I Finally Did It! - LWIAY #00120
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  • Daniel Schifter
    Daniel Schifter

    When it said to put my speaker down I turned it to maximum

  • StarDude

    Pewdiepie isnt actually spelled pewdipie it is actually. Pew die pie. ;3 I'm not sorry

  • neuron55

    Hey, despite all the fornicating you haven't reached 106M yet.

  • Angry Pekka
    Angry Pekka

    Gu kha

  • Emily Sanders
    Emily Sanders

    It was mesmerizing to watch his beard grow lol

  • Aizen.モ乂モ.Gaming Lol
    Aizen.モ乂モ.Gaming Lol


  • Austin Rodenhiser
    Austin Rodenhiser

    Ngl when he said to turn down the volume I turned it all the way up

  • Ethan York
    Ethan York

    floor gang

  • carlye hall
    carlye hall

    @12:50 Marzia: "Now you can focus on breaking my back like you broke that tambourine"

  • Cilvannau

    7:59 I just come for it there

  • sucke me pingu
    sucke me pingu

    it is time to grow a long hair

  • Kaitlyn_2020

    Welp we got one 31 years old :3


    Who else got a slap cop ad

  • Krispy Killz
    Krispy Killz

    Nice too get ear raped by pewdiepie

  • Christian T
    Christian T

    Every image of pewds was just burned into my retina

  • Ali BenRajeb
    Ali BenRajeb


  • William Bienkowski
    William Bienkowski

    0:04 is 0:05 on countdown

  • William Bienkowski
    William Bienkowski


  • Dagmar Søvsø
    Dagmar Søvsø

    18:35 :Sad danish noises:/

  • anandganguli

    Man I became Floor gang yesterday and I got 20% muscle increase FLOOR GANG OUH OUH OUH

  • cynical cylinder24
    cynical cylinder24

    pewdiepie: says Denmark **shows a flag of Brazil**

  • Tori Peterson
    Tori Peterson

    14:05 when worlds collide

  • Cris Alvaro
    Cris Alvaro

    Yo no hablo inglés,Xd traductor ❤️😅

  • Cris Alvaro
    Cris Alvaro

    Yo:no hablo inglés Pewpide: traductor

  • Arman Faizal
    Arman Faizal

    Pewdiepie are handsome

  • F T
    F T

    Pewdiepie is so handsome

  • Kavita Manilal
    Kavita Manilal

    Big pepe

  • SwiftyPlayz _
    SwiftyPlayz _

    Lmao I have that game

  • Studio'dSold'd

    That timing tho.... Phineas and Ferb unfolding, Kris Novosel and Kurtis Coba, plot thickens

  • Lil Shawni
    Lil Shawni

    Does anyone actually turn down their speakers when it says? I mean, honestly.

  • Haris Platis
    Haris Platis

    tbh i think that LWIAY should be ''Laughing With I And You''

  • Allan Partridge
    Allan Partridge

    damn I just realized how dumb that picture a day thing was half the fucking pictures weren't even him they were that famous reporter smh i thought u changed

  • xioqi

    Awsome Video !!! Mind Checking Me Out ?

  • Donna A
    Donna A

    The montage pictures are like singing the bitch lasagna song omg

  • JJ Oh Ginger 1
    JJ Oh Ginger 1

    LWIAY is like pie you get a slice every once in a while

  • CURSED Apple
    CURSED Apple

    @PewDiePie minecraft got a nether update...

  • Mango

    Shit I fell for it I think I'm Def now......

  • Vans

    have he done r/watchpeopledieinside ?

  • Ved Parekh
    Ved Parekh

    The Nether update for Minecraft is here!! Go back to playing it please pewds!

  • SunShine

    "Turn down you speakers now." Me: *Turns it down* "Just kidding, You can put your volume back now." Me: *Me already knowing that it's a prank and you can't even fool an 12 year old girl* Editor: not bad, kid.

  • manutd.69 69
    manutd.69 69

    I was watching this when i was 9 years old now I am 19 years old

  • Tim Emerick
    Tim Emerick

    Mr best

  • CK B
    CK B

    You woke my mom

  • Creatively Organizing
    Creatively Organizing

    pewdipie is better tha prestonplayz like if u agree

  • Jake Alderson
    Jake Alderson

    The photo montage played at x0.25 speed with good speakers or headphones with phat bass sounds insane

  • Julia

    my mom wont let me buy membership even though i can pay for it 😭 😭 😭

  • Justin Heckelmiller
    Justin Heckelmiller


  • Ronan Segur
    Ronan Segur

    we are entering a golden age once more.

  • Charles Navidad
    Charles Navidad

    14:07 that’s cursed

  • Charles Navidad
    Charles Navidad

    0:18 I was wearing headphones!! AWW MAN

  • unlimit p
    unlimit p

    RIP my ear

  • marta irene alata zubieta
    marta irene alata zubieta

    Like si viniste por la intro de, mclmi del moai

  • Arina nam Jin
    Arina nam Jin


  • Cj wattsup
    Cj wattsup

    So he's still using the stolen lwiay intro

  • Meme S
    Meme S

    Pewds is 10:14 a jojo or full metal alchemist or attack on Titan reference

  • Magic Moon And More 888
    Magic Moon And More 888

    I used to watch pewdiepie when i was little and he would play scary game and it would be funny but now it different

  • reapeR

    like here if your floor gang

  • Stochastic

    who else was tempted to turn their speakers up when the vid said to turn it down

  • James Close
    James Close

    hey pewds they updated minecraft yesterday

  • Leo Kallio
    Leo Kallio

    That guy that drew the "pewdiepie dragon" just copied toothless from that CBBC prog tam idk what its called

  • Shahabaz Khan
    Shahabaz Khan

    I knew there'd be a prank, when the second title read "Now sit back..". So I kept the volume low. Ha ha!

  • Leonid Elkin
    Leonid Elkin

    Like for the return of tambourine

  • SugarNim78

    14:17 Dream who's been already trying to find the server ID for a year: (눈‸눈)

  • Lil Memey
    Lil Memey


  • Seth Thompson
    Seth Thompson

    I love how Felix says ninyas. And pewds says ninjas

  • Radd PW
    Radd PW

    anyone else realize that the person who made the 10 year picture difference made the pictures sing along to the song?

  • Oscar Hewitt
    Oscar Hewitt

    Me trying to enjoy video: My attention: *spit* 5:25

  • TheFlamingLion//// HotlionFox
    TheFlamingLion//// HotlionFox

    Pewds: "I should probably shave" Everyone: "NO NOT AGAIN"

  • what are u lookin for?
    what are u lookin for?

    petition for more adjectives like huge, big or giant so pewds can describe fanarts better

  • Davy the Squid Boy
    Davy the Squid Boy

    I used to have that ds game it was a real OG

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