I Let The Mean Girls Pick My Outfits For A WHOLE WEEK... | Roblox Royale High
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  • min thu
    min thu

    Clothes 🩲👘👡🧦👒👝🧳🩳🥼🦺🥻👢🧤🎓👛👓👚👔🩱👞🧣⛑👜🕶👗🥿👕👟🎩👑💼🥽👖👙👠🥾🧢💍🎒🌂 alot

  • Yoyo C
    Yoyo C

    I liked the blue won

  • Alwan Kakaee
    Alwan Kakaee

    I like the pink and back

  • GamerLeilyethegirl20

    Wow you are right you can make any outfit beautiful unlike me i dont think i can even make a outfit beautiful

  • Jermaine Maine
    Jermaine Maine

    I really love watching the past vids of inquisitor master

  • Lisa moonlight robux gamer
    Lisa moonlight robux gamer

    I am moonlight so find me in royal hing

  • Lisa moonlight robux gamer
    Lisa moonlight robux gamer

    But i am... um..

  • Min Hwa
    Min Hwa

    Wait is that bully ._. like Jade ?? Idn ._. do you now pls coment

  • Migle Gilvydyte
    Migle Gilvydyte

    wow tour soster is rude on you i know it cuz of hers voice

  • lhen gonzales
    lhen gonzales

    I like the black and pink

  • Johnny Jonker
    Johnny Jonker


  • Wynna YT
    Wynna YT

    Wow! Nice ouffit

  • Mo’Nai & Lay !
    Mo’Nai & Lay !

    Slay Queen

  • Wayne Caskey
    Wayne Caskey

    the pink and black outfit was sooooooooooo cute!!!

  • Carmencita josue
    Carmencita josue

    She is her sister silly sorry about that alex alex how many weeks to get the alexs and zack plushie 😄😄😄😄

  • Mary Ann Laquian
    Mary Ann Laquian

    I like how the girls voice gets super loud when alex says do you guys like it

  • Jose Govea
    Jose Govea


  • Faatimah Glenn-Salaam
    Faatimah Glenn-Salaam

    Alex:this looks like something Drake would wear Me:why does it😂😂🤣

  • Dayannara Parra-Barragan
    Dayannara Parra-Barragan

    I love your videos can I be a fan pls

  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee

    your oufit was so cuteeeeee!!!!!!

  • Haley Brownson
    Haley Brownson


  • Shaila Acosta
    Shaila Acosta


  • Shaila Acosta
    Shaila Acosta


  • Shaila Acosta
    Shaila Acosta

    That geilr is UGIY Hhahahhahahahahahhaha💖

  • Shaila Acosta
    Shaila Acosta

    But Alex Is Not

  • Shaila Acosta
    Shaila Acosta


  • Shaila Acosta
    Shaila Acosta


  • Shaila Acosta
    Shaila Acosta


  • Shaila Acosta
    Shaila Acosta

    Dot do it she is eillv Dot Throat Her 😒😒

  • Pastel gotcha
    Pastel gotcha

    I said both the outfit look cute

  • Briana Walden
    Briana Walden


  • aung naing
    aung naing

    I wear boy clothes and I’m a girl

  • Selma Yaypoopy
    Selma Yaypoopy

    Zach too

  • Sammys Channel
    Sammys Channel

    Yes wow

  • Yismeili Riveras
    Yismeili Riveras

    Alex looks cute with black

  • Phillip Nottingham
    Phillip Nottingham

    Alex you look cute in all outfits

  • Arwen Quitorio
    Arwen Quitorio

    The black and white boy outfit is not that bad actually

  • norasrudin sulaiman
    norasrudin sulaiman

    1 like = Alex gets revenge ont the bully :)

  • Shanel Tandiary
    Shanel Tandiary

    My fav is the pink jacket

  • Evelyn M
    Evelyn M


  • Evelyn Immanuela Wijaya Tedjo
    Evelyn Immanuela Wijaya Tedjo

    I like the outfit witch is the color black and pink that is look cute!

  • maddat channel -
    maddat channel -

    Its look cute on alex 😠😤😠 *on alex =cute 😊😀😁😍😘😙

  • Aisa Dela Vega
    Aisa Dela Vega


  • Mohit Yadav
    Mohit Yadav

    i can make boys outfit cute !!!

  • Mohit Yadav
    Mohit Yadav

    awsome alex !!!!!

  • City Shutter
    City Shutter


  • Meagan Chong
    Meagan Chong

    I like Alex is popular

  • reizal27

    You don't have a skirt at nomber 3

  • Khairil Azizi
    Khairil Azizi

    It is pretty

  • Fatma Youssef
    Fatma Youssef

    the second outfit is the cutest ♥♥♥

  • Cotton Squad
    Cotton Squad

    ALEX IS MY IDOL and ik this is weird but how come u haven’t had a child yet IT SHOULD BE ABOUT THAT FREAKING TIME

    • Unxwanted_Bxtch

      Maybe she doesnt want a kid or something

  • mini cocoa tae
    mini cocoa tae

    But I don’t have enough roebucks to buy that

  • Citli-12 123
    Citli-12 123

    When ever I get hurt I starts watching you and you make me sooooo happy

  • Got Go
    Got Go

    Go alex

  • Tine Dolon
    Tine Dolon

    the pink and black is so so cute!!

  • Mike Apura
    Mike Apura

    Your so cute in blue hair

  • _S_ yinhh8899
    _S_ yinhh8899

    Ok did any one here a door slam I and a noise I think on 30:00

    • _S_ yinhh8899
      _S_ yinhh8899

      Ya did you

  • Big Daddy Ryan
    Big Daddy Ryan

    Well she's such a bully but you can do it

  • Emma Dhuhaibawi
    Emma Dhuhaibawi

    Your outfit looks beautiful

  • Winter Sam
    Winter Sam

    Alex u win

  • Nadine Delgado
    Nadine Delgado


  • Nadine Delgado
    Nadine Delgado


  • Giulia e as suas brincadeiras
    Giulia e as suas brincadeiras


  • Strawberry Plays
    Strawberry Plays


  • Sana Shakir
    Sana Shakir

    Is that those bullys

  • Natalin Granados
    Natalin Granados

    Hahahaha😂😂 wait is this lacey?????

  • Fuad Shima
    Fuad Shima

    Me zara: The most your outfit it is my fav is..(The first one it's so cute!!. I really dying on 😂. Anyways, pls subs to inqusitormaster! She's nice to you :3.) This made 35 second ago and it change then so, yea leave a like!! 👌👍

  • Marlie Blanchard
    Marlie Blanchard

    That second outfit looked like little bow peep

  • Bliss KhoBaw
    Bliss KhoBaw

    Why does she wear almost the same hair style

  • Anna Katrina Resente
    Anna Katrina Resente


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