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  • Mr.Queer

    He should probably remove “new videos every day” thing on his youtube banner

  • P o o p e r S c o o p e r ' 9 9
    P o o p e r S c o o p e r ' 9 9

    He has become a shadow of his former self

  • Samsara

    I'm here to see how long would I last without wanting to kill myself... 4 sec. This is hell ":D

  • Chance K K
    Chance K K

    Don't let rice eat that shit

  • Me Meep
    Me Meep

    I really think plane rock is better

  • gottajack 123
    gottajack 123

    See y’all next month

  • Memeware

    Douchetuber is a universal language.

  • NSC Fortnite Umpalumpa
    NSC Fortnite Umpalumpa

    No one gives a fuck post another these kids must be Stopped

  • Rubby Red
    Rubby Red


  • Rubby Red
    Rubby Red


  • Itz Win
    Itz Win

    I’ma un sub to this lazy ass

  • Chett Begay
    Chett Begay

    0:57 LMAO😂😂

  • Marshawn Lynch
    Marshawn Lynch

    Next Video: My gf dumped me...

  • DS gameing
    DS gameing

    How about coco

  • Lil Fuk boi
    Lil Fuk boi

    Hardest fall off

  • Cesar Avila
    Cesar Avila

    Why is everyone hating on ricegum His vids are still good

  • Adrian Hollingsworth
    Adrian Hollingsworth

    This guy still has a fan base

  • Braydon Perez
    Braydon Perez

    Yo cool puppy but wtf a month no vid youtube already breathing down all creaters neck`s you better think of something bro or it may just be a rap

  • Chase Benedict
    Chase Benedict

    Better not eat it now

  • stan de MLG BOIEEEY
    stan de MLG BOIEEEY

    Ur cancer

  • JGD TV
    JGD TV

    Why is he in a constant state of pleading loudly to the camera. Dude... I'd love to dip my balls in ink and tea bag him, muffle that shrill desperation. shh shh shh. Just let it happen...


    I don’t want to say it but rice ur done

  • rob michael
    rob michael

    Is rice dead

  • •k-12 nuggets•
    •k-12 nuggets•

    Rice: " I didn't know this was gonna be so much money..." VN-my: "what do you mean we pay you 9 million dollars a week"

  • Little Yeni
    Little Yeni

    Abby’s account got hacked on ig

  • Alskzj Hzhzh
    Alskzj Hzhzh


  • Dat Boi Diazz
    Dat Boi Diazz

    Who came here after Abby Rao got hacked

  • Douglas Dos Santos
    Douglas Dos Santos

    Abby got hacked

  • Henry G
    Henry G

    Yo your girl got hacked

  • Daily Fortnite Gaming martinez
    Daily Fortnite Gaming martinez

    Name him snow ball

  • Devin Dillon
    Devin Dillon

    If you still do reaction videos can you react to how bad Danielle Cohn edits her photos this is not a question it’s a demand

  • Jacob Pearson
    Jacob Pearson

    Dude without that money, those girls are gone! They are out of your league dude come on. Make a video about picking up girls with no money, a real video! Btw I bet I could get that blonde to give me a rim job.. I’m just a normal dude haha

  • G Welch
    G Welch

    Put a girls breast in the thumbnail, great tactic I hate you ricegum

  • Gama and Steve Vlogsss
    Gama and Steve Vlogsss

    Ricegum hasn’t pao

  • Paul# Kim#
    Paul# Kim#

    how many voice cracks has he had in one vid?

  • Joseph Vassallo
    Joseph Vassallo

    Nothing makes me happier than to see your channel finally start to die

  • LTT Breaking News Outlet
    LTT Breaking News Outlet

    You’ve changed bud

  • Hannah Griffin
    Hannah Griffin

    Rice we miss the old u 😥


    Plz go to hell😡😡😡

  • Derick Arnold
    Derick Arnold

    Change ur Profile pic. U r bringing shame to it.

  • iiBbyMari

    To be honest I miss when Rice made diss tracks and there was the Cloutgang v Mavericks v Jakepaulers and everyone was going crazy about which team they were in 😭 and I would always flex about being in the cloutgang but now I don’t even watch Ricegum as much as before... we want you uploading again rice

  • 刘国良


  • Chunky Kia
    Chunky Kia

    The name should be rice since it looks like it

  • ayouba the king
    ayouba the king

    Rice u Changed big big🤧 I miss the old rice like bruh


    RiceGum has officially given up.

  • Drunk Yoda
    Drunk Yoda

    RiceGum: has became the kind of person he used to roast in his old videos. No one: Obi Wan Kenobi: You have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

  • MED 56
    MED 56

    4:20 ouuuuuuu mmmmmm....

  • Lil GeX
    Lil GeX

    i feel bad for the puppy

  • lulu china
    lulu china


  • Edwin Galarza
    Edwin Galarza

    U so ugly

  • Tltltltlt6262 Rly
    Tltltltlt6262 Rly

    Stupid slant eye

  • Mr. Sleep
    Mr. Sleep

    If we pool our money together we should be able to get a decent hit-man to wipe this thing off the planet.

  • ピコル ¿
    ピコル ¿

    hi fuxking racist

  • Meme Child
    Meme Child

    His life faker than morgz challenge videos

  • 陈伟正


  • 陈伟正


  • Monoxide Carbon
    Monoxide Carbon

    Malaguh duruh ta yan 😍

  • Sharkyapex

    Your insane you let the money get to your head this is why nobody likes you

  • Alonzo Lewis
    Alonzo Lewis

    Bruh he still on 10 million

  • graham herndon
    graham herndon


  • Crossed KemTex
    Crossed KemTex

    ricegum type of guy to eat his own dog nocap

  • M 43
    M 43

    I feel like he’s using his gf for clickbate and I feel like he’s fakin the relationship w his gf

    • Nathan .S
      Nathan .S

      It's obvious he is

  • Cefo

    80 20 just like Tfue’s contract

  • t e s s
    t e s s

    😔 I miss the old rice..

  • landy inthisone
    landy inthisone

    Play call of duty ww2

  • dad 98
    dad 98

    Are they still dating?

  • trollskullkid69

    I take great pleasure knowing our overlord Francis of the Filth makes more views than this piece of shit

  • Vcubbs

    call it riceboul

  • Opsonet

    the only thing that reminds me of rice gum’s existence is when I go back to watch idubbz content cop


    you realise he's always been this cringey right?

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