why do you look worried when you do it

  • Dragonlord

    Fun fact, bull sharks are able to live in fresh water and the largest Bull shark was found in fresh water! However they don’t attack people in fresh water because of the abundance of food for them(at the time I had gotten this information at least)

  • Amarianni Reanea
    Amarianni Reanea

    Dirty minded..!

  • The Squad
    The Squad

    By the way you been uninvited

  • Lindsay Parkin
    Lindsay Parkin

    She came on the broom stick 😆

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