I Let The Mean Girls Pick My Outfits For A WHOLE WEEK... | Roblox Royale High
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If you read this part of the description make sure to comment "IM NOT A PRINCESS IM A QUEEEEEN!" to let me know you've read the whole thing!:)! The funny thing is no one else will know unless they read the description themselves! haha :)

  • IQ ReggeShark
    IQ ReggeShark

    this is how much likes that the people get likes for their phrase or comment | | | V

  • Taliyah Two Bulls
    Taliyah Two Bulls

    Done in sub and turned on the bell

  • Lulu Beaver
    Lulu Beaver

    You're not even wearing the same outfit as her because you're not wearing the same boot so orse same headwear

  • Brianna Spurgeon
    Brianna Spurgeon

    This is alex 👧 👗

  • Aldi Aldi
    Aldi Aldi

    This is me l like chocolate {\____/} ( ^ ^ ) / >🍫>🍰

  • Bianca Santacroce
    Bianca Santacroce

    You are soo good

  • Ray Scott
    Ray Scott

    i love the blue outfit and i love your vids so so much youe the best youtuber

  • Lupita Herrera
    Lupita Herrera

    Break the pink store

  • Lupita Herrera
    Lupita Herrera


  • Cinnamon Milk
    Cinnamon Milk

    I'm not being mean but the thumbnail doesn't make sense when she says I dare you to wear boys clothes she was already wearing boys clothes and also what's wrong with wearing 'boys' clothes like I said I'm not being mean it's just friendly criticism

  • Galaxy Gacha Jada
    Galaxy Gacha Jada

    Mah fav was the black and pink

  • Asap Money
    Asap Money

    I love mostly ALL of them , and I LOVE the SECOND ONE WOOOHOOO❤❤love alex!

  • Siti Aisyah
    Siti Aisyah

    Alex i love you hair end 👗👖👩👩‍🍳👫👭

  • Kojo Adonteng Nkanssh
    Kojo Adonteng Nkanssh

    The mean girl was Liszt ur TWIN sis

  • Lily B to the Bop
    Lily B to the Bop


  • ok Shinez
    ok Shinez

    That black clothes you look so cute 😊😊Smile

  • Juyoung Bak
    Juyoung Bak

    WOW 😤😡😠😭😭😭😭😭😭😭WOWWOW

  • Monique Mijares
    Monique Mijares

    Does ur sister have a channel??

  • It's josh B
    It's josh B

    I like your Drink 😋and I hate that girl😡

  • Fatoumata Njie
    Fatoumata Njie

    My favorite was the second one

  • Gacha Pro
    Gacha Pro

    The last one was good or all of them

  • Itsmelizzie Lee
    Itsmelizzie Lee

    but thats lyssy actualy

  • samaneh sobhani
    samaneh sobhani

    Hey Alex I like the pink and black better

  • LittleMissMacK

    im sry but u CANT make any outfit look good and ur voice is so ANNOYING when u said "whats that suppose to mean" MY EARS WERE BLEEDING

    • The Lost Neckless Chi - Sans_Girl320
      The Lost Neckless Chi - Sans_Girl320

      Are ya hating teh YT?

  • Stella Volle
    Stella Volle

    My favorit outfit was the blue one 💙😍❤️🥰

  • Francesca Mae Pineda
    Francesca Mae Pineda

    OMG LYSSY NOEL IS UR SISTER?!?!?! woah I did not know😂

  • rose anthonette
    rose anthonette

    I like the blue one the one with "sup" X3

  • Alvin Mascunana
    Alvin Mascunana

    Your awsome alex i love your vids

  • Maddison Brassil
    Maddison Brassil

    (^~^) / [] \ | |

    • Maddison Brassil
      Maddison Brassil

      | ͡° ͟ʖ ͡° |

  • Tracy Strickland
    Tracy Strickland

    Slay gurll slay

  • brids gaming
    brids gaming


  • brids gaming
    brids gaming


  • Gwynette Mendoza
    Gwynette Mendoza

    That’s cute alex

  • alexandra toth
    alexandra toth


  • Karen

    That girl sounds like izzy and also can I be in one of your vids pls and rp

  • Emma Kao
    Emma Kao

    Hey Yalex

  • Emma Kao
    Emma Kao

    Is that Lissy ?

  • stewart ortiz
    stewart ortiz

    that was weird when you was puting boy outfits im not being mean im just saying ok

    • stewart ortiz
      stewart ortiz

      your sisther was acting so shes really nice shes not mean

  • Lloyd Hunt
    Lloyd Hunt

    Alex friend me on Zepeto I'm really cute up in that game

  • Sissyjo Hoskins
    Sissyjo Hoskins

    this is fat Albert ( . . ) =

  • EmmyLou Harris
    EmmyLou Harris


  • EmmyLou Harris
    EmmyLou Harris

    Oh my gosh she is freaking rude that is not great you rock those outfits girl Yas Queen you look perfect I love the outfits that you make from boy two girls yes

    • EmmyLou Harris
      EmmyLou Harris

      The cute outfit you are wearing before you or wearing the boys outfits was super cute and I wish it was mine because I would think it looks cute ghost boy outfits are no match for you

  • Farahiyah Jasni
    Farahiyah Jasni

    i like the second one

  • Amelia Factory
    Amelia Factory

    Is this a insult to transgender people or girls who wear boys clothing? Because I wear boys clothes on Royale high and i think they are pretty cute!

  • Alana Doucet
    Alana Doucet


  • Amari Whitehead
    Amari Whitehead

    i like the pink and black outfit it is my fav

  • Artemisa Castro
    Artemisa Castro


  • eunkyoung song
    eunkyoung song

    The clicking key board sound is better than Asmr xD

  • Kittymaster010 199
    Kittymaster010 199

    I like all of the outfits what you slayed

  • Jonadab Munguia
    Jonadab Munguia

    PLEASE stop banging on your ceabord

  • Gina Dangase
    Gina Dangase

    The pink one😍

  • Paul Bullock
    Paul Bullock

    This is like ur old one

  • Olivia Holmes
    Olivia Holmes

    Your reading my mind

  • classyladyv1

    I like the pink & black

  • Leland Floren
    Leland Floren

    I think u r cute with the outfit right and that mean girl is ugly with that outfit right and I will give u 99999999999999 likes and I subscribed to your video, did u guys subscribe yet if u do yay!!

  • Crystal Iverson
    Crystal Iverson

    I love you Alex

  • Patricia Robinson
    Patricia Robinson

    I love u❤️🦄😋

  • Christopher Sealy
    Christopher Sealy

    I wish know on made fun of your outfits they are so cute this is how much likes you got.

  • Rachel Bakke
    Rachel Bakke

    The black and pink one

  • Nasaumaki Lewa
    Nasaumaki Lewa

    I love the 2nd one!!!

  • Aamena Manjra
    Aamena Manjra

    Last one

  • Sandra Vermette
    Sandra Vermette

    I hate that girl comet down below if she is

  • Juliet sarfo
    Juliet sarfo

    She looks beautiful no one's ever going what does resistor her

  • Emily Masi
    Emily Masi

    I love the outfits! my fav is the one with the leather jacket

  • keri Thomas
    keri Thomas


  • Little Chip
    Little Chip

    (*~*) < > / \

  • Banana Bites
    Banana Bites

    When my friends ask me which clothes designer is my favorite, I tell them its you!

  • Saraluv109


  • Giselle Agbo
    Giselle Agbo

    Sorry im a fan but the last won is ugly

  • Wonder Purdy
    Wonder Purdy

    The second outfit already looked cute

  • Rachel Lai
    Rachel Lai


  • Margarita Castellanos W.
    Margarita Castellanos W.

    Like all the outfits

  • Christy Smith
    Christy Smith


  • Christy Smith
    Christy Smith

    I love this place😁

  • Charleigh Diaz
    Charleigh Diaz

    I love all of them

  • peyton crisologo
    peyton crisologo

    hi inquisitormaster i tried that and bully’s laughed at me and said that “why are you copying inquistitormaster?” and i stood up for myself and said “well bc i just wanted to try boy outfits with girl accesories and skirts and other girl stuff” and the look on there faces were so funny

  • Abdelrahim Abulmagd
    Abdelrahim Abulmagd

    I loved the second one

  • Lucija Milaković
    Lucija Milaković

    you need to call dressmaster. And i see that video where you and her do dress chaleng

  • School Fun
    School Fun

    I didn't like the last one. But the other was cool.

  • akes frvr vlogs and games
    akes frvr vlogs and games

    Wait that's Alex's account ik her other account

  • Xxdark winter xX Xxathena eunicexX
    Xxdark winter xX Xxathena eunicexX

    Hi Alex I heard that u have so much hater but I love your videos I like your whole outfits and yeah we're the same a sassy girl bully me and I said "I'm a sport girl u punk" and yeah I don't talk to her anymore and I love u🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Sedra Alrefai
    Sedra Alrefai

    All your outfits will look cute on u alex

  • Jun Olarte
    Jun Olarte

    I love the second outfit

  • Rita Webb
    Rita Webb

    nooooo not out das gril not like boy ewww ido like wes my name jarmaine

  • going back and subway for a bit MoM
    going back and subway for a bit MoM


  • Crystal the wolfie
    Crystal the wolfie

    I like the black and pink outfit

  • iPostUnknown K
    iPostUnknown K

    That is ur sister amber

  • chan soong chew
    chan soong chew

    (•~•) is both cute < > / \

  • Vladirescus Voicu Girna
    Vladirescus Voicu Girna

    i Love your vids

  • Vladirescus Voicu Girna
    Vladirescus Voicu Girna

    im like the only gril that dont has a skrit and i want to be like you none of my frend want to takll to me :(

  • sunlight wolf _391
    sunlight wolf _391

    itPerfect on Alex

  • Alejandro Fuentes818
    Alejandro Fuentes818

    I loved the #2 one it looked really cute

  • Zara Marquez
    Zara Marquez

    Why are you following her?

  • Leonardo delos Reyes
    Leonardo delos Reyes

    thats your twin

  • Jessica Hart
    Jessica Hart


  • Dương Trang
    Dương Trang

    She is a bolley right

  • Dương Trang
    Dương Trang

    She is mean

  • Ana Cruz Martinez
    Ana Cruz Martinez

    Don’t Listen To Her Ok

  • Sienna Gacha
    Sienna Gacha

    I love her outfits but, when I turned up the sound it goes DUUUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUD. DhR8XHHIGGO

  • cer vang
    cer vang

    This is my sister Bullied Middle school Nerd Nice No friends Fan of You Abused Ugly or pretty Rich Teacher: Mr. Jack Human Heaven Angel not human Loves books Hates too much make up Gets saved Name is Savannah

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