I Invaded a WOODLAND MANSION in Minecraft Hardcore..
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  • Crystal Gami
    Crystal Gami

    *Dan:* I'm overpowered!! *Vex:* We're about to end this man whole series.

    • PIKACHU532



      Vex: fails

    • Thexalchemists productions [T.X.A.P]
      Thexalchemists productions [T.X.A.P]

      Wow lol

    • PowerBitz1


    • Samuel Brako
      Samuel Brako

      They failed on doing that

  • Ayo Oloyede
    Ayo Oloyede

    dan do you realize you picked the wooden shovel back up the villagers angry

  • Crystal Girl
    Crystal Girl

    Dan: I just punched him with a golden apple and he died That flying thing: WHYYYYYYYY

  • Crystal Girl
    Crystal Girl

    I’ve ran into woodlands mansions before

  • Cool Jumpa
    Cool Jumpa

    Vex's are the worst lol

  • Unicorn 1950
    Unicorn 1950

    That igloo that you sleep in you’re supposed to take off the carpet and then there’s a chest and Brewing stand

  • Raj Selvaraj
    Raj Selvaraj

    The grindstone repairs as well

  • djaguacateco

    Good boy

  • The Terrarian Tribe
    The Terrarian Tribe

    Dan:so we can cheat death, Me: is Final Destination on?

  • Tanya Walker
    Tanya Walker

    In the igloo he was meant to to break the carpet

  • All round A C
    All round A C

    Dan: woodland mansions are one of the rarest structures in minecraft. Me: i found 4 of them in one world. HEH HEH

  • Tynesha Martin
    Tynesha Martin

    I spawned next to one three times

  • acid runner
    acid runner

    The igloo that you found has a secret base under it

  • Crystal Colour Purple
    Crystal Colour Purple

    Who else was screaming PUT THE TOTEM IN UR HAND!!!!!!

  • Crystal Colour Purple
    Crystal Colour Purple

    The vexes are spawned by the evokers

  • Crystal Colour Purple
    Crystal Colour Purple

    May I ask the seed

  • Crystal Colour Purple
    Crystal Colour Purple


  • Playing Nintendo Switch games
    Playing Nintendo Switch games

    How are they rare when I spawned next to one

  • さくら_blossomXx X
    さくら_blossomXx X

    If you destroy the carpet on the igloo theres a hidden basment with a villager trapped and a chest

  • Evan Pickett
    Evan Pickett

    my friend and i spawned by a village and a woodland mansion

  • thander balto
    thander balto

    Poor dan didnt see the trident in the sand

  • Cam C
    Cam C

    Icy Village Is Epic Rare!

  • This lil mind of mine
    This lil mind of mine

    Was gonna comment on previous video but I love how Dan keeps calling the hairless cats skinless cats.

  • OsanasaysBAKA Gacha Life
    OsanasaysBAKA Gacha Life

    Dan it's called artic 🦊 not snow 🦊

  • michael long
    michael long

    Onward and upwards means altius et latius in Latin It's also my school motto

  • Arkitektura Maiquez
    Arkitektura Maiquez

    If you turned commands on you could make it your house by using the command '/kill @e'

    • Arkitektura Maiquez
      Arkitektura Maiquez

      Just turn off the mob loot and spawn

    • Crystal Colour Purple
      Crystal Colour Purple

      Arkitektura Maiquez it would kill all his villagers and his iron golems and the illagers would respawn but the villagers wont

  • Arkitektura Maiquez
    Arkitektura Maiquez

    Dan:the Totem of Undying Undyne:no its undyne the undying

  • juan herrera
    juan herrera

    Oh and I also almost died that time

  • juan herrera
    juan herrera

    I destroyed a woodland mansion with a stone sword kid

  • ღмιмι ღ
    ღмιмι ღ

    *me thinking the series might actually end* Also me:checks to see if there's another episode

  • Rockow Man
    Rockow Man

    I meant taim

  • Rockow Man
    Rockow Man

    You need berys to gain foxes

  • Jordan Spiers
    Jordan Spiers

    When i played minecraft survival i have a woodland mansion close to my base

  • Gnsmith pf
    Gnsmith pf

    It’s full of igloos and stuff Welp welcome to canada lol

  • AlexYow

    29:32 I think his helmet fell off

  • Jamie A. Weinrich
    Jamie A. Weinrich

    I've spawned in one before

  • Jewel Mines Gaming
    Jewel Mines Gaming

    Oh and Dan, if you break the carpet in that igloo, you might find a trapdoor, and if you go through it you'll find a zombie villager and the room will have a chest with all the things you need to heal him. If you heal him he'll give you a discount on all his trades!!!

  • shaka 4444
    shaka 4444

    U know u can right click to move the villager off your bed

  • GreenLantern Game
    GreenLantern Game

    19:44 Water sheeps *Flashbacks*

  • United potato cheese Cheese
    United potato cheese Cheese

    Nice vid

  • TedTV 01
    TedTV 01

    Says he has more diamonds than iron yep totally should’ve went back to school

  • Felix A Sitabal
    Felix A Sitabal

    Dan:Saw abandon village Also Dan:'This is so cool!!' Villagers at the abandon home: Are we a Joke to You??!?!

  • GoldenGamer 1
    GoldenGamer 1

    Make a new diamomd helmet and add the leather thorns jelmet to the new diamond one and KABOOM you've got a thorns diamond helmet

  • Shark PPlaysz
    Shark PPlaysz

    wait, woodland mansions are rare? ive seen so many!

  • Cats And games
    Cats And games

    Once I spawned next to one

  • Turtlous R
    Turtlous R

    I’ve spawned next to a mansion once, and then saw another right next to it......why am I always so damn lucky?!?

  • Taze Shadow
    Taze Shadow

    Dan:woodland mansions are rare Me:playing minecraft getting annoyed cause I'm spawning next to a woodland mansion 6 times

  • Brookie Wookie
    Brookie Wookie

    He could have found a secret in that igloo


    Dan: Where are all the illagers? 1 minute later Dan: Why won't they leave me alone?!

  • Deion Ramond
    Deion Ramond

    Dantdm:OOOH a creeper date!! Sooo cute!! Grim: say sike right now....

  • Totally Nixster
    Totally Nixster

    that was a abandoned village

  • kellbell73173

    You don’t take damage by creepers in water

  • kellbell73173

    You don’t take damage in water by creepers

  • Kba Sea
    Kba Sea

    You missed a totem of undying

  • Ethan Lundy
    Ethan Lundy

    Under iglus carpets theres treasure

  • Cooper Simpson
    Cooper Simpson

    you could have carried the horse in the boat

  • Annie BURTON
    Annie BURTON

    DanTDM you could actually make the Woodland Mansion your house

    • Crystal Colour Purple
      Crystal Colour Purple

      They spawn in day so light can’t stop it

    • Crystal Colour Purple
      Crystal Colour Purple

      Annie BURTON no because what about the illagers spawning?

  • Annie BURTON
    Annie BURTON

    DanTDM you could actually tame foxes only babies cuz they only trust you

  • Baseball Boi 48
    Baseball Boi 48

    It's a zombie village

  • Annie BURTON
    Annie BURTON

    DanTDM I have one years your merch

  • Harry Grandy
    Harry Grandy

    dan go back to the desert temple at the village and mine down from the bell.There will be a minsharft under the bell.

  • JBC_24

    2:18 "i actually have more diamonds than iron"

  • NoctouralFX

    is the merch related to the sister in (Baby hands)?

  • Phantom Pheonix
    Phantom Pheonix

    Dans horse is an elf in disguise!!! If you get that you are a true fan.

  • lrgalamay G
    lrgalamay G

    Dan: There's a duck in here. Me: WTH THATS A CHICKEN A few minutes later.... Dan: You guys are dumb! Me: Im pretty sure thats you

  • Mainkechup 7221
    Mainkechup 7221

    Skinless?they don’t have skin🤭🤭

  • Johnathan Phan
    Johnathan Phan

    One day I spawned right next to a woodland mansion

    • Jewel Mines Gaming
      Jewel Mines Gaming

      Lucky. I've never found one ;-;

  • Lucas Michaelides
    Lucas Michaelides

    vexs hate water

  • ZTheOrangeWolf YT
    ZTheOrangeWolf YT

    22:22 most adorbs scream

  • Carden’s Family
    Carden’s Family

    Dude that single igloo with the carpet and the red bed has a trapped villager under the carpet.

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