I Built a FLOATING CASTLE in Minecraft Hardcore!
this took me 5 hours.. not joking..
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  • Iced Macchiatae
    Iced Macchiatae

    Dan: "Is that a *skinless* cat? Dude! you're gonna get sunburned!" I- dan i think u meant hairless

    • Pug DOOF
      Pug DOOF


    • Just a trash youtuber waiting for views
      Just a trash youtuber waiting for views

      CybertronianGamer this dude literally made no spelling errors

    • Valyria Burger
      Valyria Burger

      YESH another word for 𝓱𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓼 is 𝓢𝓹𝓱𝔂𝓷𝔁 I used a cursive generator if you are wondering.. :P

    • Littlesans 76
      Littlesans 76

      Iced Macchiatae when you skin a cat

    • Dare Devil ;-3
      Dare Devil ;-3

      Bruh..... As soon as I looked at the comments I saw yours and Dan said “is that a skinless cat?!” I’m so scared

  • cattydude

    0:52 I recognize that bedrock, see you soon

  • Durante Pavlovic
    Durante Pavlovic

    Awesome 😎😜😜😜

  • RealVon Harvey
    RealVon Harvey

    Its funny how most of the Viewers now have grown up and least Kids... I've grown up too...

  • Liz Vigil
    Liz Vigil

    Make the old lab in the desert

  • Brad Turner
    Brad Turner

    cool dude

  • Kian Ruiz
    Kian Ruiz

    Dan you need magma blocks for tthe water

  • [:joshy:]

    I missed u Dan

  • Willz Wyatt
    Willz Wyatt

    Bridge looks sick dan

  • Courtney Aiello
    Courtney Aiello

    Dan:are these trash. Villager noise: mmhm


    0:52 What diamond do you say huh???

  • Darkened Wolfy
    Darkened Wolfy

    4:45 Dan:puts stone cutter near his bed Dan: thats a little dangerous isn't it? Don't want to cut anything important ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Unicorn 1950
    Unicorn 1950

    Yah dan you need to idiot proof the neither

  • Nellie Petersson
    Nellie Petersson

    Jesus christ the song that's played in the beginning to show that it's night time is the Swedish national anthem😂

  • jigglypuff gamer12
    jigglypuff gamer12

    It magma blocks

  • coolgamer 6554
    coolgamer 6554

    You can’t break iron ore with a wood pickaxe but you can break a Anvil with a wood pickaxe 😐

  • Big Bacon Hair
    Big Bacon Hair

    Lol he need kelp

  • Kelsey Strass
    Kelsey Strass

    It is dope

  • Tru3 Silence
    Tru3 Silence

    Anyone has a butt counter for how many times he said it in this video.

  • maddie witkowski
    maddie witkowski

    dan... oh sweet innocent dan, you could’ve killed the wandering trader (villager with llamas) and get 2 leads🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • Low DestrucTor
    Low DestrucTor

    You could have used kelp

  • Low DestrucTor
    Low DestrucTor

    You know you can out stuff in barrel

  • ItzLibz Gatcha
    ItzLibz Gatcha

    Name the horse sparkey

  • TamWam

    4 sheep not 4 sheep’s lol

  • Me and Friends Vlogs1!
    Me and Friends Vlogs1!

    Your not bad at building :)

  • Honey Crystalz
    Honey Crystalz

    You could maybe try get some leftover soul sand and fight the wither! I know it’s a bad idea

  • Klunk Shank
    Klunk Shank

    Hairless cat

  • Seb Hartley
    Seb Hartley


  • Cristine Gay Liza
    Cristine Gay Liza

    The BRIDGE looks awesome Dan you just need more attachments.👍

  • D'shawn Cherry
    D'shawn Cherry

    The zombies that are brown with tan clothes on are called Husks. Husks don't burn in day and if they hit you then you'll be affected with hunger. Hunger is a negative effect that brings your hunger bar too one in a half. Use bow and arrows to avoid their deadly effect.

    • Kim Flynn
      Kim Flynn

      He knows what a husk is

  • Walter Wrede
    Walter Wrede

    The campfire wasn’t coming up cause you were using the crafting menu in your inventory and not on a crafting table and that is why it came up later, also yes dan, the cacti have spines.

  • Team Scythe
    Team Scythe

    Just enchant a pickaxe with silk touch and go to the nether and find magma and break it.

  • BEAR Games
    BEAR Games

    Use pistons to switch souls and magma blocks that bring you down faster

  • EddinDosThings

    Um, I wonder how the glass he used happens to connect and look a lot better than the windows that cannot connect

  • Troll In Black T.I.B
    Troll In Black T.I.B


  • Margaret Shwabsky
    Margaret Shwabsky


  • Denisse Fisk
    Denisse Fisk

    Magma blocks under a water elevator makes you go back down and let’s you breath under water but it takes away the water.

  • RedThePanda YT
    RedThePanda YT

    "Where's the campfire?" Dan, use the crafting table.

  • Matthew White
    Matthew White

    Dan:*explodes TNT* Also Dan:"Never go in the face of FIREWORKS" ME:ITS TNT not fireworks

  • Random Stuff with Ryan
    Random Stuff with Ryan

    Notice how he said “flint” when he put the iron/steel down and then he said “steel” when he put the flint down! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Amanda Alexander
    Amanda Alexander

    i love it

  • Emma TEM
    Emma TEM

    Anyone know what that strange noise was?

  • Aaron Mckinlay
    Aaron Mckinlay

    Kill wondering traders and you get leads

  • Donny Kleverwal
    Donny Kleverwal

    Make a waterpool

  • Liam van Dyk
    Liam van Dyk

    You bring me back to 4 years ago when I watched u play Minecraft. Oh memories

  • Big Brother Ryan
    Big Brother Ryan

    The butts out of here?

  • Just a trash youtuber waiting for views
    Just a trash youtuber waiting for views

    Persian cats

  • Robin Smith
    Robin Smith

    Dan: are these trash? Unknown villager: yep dan: uhhhhh

  • youssef hishamX
    youssef hishamX

    What is the sees of this map

  • NotThatOdd Enderman
    NotThatOdd Enderman

    can you Play undertail

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams

    What is the seed

  • Marek Suchanek
    Marek Suchanek

    Dan why would you not mine the stone presure plate form the desert temples and then get the tnt

  • Giulia Stark
    Giulia Stark

    I think it’s funny how dan doesn’t even mine iron and diggs through it’s cobblestone 😄

  • Hadija 2006
    Hadija 2006

    It would've been easier with kelp

  • Lawsin

    All you had to do is setup a sticky piston with magma block an one with soul sand, an hook them up with a switch to swap out going down an up,mad easy bro

  • Kyle And Anna s World
    Kyle And Anna s World

    Can I play with you i in a big fan.

  • Wang Chen
    Wang Chen

    Dan couldn’t make the campfire because he looked in his inventory recipes and not his crafting table recipes.

  • Abstract wolfz
    Abstract wolfz

    the brigde is fine dont reagret

  • Nadia Noslen
    Nadia Noslen

    You make me laugh when I’m watching you. You’re AWESOME,AMAZING and COOL man in my world

  • Andrew Abyo
    Andrew Abyo

    6:26 Did Dan just say 1.4

  • KJ R
    KJ R

    U do realize that Ur just looking at lines of code

  • lavaking 111111
    lavaking 111111

    Sea weD

  • nicolas montezuma
    nicolas montezuma

    dan what your seed for your hardcore world

  • Xlolaxgdzombie 2331
    Xlolaxgdzombie 2331

    I went to the end yesterday in mc

  • Aiden Anthony
    Aiden Anthony

    dan... the reason you could not find the camp fire is because you were not in the crafting table

  • Evan Games 4 Fun
    Evan Games 4 Fun

    26:49 Dan: I’m going to take my horse Me: to the old town road.

    • TheFourPeas

      NO. Kill that song with fire.

  • Mandy Bowers
    Mandy Bowers


  • Carissa Squires
    Carissa Squires

    When he said trap house I thought..... drugs?

  • Asher Clotworthy
    Asher Clotworthy

    Dantdm is a good youtuber

  • Mya Karakoyun
    Mya Karakoyun


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