I Got My Friends High on Helium
First and foremost, thank you thank you to everyone that spent money to support our charity event. Over $17 thousand dollars. I never expected us to raise as much as we did. It was a sincerely humbling experience to see how much we can actually do as a whole if we set our mind to it.
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Ann and Hosuh came to Vancouver for 1 week and we've filmed so much content; from cooking, reacting to memes on reddit, all the way to giving away prizes to strangers. I can't wait for you guys to see them! :)
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  • Rigel kent Cabahug
    Rigel kent Cabahug

    Why do I ship Dan and ann


    Can hosuh do a face reveal plz

  • Swedish STIGEN13
    Swedish STIGEN13

    Get danplan to 2 mil boi's again

  • Neil Chakravarty
    Neil Chakravarty

    Ah,the golden days

  • Rose Holes
    Rose Holes

    Hosuh: This is the most exsorsiseing i've done this year... Hosuh in the video with the US people: I eXsOrSiSe

  • Dame Tu Cita
    Dame Tu Cita

    Where is Steven

  • dudui markudui
    dudui markudui

    Why is daniel fat

  • Challeng Gamers
    Challeng Gamers

    I like that dan is as happy as the fans it really yours show that he really respects his fans😃

  • Girlie Dongiapon
    Girlie Dongiapon

    if you wanna know if your bf or any one in your family member drunk just say to them can you tell the time? and see what they say cuse my brother got drunk and sade to the time i am not F&*@ drunk

  • Captainkaba Kabal
    Captainkaba Kabal

    They got high off helium my friend got drunk off Mountain Dew

  • WØLFY Gacha
    WØLFY Gacha

    Anything happens: Housuh fix it!!!

  • Abby F-G
    Abby F-G

    'Wow' Me a random girl


    why hide the faces?

    • LucaJack4

      Because they don’t want to reveal their faces

  • Emil UK
    Emil UK

    Getting my friends high on helium 20201 : getting my friends high on drugs

  • Jacqueline Kordich
    Jacqueline Kordich

    It's so sad that Stephen is gone.

  • Baron lyonn Andaya
    Baron lyonn Andaya

    This is a vlog now??????

  • PinBall Wizard
    PinBall Wizard

    "Who is Stephen?" -Stephen

  • i t z m e _ o e y
    i t z m e _ o e y

    You can see Hosuh in 4:03 and at 4:22 a little bit,well i think its him

  • Old Paparazzi
    Old Paparazzi

    I think you all should do a face reveal. Some fans saw you and real life so...

  • its_me akuma
    its_me akuma


  • Ivan liu
    Ivan liu

    I really want to know where this is because I came somewhere somewhere like this last year so if he lives in Vancouver maybe

  • *Cake*

    I wanna see their beautiful faces TnT

  • Lucy’s subs
    Lucy’s subs

    Dan singing Prince Ali is my spirit animal

  • Lil Jellieboi
    Lil Jellieboi

    I hate you give us Stephan

  • Dexter McGuire
    Dexter McGuire

    Why does Daniel sound like Hosuh when he is on helium.

  • Hahh Vetefan
    Hahh Vetefan

    I wish I was lucky enough to hug hosuh

  • Aiden Luckett Gaming
    Aiden Luckett Gaming


  • Shotz

    im glad dan didnt waste his money on the money taker stephen

  • Mayia Edits
    Mayia Edits

    Why am I just finding this channel i could of seen what housah looked liked.

  • Seanimates YT
    Seanimates YT

    Just when everything was going right, life just had to do something

  • Min Yoonji
    Min Yoonji

    ... 💔

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todoroki

    the last time I had helium I passed out and woke up under the chair I was next to

  • Ayden Sours
    Ayden Sours

    as in she i mean arabelle

  • Keira Chiefbody
    Keira Chiefbody


  • GrandpaLongToes E
    GrandpaLongToes E

    Im pretty sure jay has a curly man bun or somethin 😳did any1 else c?? U Can kinda c It if u pay attention

  • Smart Art
    Smart Art

    So THIS os what he looks

  • GiraffeNoise11 1025
    GiraffeNoise11 1025

    Hey Dan, I seriously hate to be pushy and ask questions too much, but will anyone from DanPlan do a face reveal? I dont mean like your next video or something, but just anytime, like in 5 years or something, idk.

  • Keenan Enever
    Keenan Enever

    Wait! You live in canada

  • A J Rissa
    A J Rissa

    I wish daniel would eventually post the vids where Stephen was there in the vids that they have filmed in the past

  • ali E
    ali E

    1:25 thanks for the sub this a robbery

  • Sneaky Chilli
    Sneaky Chilli

    The music makes me cry it's so happy!

  • Miss potato gacha -
    Miss potato gacha -

    Ann button fell off Ann: Hosuh fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophie Koscielny
    Sophie Koscielny

    I’ve done this *too* many times 😂

  • Nyair Lyons
    Nyair Lyons


  • Inferno The Bear
    Inferno The Bear

    BRUH for so long I tried to find what the music is this video was until I saw a video about Roblox tower of hell and in the discription I saw TheFatRat- Close to the sun and I was about to comment here "if anyone wants to know what the song is" then the song but I checked the discription here and I saw the song (--_--) 2 months of research waisted lol

  • Sophie V
    Sophie V

    To fair that was too far😒 that was to fair I almost wanted to throw up🤢

    • Whatdoipithere


    • Bron

      Did you even go to school?

  • I play Gamez Playz
    I play Gamez Playz


  • 정현지

    I was at the night market at that time and I saw some people hugging and got weirded out.

  • RealSami

    "Friends." From your perspetive they are "Employees that are worthless".

  • Potato Flower
    Potato Flower

    I just have the major crush on J... i cant even

  • Everlastingpika 14
    Everlastingpika 14

    Me: ooh, a dan plan vid Dan: *Non animated* Me: :o

  • Cøøkie_gachabolx UwU
    Cøøkie_gachabolx UwU

    U never came to aur fair in Cherokee NC

  • Allison Watt
    Allison Watt

    Dan sounds like housa

  • Gianny Vega
    Gianny Vega

    “Drops toilet paper” Hosuh:Aw “Drops pen” Hosuh:Sad “Drops cat” Hosuh:*tears* “Ann died” Hosuh:”Crying to death” “Dan died” Hosuh:I- Stephen:YAY WHOOO

  • cro 13
    cro 13

    i hate to be negitive nacy... but, heluim is a endagered element and is actully starting to get rare

  • Channah Dumay
    Channah Dumay

    i want them to do a face revel

  • Kid Thongchan
    Kid Thongchan

    Love him or hate him, you can't deny he has good taste in music

  • Miho Olivo
    Miho Olivo


  • just ur friendly neighborhood communist
    just ur friendly neighborhood communist

    When he said they were going to the Night Market I thought about Tomodachi Life

  • Rāzvan Tātārusanu Stefan
    Rāzvan Tātārusanu Stefan

    I love ann s voice is soooo cute ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

  • Breadstick Kid
    Breadstick Kid

    Fuck yea! Close to the sun ba teh fat rat!!!

  • Doin' Great.
    Doin' Great.

    Once I breathed so much helium I fainted, and my grandma saw me and freaked out lol

  • Rob H
    Rob H

    Why do you say get to see Jose and Jay snd Steven😭😭😭

  • Ashlyn Crystal
    Ashlyn Crystal

    4:22/4:23 *(Top left corner) is that a tiny,tiny glimpse of hosuh i see*

  • Dominic ooof
    Dominic ooof


  • NightFlight Studios
    NightFlight Studios

    This is relevant in no way to anything but this all happened while I was in another country

  • Gugu Sibisi
    Gugu Sibisi

    Yo Dan you a fat Asian!

  • ScorpionExE 91
    ScorpionExE 91

    Yooooo are there in Richmond in Canada???

  • Nicole DiGrazia-Schulte
    Nicole DiGrazia-Schulte


  • Nolan Scantlin
    Nolan Scantlin

    Housh, is always the man you need to call if something is broken

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