i tried making a bloomin' onion
julien solomita
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  • Yazmin Martinez
    Yazmin Martinez

    LMFAO !!!! I couldn't stop laughing when he started adding the spices :'D

  • Ava Counsel
    Ava Counsel

    as an aussie i've never heard of a bloomin' onion but thanks for celebrating us heheh

  • Pascal

    Nobody: Untrained bartenders on bar rescue with the jiggers: 07:21

  • Renee Noonan
    Renee Noonan

    It’s alright if you’re not Australian. Because Australians don’t eat blooming onions! Just onions underneath Bunnings snags.

  • Iris Dixon
    Iris Dixon

    bloomin’ onion is like a family of onion rings but they never cut the umbilical cord...

  • Abi J
    Abi J

    I grew up eating them when I would go to the fair. It’s soooo good!

  • Christina LaBelle
    Christina LaBelle

    Thank you for sharing, Bloomin onions are one of my faves

  • fimbles101

    Julian.. Study naked flame and chip pan fires.. So risky dude..

  • connor lee
    connor lee

    when julien was dumping paprika into the bowl i found myself screaming "JULIEEEEEEEN" the whole time. my virgo rising came out strong.

  • Bea Wondermaid
    Bea Wondermaid

    I loved this vid 🙏🏽

  • Brenna Spaulding
    Brenna Spaulding

    Okay my mouth is watering

  • Amelia Crisp
    Amelia Crisp

    0:44 ohhh missed opportunity to say "down under"

  • Amanda Parvin
    Amanda Parvin

    the face he made at 10:42 was so funny but kinda relatable its like he lost all hope for the onion

  • Harry Hands
    Harry Hands

    First time visitor. My HONEST first impression... the desire to skip forward through all the jokes and what many think is humor was very hard to resist. It's just me maybe... I take cooking and food prep seriously, measuring accurately for consistency... Not my personal style but will watch a few more videos before I subscribe or abandon. Just an honest critique of what I saw and first impression.

  • Bean The Turtle
    Bean The Turtle

    And today in the aries kitchen..

  • Best Bud Isabella
    Best Bud Isabella

    Someone please get this dude a show!!!

  • borednow

    this looks and sounds so good :D i want my own julien to cook for me

  • Mary Dragonee
    Mary Dragonee

    julien yelling “STOP IT!!” to himself while he cries: a mood

  • Thorne_101_

    I love the reference to SwaggerSouls and his drunk/high compilation 😭 (Atleast thats what i think it is lol)

  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller

    I'm so triggered about Julian's "measurements" of the spices.

  • richi

    pour an onion out for the homies 😔

  • Emma Sorge
    Emma Sorge

    " i dont know if its three am and cant sleep" Me at 3 watching this because i cant sleep

  • Caitlin Schimm
    Caitlin Schimm

    It is in fact 3 am and I cannot sleep lol

  • Bea H
    Bea H

    Julien you are so talented! PS I’d love a tattoo tour video!

  • laurence allard
    laurence allard

    I liked immediately after Julien put the pot on your head ! 10/10 quality content

  • Carson Pansy
    Carson Pansy

    Question: why didn't he use the deep fryer?

  • Kaitlyn Kelliher
    Kaitlyn Kelliher

    Julen has loved knives since birth

  • Amber B
    Amber B

    You need to get an air fryer!

  • Luke PortgasDLOEY
    Luke PortgasDLOEY

    a blooming onion could make my 2AM better but I don't like onions 😔

  • dormirlona

    This is so great. Now I want to make my own blooming onion😋

  • Tamika Little
    Tamika Little

    Who else started yelling JULIEN!!! when he started free handing the paprika 😂😂

  • lucy ossi
    lucy ossi

    hello again there hello there again hello, there, again.!?¿

  • massaaaaaaaa

    I’m all for the celebration of us aussies.. but a blooming onion is American and definitely not 🇦🇺 😂

  • Gera Nissen
    Gera Nissen

    Your measuring technique isn’t extra whatsoever.

  • Radelaid

    as an Australian of 24 years, I have never heard of a blooming' onion!

  • Siyeda Daniels
    Siyeda Daniels

    It’s literally 3:00am and I can’t sleep omg how’d he know

  • Be Safe
    Be Safe

    You’re gonna want a Vidalia onion. Or some kind of sweet onion.

  • Hana Šarić
    Hana Šarić

    Why do I feel like Julien is a type of person that gets "hits blunt" all the time ❤️😂

  • Scott Fishman
    Scott Fishman

    Once bitten twice fried. xo

  • Mariah Zeh
    Mariah Zeh

    Great now I have to make onion rings today

  • k s
    k s

    Blooming pile of turd ..

  • k s
    k s

    Looks like a pile of sh!t...

  • James Levington
    James Levington

    I thought the name "blooming" is implying when the onion goes into the hot oil, it will blooming like a blossom.

  • Blammor

    ok that's scary. it is 3 am and i cannot sleep. how did you know

  • 911visioneye

    aren't you in LA? you can just go to the OC fair and eat it there...i didnt even know this was australian thing

  • Olivia sorenson
    Olivia sorenson

    *PLEASE READ FOR KERMIT* I’ve been working with dogs my whole life....And I think he needs a thunder jacket to make him feel safe. It should help him with his shaking and crying. That’s why he doesn’t cry when he has a shirt on. Even a iggy jump suit would work!

  • Claire Fields
    Claire Fields

    Hello again there Hello there again Hello, there, again.!?¿

  • Aka_B

    I believed the basketball game thing for a bit. Now i’m believing the meals you make have no calories! 😂🤣

  • Aka_B

    “You know, idk if this is good or bad but it’s really chunky lookin” *my bf talking about me*

  • Katelyn

    I'm Australian behbeh

  • conversequeen64

    What happened to Julien's deep fryer?

  • Patricia Luquetta
    Patricia Luquetta

    A special shout out to nobody for partnering with me on this video. You can you can use nothing to get none off of whatever product was in this video. Omg julen great tip

  • Eunice Lee
    Eunice Lee

    i was having such a bad day but this brightened it up so much. ty julien

  • shania eff
    shania eff

    Last time I checked I was deffs Australian, don’t think that’s changed hehe

  • Miami Dolphins Fanboy
    Miami Dolphins Fanboy

    Binging with Babish would be proud

  • Nyssa Blue
    Nyssa Blue

    IS Australian. is.

  • allie white
    allie white

    Julien is joaquin phoenix from the movie ‘Her’

  • John Baumgartner
    John Baumgartner

    Don't freeze it next time, let the petals open up with the oil. The key is to get a nice coating on each petal. After making tons of these i can promise you it is an art form to get perfect but I feel like you can do better.

  • John Baumgartner
    John Baumgartner

    The funny part, is that in the restaurants they use a rig that chops it all in one push

  • John Baumgartner
    John Baumgartner

    I used to make so many of these back in the day haha This is giving me PTSD

  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis

    Alsoooooo I am an Aries and I legit know where EVERYTHING is in every house I go to. So.... Idk where I was going with that I forgot but EHBEBEBEBEBEB

  • BazingaWOW

    *chewing noises*

  • The Carnation Files
    The Carnation Files

    I’m weird, I hate onion rings, but I love blooming onions

  • Marissa Healey
    Marissa Healey

    It's one a.m. and I can't sleep. You were close. Bring me a blooming onion.

  • Kelsie Watkins
    Kelsie Watkins

    Hello, there, again.!?¿

  • Brooke Zimmerman
    Brooke Zimmerman

    Sweet vidalia onion

  • Mykenzie Waugh
    Mykenzie Waugh

    This would be even better with beer batter.

  • Tijn

    holy fuck get to the point

  • Keri McCall
    Keri McCall

    Just a tip I learned from my mom to chew spearmint gum while you’re cutting onions I’ve barely cried and using this technique

  • Grace Madison
    Grace Madison

    you should try making a bunch of easy vegan recipes for late night snacks, simple and quick:) :) :)

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