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The video is about radio rebel
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  • Cryptic Corgi
    Cryptic Corgi

    Those guys are like the average simp. XD

  • Denim Jacket Screenwriter
    Denim Jacket Screenwriter

    You should do Princess Protection Program, the best Disney Channel Original movie.

  • ToothTheWolfDragon

    its been a week since i first watched this and now..... ive rewatched it 3 times now. idk why but i do click it everytime i see it.

  • Tvoa Stara
    Tvoa Stara

    "Ayy Gavin...fck me." 👀🚶‍🚶‍

  • Ren

    gavin and stacey... anyone else?

  • Nur Sabrina
    Nur Sabrina

    lemonade mouth please HAHAHAH

  • Andrew Duncan
    Andrew Duncan

    Anyone else remember 16 Wishes?!

  • per haps
    per haps

    Debbie Ryan drained the soul from me. I am eternally forced to do her bidding. Please help me.

  • Rhii •
    Rhii •

    it was a good plot for 2012 but was a kinda bad execution

  • FM-Cedricgaming YT
    FM-Cedricgaming YT

    It’s like 90 degrees how are you wearing a sweat hudy love your vids

  • The Sudsy Toe
    The Sudsy Toe

    Prom was made to remember their high school

  • Keegan Millea
    Keegan Millea

    i thought it said, you gavin rok man

  • Harmony Rucco
    Harmony Rucco

    make more of these pleaseeee

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson

    Wan. two. thray. 😂😂😂

  • Mckenzie Blackwell
    Mckenzie Blackwell

    im at the beginning of the video so sorry if danny already said this but how does the *WHOLE* school *LISTEN* and *LOVE* one radio show- thats the most unrealistic thing ive ever seen. plus, its motivational, and what if the kids in that school are just depresssed

  • Just A Random Stranger
    Just A Random Stranger

    This one of my favorite teen movie because it's a little bit different from the other teen movie and also the popular girl villain isn't the stereotypical blond girl in every teen movie made in Hollywood!

  • Gabi Stockman
    Gabi Stockman

    okay but are we not gonna talk about the absolute CAKE Danny has???

  • Luna

    Why are they all dressed like it's the early 2000's? this movie came out like what, 2011?

  • AReallyCoolRat

    Nobody: Disney channel kids outfits:🧦🧤🧣👖👕🎽👚👔👗👘👙🧥🥼⛑️🎓🎩👒🧢👑🎒👝👛👜☂️👟🥿👡👢🥾

  • Nevaeh Gore
    Nevaeh Gore

    I thought he said “The conversation there’re havening 😆😂🤣

  • Landon Pharr
    Landon Pharr

    I too like to beat up people while declaring our friendship

  • iRage 72
    iRage 72

    The only reason they got their shit confiscated is because they didnt have their pencil sharpeners

  • Ailu K
    Ailu K

    Please do a "camp rock" review, i've seen some scenes and, jeez, it's really cringy

  • Declan Huber
    Declan Huber

    Bruh this movie really pulled a Spartacus at the end

  • Lemar Drift
    Lemar Drift

    Im RaDiO rEbEl yAlL cOuLd NeVa

  • Ryan Carly
    Ryan Carly

    yea good job disney corporation for teaching the next generation that its OK to overthrow the system

  • catotot

    I'm a teacher. The reason teachers have to plan dances and prom is usually because it's tradition. Principals and parents typically want it to happen and get teachers to organize it.


    I just can’t believe that Radio Rebel is 8 years old😂

  • Lira Linwood
    Lira Linwood


  • Rachel Tanner
    Rachel Tanner


  • uwu

    She’s not like most girlies

  • Asher Wilson
    Asher Wilson

    why did the movie include a watered down sparticus refrence?

  • estherthebester

    okay, i’ll admit, i’ve never seen Radio Rebel (didn’t have Disney channel growing up) but now i wanna go watch this... also i just realized her dad is mayor what’s-his-face from When Calls the Heart lol

  • Water muhlon
    Water muhlon

    You say that there's one guy who will wear a suit every day to high school- I know who it'll be in my grade, the guy wore a suit every day to middle school. O_o

  • Kc Kool
    Kc Kool

    This movie just sounds like middle school the worst years of my life where instead the kid breaks all the rules without anyone knowing his identity

  • Lily Lefco
    Lily Lefco

    22:25 all I could think of is the its my vagina thing from sex ed

  • Alexis Colvin
    Alexis Colvin

    Please watch pixel perfect next i just watched it and it can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a DCOM or a black mirror episode?

  • Armatage Shanks
    Armatage Shanks

    you, Drew & Kurtis need to film reviews of some DCOMs.

  • Anime Realms
    Anime Realms

    Y’all American kids are all lucky because in Australia you are only allowed a school uniform

  • Leaisha Clayton
    Leaisha Clayton

    5:42 yOu’Re HiREd

  • Aarin Aarin
    Aarin Aarin


  • Isaiah Freeman
    Isaiah Freeman

    Watch mowgli legend of the jungle on Netflix

  • audri bridi
    audri bridi

    please do ZOMBIES im begging you it’s horrible

  • Avery

    Please doing hatching pete--that movie was trash ahahaha.

  • Sam Mapstone
    Sam Mapstone

    Green Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield Coat

  • Sam Mapstone
    Sam Mapstone

    Green Checkered Chesterfield Coat

  • Sam Mapstone
    Sam Mapstone

    Green Checkered Chesterfield Coat

  • Sam Mapstone
    Sam Mapstone

    Green Checkered Chesterfield Coat

  • Sam Mapstone
    Sam Mapstone

    Green Checkered Chesterfield Coat

  • Abby Park
    Abby Park


  • Josie Marie
    Josie Marie

    You should do camp rock

  • Sahana Collins
    Sahana Collins

    I turned on notifications and am now Greg.

  • Grace Bough
    Grace Bough

    If you think this is strange watch 16 wishes...

  • Jessica Togbadoya
    Jessica Togbadoya

    Radio Rebels gym class was my senior gym class

  • ThisIZnot MyRealName
    ThisIZnot MyRealName

    2:37 ok this is supposed to be a joke but this is literally how high schoolers greet each other.

  • Bücket

    Please do leamonaid mouth

  • Lilac Life
    Lilac Life

    Wait who noticed the lead singer of the band was Eddie from my babysitter's a vampire like what if he moved on from that and decided to join a band- 😳

  • Robin Coolidge
    Robin Coolidge

    Do My Baby Sitter's a Vampire

  • You Creepy friend
    You Creepy friend

    The yead singer is benny's from my babysitter is a vampire. I KNEW he looked farmiliat

  • emma camarena
    emma camarena

    Danny can review an Australian movie I think called “the fairies -fairy beach” it was made in the 2007 I found it on amazon prime and thought you should because it look cringy

  • Weird YouTube F4
    Weird YouTube F4

    hey Danny I have got a nightmare fuel Korean that gives you goosebumps and it is called Padak if you don't know where it is here is the link I hope it is not a virus but omfg this is kid's movie from hell and here is the link if you see a virus then get out store.steampowered.com/app/468060/PADAK/ and also I am not sure if it is allowed in your country but warning your gonna see a kid friendly poster if you do then warning the movie contains some gore moments of hell ang get ready to be disturbed and scared and also this is way more terrifying than plan bee

  • Dressed Up Rat
    Dressed Up Rat

    What about Lemonade Mouth.. 👀 Its another one of those Disney channel movies that are I guess ok but like- really bad at the same time.

  • Rachelx04

    Red bam ba bam bam

  • Hailey Rose Estrada
    Hailey Rose Estrada

    You should do teen beach movie

  • Leepic Chillface
    Leepic Chillface

    How dare u breath

  • Camerand0m

    sounds like icarly a bit

  • Weds Castillo
    Weds Castillo

    “that person that wore a suit to high school every day... that every high school inevitably had” my school made us wear red nurse scrubs since 6th grade :) so no we didn’t have that kid

  • Abril Vidrancos Galvez
    Abril Vidrancos Galvez

    Do High School Musical 2 😎

  • A Dash Of Kindness
    A Dash Of Kindness

    I used to love this movie when I was younger

  • claire

    why is that janitor literally always playing the janitor in every disney channel movie that has a janitor

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