"I'M ABOUT TO GAVEL YOU DOWN": Schiff warns Jordan during impeachment hearing
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Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, pointed her finger at Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani while detailing her sudden removal from her diplomatic post this year, as a new transcript between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was released and the president said every place she worked "turned bad."
On the second day of nationally-televised impeachment testimony, Yovanovitch, a career diplomat who served both Republican and Democratic presidents, relayed her story of being suddenly recalled by Trump in May, saying she believes Giuliani played a key role in telling people she was not sufficiently supportive of the president.
“I do not understand Mr. Giuliani’s motives for attacking me, nor can I offer an opinion on whether he believed the allegations he spread about me,” Yovanovitch said.
She argued the efforts against her by the president's allies hindered her work.
“If our chief representative is kneecapped, it limits our effectiveness to safeguard the vital national security interests of the United States,” Yovanovitch said.
After the hearing started, Trump began attacking her, tweeting, "Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad." He added, "It is a U.S. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors."

  • OOPS2468

    jordan has ranting down to a fine science,not saying anything worth listening to, just ranting

  • john lerner
    john lerner


  • The Wise Man 1
    The Wise Man 1

    Another mass media distraction for the sheeple!🤣

  • Ramos Brito
    Ramos Brito

    TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 o melhor presidente que os estados unidos já teve

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion

    Jim Jordan is a MABLA news letter editor & the Grand Poobah of his MABLA lodge.

  • Robert Beerman
    Robert Beerman

    Schiff is a lying communist scum bag. We all know what he does with that gavel when nobody is looking.

  • Eli Waldrep
    Eli Waldrep

    The Dems lose every day in each hearing and yet they keep wasting taxpayer money on their wild goose chase. Each and every democrat should be tried for treason.

  • joe j'honson
    joe j'honson

    Firsthand eyewitness testimony Mr Jordan. Resign.

  • joe j'honson
    joe j'honson

    What in God's name is The Financial Times?????

  • Aesop

    The most important question that Jordan asks of Yovanovitch "That perhaps Trump had some reservations in dealing with the Ukrainians" was not answered due to the actions of the chairman Schiff. Anyone heard of a "kangaroo court " where the verdicts are predetermined?

  • Paul Maldonado
    Paul Maldonado

    Jordon is a joke of a congressman! What a shame and embarrassment to his constituents! Please can someone look into the sex abuse and rape allegations at Ohio State that he refuses to address and look into. There are many skeletons in this man’s closet!

  • Leandro Cabrera
    Leandro Cabrera

    This interrogation sounds more like accusations.

  • shoeless robert john joe jackson
    shoeless robert john joe jackson


  • Leah Taylor
    Leah Taylor

    He's a complete idiot and a disgusting liar!!!

  • Shawn Powell
    Shawn Powell

    I'd like to make Schiff eat that damn gavel.

  • Cory Knapp
    Cory Knapp

    Investigate 3-11

  • w p
    w p

    I'd like to jam that gavel right up his Obama !

  • MysteryFan

    I apologize. My eyes saw this headline and actually it appeared to read: "I am about to go down on you!!" And I thought, wow. Democrats are so whacked.

  • ew Cash
    ew Cash

    *1:34** man over ambador yovonovitch (sounds like a 60s bond character) shoulder is obviously not liking this, so bored. Why did his mom drag him here?* Ambador because they now wear their ass on the outside.

  • Kevin The Bold
    Kevin The Bold

    Those were not attacks on Trump. They were self defense against Trump's lies. Do you expect them to stay silent and take it? If the majority of Ukrainian politicians favored Clinton, saying some was stating a fact. Does Jordan even remember what facts are? He seems to think the witnesses are on trial here.

  • Felix Ray
    Felix Ray

    Jordon is flailing.

  • Ink Spots
    Ink Spots

    Sure took a long time to answer first question.

  • frank stark
    frank stark

    I'd like to see jim (the only guy who defeated john w. smith.), punch bug eyes in the face.

  • Jerry Carter
    Jerry Carter

    What we really need to do is take condescending back-assward reporters like Chris Wallace on Fox News and bury them these people are totally ignorant he's from the gay community how can he be a bipartisan he's a gay person he's not bipartisan

  • Frank

    What a lying POS!!!

  • JD Dwyer
    JD Dwyer

    Schiff needs to kick Jordan's ass.

  • clumseythumbs myopicandmad
    clumseythumbs myopicandmad

    ...and what about the officer core of every branch. You gonna let this charlatan tarnish your rank? He makes mock!!! Do you hold any honor?

  • Mia bear
    Mia bear

    That was a statement, not a question Gymbo.

  • k hill
    k hill

    Schiff is garbage. You sissy schiffy started this and now it is crushing you!!! Go get them Rep Jordan!!!

  • Dirk

    Best soap in 20 years… The Netherlands thanks USA !!! Nice whahahahaha

  • William Iannucci
    William Iannucci


  • Big Fern
    Big Fern

    If Ukraine hates Trump so bad. Our duly elected president. Then why the hell are we giving them hundreds of millions of dollars that I help pay for?? It’s like paying someone to hate you. Blows my mind.

  • Traveling on Cloud 9
    Traveling on Cloud 9

    First question asked, her answer was Probably Yeah, but her mic was off, then when she turns it on says No. WTF?!?!?

  • Kevin Lorthe
    Kevin Lorthe

    Gym Jordan left his jacket in the locker rooms again...he has a lot of trouble seeing things in there.

    • Chii Motozoa
      Chii Motozoa

      Kevin Lorthe what are you talking about?

  • Pro2J

    If anyone is just interested in the "juicy" part skip to 5:45

  • kevlar jazzman
    kevlar jazzman

    if he did, he sure went out of his way to make it look like murder.

  • joeuser771

    The elephant in the room is that neither side is asking questions. Both are delivering speeches. That should not be allowed.

  • Okay Stupid
    Okay Stupid

    The Ambassador is salty she was fired. The President can fire Ambassadors for anything. She looks like a shrew 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones

    waaaaah President Bonespurs McLawsuit is the real victim here- just ask those people who refuse to speak under oath. Have Republicans always been this incredibly gullible?

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    What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?


  • Matt P.
    Matt P.

    It’s nice to see Ronald McDonald took a break from selling hamburgers to become a politician

  • CousinPaddy

    I can’t speak for the president on this...but me and the remaining witnesses can speak for the president about everything else.

  • S T
    S T

    He's afraid if he doesn't toss Donnie' salad, Donnie will bully him in public and he'll lose his cushy job in D.C. like all the rest of the GOP. They ALL need to be voted out, They all know DT needs to go, they're just afraid to call him out in public. Pathetic all of them.

  • The Captain
    The Captain

    That woman is the epitome of useless bureaucrat. Absolutely nobody would know or care if she took a long walk and never came back.

  • scentmachines

    Marie Yovanovitch is the daughter of Mikhail Yovanovitch and Nadia (Theokritoff) Yovanovitch,[5] who fled the Soviet Union and later the Nazis.[3] She was born in Canada, moved to Connecticut at age three, and became a naturalized American citizen at age eighteen. She grew up speaking Russian.[3]

  • Joe surfer
    Joe surfer

    If anyone did'nt know, Marie Yovanovitch was hired to work directly for Ge0rge S 0R0s.

  • Craig Dettmer
    Craig Dettmer

    Craig Dettmer All you people saying Schiff is a hero, thank god for Schiff do you even know who you are defending? He’s a crazed politician, who has set out to impeach the president since day one. It was bound to happen sooner or later, I mean come on. let’s look at the meddling in trumps campaign when he was spied on like watergate from the democrats, let’s not forget the 3 year Russian hoax devised by democrats that was a total waste of time, where Schiff came out saying we have unfound evidence, we have it all, total means for impeachment.. when in reality they had and still to this day have nothing except their hate towards the best president in the past couple decades. The democrat policies are set out to destroy america and the true American worker. How can you not see this? They truly hate our country. Let’s also not forget that the Hillary campaign that incited with the Ukraine’s to smear trump by digging up dirt on Manaford. Sound familiar? Or what about joe Biden summonsing Ukraine to fire their prosecutor investigating his son, for a billion of our tax dollars. There is your real corruption and joe Biden is there on tape saying it. Did you know the Obama admin. had already launched an investigation into a conflict of interest with Hunter and joe? But when trump simply asks about it they try and turn it on him and make him the criminal. They are only trying to cover their own tracks, it just a distraction and always will be. You guys need to do some research and find the facts about these donkeys you defend

  • YourSoul IsMine
    YourSoul IsMine

    You wumbo I wumbo Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself, wumbo.

  • cj7 doll
    cj7 doll

    Sadly, America is socialistic.. Taxes are being stolen to fund america's worst holocaust, abortion! Also, taxes are stolen to "aid" foreign countries and illegals! Laws are made by corrupt lawmakers who allow the 1% to escape taxes through loopholes! America needs to wake up! We have struggling legal law-abiding Americans who need college loan forgiveness but our corrupt lawmakers claim its socialism... WAT? And all the stolen $ given to everyone ELSE isn't? It's time to put Americans 1st by implementing a UBI for all legal American citizens over the age of 18.. The UBI dividend that is distributed to our citizens. This freedom dividend strengthens the local community and overall US economy!

  • MegaJugMan

    Too much Adderall for Little Jimmy Jerkoff Jordan that morning. ...and what’s with those horrible teeth of his anyway?! Too many sh*t sandwiches I suppose.

    • S T
      S T

      He's afraid if he doesn't toss Donnie' salad, Donnie will bully him in public and he'll lose his cushy job in D.C. like all the rest of the GOP. They ALL need to be voted out, They all know DT needs to go, they're just afraid to call him out in public. Pathetic all of them.

  • Pinnacle Productions
    Pinnacle Productions

    Everywhere this lady served corruption sky rocketed & Soros made Billions. This corrupt rat woman works for Soros along with all of the other Democrats. Yet she’s being treated like a hero in the media. How can anyone still support the Democrats when it’s clear they blame Trump & Republicans for everything they actually do! The Dems have a terrible history & are becoming even worse in ways yet you still have millions of idiots who actually think the Dems are the good guys. We need to get these Socialist/Globalist Democrats & RINO/Neo-Con Republicans our of office and elect more ppl like R. Rand Paul, R. Jim Jordan, D. Tulsi Gabbard. Ppl like Schiff should be in jail!

  • BelieveNoGod

    When are they going to pull in the real crooks in the Ukraine deal ? Father and son Biden !

  • Jimmy Cline
    Jimmy Cline

    She had to think for a second on that first question!🤔

    • Mary Hunter
      Mary Hunter

      @Shizu-chan - That was in response to something her lawyer said, wasn't it?

    • Shizu-chan

      And she nodded yes but when she spoke she shook her head no lolol

  • Vivek K
    Vivek K

    Folks black or white or spanish vote to red only

  • Vivek K
    Vivek K

    Shame on her ! She is highly corrupted

  • TheCarMan

    "Is there a question in that?" What a ditz. It's amazing she knows how to breathe.

  • ahmed abdullah
    ahmed abdullah

    Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) trying to defend the indefensible, is asinine and it tells a great deal about his demeanor.

    • S T
      S T

      He's afraid if he doesn't toss Donnie' salad, Donnie will bully him in public and he'll lose his cushy job in D.C. like all the rest of the GOP. They ALL need to be voted out, They all know DT needs to go, they're just afraid to call him out in public. Pathetic all of them.

  • Dan F
    Dan F

    Jordan, stop lying

    • S T
      S T

      He's afraid if he doesn't toss Donnie' salad, Donnie will bully him in public and he'll lose his cushy job in D.C. like all the rest of the GOP. They ALL need to be voted out, They all know DT needs to go, they're just afraid to call him out in public. Pathetic all of them.

  • Lifeisgood

    Shes corrupt

  • Gaston Nogues
    Gaston Nogues

    I just watched this for the hot blonde behind the quack Jordan.

  • Blue88Nova

    Jim Jordan is a bully!

  • Ali Durand
    Ali Durand

    Jordan is spreading Russian BS.

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui

    I was just looking at the hot girl behind Jordan.

  • oakgrove1965 _
    oakgrove1965 _

    You know where to stick that gavel little man liar.

  • bob doe
    bob doe

    "hard earned tax dollars " lmao these are the same scum bags who send that terrorist country isreal billions of our tax dollars a year

  • bob doe
    bob doe

    epstein did not kill himself, he is in isreal with the rest of the pedophiles

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui

      Wow ok!

  • NMAfreak

    I never realized this Jordan idiot was such a d-bag. Probably be yet another Trump lover getting indicted

    • Janet Snakehole
      Janet Snakehole

      Jordan is one of Trump’s most loyal “attack dogs”. He also ignored reports of sexual abuse of his student athletes by their team doctor when he was asst wresting coach at OSU. He’s a real peach all round.

  • Lee Perry
    Lee Perry

    Ten bucks says Jordan is divorced.

  • Sheila R
    Sheila R

    Jordan needs to be fired !! How embarrassing. I feel sorry for his wife. I can't stand hear his voice. I wish we had a group of leaders who had compassion. I had no idea so many of our leaders are so heartless. They are embarrassing.

  • Lynn Schaffer
    Lynn Schaffer

    You better do something soon Mr Schiff , the politicians are threatening the Messiah with liscense plates and all kinds of sinful tactics, no wonder your all losing your Allies , this Government can't even get along with their own people ..they are sinners and they are Bad Guys

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