I Built a Lego CLONE ARMY in 50 DAYS!
Use code "DALEY" at www.dkcollectables.com for 10% off your lego clone army.
Use code "DALEY" at www.republicbricks.com for 5% off your lego clone army.
In this video, DaleyTactics goes over the lego clone trooper army that he built in 50 days time. This took a lot of effort and fan support, so I appreciate all of you very much for the help! There are authentic lego star wars clones, clone army customs, and other hand made customs in this army!
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Thank you to my Patrons, I took off the list of people due to some arguments about the ordering of them between donators. But I sincerely appreciate the help you guys bring via your patreon donations.

  • Niner Films
    Niner Films

    Daley nice vid Mental has 91st torso you could go to dkcollectables.com to get another torso

  • Endergaming2009

    Advice to people that are having trouble making a clone army: order some helmets off of clone army customs and paint the bodies

  • Dylan McCormick
    Dylan McCormick


  • BabyKetchup Studios
    BabyKetchup Studios

    My person so favorite video was the first one, because it's cool to see how far you've come

  • Seige YT
    Seige YT

    Funny thing the tank walker is CIS colors.


    The green dues are sergeants you dummyAnd the blues are the tenants do yellow is the commander and them in the red means captain so boy

  • Eliezer Zelenietz-Mills
    Eliezer Zelenietz-Mills

    i think you need more wolf pack

  • Peter pizza
    Peter pizza

    Everybody keep sending him stuff even if he said not to

  • Eliezer Zelenietz-Mills
    Eliezer Zelenietz-Mills

    If i wanted to send you a letter where would i send it to?

  • Adam yolo cool
    Adam yolo cool

    Comment 500

  • kb lego lover
    kb lego lover

    P.O box?

  • Holocron Studios
    Holocron Studios

    I ordered 12 battle droids for an upcoming stop motion, they were £10, I think it was a good deal

  • Liam Chamberlain
    Liam Chamberlain

    I've just been onto dk collectables and seen nothing that I like

  • Liam Chamberlain
    Liam Chamberlain

    I have 10 clones......... I DID have more but lost them years ago 😭😭

  • Lorna Leathers
    Lorna Leathers

    you need some speeders

  • Lorna Leathers
    Lorna Leathers

    the green guys are sargents

  • Ram Jacob Levita
    Ram Jacob Levita

    im poor so gimme fan mail i pnly get 100 RM for my birthday and christmas

  • Murphy the Marill
    Murphy the Marill

    Daley: I made a lego army in fifty days. Everyone else: wat the heck

  • derpy man
    derpy man

    so you have an army..... but can you arm them???????

  • Parked_CarYT

    You better bump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers

  • Mandy Solomon
    Mandy Solomon

    When will you do more LEGO vids

  • Fred Dederman
    Fred Dederman

    green sargent, yellow comander, blue is leutenit, and red is captain

  • CT- 5555
    CT- 5555

    I have like 40 clones from 5 years and you already have a clone army in 50 days

  • Xray6631

    video title: Spending over $200 on lego in 50 days! Lol good job.

  • Adam Harmon
    Adam Harmon


  • Commander Thorn
    Commander Thorn

    Get more shock troopers

  • Clinton Richards
    Clinton Richards

    I subbed about a week ago!!

  • iLooper123

    Just made an order from dk using ur discount code:)

  • Andrew Firebud
    Andrew Firebud

    By the way no one respects bombsquad enymore I. LEGO community

  • Nasir Rivera
    Nasir Rivera

    hi can i get some lightsabers

  • The Galactic Republic
    The Galactic Republic

    Green is Sargent


    Capt jagg bot commander jack

  • RavageSavage

    Not to flex, but I’ve got 3 clone troopers

  • John Carlson
    John Carlson

    green trooper is a sergeant btw. cool vid!

  • James Scalzo
    James Scalzo

    Loved the video Daley! Please put out some Rico's brigade and Racket's regime troopers in the merch store! I myself am partial to the standard and the ARF Troopers. Definitely expand on the Shiny's and the 501st and the wolf pack because we know you love the 104th battalion Daley, don't lie, it's very well established on how much you love them!

  • Lostworth Of the sea
    Lostworth Of the sea

    I would love to see a stop motion of these guys

  • Google Yourself
    Google Yourself

    Me bin collecting for 4 years: 4 clone troopers Daley: so where gonna time lapse this cause it will take a while

  • Superkennylogan

    Lets see how your army looks in 2 years my dude

  • Zach Vallely
    Zach Vallely

    Order 66, D Day, same thing. You know ones real and sad the other isn't. Pray for the REAL people who died today

  • Nicole Larsen
    Nicole Larsen

    the one with the atte

  • 炎Kuraiji

    Sure you might think this is the biggest Army but you haven't seen solid brix studios at age of 13. And 2015 one.

  • Aaya Ahmad
    Aaya Ahmad

    My clone army is consisted of 4 senate commandos and 8 clone troopers that were originally storm troopers but I decided I had to little so I was like you guys r clones now

  • LEGO Boba Fett
    LEGO Boba Fett

    I can do better then that, just give me like $1000

  • Seiya Murphy
    Seiya Murphy

    Use toothpaste and scrub off with an old toothbrush to get sharpie off

  • Quick Brick Films
    Quick Brick Films

    Your clones are very impressive. You must be proud

  • Destroyer_Hex 88
    Destroyer_Hex 88

    I agree Daley needs to get more geonosian clone troopers

  • Destroyer_Hex 88
    Destroyer_Hex 88

    I'm working on my own clone army I just ordered like 10 clones and a Darth Vader and obi wan Kenobi on ebay.

  • Victoria Francis
    Victoria Francis

    I think that's supposed to be Stormtrooper commander Neyo

  • Barbara Cunningham
    Barbara Cunningham

    That took 50 days my unborn brother has more than that

  • Benjamin Wilhelm
    Benjamin Wilhelm

    Liked the video though

  • Benjamin Wilhelm
    Benjamin Wilhelm

    U should do a video we’re u manually controll a clone and c if u can survive in men of war

  • Raszyy

    I am sry to dissapoint, but u keep saying hounds helmet, but hounds helmet is Way diffrent then the 91st arf helmet

  • Charlie Schella
    Charlie Schella

    Hey can I have a captain rex

  • Commander Wolf Clone trooper
    Commander Wolf Clone trooper

    My brother likes you can you stop making videos and he actually likes them so can you stop making videos but younger brother is going crazy with him so stop making them

    • Little AK-11
      Little AK-11

      Correction: My brother likes your Videos, Can you please stop making them?

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    Daley you Know that lego never made seargent hound right? That is just an ARF trooper

  • Robin Corrozi
    Robin Corrozi

    Good job deli

  • Valk King
    Valk King

    I just buy those little clone trooper battle packs

  • the lego user
    the lego user

    It's been 50 days!?


    I have been collecting LEGO for a long time I at least have 500 clone troopers and lots of vehicles

  • Sis bro Life
    Sis bro Life

    Green guys are sergeants

  • shane Mcdonnell
    shane Mcdonnell

    Is there still Rico clones on eBay cause I really want on

    • shane Mcdonnell
      shane Mcdonnell


  • denpreen 3 on twitch
    denpreen 3 on twitch

    My clone army consists of five clones an at rt and a barc speeder and a clone without a helmet

  • Nando The giant
    Nando The giant

    Can you build general grievius starfigter

  • Rowan Garcia
    Rowan Garcia


  • Aymeric David
    Aymeric David

    I'm kind jealous of these 501st Troopers ngl

  • CC- 1109
    CC- 1109

    That painted green P1 trooper looked good! Use him!!!

  • Arsenal z
    Arsenal z


  • fallenfantasy 666
    fallenfantasy 666

    I want to send you some weapons because I don't do anything with them anymore nut I don't know how to

  • The short Facp
    The short Facp

    You need to make star fighters

  • Gabriel Coley
    Gabriel Coley

    You need more 41st elite corp troopers.

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