I Pretended To Be Pregnant To Scare My Bf Away. Bad Plan...
Hey, guys. My name is Norma. I want to tell you how I was held hostage by a crazy guy, and I just couldn't get away. And when I did manage to escape, it got even worse. But everything is fine now.
My best friend, Brandon, had been trying to persuade me to go to the birthday party of his friend for a long time. But I didn't want to go. There were final exams ahead, and I had to prepare for them. But he kept talking about how cool it would be and that half the school would be there. He said our rich classmate would have the whole house to himself, and that it's basically illegal to pass up this opportunity. Soon I succumbed and agreed to go. I did it more to get Brandon off my back. And very soon, I regretted it.
The thing is, there was this guy named Derek at the party. Oh, I was so annoyed with Derek. He had followed me around for the whole year! He really liked me, and he kept chasing me and trying to ask me out. But I'd rejected him like a thousand times. I refused to agree to have coffee with him or go to the movies or anywhere else. And once, he even put candles in front of my house spelling out the words "I like you." I have to admit, it was cute. But I still didn't want to date him. Because he was weird. He dressed strangely, he liked to talk about strange things, and once, he even followed me all the way back to my house like a creep. And now he was at the same party as me, and he literally would not leave me alone. At one point, we were sitting on the couch, talking about school stuff, and then Brandon said he had a surprise and he asked my friends to go with him. So I was left alone with this freak Derek. Of course he started talking again about how he liked me and how he wanted to date me. But this time, I wasn't going to let him down gently. I was at the party, and I wanted to relax and have fun, and I didn't want to ruin my mood by talking to him. So I yelled at Derek, told him that there was no way in the world I would date him, and told him to leave me alone. I was hoping that maybe he'd finally figure it out and that maybe I had to resort to doing it the hard way to get through to him.
Apparently, my words really hurt him, and he left immediately. I wasn't in the mood to think about his feelings at that moment, so I went to the yard where everyone was partying and there was loud music. I was dancing and just having fun, but suddenly the music stopped because everyone heard a scream. The scream could be heard from somewhere above. Then I looked up, and I saw Derek. He was standing on the ledge of the house, trying to get everyone's attention. And when the party stopped and everyone was looking at him, he finally said it. He gave me an ultimatum. Either I agreed to go on a date with him, or he would jump off the roof. At that moment, everyone at the party turned to me and waited for my decision. And I agreed. Of course I agreed! I knew he was crazy. He might really jump off the roof, so I just didn't have a choice. I couldn't let a man hurt himself, could I? When I said yes, Derek was so excited, and he started to climb off the roof. But he should have been more careful. As soon as he took a couple of steps, he slipped, and rolled down with a loud scream. In a second the crowd gasped, and ran to him.
Apparently, the party was over. Someone called an ambulance fast, but it was not necessary. Derek was fine, he only had a couple of bruises. I stayed with him and tried to help. You know, now I don't know why I did it, but back then I felt guilty for blowing him off so hard. In the end, he had climbed up on the roof because of me. Derek was so happy that I was finally there for him. He said that he really was ready to jump of the roof if I didn't agree to date him. Then his parents came to pick him up, and he introduced me to them as his girlfriend. I confirmed it because I just had nowhere to go. I didn't want that psycho trying to jump out of something again. So that's how we started dating. Although it's difficult to call it dating.
You know, I thought I'd leave him as soon as he got well. But in fact, our relationship lasted for a month. And every day I wished I'd never said yes. He turned out to be a disgusting person. If something was wrong, he would start yelling at me and threaten to do something to himself again. He also was jealous, if I didn't answer his messages immediately, he'd think I was with someone else. Worst of all, I couldn't argue with him. Because he would always give me a stupid ultimatum at the first opportunity. It was awful. I was just held hostage by him. And soon I found the reason for this behavior...

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  • Blair enigma
    Blair enigma

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    Dazhiel Vae Cajandab

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  • Kaysha Dery
    Kaysha Dery

    Derek didn't do that because of you, he did it from manipulation. And he is mentally unstable. You were not responsible for any of his actions. I hope you know that now.

  • Yeah. That makes up for that.

  • Ayanna Truax
    Ayanna Truax

    I been in a similar situation like that

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